Truth behind Padmaavat film | Q&A Part-2 of Dhruv Rathee | Questions on Travel, Bitcoin & 2019

Hello Friends welcome to the second Question & Answer session I remember that I had promised to do this when we reached two hundred thousand followers, but there were topics which came one after the another and I thought they were more important to discuss Thus, I gave preference to those topics and made those videos. Now that we are two hundred fifty thousand together, Lets start the second question and answer session on this joyous occasion. First question has been asked by Mr. Shekhar should the film have been banned or not ? I just saw this film ‘Padmaavat’ yesterday, it has been renamed now. The good things about the film are the action scenes, set designs.. costumes, which are good the costumes are very good, their design and the animation is so amazing in the film, I have seen for the first time in a Bollywood film. some people might say that Bahubali had better animation But, I don’t feel Bahubali is better because there are a lot of unrealistic things shown in the film like the scene where Bahubali stands on the elephant and then the elephant also does some action, in this film except for one scene there is nothing unrealistic. that’s the reason why its so fun to watch this film, but the bad thing about the film .. is that its too long, there are numerous songs placed in between which are boring and slow the film and the story-line of the film is also very simple. the story could have been made complex like in Game of Thrones by showing both of the characters dark and not like one is good and another is bad it would have been better if they added some suspense I have given the entire movie review If you want to see the film, please go and watch. I will rate it 3.5/5 The more important question is – should the film be banned or not ? There was nothing shown in the film which could have defamed the kings of Rajput clan there’s no sense in banning the film, but in case there was something by which sentiments of certain people might get hurt should this film have been banned ? I don’t think it should be banned because India is a very big and diverse country there are so many ethnicities in the country that if anything is done, in some corner of the country, someones sentiments might be hurt If a boy and girl go around holding hands, some sentiments might get hurt in some area and they will question you for doing the same stating that it effects the culture, if a movie is made against one religion, then people belonging to that religion will stand up against it questioning that how dare you speak against my religion. What is a sentiment ? A sentiment is a feeling which arises in one based on their beliefs on the basis of your beliefs and subsequent feelings, if something gets banned in the country, is that correct ? on the same basis, people are demanding ban of beef in the country stating that it hurts sentiments of people belonging to the Hindu religion and should be banned throughout the country These things are endless Tomorrow, the fried snack vendors can stand together and say that since Mr. Modi commented about them, their sentiments got hurt Mr. Modi has hurt the sentiments of all of the fried snack vendors The biggest problem in all of this is that where should the boundary be drawn ? in case you ban the film, the fried snack vendors can claim that their sentiments aren’t important because your sentiments were hurt, the film was banned but when my sentiments are hurt, nobody is saying anything against Mr. Modi Therefore, this game is endless and will go on from all sides if things are started to be banned on the basis of hurting one’s sentiments. There’s a simple solution Everyone needs to become TOLERANT and the tolerance power should be so much that in case if someone says anything, makes a film or a drawing; the reaction shouldn’t be violent something similar happened in France, where someone had drawn a painting against Prophet Mohammed following which in the Charlie Hebdo attack, the person who drew the painting was killed this is not at all justified One should be so tolerant .. that in case someone says anything against your history, family, religion etc. even against your nation; the reaction to it shouldn’t be something violent. A response to any of those should be made in kind and not by using any form of weapon Mr. Devashish Mishra has written .. even I told about the same in one of the videos This is a very good idea given by Devashish, even I was thinking about it People who are actually working towards bringing a change in the country you might also have heard about a person who goes everyday to the beaches in Mumbai and cleans them there is a couple who have transformed a wasteland into a forest by planting trees It is very important to interview such people and I will try to contact them and request them for an interview and show it in my future videos. Mr. Sumit Yadav writes .. I don’t think if I mentioned about starting my own news channel and these days people have started to shift to Internet and TV news channels are becoming obsolete TV is a medium where what is shown, has to be seen whereas Internet is a medium where one can find and watch anything selectively. Thus, nothing is imposed on you via Internet That’s the reason why I believe that internet will remain the future of NEWS and I don’t want to open a News channel on TV This is a very big and interesting question from Vijeta, she writes .. This is a very important issue which people might not know People might think of corruption as something where a bribe is being given to someone in a day to day life but the biggest corruption takes place while the funding of a political party takes place which is now legalized in India this type of corruption also takes place in countries like USA wherein the companies .. fund the political parties and these political parties in-turn make policies which benefit these companies. this is a very complex problem the solution to this problem, according to me .. I read somewhere that in certain countries, the tax money is either paid to the government or is collected and given to a political party of choice as a donation doing this what happens is that the political parties which take funding from big corporate companies will not be required anymore and since the political parties will be funded by the people’s tax money the political party will work for the people This method is currently being tried and tested by certain countries around the world. this is one interesting solution, lets see what other solutions are available to fight against this problem Nizamul writes .. you also might have seen some of my videos where I have been travelling The reason behind me travelling a lot is my parents All the places I have traveled so far have been with my family. In total, I have been to around 25 or more countries, I haven’t counted the exact number and as far as Travel blogs are concerned, one gets to learn something new in every country I can start a travel blog where I can talk about the good things that country has to offer and how one can take an inspiration from those things If you think and agree that such travel blog videos should be made or not, I will write a question in the ‘i’ button, you can write YES/NO I think so that something similar is gonna happen in the country, 2018 has just started and within one month we can see so many riots taking place because of one film, there are fires being lit something took place in the state of Uttar Pradesh the topic of Tipu Sultan is now raised in Delhi and Karnataka, basically everywhere now its about Hindu vs Muslim Religious topics are brought upon since the government has nothing left to show on the economic front Yes, in 2019 you will see more of such incidents taking place a lot irrelevant issues will be raised, but the thing to be remembered is to vote only for the REAL issues Mr. Harish Chandra writes .. Yes, I have invested in Bitcoin. In fact.. there will be two big videos about Bitcoin and all the questions you may have regarding Bitcoin I will clear them all and not only about Bitcoin, about all the different types of Crypto-currencies available in the market. if you see the interview I had with Mr. Manish Sisodia we have discussed a lot about the difference in-between the education systems of India and Finland Its a very detailed discussion, I recommend you to please watch the video Mr. Vishwa writes .. I remember one very interesting experience its when I traveled to Peru, for those who don’t know Peru is a country in South America. I have some very close relatives who live there, we had gone to visit an animal rescue center where some animals were left open, they could roam anywhere, play around with people one of the animals left to roam around free were monkeys A monkey came and sat on my shoulder and we started to play then the monkey did something, which I would like to show you in this video Till date this video wasn’t public, but considering I have been asked this question I am sharing it now What happened? the monkey shat where did it shit ? on your back this is one of the most unique experience I have had, not many would have been so lucky some of the other experiences I had, either good or bad, I will show you them in these video clips Next question has been asked by Mr. Shadab Khan I made a video on this topic where I discussed about the differences between Left vs Right So friends, point of the matter is that if there was one correct way available all of the countries in the world would have adopted it but that’s not the case, all of the three virtues have their own advantages and dis-advantages If you see in the developed countries, there isn’t just one form followed, mixture of them are.. no one is 100% socialist or 100% capitalist Related to this, next question is Mr. Stone Cold Steve Austin, monarchy is something which has existed for thousands of years How do you know that whoever becomes the monarch or the king, will be a Lion ? If you see the history so far then you can see that of all the kings there were, majority of them had a negative impact on the common people Majority of the kings were selfish and only a few thought about the betterment of the common people In case a new monarch comes, chances are that you will be like one of those rats and will be crushed the common people are mostly not taken into consideration in a monarchy Thus, I believe that democracy is better than monarchy, but we need to keep finding ways to improve democracy one of the biggest problems with democracy is that the majority view might not be correct everytime if majority of the people want murder to be legalized .. would it be correct to legalize murder ? this is a thought to be pondered upon Next question is .. nobody is going to trouble just by knowing the name, please tell seriously speaking, her first name is very unique and can be easily searched and a lot of people might trouble her. Thus, I would not like to tell I recommend you to please see the video with Mr. Manish Sisodia, the steps mentioned by him .. are mind boggling, suggestions like those have never been tried before in the country On this topic, a very lengthy video can be made and is already been made by me I recommend you to watch this video also Definitely not, whenever BJP does something good, I always applaud them too. Recently, in Maharashtra .. smoking ban was introduced, which mentioned that in all the shops where kids goods are sold, they should not sell cigarettes anymore I believe this is a very good step and I have applauded the same earlier too this person wants to know everything about me So friends when I was in tenth grade, CBSE (affiliation board) had changed the system that year and .. instead of Percentage system they had started a 10 point grading system in which I scored 9.2/10 and in twelfth grade, I scored somewhere around 85% I would like to say that clearing these exams and scoring good in board exams just shows how good you are in giving an examination in other words your examination skill I know some people who scored 90% or more in these exams but are brain dead/empty minded and then there are some who scored 70% but have very high mindset, they are good critical thinkers So don’t think much about how to score marks, yes they are required to show to people for college admission etc. improve your examination skill there’s no one favorite subject per say, till fifth grade my favorite subject was Environmental Science after that I was interested in SST (Social Studies) which included History and from ninth grade I was interested in Chemistry and Biology Basically you can say i was interested in the field of Science and History, thus no favorite subject Friends, for today I believe we have answered quite a few questions and would like to take your leave I will try to bring these Question & Answer sessions from time to time Please keep sending me your questions. Shall we do the next Q&A video when we reach 300000/500000 subscribers ? mention your answer in the comments section will meet in the next video Thank You

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