Tron (TRX) what will happen? Tron (TRX) price prediction after main net (HOT UPDATE)

what’s up what’s going on hope always
green today we’re talking why Tron’s maenette will take TRX prize to 15 cents it’s an article published a few days ago
on coin recorder comm and I want to go over it really quick we all know that
Justin son is the king of hype and that the Tron coin has done really good I saw
some good points here in the start if I wanted to share with you let’s begin
Tron although there has been turbulence in the cryptocurrency space there seems
to be a notable noticeable rise in the value of many crypto coins this week and
hopefully in the weeks to come the trend may continue while most coins are
finding it hard to rise Tron however is pulling all the efforts to go beyond all
doubts just in son leading all the hype web servers who weighed in on Tron’s
recent move highlighted that the cryptocurrency is on the verge of making
a big development and even arising to be among the top 10 all points some months
to come beyond beyond all of these collaborations there is a high tendency
the value of TRX skyrockets to 213 cents in the market
owing to a certain number of reasons that might not have been thought of so
it goes on to say that the Tron main net is key which is kind of the title of
this article already the Tron may net is poised to be launched on the 31st of May
2018 which after which everything has to be has to do with Tron will be migrated
from ERC 20 tokens to TRX starting from from the 21st of June 2018 one of those
who raised out on trance new move is photonic butrint
the founder of ethereum who said the project has no soul one reason
Vitalik dispersed trance latest move is the fact that he theorem is going to be
affected the most it is uneasy for anybody to to aptly put
that the main net launch is a failure on its own one very noticeable thing here
that will keep every pessimist at bay is the announcement made by Tron that it
will transfer all of its 100 million daps users to the new protocol
maintenance will surely give Tron the opportunity to meet its 2018 goals and
it will give the blockchain product the advantage to be a respected blockchain
that platform may be ahead of areum the game-changer is this though a one strong
TRX fully the point deploys maintenance going by its upper base it is definitely
going to be the largest blockchain that platform in the world nice through
migration it will start competing with ëthere iam mind you there is everything
on ground to make Tron build a larger ecosystem than ether amps interestingly
Ultron’s daps which were built on a theorem will be
migrated to the Tron network at the moment the network boasts of 100 million
users on its depth adapts among them according to the Tron team ro bike
gained calm KT life few applications get a bit guilt-trip io Miko and they’re
still Tennessee Tron convinced all the Deaf rights now built on the ERC 22
migrated from etherion protocol into the Tron protocol that would be pretty cool
I’m not gonna lie reputable development team Tron is
building a larger base for its development team this team has increased
over time around to around a hundred according to Tron and most of them are
from Alibaba Tencent Amazon in and from very prestigious companies and all
giants Internet companies from around the globe
they are science there are science Tron is not relented and posing as the future
of Internet and cryptocurrency the teen can change the tales of Tron in a
twinkle of an eye I listed in over thirty three exchanges Tron TRX is going
higher despite all odds the crypto point is listed on over 37 exchanges with
seven Fiat training Paris soon TRX will will be launched in major in the
majority of the mainstream exchanges in the future and have more via training
fairs all these will give Tron TRX the potential to compete among all top
altcoins Tron has earmarked 1 billion USDollar
into the community support it is another Bo’s for the crypto coin
the platform announced that it will have 1 billion u.s. dollars to support its
community developers and supporters in a bid to bring about growth Brown
announced 30 million TRX air dropped to a theorem community one very big
innovation that is designed to completely make sure on Stan above
aetherium is the announcement that the for mermaids that will airdrop 30
million TRX to eutherian community as a show of our gratitude towards aetherium
for their support during trans GRC 20 days and also making theorem users
experience the newest generation decentralized network the airdrop is
meant for those who have more than one aetherium after January 1st 2018 Voltron
is doing this it is clear that the main motive is to get in carry users a taste
of Tron through this they may be convinced of Trance superiority
conclusion to all of this it is becoming clear each day that Tron may be the
future of crypto coins going by its recent moves and collaboration in the
few months in few months TRX may be as valuable as Nerium or beyond this is
based on market cap of course it can as well be valuable in the market or go
beyond the speculated 0.15 dollars as you know or if you’re new to this
channel I did a video talking about Tron having a crazy market potential we’d go
a little bit deeper into what Tron is all about if you want to check it out if
you have anything to add to this article please do so in the comment section
below we all know that just the Sun is really good at hyping points up we first
got to see the proof but it’s starting to look pretty cool I know he’s always
about over-promising but if he can deliver on this that’s gonna be awesome
so that was my spiel for today hope you got some value out of this if you did
please leave a like and leave a comment man we’re all about the community here I
think you guys have some really valuable input and I would love to read and
connect with you guys in the comment section so I will be replying to all the
comments that I get below and yeah I hope to talk to you there and see you on
the next video

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  1. Nobody but God knows the future of things , crypto's internal gears are the emotions of the millions of investors so anything can happen.

  2. I think the major spike will happen when we start seeing people migrate to Tron because of the better technology. Some investors are still cautious of Justin Sunn and the hype he brings. He seems to really be delivering though, this could be huge if he proves himself

  3. lmao salty people who bought trx at .20 call it a shitcoin. just like those people who bought bitcoin at $15,000 hope u learned a valuable lesson not to buy anything ATH. BTW you dont loose till u sell at a loss. HODL GANG! lol

  4. Tron TA Community. Check this out. In depth analysis and price prediction + calls.

  5. "Going by its UPPER base…?" Bro, you're not even reading words correctly, why am I watching this shit?

  6. You are speaking well, i would like to hear your opinion about new crypto investment like Contract vault? 🙂

  7. Keep in mind everyone, the coins that rally the hardest fall the hardest. Tron is following the market. Relax and lets see what happens

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