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little long for an introduction but I want to know a lot of you guys asked me
for information on technical analysis how it works how I do it one of the
different indicators all that honestly there’s so much to it the technical
analysis I do on the channel is very very basic there is so much more to it
when it comes to you know doing technical analysis for any
cryptocurrency and so what I thought would be beneficial was if I was to
write an e-book all the technical analysis for you guys and just go over
all the top indicators how to use them why they are used
why how they’re you know found and all that stuff basically going in-depth on
everything to teach you guys how to use technical analysis when it comes to
doing your research on a cryptocurrency and maybe picking a cryptocurrency to
invest in short term let me know if that’s something that would interest you
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you guys would like to see then that is something that I am going to do now
let’s jump right into a news article I don’t want to talk about each of these
too much except for the last one actually but first of all is Facebook
users could retake control of content with blockchain basically they were
talking about how integrating blockchain with social media will allow you to have
more control over your content you guys know there’s been a lot of issues with
Facebook recently when it comes to the whole privacy situation the fact that
Facebook owns your date that is something you should know when
you are using Facebook and that Facebook does own your data that’s basically how
it works but a lot of news has been coming out
recently with another scandal and so people are talking about people in the
cryptocurrency phase are saying well blockchain is actually something that
could be useful in this situation not just with Facebook with many different
crypto crisis we’re going to talk about Facebook versus Tron in just a little
bit as well you guys know we bet we covered that a little bit yesterday but
another big one is Google is working on its own blockchain related technology
and this is actually something I wanted to touch on because I see people talk
about this and I don’t think this is correct I think people should be
cautious of how they talk about this so when it comes to big companies like
Google like Amazon own stuff like that then those companies aren’t huge they
are worth billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars right
they have a lot of money these companies if they were to use cryptocurrency or
blah and and blockchain related technology they are going to develop
their own right now I know we all would love to imagine all imagine if Amazon
uses ripple imagine if MOBA uses ripple at the stage of these companies that’s
not going to happen because they have the funds to simply hire their own
blockchain developers right coke developers coders whatever you want to
call them they have the money to hire them and they create their own and then
they would be able to you know eat profit more from it would be more
beneficial to them and these companies aren’t stupid right so definitely that’s
something to be careful about the cryptocurrency space if you’re investing
in something thinking that’s going to partner with Amazon stuff like that I
know I save Ripple because that’s in the news all the time that ripples
partnering with uber and Amazon something that I don’t think that is
going to happen personally I think these companies would rather create their own
blockchain I’ll create their own blockchain related cryptocurrency um
selling it would make more sense for them to do that so that’s just my
opinion on the matter however it is cool to see that Google is
working on its own block cable a technology again that’s just shining
more light in the space and how it actually could help a lot of people a
lot of people who dislike cryptocurrency and dislike or they don’t even know a
blockchain is they just dislike cryptocurrency is due to lack of
education on the topic and that is what I think
the biggest barrier right now for cryptocurrency is the biggest hurdle is
the fact that people don’t understand it if you do your research and you
understand what blockchain is and you understand what crypto currencies are
trying to do usually you will support it because it’s beneficial and it helps so
I just wanted to clear that up and this is the main topic of today because I see
a lot of people are talking about it so there’s been a report that Japan to
issue warning against crypto exchange by dense Twitter cries fun so Finance you
guys know my favorite exchange by far still my favorite exchange even after
this just saying I still use it I don’t think there’s going to be an issue
whatsoever but this has caused the market to I mean I don’t know how to say
this specifically but this definitely played a role in causing FUD in the
market causing the market to go down a little bit which we’re gonna see here in
a bit but so the CEO of Finance has already come out he has already said
that this is showing irresponsible journalism we are we are in constructive
dialogues with Japan FSA and have not received any mandates it does not make
sense for J FSA to tell a newspaper before telling us while we have an
active dialogue going with them so he immediately shut that down saying no no
this isn’t what happening we’re in talks with them we there’s no reason the
newspaper would hear of it before they heard of it and that would make sense
now I don’t think violence is dumb they’ve handled so many things so well
right now that I I personally think that if they need to you know filed certain
documents or get something done I think they’re going to do it they’ve they
haven’t given me any doubts so far but again this does raise the issue maybe
this is going to create a better space or maybe this is where we start moving
towards decentralize exchanges and I have more news coming on that in the
coming weeks there’s a lot or there’s a few decentralized exchanges all of them
fairly small right now compared to the likes of finance and stuff like that but
all of them with potential so obviously something we’re gonna need to take a
look at however for now I’m still you using finance all the way whoopsies
didn’t mean to open Albert Einstein there but yes so this cost foot and
people are already talking about it on Twitter that there we go here’s the Fudd it’s it is what it is there’s always fun
weekends are going to sell if you sell over this you know unconfirmed news that
Japan might issue warning according to someone who said you know if you sell
you shouldn’t be in cryptocurrency you should not be in cryptocurrency because
there’s there’s a lot worse fund coming and that was absolutely nothing but the
market cap today is at three hundred twenty seven billion dollars bitcoins
ominous backup over forty four percent forty four point three inching closer to
fifty percent I didn’t think we were gonna see that
but hey the way the market is doing right now we might generally see in 50
percent Bitcoin unless everything starts picking up and altcoins start doing a
little better again I mean the last week we see it’s pretty even honestly it’s
pretty even between red and green some red some green coins of the green for
the week Bitcoin Bitcoin cash just under a thousand dollars actually OS actually
had a great week up 7% iota is up 18 percent Tron is up 16 percent and so I
just wanted to touch on a few buying points that a lot of people have been
asking me about card on Oh card on Oh is um let’s see I’m gonna go
to three months I personally would not buy into card on Oh yet um I still think
we might go down a little bit simply because we haven’t we don’t know where
the market is headed so I’m looking at buying opportunities at like 11 cents
kind of went down to it here if you picked up some here that would be good
but I would still would not buy in by a position in on card ah no just in case
personally uh I do think our Donnell has a lot of long-term potential don’t get
me wrong however I have other all coins jump currently invested and that’s
another thing guys we don’t have to agree on the you and I don’t have to
agree on the all coins we invest in we can agree on some we can disagree on
others the important part is to make respect which of people for liking a
certain point like I believe in card on oh I like card on oh I think it’s going
to do well but I personally will not be investing until it reaches a certain
point as a short-term trade it would not be a long-term hold for me I personally
just don’t want to hold it long-term I think there’s a lot of other crypto
curses that I would rather hold but that isn’t saying that I don’t think it’s a
good hold you know what I’m saying just kind of want to clear that out that’s
kind of more I stand on card I know is I am NOT going to make any more purchases
in these coins until I see until I see a definitive direction where the market is
going until I have confidence in where the markets going and Tron I just wanted
to mention again with all the news coming out with with Facebook Tron is
you know if they’re gearing up to launch the beta the the test that’s coming out
to countdown t-minus only a few days now it’s the 22nd countdown is the word game
we’re inching closer every single day and yeah mommy with all the news coming
out I think it’s perfect time for Tron to come out with something great and
show us what they can do and how they plan on battling Facebook now that is
not an easy battle guys by no means I think there’s a lot of hurdles for Tron
to get as big as Facebook is anytime soon it’s going to take a long long time
but just thinking about it like I understand the logic being there the
decentralized part but Facebook is massive right they are huge and they
have so many users it’s going to take a while for you to battle that I saw a
tweet I say this because you know Justin Sun posted on Twitter the other day
taking shots at Facebook and pumping up Tron we’ll see what happens I guess
we’ll see what happens it’s all still a waiting game you guys know a lot of you
guys we’re invested in Toronto it’s a waiting game from now it’s let’s see
what happens with all the releases I’m personally most excited about the beta
that’s what you know I feel like I don’t hear people talk about enough everyone’s
saying testing it yes I just want to see the beta I want to see what this project
is going to look like right but anyways let’s jump into tech oh now
yes I made it very nice and colorful so we can kind of distinguish what is going
on so this is I get a lot of questions on psycho technical analysis and this is
like the basic basic technical analysis that’s why I kind of thought that maybe
the e-book would be a good idea but what we have here is now the two red
ones the two red ones are something we have been channel we’ve been trading in
for some time and I think it’s sort of like a trend it’s a trend line I would
say to where the price of Bitcoin seems to be going seems to have headed other
than the one spike and dip we had here the prices stayed very steady in here
now this other one this this one I do drew right now and this one are to the
bottom one touches as a support that touches appear here and here so it’s a
support that touches three actual points on the graph which you know the more it
touches the more convincing it is and here being that resistance so this is
another triangle we’ve been trading inside which you know we have actually
managed to stay inside even with the recent movements and it ends on you know
the 6th of April that is when in officially you know that the point of
the triangle is for us to break out either upwards or downwards and that’s
something that we’re gonna have to wait and see don’t forget though for
something to convince me to break up words or downwards it would have to have
two consecutive days closing either below or above these two lines and that
to me would signal all right we’re starting to move in this direction so
that’s just kind of something I wanted to throw out there the technical
analysis is still going strong nothing crazy has happened no oh my god
panic sell and no oh my god the markets are in beautiful shape or going to
all-time highs tomorrow none of that’s happening right now we are still waiting
to see what the market does so guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this video as
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ebook on technical analysis I think it could be great it could teach so many of
you guys how this thing works and hopefully you know all out for some
better short-term trade there’s some money making a technique so guys let me
know if I something you guys are interested in as always thank you so
much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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