to have to upload component of
an then have the are unofficially
live is 8:00 AM Saturday morning
and AM Eastern standard time, it
never seems to start out exec b the way it’s meant to stream and
we have no of latency issues,
everything’s gonna be perfect
because we have an amazing a
show p to ensure everybody has always
seemed in and read and up its
it’s all over the airwaves
whether it’s on you to more
mainstream m which is of the latest weeds and
comments, by the president by
Donald trump and so this is
exactly all what we’re planning
on , talking about today and where
to go through and really guide
dig in and analyze the tweeds
and it’s interesting because, as
I nobody I really took the a same
approach that were to take today
so I’m gonna happy about that on everybody uncovered quite a
bit when it came to all of these
tweeds off from trump, but to
date or to dig in further and
were and on and let’s get ready let’s
get into it to four get started a deftly
want to acknowledge espresso so
make sure you guys grab whatever
drink of choice of you have
whethe , can be when everyone so , yes we will start out the this
a segment of talking a little
bit about the yeti: because I
think an hour to see some big
thing anything that you’ve heard about
whether it’s up to 80 yeti of
value I think it is that’s why
why to be on and that was a
somebo on a guy I think that was the BB
came out and is of making claims
of being the original yet in a
komodo, but I can tell you that to the right and its lead some people live stream
and I are log into the stream,
so when I can talk all about
yeti: don’t worry , worry were to talk about some
good things today on and upper
team the house ago in good to
see one Ji it a good to see one,
it a warm humid, Saturday morning
of over here so car eight lead son and see what
will come we of a great things
can we talk about, before we get
into in gap on into today’s topi a Donald trump I also wanted
talk a little bit about, what
we’re seeing off from mainstream
offer main streets on my do one
to t on because I think that’s
important, and this is and you
there’s been a number of
articles and popped up regarding
up a committe , two look into the terminology
of black chain technology so odyssey that’s a step forward
on we wanna see on some bigger
step boards within Congress and
in senate, but I also do believe , that we saw something pretty
amazing of it just took place
here , this past week a let’s talk a
little bit about that while
we’re waiting for a few more
people to join in, and this has
to do w a block stack so if you guys of
hurt about block stack I think
this is a pretty um, interesting
development today so a Carl Lewi tie up by the Miami dolphins,
moving into the acceptance of
like: so I think that’s to be
interesting I know much more
about tha , with this guy is talking here
we go to the polls, needed a new
comedy here and many more toe awesome yet in regards to
espresso know you can put
anything in it no milk no sugar
I just read up a streak all its
only way and allay go duck a block stack a
lock stack as to do with Lego
you up to top car AIDS and here we go and this
is actually so, talk just a
second on espresso because I
think it’s really really
important to , Starbucks and a quality but is
always a make do if you have
nothing else to drink and how
this line at the hotel for
Starbucks as like 7:00 AM and I said
forget this just got done
working out I’m not waiting in
line there’s a coffee shop
around the corner there was a mea that the barista
center in the middle and the
copy was just so so wasn’t it
wasn’t done it wasn’t the
greatest, telltale just a using these and
Alltel’s Eagleton hotel the food
just didn’t look the appealing
so but always on a mission for g and of a let’s see here when we
have of just popped in from
Turkey on holiday a scar bay DOS
on all the way from Turkey how’s
ev it is a maze and coffee on
Turkey Stowe to worry streak
over there that’s the that’s for
sure tell our eight Seoul were
to talk you I want it at one and touch
on the fact that it’s that block
stack, and a not talked about
block said before, but block
stack of the worked with the SEC tile
launch of the very a first , regulated,.issuance, and this
is important because are selling
regulated: Z this started as of
Thursday so a couple days ago on the SEC granted approval now
this is on fox business of dot
com so this wasn’t on CC and as
wasn’t on a: telegraph all the
no up on the dual asset on the
blocking space and mainstream
adoption mainstream focus those
things go hand in hand and so as we begin to see this
ramp up as we did if you think
back end of 2017 going into 2018 that was a
massive ramp up and nine there’s a massive ramp
up and news, coming out of
mainstream an oath to Okasan the
main street anno which is a
Retail I , launch, and so what the end of
the doing was offering and in
the SEC approved a $28,000,000
offering up through something
call , with and that’s without full
disclosure but pulled the but
this means early funding any can
be launched a anybody so there’s
n on in terms of normally you do a
IMI you know an early launch
like this and you can’t you know
that the main street all retail
o is that block stack shows on to
go down this path now , this lee taken of a launched
you know it in other parts of
the world the Goethe said forget
about it when wanna do it it’s so significant that they’re
working in setting a precedent
and so we talk about sitting president
before on and this is deftly a
precedent working with the SEC on two launch on and and IPO of
light or nice yield like on all
offering and so under regulation
a plus there a lot to launch an and that’s over a one year. And so that’s from everybody not
accredited as well as accredited , retail one investors so it
really, changes of the dynamics
of what’s able you know what’s
possible in a site deftly like
that and obviously know we’re seeing
a significant amount of focus
and attention all right now in
Washington on and so as we as we
ha and and is it the impetus is it
not the impetus you know I don’t
know you know but the face
Bulkeley brought up has deftly
you k and ski what’s up a fee is good
and specially early in the
morning, late night as wealthy
of espresso after dinner dozen
dozen o a ram Robson what’s going on
good to see one Spanish fly and to see one and then we’ve
got digital clout here , we see here Karl Ohs Ji please
note I’m not a financial Sari
Coffey about these are to a tie should make that statement
call you’re right that that’s a
that’s important and a providing
any form of coffee advice , you drink what you want another its caffeinated are not
caffeinated , I’m not giving you any advice
whatsoever as to what kind of a
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treat a set of of a tester be go guy excerpt the angel Connie is
well she’ll excerpt the all
sorts of people popping in love
deftly like that so if you guys
don’ on glad to see everybody on
hand, we see here, scroll to the
top the ’cause we’ve got to it seemed we have that has
popped in your year ago took a
first one on before we get
moving forward here, as always I
know I mis , let me see here we’ve got jay
Hiatt 139 and a machine some free excerpt
he your way and I know I’ve got
you here I thought I edgier , a not seen here and get
something talking in the
background again and a second
and he all of these tabs a popup
and now the au and a second to see if it was the of their
real it’s annoying array that’s go back to this and
the chat here were to get into
this I promise a rate and got Ji and 139 and I’ve Gotta find you want
where throw your twittering near
a known issue chew over some
excerpt the taught that there you go twin
pop are a a gotcha nine year ago when , Orting and see that and a real, and a real tea excerpt be on your way one
day that we were something car I have so let’s of its get into this so we’ve got
how many people run the streamer
and now we’ve got an of people
they have a good conversation
it’ the any of the laser anything
like that so , some to the fasteners can you
imagine that just like that sent
the excerpt E and you got it and that’s just on believable
and a gram really appreciate
them and of those funny the
other day I was looking I went
back and s , and I do, you now have made
videos off for work as well, but
you’re coming out and and really
trying to think about anno provi it was a little bit more
difficult and on a knowing that
it it was funny a private talk
about this before from a live
stream per I like watching those, I like
making them up to a live stream
is so much more engaging and it’s more rewarding you know
and one other things that I
looked at and I was having this
conversation with somebody the
othe and I was saying you know what
you know from my perspective might growth cycle in terms of the owl reach the subscribers,
and you know his was at a faster
clip and when a stone of videos
because you get more people that you know from my perspective as
well know what you can learn
from it and I like learning from
you know people in and it’s just
f , is it just so much different
and a that’s what I find is
another reward of being able to
live stream and was my son’s
friend o that pushed me into live
streaming as these guys odyssey
watch although you to videos
they watch live streams and the
first nigh you in a with a hot or port and
people come on in the last few
questions and you can answer
them and stop so obvious it is a
lit you know before you do it but all what a different scene on so
is up and mice my sons of 10
year old friend to push me and a
live streaming and it’s awesome so that a and a of Corel and with
his up as quips it would happen and just saw some things are
there was one of those upon
nine, and on you to buy
yesterday, and think I can find
it was really f unify look for it but it popped
up to the last later this
morning, and it was really nuts night,
meaning all would find it now it is something that popped up
in all they have you put that
the just the still photos the
still images on nine on you to that is no women find
a tow it was news along those
lines, funny to all are a cool
so let’s let’s move on let’s go
int let’s go into the , and a second as BEI I haven’t seen you know
there’s been so much talk Graham
about SBI going live and IE
really haven’t seen you know
much go and nine , I think of one kind in the
dark and I think that the best
person did give us the back once
going on over there would be on
wou and all outlets are reporting on
it typos response from SP ID see
saying they were going live and here’s so much of that but
you know I think you know the
key is and there’s nothing that
I don’t think there’s a specific
da bothered to attack you’re not
yet another thing is there could
be rumor that could be
discussion, without a hardy and
I think of they wanna make sure that they
up to a they get a perfect a
grand cru committee left a
cryptic message and Brad kind
yesterday, always the message if you if you
have it took a cell that silenced a 290
next week is going to be a
critical week off for digital
asset and the reason why say critical
week is because on the 16th, we
have face book contract in front
of of the senate on the 17th an and is bears, a locus is Peres attention and
the reason why we needed to pay
attention to what’s happening is
because we’re still looking for the thing is is then were talk
about alone talk about this a
little bit yesterday on on rains a stream last night
but it with it with what is
happening right now with the
lever: and the fact that nobody is
trying to shut it down to say
that come right out and say and trumpet of said that in as
tweeds and the senate could say
that instead of dragging in
front of a queue in a board on
in fro and you can’t single out face
book at this point and say they
face book you can have a digital
asset but any of you, big point
c is because we have concerns over
privacy on issue with your
social media platform you’re not
allowed to have a digital asset
and and I learned recently this week
that the Federal reserve has
zero authority over what face
book is doing a so this falls
into i the SEC has really no guidance
over what to do it because and I
really creating a new, you
either not creating a new one
currenc Tsun porn up would be used
odyssey could be on but the of
main currency in the United
States as the main currency in
Europe for odyssey in Europe it’s the Euro
on and you’re not going to in at
least in and the inter am for
right now and and and are a
lifet to step on on those all rights
because it does say that nobody
can minutes of their own
currency now face book isn’t
necessarily which is exactly what they
talked about an under the foe the faster
payment taskforce and was
exactly adhering to the same
principles of what that report
from 2016 a sp to be need a faster payment
solution in the United States to
provide transparency done to
provide a of more of economical
means on a taking out of the hands of
those that are gouging on
individuals by pained by
charging tender 30% off for those transactions, and
so that’s really what it’s all
about about this payment space
it’s not about necessarily the
Med because they’re creating a
payment solution for creating
another company now they have
some concerns over privacy now the smartest thing the face
book and do from that
perspective again not saying I agree with them are
not agree with the one just
pointing out this fact that the
smartest thing that they can do
is which is what looks like it
probably will be and then the Scully brought organizational that’s all 100%
accurate but it is going to be housed on
internationally so they remained
a base of operation will not be
the United States for Cooley
Brock all regulation two of black
chain to all of digital asset
base companies, so I think
there’s a lot more involved and
that’s why what trump said a because
there’s been a lot of negativity
that surrounded it and I’ve yet to see anyone
really picked out of the very
specifics so and I just wanted
to one as to make a note the
we’ve got o a streaming all the way off from of the finger lake
greater region or they did not
the finger lakes to the great
lakes on, region on in the
Midwest all to welcome my ID and I will come
of excerpt the minute all really
good to see guys on deftly up if
you guys have and I’m sure yo , check out the ID and IE
streams every day at 9:00 PM
eastern standard time and typically out of Thailand
and for the time being he is in
the United States on so in the
we’ve got the chip from the
excerpt all waiting to come out of
committee that’s true on so Tia as as you
guys of knowing you know is as I
follow the token taxonomy act it
got basically up on the Leder , so we’re about to see, the of
the token taxonomy act go
through committee and was gonna
come out of the Financial
Services com it was still too early and Osama
actually glad that things
unfolded they would the way they
have and maybe you know DN I you
kno from the perspective that teens are plain how is though
they were meant to play out this
way and also if you look at it
from this perspective that had
the many members within Congress are
still not engaged in the
conversation many members of
Congress are still not there yet
on in te the dual acid very anti crypto the one thing that we see now
with lever of the lever point
has really brought attention and
focus onto the floor on and and
jay on to their team and and dry to
get some talking points to them
as they educated on there are
other one, as they educate other
s and Schiavo, sliding years while
a so when we watch Diana Presley
speak it was so amazing that her
conversation our talk track w on now’s she was very very
specific on faster payment she
was very very specific on the
need, and in the terminology
that she ut build understanding is there we
understand what the token
taxonomy at means up more
davidson’s team understands terry well what it means up in
it just seemed to me that Presley was was very well
informed up on this topic on the
subject whereas I don’t think
that she was before up and based
o so the fact that we know that
there’s both democrats and
republicans that have been
educating themselves and the
furious pace on so , I’m willing to stay, on the
front porch , so compress and yet so and so
there’s just so many you things
that are going on so now as we
move through you know what’s
goin but how can one make the act
more politically sexy you attach space book to it and
then you cradle of a controversy
over it and then it becomes
extremely sexy because now you
have to its it’s embarrassing yell
for congressional a team if they
don’t know about something and
yet their colleagues do know
about you better believe they’re gonna
get on board with it and if you
have, you know a good groove and
you have one that’s led by all whether it whether to real or
not pretend that they understand now there’s a ton of
misinformation the worst thing
they can happen is gonna happen next week when
they drag the face book whether
it’s marked a sucker burger
others in from a Congress and
you get and distinctive when you dig in
and you can tell that they have
zero understanding of the
technology there just can
embarrass th now he and II haven’t forgotten
about trump because my entire
thought processes really been on
those tweeds from trump and
where within these tweeds which is
really really important and Owen
so we all we have to understand
we can ever narrowly focused on
so in a vacuum all we have to look
at you know the bigger picture
you have to understand where
trump is coming from you have to understand how trump
has operated all whether it’s
you know the past couple years
as president, his run-up to
presid , we see here are we’ve got a 31
people on the stream and if
there’s anybody knew to the
channel on make sure you guys
subscribe of that would go on and see here I we have got owned by the way
just a little plug Sunday night,
I don’t believe that they’ll be
any issue with this but Sunday
nig , and then you open up to the
floor but II 1 to one keep that
is a consistent every Sunday
night, as long as I’m in town
and I c hopefully, I’m going to be
meeting ID and I in person on in
the near future so a blitz of its site will keep
landing on that and deny if we
can manage and I don’t think I
know if we will or won’t all we
do a toe, any help but see here we’ve got, , of your real OK to Elvis was a
form again in a trough just one
or less think so HR 1361 I was
talking about that before on
this , a bill being put forward of that is again to create a
committee ought to look into on digital
that into the terminology of
black chain, and so keep an eye
and that again you know when we talk
about all the pieces lining up
this is one more piece of the
puzzle how can you have a
statement in the defining digital asset of
the defined, though they define
black chain all within some of
the bills and been presented all
bu that’s that’s old mission in
life is to come up with the
proper definition of black chain
now how hard is it to do that
this is AC chain, when they could really
just go to the tech people they
create a black chain and say
could you guys please give us a
de why is it that they need an
actual committee that were gonna
now pay is a citizens of this
country were paying for
committee to it’s moving all the pieces
together it’s moving banks threw
it creates the discussion of enough committee work for
years is absurd you again I
think they can have is done
probably in two days of the
really a put th , as was at Sherman Ana types
and what’s black sheep of attack
at steve’s help of a hit II
think EDS the tides inn and as
cheese time is about as in all my
spaces of , a rates of let’s get it let’s
get let’s get it lets get locust
and oak is focus focused year
ago the right to its looking at tour up now the reason why I can
share anything I wanted to share
my screen one to pull these
tweeds up so we can go through
the but I have a glitch within all
BS and I haven’t figured out and
every time I switch scenes that
sends me offline, disconnects my or unthinking and I did the
install and reinstall it up or a
it’s going to be motivations to
start using nine wooded a chip
call to oh now we need it really dig
through this so this is my my
bullet and I plan on spending a
lot more time on this all we had a lot of a lead a
discussion that was important,
so we need to understand, that
to version diversion is trumps,
Mary on as usual but again there so
much more two is tweeds of debt
and that’s why we need is
gossiped and again if we want a
look at whether it’s Congress tell
everyone always folks isn’t
focuses in on one part of a
sense that looks negative up and then they gravitate to
that odyssey there’s a bit of of
main street news cell phone
while the fear missing out on
getting and and really a cop listing
things that you would be able to
necessarily accomplish when you
have so much focus and attention
b but they’re not seeing the
bigger picture you know that that’s why one
safer that you also led by point
is that he uses that strategy a lot so
let’s look at his first
statement now the first aim at
the says lonely reading now and
then we’ll and you can look at that
different ways but and whose
value is highly volatile and
based on thin air to lead and
say I’m not eve of big win another critical
currencies are not money and their value is
volatile and the value is based
on thin air which is all
relatively true on because it
value is we could make that statement
it’s not 100% inaccurate all but
it’s not all it’s also not 100%
on negative so he signs saying
he’ unregulated cripple assets can
facilitate unlawful behavior including drug
trade and other illegal activity
to what we need to focus in on
on this statement I think this and such a a a blitzing a second OK of the
trump directly support a digital
assets a democrat to automate
Maclean not supported that’s
true t you know beyond anything is that
if trump came out and supported
in 100% the democrats would 100% go the
other way all of them would run
the other way and it would destroy all the
intent and attention and would
be such a division of because we
you know we know you know that
that , the dow was up that said
that’s an interesting nine
resolution there to I think HR
222558 has to do with , are you applying the gold
standard, so sad joke and such
get back to the cell unregulated
crypto lasted so let’s let’s focus on that and understand
what he means so to meet you
know the intent is really clear
again the didn’t come out and
say that we need to ban crypto he
can come out and say you’ll I don’t like Ridley said
I’m not a fan a big point and
other crypto currencies and art
money that are volatile that’s
wit on unregulated tiptoe currency
canned and now he also been say
that, on regulating crypto
currency does will the underlines it
underscores that it can
facilitate meaning that it has
the potential just like we can
say the occurr tiptoe currency unregulated
cripple assets and facilitate
unlawful behavior a regulated
cripple acid can probably also facilitate unlawful behavior
didn’t say a part of it just
like fiat currency can distill
it a unlawful behavior but the
point is anno is that you know we really
wanted then you know focus in on
the fact of how we saying this
how is making the statements and a regulated so without
regulation there’s intent to
facilitate unlawful behavior again leads
under sky_they can part of it I
deny unregulated equals not
using Kyi see laws exactly you
know so to any digital asset regular
regulation we need regulatory
clarity on in this space so,
yeah crypto one game encrypt a
logic got all the sudden rebel and started
feeding excerpt he up with lax
it is for figuration ties a case
so again you know, we get into you know and again you let’s
let’s focus in on everything
here so than the moves on to
face book and now we, get this
idea of of you know of a Kyi Sea of the am
now nature of it the regulation
and a song about regulation
overall sold an individual of
digita you need to understand how to
manage and work with it in this
space anybody launching a
digital asset anybody using a
digital as trump understands exactly the
meaning of what this is going to
have you for the economy he has
to be surrounded by the right
peo on Congress to pass is on saving
on the senate side between other
there so we know that the
messaging is rising up you know
to t and so then of now it’s going to
what he said about face book
because this is also significant as we move through upped his his
of his statements and as we
threw a roll through all of this
misdirection and what is really
in taste vocally present virtual
currency whop a little standing
or dependability , so if face book now this
import so he doesn’t like the
idea of what face book is doing
he doesn’t think it’s gonna be on a major up a major of
economic windfall because of
believe it’s gonna be extremely , extremely up, , alleges say you know it’s it’s
not have a big impact on in the
space and intuit large on so
then he goes on and says if face
boo and must seek a new banking
charter and out what we’ve been
talking about yell for weeks and
weeks and weeks now is the
blurring of first we need regulatory
clarity secondly for people to
feel comfortable up on the main
street on the retail level,
investing they wanna be able to do it
through a regulated exchange
meaning that it’s backed up by
FDIC Insurance or other third
party like which incidentally if you put
money in a savings account check
and, whenever all your money is
only protected up to $250,000
und maybe it’s a lesser mounted a
cover 50,000 may be covered all
100,000 upper a cow us of that
then wait an issue into of
diversif is that that the on exchanges of
identified, that there’s certain
things within society of that
need a banking of environment yo also a very important issue
divine point bayside and here so
we look a what trump a say if
face book and other companies
want to if you wanna be a bank if you
want a act like a bank and the
devil banking charter you need
to operate within the norms of
socie when of living in an environment where the initial Max big point
maxis still were to destroy all
banks and everybody’s just gonna
trade on their own eye in bit c because you need a third party
whenever is a business
transaction whenever might be no
obvious layette before just
rating on the I and you cash I don’t
necessarily need a third party
but someone had you’ve created
that fiat currency hence we have
a third pa a non using that I’d Trust
excerpt heated bob to move my
money you trust excerpt the two
baht to receive your money that
means a so there is some form of banking
now and it’s not reality onto ICS to
expect that everything is gonna
be. Pierre because there’s a
level of trust so in order to
end, do when I give you a $500,000 to
buy this house that everything’s
gonna work out perfectly a Mac
and give you $500,000 however I and give you the 500,000 when
the deed is transacting an
obvious a lot of that can be
done up of automatically at some
point whe from one person to another when
payment is completed on an obviously that is a Zen exist right now you know
so you know so that’s important
variable so banking is needed
now when when trucking out and
said it was similarly face book
sleepe is not a huge fan of it however
and face book and other
companies want to become a bank
and let’s let’s underscore this
because now they need to become a bank
which is under 100% legit and it
off for that to happen now the
other thing is that we have to
id it’s not that difficult so we
see that the and never get his name right to founder of excerpt the tip of
all we’d see wind up creating
some on and so te are applying for banking
license to be that have some a
functional and I forget which
country to get in the first
banking lic , the city there creating from
the ground up the reply and they
wanna have banking rights now
the thing is if you get an
organiz , they spoke as billions upon
billions upon billions of
dollars available for them to go
on by banks tanks aren’t that
expensive is is far in excess of many
banks and so if you want a
banking license what’s easiest
way to get it go out and buy it
and then I to leave road goes out and buys
a tall tale bank of of big a
Massachusetts on all who is
making that up the call by bank
of Mass , Sunday they’ve got banking the
charter banking license they got
everything that’s necessary on to become a bank they applied
for just like some supply board
just like.base will ply for just
like by nance America will, wh because that’s the right thing
to do that’s the way it needs to
work just like black stacked in
a reason why we started talking in order to raise funds and they
raised $30,000,000 yellow
through and they can raise that
you up to 50,000,000 over the
period they have to have Goodwrench and
no reason as to why they’re
knocking allow them to move fort
just like face book the
government you know if they can prove
anything they can delay delay
delay they can attempt, at the
end of the day and a spoken then
go to l and maybe they don’t offer
banking in the U.S. but the law
for baking somewhere all but the
key is again yell from what the
trum and let everybody operate on a
level playing field you can
circumvent the law is what he’s saying the again
not negative is coming out in making a clear
statement that a we need regulatory
clarity because we need
regulation and the space be if
you want operate as a bank you
need to have ban so to then a right now that’s go to
the next one of this is also
very important, calmly see here
which I got my thoughts in order
a to know he’s basically saying I
get normalcy and mainstream
adoption I think that’s an
import stain that I wrote down,
now they we’ve talked about that you know
that big: in that spay and and
digital asset crypto currency
needs it needs regulation if you
w and the United States is going
to have to maintain on third of
dominance over their own
currency all but he made a huge statement
here even safety a currency so
this could easily be a a,
digital a version of the
currency it c again year and other parts of
the world young not mean to you
no doubt the little not the
contribution of other countries
of the am trumps perspective on that you we said, in this
last inning and have only one
currency in the USA and a
stronger than ever both
dependable and reli And it is reliable it is
dependable it’s been dependable
for four long time and and then
eagles on says it is by far the
most do 100% restatement on as it stands
today and is the dominant it is
the trade currency it is the
reserve currency on so is the most dominant ill
always stay that way it is
called the U.S. dollar , getty’s not stating that it
has to be a fee a currency he’s
stating that the dominant
currency in the world all will
be the Un this is what you expect in
anticipate the leader of your
country to say if you think any
other way that they were that
the leade today can be printed on demand right in that that’s part of the
issue but but let’s not even due
folks on at the expectation from
the leader of of of your coun are going to be the strongest or
going to be the most reliable
you can rely as you can trust us
we’re going to be the most domin a lever: are any these other
digital assets to replace the
U.S. dollar because U.S. dollars
always can be number one again say anything about a payment in saving about all
remains payments you can say
anything about, transfer nothing
about that even say anything
about h that but the U.S. dollars always
been a reign supreme, and but he
has to say that that’s an import
stain for intimate so, in rea to sell the timing above all the
states are interesting and that’s why you wonder is everything you know a lined a
certain way is everything
predetermined in terms of how
their rolling out the
information why i to DC and three D and as a site and you are, as a low and
the SNA and can reshape the tweak up , of a array so tight, we go to some these
con summer to go back to it, and
on every currency OM and recreated is the scenes to
my zeal, what, and led to a will
that do and all the movies with
a feat a hit and of a hall one m to allow one million in unmarked
excerpt even be a larry’s to be
kinda funny here’s your of you
bring up a suitcase and you take it all, junior, an aside and let
me get my laptop WR to see a lot
of that when their transfer
money any ways it’s always a,
send and they do those bank to bank
transfers and there’s always
some the criminal element and
the like, send you the money all
I got unmarked fee up alike that
solari as , let’s see, and a second , Jerry Hiatt, a day of face book
being brought out on the curb
next week young that’s that’s
another reason for it I think
we’re and this just it’s all seems way
to a contrived you know to be
you just happenstance, so the
fact that all of this is
happening when it’s happening how it’s
happening you know I think is so
I think is really interesting so
let’s see now that the dams
think that will rush to pass the token
taxonomy act that’s probably
another part of a trump never
does anything exactly and that’s
exa a notice the spin on words by
the robina fall for because
they’re knocking it go and try
to analyze it they automatically
think , chip how about those old
movies and at that, keep the bad
kind of up to trace the call and
of it have caller ID when you of
yo its analyst Rick energy tower of cash what’s up a DC one
man and a CE one if you guys
haven’t done a check down route
cache route cache make some
outsta awesome, are a toll its ear of excerpt he,
people want to understand trump
just read art of the deal could
point that sets a good one, I
starte tidy up to kindle everywhere I
go and I’m reading this book in the
pages are all messed up by reading the art of the deal
and it’s it’s really easy it’s an easy read it’s
really really easy read to oh,
now let’s is what’s interesting
that’s going to this power
struggle s it when we when we look at, , S second, it’s only look at again what Federal reserve
Chairman Powell was saying and
the statements from from up from
Congress would rest lee again
about t and not over the lever chlorine,
but then also you know how came
out the same exact day on making
a statement of that big point on that we can break it down and
not saying on in any way shape
or form smarter than what these
guys are saying here, but they d while street that schools, Tom
trump after surprise tweed so
this big surprise suite from
from, from AMA and trump and all
the s tell what they what they say
here is that you know that the
big one maxis and media lead
jump on it and they’re basically
saying a because, because big point is
money, and their big focus is
odyssey trump is you know it
isn’t that smart on because his
reaso that big point is being accepted
across the world as a means of
payment however the Federal
reserve chair also came out and
say if gold is printed as money and
on a cold cloying and in it’s an
accepted on means of exchange on
it’s something that is holding when the majority of people in
any retail space won’t accept bit cloying on
exchange for product it might be
you know if if you’re using like
to all high oh all what is the
up and what is the interface that
you’re using up Ohio’s basically
saying will accept a point to pay your
taxes however all high of dozen
accepted point all high O’s
knocking a whole big point
they’re u that doesn’t make big: money
because all high was not
accepting big point in that
exchange Ohio’s accepting U.S.
dollars, you’re and all it’s worth 200 some
dollars a share, by something
from you with mike my face book
stuck in a say you’re crazy and
not ac on a cell when transact my face
book on and then by buying a
stock exchange is going to send
in U.S. dollars it’s not money in so that’s
incorrect assumption some not as
smart as some of these guys over
there that are parading around
Wal and Owen and I think anno and on
this up and of Brea she decking
crypto you know so you know as much as
people want to ICS two,
anticipate or sit and watch as
these a big point maxis are
going to make if everybody everybody is
stranded that this point
everyone talks about big point
being told by Charlie Lea talk
about big point and out there was that initial
anticipation that big one was going to
replace money replace banks
we’ve already shown that that’s
not gonna happen is not happen
in the near and all the one primary concern
that everybody brings up is
what’s the value of it: well
it’s $11,800 , was the value of big point
yesterday it was $14,000 always
the value of a pointed beginning
the year it was $3600 cots in
what if it point is gonna fluctuating
be so volatile I’m not accepting
it a fine except that it’s not
money that set Betsy end of a U.S. I
think you know they can it be
again can be used and transact
is money sure but the one
missing el and you go back and read which
romp said and I think this is
again were you need to underline
and_tiny said that the U.S.
dollar a night radek Arneson that car
over to China, a car has
whenever a cost it had but say
was $40,000 the reason why it’s
on for $8 of dollars that they pay of that
the charge for that good I know
there’s some goods that are
selling up over here for 10,000 and over and China their
selling for 30,000 and part because of taxes but in
the other part because they’re
gouging their people and
charging significantly more
money up for the same product so
you’ll so that’s something that
is a view that that support
would end, allowing someone tell
supple u and is a general rule and trade
the reason why there’s a reserve
currency as beacon or innovate and a
reason why there’s a trade
currency wise it that everybody
of quotes in U.S. dollar is
because it is so if all the other currencies
in the world for the most part
of all city value than because
the exchange rates have remained
re there was a time when the Euro was trading in a dollar 40 per
Euro now it’s above 10 there was
a time when the a Canadian of
dollar was trading at 60¢ to one yuan a 40%, differential you
know so is the other way ilse
that some portals are all the
important things that we need to
think on thought about what’s in on RE
in reality on the ground today and that’s only if it’s packed
so the fact that they came out
and attacked him on big point
out the money of disease kind of
who , their percent is 100% accurate
with that to oh, yes and that
that’s and I think that’s that’s
the whole picture you call on an we want a focusing on here after
that, we see by a habit I team
pulled up because matter, a solo
here’s here’s one wanted to sho that’s where again go back to
war to talk about where that Mr. Action is you
know you have fox business USC
and then you have local news local media whenever
it is the role in this
distraction a point and it’s
great yuan loving it sold as an
overall I se , and I believe that you can’t
identify that is well from my
perspective and a that’s my that’s my take
it all so I know yours is but
not giving any any of the vice
and how to think about this
whatsoev not telling you got a trick
espresso eye in the morning when
you watch my live streams in on
prefer that everybody a drink
espre and I’ll only a litigious bounce
a beer and then we’re in a star
running this out, we see here , that something like a drain
off of a Popsicle stick and what
and read all the balls will
stick time is standing up on me to go
back up here, agreed Jeff I want to buy at the
low for bread the other day with
a $2.00: and I broke and have a
few set to accept that date: t and love it and it’s funny know, $2.00: it’s
up as the of the two knee, were
you larger Canada that’s the two
knee if the loony and the two , and see OK Banks hold money but
rum says big one is not money to what’s the problem it yes so there’s so there’s
still that you know it’s
interesting and say regulate of and they
will have a different definition
potentially they want a bank,
they need a bank, Dick that’s
intere , it’s a comma, and can plea on a sink
your now but ill which is why
exactly why other countries are
trying to get out from under the
U.S to an extent, III just wanna
make a statement on that again,
but am, if you treat non
caffeinated coffee view also
drank to a th at night caffeinated affidavit
coffee and and good quality beer
tell of of a and eat at the lights appreciate
that Corel, rock cash you give
me a deeper view of the
statements of big: appreciate
that Robb its good medicine are the real
Michael Messner of the dams are
probably drinking liberal latte,
they like other foods would rank , body as prestige is so much,
as so much better so , let’s see here, there
something was gonna make a
statement on and then I got
sidetracked it C and my money
making my bed the o , will areas of all OK so which
is exactly why other countries
are trying to get out from under
the dollar so let me just make a young to rounded out, and how can I not comment on
this allowed white come on ship,
white is now like mostly male and Opelika sprinkled Asha
coffee on it or is is a flat white like a
chocolate milk and his flat
white and not a flat white is an action if you drink at
Starbucks you probably have to
cover up the of acidic taste of
the Starbucks coffee and a
little bit o and out of a lever an excerpt the bridge
victor in a teaching in wider of what took a
the lives love 1 to 8 and I like
wine a they’ll of the wine a
drama behind it and I like a good cabernet or
E of , and said , what is it called mike and I
think if the name of the of
tidbits of a Chile and lunch if
you’re in Chile, of a a case so
legis often talk over here and on
which is exactly why other
countries are trying to get out
from under the dollar award and
around th why is it that other countries
wanna get out from under the
U.S. dollar in unto me you know
at this point in time why it’s
so cr to know if it’s not the U.S.
dollar than one and so that could the world is
agreed on a common business link
which its English it’s not
Spanish it’s not Chinese on its
not G you go to Chile wherever you go
the common business language is
English now and I’ve done a ton of business
in Latin America it for more
comfortable speaking in their
own language on when they come
to the speak English over to the Middle
East they learn English they
understand that there’s a common
language exact same purpose on in the reason why you
need a common language, English
became the common language for
his sinister a reasons that we c tense also the reason why swift
was created if you think about
it having a common banking
language in order to facilitate
and si having a common currency is also
critical because when you quo your
product you need to build a
quote your product in a price
point that people understand on
and you have that doesn’t mean that the U.S.
dollar is the only trade
currency because when you’re in your up
and you work with people in
China year to quote the Euro so
there are multiple I’d trade
currenci you of U.S. dollar and to some
extent you have the yen of the
yen and in Japan you’ll have
been a of you have to run a red
chip, Aussie later enjoy the fun, so
there are multiple trade
currencies the U.S. dollar
happens to be the largest and
why is it the l by the U.S. dollar at this point
in time in history there’s no
other option and that’s gonna be
the bounce you know so that’s th working within the country and
it’s a stable valued up, economy
than people mays began to trade
in that currency to British pound although very valuable isn’t done as a distributed at the right
volumes in order to become a
primary trade currency the Euro
has issues to be a primary trade
curr and of chip Tuesday’s tours De
nights 10:00 PM and ship is back
in coming to live stream Tuesday
at 10:00 PM, from the United St , and he recently was released
from you to prison cell of a
utility is no longer preventing
him from live streaming which is
awe on soda those are those in the
import variables now where it is
digital asset fall into all of
this this is the significance I
b this is the significance that a
rebel net plays in the overall
on you still need to have some
form of discussion in terms of valuation a product however when
now when we trade it’s easier
off from a valuation
perspectives to work through a triple net
solution when acts rapid is
fully engage with a full
acquitted the mechanism of rebel
net on to all of the U.S. dollar of bee, the
of level of in allowing us also
then on to open up more trade in
other parts of the world to wear so I think that that’s all
really really import on now just
a row this all that CD and ski a
person speaks two languages is
bili or do you call it if you speak
one American of a hit that sit
and Eric and a test and it’s it’s funny you
know what you go to lead America
most people speak one let one
lane was a speak Spanish anno
than a and already you’re up the
dynamic shifts telnet we get the
strong desire for national and
entity over in your view of so
many la you know these five languages
very well, and to me that’s
amazing anno of five study
multiple languages, I am
bilingual, and of and it’s been nine it’s been
very very helpful in overall in
a highly recommend you know the
study Spanish if you wanna work
in , that is of candyce try and we
speech evert gibberish is
probably one of the Moran said
important to languages, lets
each IP sp so that that’s a good thing of
the chipped in loses phone in a
Chilean the bathroom and is able to speak to the
person and make sure the game is
fun back to all you know what all were
coming up on the hour to have
all we had 35 people in the
stream right now watching on an
early Sa to free up excerpt he this
morning and on and that’s it for two
days so of dough for get on
tomorrow night, to an idea on
its more Sunday so tomorrow
night 8:30 PM on and then if not you know what
as were streaming through will
try to get some of people on the phone is well on
deftly looking for to it again
appreciate everyone from being
on of we’re strictly on the
report and Sunday evenings on been a
star to win the open mike night
at 830 PM Eastern standard time again
really appreciate all of you
guys looking for to seeing you
on tomorrow night and with that have an awesome
weekend and I have a a grade of
great day to day and Dion I look
for to seeing you soon and doing a a a live stream with
you to know that set and up off
of its of the Boston Harbor, the
way behind me tell you ever ge that’s what you’re gonna see tell any help take you as a later enjoyed and
have fun

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  1. Starting your mission statement with a POWERFUL VERB is key. Keep the words simple and conversational-not industry lingo talk. If it can be fun-even better. Great video!

  2. I hit like because I like the fact of a discussion about these things but I don't agree with the idea of trump adopting crypto and what I mean by that is I don't think that the government should be controlling the money that is the whole point that's why crypto was supposedly created so honestly I think it's very bad if the government adopts crypto because basically if they adopted will means they will then try to take over and control it

  3. the whole point of crypto is to get away from government control the whole point of basically any kind of money system outside of the government is to get away from their control

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