TRUST WALLET – Get in control of your cryptocurrency funds!

Hey guys, this is crypto coin investor. If you are new to this cryptocurrency world
or you are already an OG, you must understand that it is very important to safely store your coins and tokens. You see, if you own multiple coins, you will
have to install an app for each type of cryptocurrency. For example, if you want to manage your bitcoin
wallet, you need to install official bitcoin app and so on. The Trust Wallet solves all of these problems. The wallet is available for iOS as well as
for Android phones. You can also download the APK which is an
installation file for android phones in case your phone does not come with play store pre
installed. You can use this wallet to store ethereum,
ERC20 tokens like the Binance coin. You can also use to store Bitcoin, Dash, Tron, Litecoin
VeChain and so on. This wallet is directly endorsed by Binance
which is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. So how to download and install Trust Wallet
on your phone? First, go to and then, follow
the links to app store. This step is very important as there may because there may be
knock off or fake apps out there which are made to steal your funds. So make sure you download the official app from Now, we will be creating a fresh wallet. Click on the blue button that says create
a new wallet. It will now ask you to backup your wallet. This step is very important because if you
do not backup your seed or private key, you can loose your funds. Make sure you copy the recovery phrase and
write it down somewhere. Do not share this recovery phrase with anyone. Ok, now I’ll be demonstrating how to send
and receive cryptocurrency on your Trust Wallet. This is the main screen of the Trust Wallet. Click on the Receive button to see your ethereum
or ERC20 token address. So, here you can send your ethereum or any
ERC20 token. So, I’ll be sending half ethereum from my
other device to this device. I will be scanning its QR code with my other phone. So, there you go. I’ve received half ethereum. Now, I’ll be sending back this ethereum to
the device. So, to send back this ethereum to device. I will click on Send and then I will give
app necessary conditions to use the camera. Then I will scan the QR code of other device
and I’ll send back the ethereum. You can browse various DAPPs as well within
the Trust Wallet. So, what is a DAPP? DAPP is basically an application that is running
on blockchain. You can use them in the Trust Wallet itself. As you can see, there are many compatible
DAPPs out there. There are useful utilities; there are exchanges
and there are games as well. I will be using Kyber Network DAPP to exchange
some ethereum to buy some Kyber Network Crystal tokens – KNC tokens. So, I will input one ethereum – just to get
an idea on how KNC tokens I will get. As you can see, I will get around 900 tokens
with one ethereum. So, if you want to swap your ethereum for KNC
tokens, just click on Swap and it will take away one ethereum from your wallet and exchange
it with 900 something KNC tokens. It is easy as that. So that is how to setup and use Trust Wallet
on your phone. If you like this video, give it a like and
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