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welcome everyone to the July 12th edition of what's happening in crypto with the crypto LARC broadcasting to you from New Zealand and bringing you all up the latest from the crypto world and beyond today's top stories Donald Trump the Bitcoin lightning Network and what Ronald Ino and Messi have to do with cryptocurrency having a quick look at the markets Bitcoin is not yet worth 1 million dollars but it is still worth one Bitcoin on to our first big story of the day Trump task force to aid crime investigations particularly focused on crypto now I wonder who they're going to find to take over those investigations these guys are pros you thinking what I'm thinking partner aim for the bushes in particular they're going to be focusing on digital currency fraud one of the many parts of the executive order that was issued by Trump this is just a continuation in the United States fight against crypto currencies and their back-and-forth we like it we don't like it we like it we don't like it on to our next big story Iran could become the first country forced to use Bitcoin this is a very interesting story because Iran has 300 million euros in cash held in a German bank on Tuesday the US ambassador Richard Grinnell said that the United States government is extremely concerned about Iran's plans to access their own money we encourage the highest levels of the German government to intervene and stop the plan just stop to think about that for a moment the absurdity of this situation where the United States is forcing a German bank to not give another country their money because they disagree with their politics this seems like a clear-cut case for Bitcoin for me and no matter where you fall on the Iranian issue and what's going on there I think everyone can appreciate the absurdity of one government telling another government who they're allowed to do business with and certainly from stopping a country accessing their own money over in India rumors rumors at this point apparently a government source was quoted India may not be in crypto currencies but treat them as commodities a senior government official with knowledge of what's going on in the finance ministry has come out to say that this is indeed how India may end up falling now there has been a lot of back-and-forth in India and I really really hope that the Indian government makes the right decision to not come down hard on cryptocurrencies I know there are so many crypto enthusiasts over in India and I really want to see them get access to this new and exciting class of currencies to have their government make it more difficult for them because let's be fair they will not ban it well there they will ban it they might ban it but they won't be able to actually ban it China has proven this China comes out and say see look we almost killed Bitcoin in China no you haven't the OTC markets are absolutely going crazy in China you can't stop it you're better to become part of the party than to be that guy standing outside the party saying you can't have a party in there oh goodness India the SEC speaking of regulations on Bitcoin the SEC is opening up to public opinion for the CBOE Bitcoin ETF filing if you would like to have your voice heard you can go to the link on the page here and actually write into the SCC and let them know how you feel I would highly encourage you to do this if you are based in the US get your voice heard let them know that you want to see this happen there's a great saying that the only thing that has ever caused change is a small group of dedicated citizens that's the paraphrase I suppose but you got to get active be participating in this and have your voice heard in this debate Opera browser introduces a built-in cryptocurrency wallet I am so unsurprised by this news and aetherium based wallet by the way opening up crypto currencies to more than 300 million opera browser users but just remember the other day we cover the story of bit Mane's very large investment into the Opera browser to see this story come out only a few days later unsurprising but encouraging without a doubt YouTube YouTube debuts plan to promote and fund rotative news this is to combat the fake news plague going around the internet at the moment they want to make sure that the trusted news sources are the ones that we coming to the top during any sort of news situation so right wing or left wing commentators won't really be having their voices heard but MSNBC that bastion of journalistic truth will be having their voices rise to the top that is a dangerous trend YouTube and I kind of understand where they're coming from they want to make sure that people are getting real information but who is giving real information it's so difficult to discern because so many times the mainstream media outlets have found themselves compromising their viewers by giving them misleading information the dangerous trend in YouTube and YouTube has been moving in that direction for a while slightly encouraging news coming from Twitter they are battling the fake accounts they want to slash millions of followers from many accounts that are simply BOTS for example the one thing they have not said is that they're gonna be focusing on the etherium scam bots which are absolutely out of control still over on Twitter hopefully that will be part of their direction here time remains to be seen it wasn't a particular focus in this New York Times article the Lightning Network continues to grow doubling in capacity since the start of July that is really great news to hear I'm excited to see the Lightning Network continuing to develop obviously we're still a long way away from having it enter main stream use there's a lot of testing to be done there's a lot of network to build out still but it's still happening a hundred merchants are actually going to be doing a trial of the Lightning Network revealed exclusively to coin desk payment processing startup coin gate is opening up a pilot program that will allow 100 merchants to trial a lightning enabled version of its service one which taps into the open source tech to make Bitcoin transactions fast and cheap as with coin Gates standard service the company will handle the finer details of the crypto to fee exchange however the new pilot has the benefit of covering the costs should the funds be lost due to the early-stage nature of the software wow that's cool I'm really happy to see some companies putting their hands up and saying I want to test this let us be the testers and of course for the companies actually trialing it it's a risk free trial so why wouldn't they be on board to actually testing out the Lightning Network litecoin foundation acquires nine point nine percent of a German Bank in a payment partnership token pay has now passed ownership of the nine point nine percent of the equity of weg bank two litecoin foundation in exchange for the latter's technical assistance in advancing the bank's plans to bring cryptocurrency payment solutions to customers and working with token pay on its various block chain projects it keeps happening more and more stories every single day about how the infrastructure is being built it's like we're watching this amazing city being built with all this amazing promise we can't quite get in there yet or we can get in there but it's not a lot there when you actually walk into the city but it is being built and I find all these stories just absolutely great and moving us in a positive direction 0x cert and Winn chain partnering up in a strategic alliance for unique digital assets unique digital assets are things like crypto kitties where there can only be one particular crypto kitty of course it's not for crypto kitties in particular but nice to see wound chain getting more partnerships obviously unique digital assets will be a big part of the picture moving forward for crypto football the football World Cup is on apparently and it's nearing its end I've been seen this a lot on Twitter not a football and personally but it seems that some of the key footballers are cryptocurrency fans which sparks my interests Ronald Ino launching a cryptocurrency developed 300 digital VR stadiums really Wow Brazilian football star Ronald Dino is launching an ambitious new cryptocurrency project which aims to establish a football academy host amateur and global league matches around the world develop and operate a betting platform and marketplace and develop digital VR stadiums that will analyze player skills and compile a block chain database with which to create new teams we're really gonna see this situation of tokenize everything there's gonna be tokens for your favorite football start they'll probably unique digital it's probably already actually unique digital assets for different football players but I guarantee that the Football Federation will actually be launching their own unique football player tokens at some point in the future it's gonna happen you heard it here first to see these kind of elements happening are bringing it massively to the mainstream think about the audience that Ronald Dino has and if you're on the Opera browser you can get the etherium based Ronald Dino tokens and the whole process starts becoming very easy and not to be done over by Ronald Dino Leonel Messi endorsing ceiran labs phone Syrian labs is coming out with a new phone it's only gonna be $1,000 which is still a lot of money for a phone but it's way cheaper than their last version which was $60,000 holy cow but this time they have Messi being the frontman for the syren labs phone certainly interesting developments in the crypto world you just have to keep watching what's happening in crypto and you can see that we're definitely going in a positive direction thank you so much for taking the time to watch the news video today let me know what you think about any of today's stories down below in the comment section join the conversation and over on Twitter thumbs up the video and share these videos around the internet to help our community grow long live the blockchain em peace out the next time

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  1. Been meaning to say it forever but you have… hands down… the best intro music ever! The content is always great. 👍👊

  2. Hey Lark I also disagree with the killing of gay people, stoning of women… thats why they are under sanctions with in other words means: no acess to the banking system.

  3. The LTC/bank news would double its price if announced 6 months ago… Now the market barely react to anything…

  4. The United States Of absurdities. Also, they keep building nuclear weapons and yet, have the guts to tell others not to do it. It’s like a parent telling their child to not smoke while holding a cigarette..

  5. News,news news. Lets talk about the future projects like Qravity.The new ico's will save the crypto market.

  6. Crypto lark, Its called terrorism . If you use your money for terrorism then I hope the US freezes your money too. You need to stay out of political discussions. Idealism isn't reality.

  7. I don't see looking into fraud as synonymous with not being pro-crypto. To me, it's just more signs that it's on their radar

  8. funny about Trump, he has 2 crypto coins himself, lol, hope my twitter is ok in my account audit i only had 3 possible fake people following, anyways good update Sir Lark and nice shirt, sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

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    Wait for more than 558 days, then apply it offline.

  10. I'm sure many will disagree with me on this one, but I think trump will make the right moves when it comes to crypto. Believe it or not, trump is against the federal reserve just as much as we are.

  11. As with many things the real power is with the interpreters… the fact youtube wants to control the flow of news lets you know they will be part of the problem.

  12. What a diversity of LNN. Building to a crescendo just in time for the coming bull run. Nice time to be hodling. Aloha Lark.

  13. Every delay tactic is being used til the NYSE crash. The SEC is FUD.

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