what is going on guys Patrick here bring
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further ado let’s get talking about the market today let’s refresh this as
always see where the markets are at bitcoins at 11,500 looks pretty good I’m
hoping to see markets start moving upwards now so we’re gonna enter the
bullish bullish market hopefully any m/s up 20% every coin is either down very
little from what I’ve seen you guys see it’s down only a few percent this one’s
down 5 or it is green and again it’s not green by a significant amount so
hopefully by the end of the day we’ll have some more movement it’s still early
it’s only noon we’ve still got time I just woke up so I can’t wait to see what
the rest of the day does anyways Tron you guys know sin f-14 with a 4.5
billion dollar market cap thing is it’s ranked 14th after its all-time high was
30 like it was at 30 cents right if it’s if the all-time high is 30 cents it
means it was almost four times bigger than this right more than four times
greater I believe four times greater than that price yeah let’s say five
times great in that price so five times this is almost at a 25 billion dollar
market cap what right let’s just go on over here and see you guys can see what
I mean all the way up here the market cap okay well we didn’t quite hit three
okay so market cap was sixteen point four billion dollars that would little
that would put us over here above card ah no and below Bitcoin cash that’s
ridiculous so we knew when that happened the markets were crazy everything was up
so much we weren’t ranked number four everything was up a lot though Bitcoin
was 200 almost 300 billion dollar market cat
you guys know everything was up ACK of significant math I’m not sure Bitcoin
probably even did pass a 300 billion dollar market cap I don’t remember
everything from December I wasn’t talking my head anyways then we had a
huge crash down to five dollars to five cents and if we move in a little a
little more over here as you can see it actually went down all the way to around
4.8 and this is if you guys remember this is where I picked some up I told
you guys I made a video that I thought that was the end we started a little bit
of a swing I said that was the end of the downtrend I believe we are going to
start going up so I picked up a ton at 4-4 point and like four point five to
five cents currently it’s at you know almost seven cents but I did manage to
sell when it hit ten cents so I did double my money really really fast in
the span of how long was that this was January 18th and here was January so
it’s been 24 hours I did double my money great story I told my friends um how
much money I made doubling Tron in 24 hours and it was super easy to predict
anyways um yeah so transparently f-14s we have a four point five billion dollar
market cap a lot a lot of fun had been coming out with Tron like in them in the
weeks prior a lot of stuff had been going on with try especially right
before market started to go down before we yeah before markets had their
correction we saw a good amount of news come out for Shaun and it was not good
news anyways now we do we are starting to see
some hopeful hopeful moments so let’s kind of go over what it is so the charm
foundation guess you see they retweeted Justin son saying one more exchange will
be add one more big exchange on board will announce soon gets the name that
was on 25th right other than that there’s not really too much news going
on but I’m going to show you guys where the secret news comes out in just a
second so Tron here on June 24th another recognition TRX listed on
Phenix that’s always good I’m here goat so just in son one more big exchange on
board to guess the name then we can go over everything
someone said coinbase that would change the price of Tron significantly if we
could get Toronto coinbase oh let’s see beep are expecting expecting it to be a
coup point of what happened people are expecting it to be cool coin um it would
be the easiest move I guess you know getting on coin base would be pretty
ridiculous cool coin would be an interesting move and they do have votes
for which cryptocurrency to add next and Tron was leading for a long time problem
is a Bitcoin came out of nowhere I don’t know if they hyped it up in their
telegram group or if they bought votes but that took over so now I’d be
interesting to see if the partnership if the listening exchange was confirmed and
they’re still gonna go through with it or if that wasn’t the case and now we’re
not gonna get it so that’s one thing to look into nothing I wanted to add want
to show you guys right here Justin says I’m donating 1 million TRX to the th
strong community the first 100 Ted transactions with 1000 TRX sent to the
address below will each receive 10,000 TRX to the address the t1000 TX came
from it upsets me that this has 185 likes and 34 retweets guys this person
has 19.7 thousand followers this is not Justin Sun do not fall for this type of
stuff it’s huge in the cryptocurrency space we’re gonna you know there’s some
good and there’s some bad and the bad is simply that people are able to transfer
money so fast that if they get tricked into transferring money they will never
see that money again now granted a thousand TRX it’s like 60 bucks right I
believe it down TRX is like 60 bucks right yeah it’s like 68 bucks
it’s not gonna be your worst loss but guys the fact that you would fault like
the fact that people would fall for this upsets me it upsets me because it
everyone knows it’s everyone should know that this is fake you do not send money
to someone randomly free money does not exist
right keep that my free money does not exist that’s the main thing I can tell
you guys but moving back on to Tron here says we should get drawn into space this
was a tweet on January 11th which is interesting because the thing that was
revealed the secret tweet that was room they released and then they quickly took
back was that Tron and space T partnered this was Charles newest partnership so
the China’s SpaceX basic the company run by Elon Musk founder of Tesla as well
SpaceX this is space T the company the Chinese version so new era of blockchain
space exploration now the tweet was instantly deleted all the news articles
were instantly deleted this is an archive of the mediums post you can’t
find it on their website you can’t find it anywhere there’s no sign of this and
what I’m assuming happened they realized the markets aren’t have not fully
recovered when the markets recover they will be releasing the news I’m gonna
show you guys down there calendar in just a bit but I’m I can’t lie I don’t
know exactly what we’re gonna see as a partnership with these two from my
reading if you guys take a look even just at the first the first paragraph
you’re gonna see that Tron is going to provide guidance to space the unblocked
chain technology and space T and space you will also provide technical services
for Tron to achieve fast and efficient neck network communication through micro
satellites so I don’t actually know what the plan is I don’t know what the
partnership is I hope you know Tron said we should get charged the space I hope
this isn’t just a you know one of those things where those just gonna send some
Tron it’s trying to clip it into space then bring it back down and get yeah
we’re done we did we went we’re into space I hope that’s not it I hope they
have a better plan that I can see in my head it would be awesome maybe they’re
trying to use space Dedes technology or you know space these technical services
to help it build tron faster build the the final project faster I’m not sure
exactly what it’s gonna be but that was interesting let’s see let’s see what
they mansion with a partnership now if we look at the cryptocurrency calendar
something I don’t actually use a lot something I don’t use a lot on the
channel but I use a lot not on the channel we look for
Tron we can see some things Tron so it’s gonna be listed somewhere on the 31st
listing our new exchange 92% three thousand six hundred forty nine votes
okay we’re expecting to be cool coin let’s see if this still happens now that
a Bitcoin sort of took over on the polls then Tron on 31st or earlier on the big
clued exchange Sean Wan the poll for listing on big food exchange so that’s
cool it’s another exchange the problem here with these two is that we’ve seen
Tron on other exchanges and that hasn’t done too much to the price so hopefully
this you know creates more movement but chances are not that high we’re gonna
talk about the big the big thing soon so Gerry 31st Tron space company
partnership yeah we think we know what it is spaceship company partnership
being announced soon we think we know what that is we just showed you the
article then this isn’t really as relevant not as relevant these three are
the ones that I think could actually alter the price so if you guys are
holding Tron you know the end of March might be your look at this might be when
I can exit because the price is going to move here that that’s what I think at
least so on the 31st or earlier we’re gonna see a Tron coin burn so the coin
burn is confirmed on 31st of March or earlier we’re gonna see Tron main it so
trauma may not to be ready by the end of q1 and then on 31st of March Tron first
beta launch Tron will launch the first beta version Exodus on March 31st 2018
so those three are things that are happening very close to one another and
that could really alter the price it’s not like too far earlier but they could
really alter the price this these are price altering movements so this is what
I’m looking at for Tron if we can build a steady little a steady growth until
then and this news come out and there’s no fun and bad news guys we are going to
shoot to the all-time high and hopefully go past it that is what I see for Tron
I’m basically playing this I know I can’t tell you guys what to do
financial advice I’m telling you guys the way I’m gonna play this what I’m
doing is I have some Tron still I just sold up here the Tron that I bought down
here I still have more Tron that I bought in previously what I’m gonna do
is if Tron dips again if the markets aren’t ready to fully correct go back up
I’m gonna buy more Tron if it dips below five cents especially I’m gonna die by
significant more amounts of Tron because I don’t I think this is the lowest point
we’re going to see it for four point five cents is the lowest point I think
we’re gonna see it so I would buy some more if it goes below five otherwise
when it goes up again it could go up really really fast again simply because
of the timing of the news which would mean that it would be followed by a
correction so I would try and sell at the all-time high definitely sell some
as we hit 30 cents I mean definitely sell some as we hit 20 cents and as we
keep moving up sell a little bit more every you know few to two or three cent
increments so that’s kind of how I’m gonna play I do think you guys know i
i’m a fan of tron i do think it is possible for Tron to test its all-time
high I think there’s a lot of bad news that went on in this part a lot of bad
news and obviously was such a huge run-up it would only be fair for us to
have a correction and we did so we can’t say we weren’t expecting it we can’t say
this is crazy news but all the all the fun and all the bad news and all the you
know just bad press that it gets it didn’t help so Tron is unfortunately
looked at in in them in the negative light by a lot of people the one thing
that’s still really interests me is through all that through Tron dropping
from you know four times its total market cap we are ranked number 14th
that is something that really excites me the fact that we couldn’t even drop
below 20 even even though there was so much negative news and other coins other
ones that I really like like raid blocks it’s right here our 21st steam right
here at 25 oMG is 23 so Virg is 30 bye Nana scorns through us so even even
though there are ton of coins that I’m a fan of
after the twenty mark that I think you’re gonna be huge players Tron still
has not trying to still at 14 14th ranked and it’s not looking like it’s
gonna job hopefully not v change up a little bit today so the separations over
a billion dollars will see obviously it could keep dropping but we’re gonna
figure that out in the coming days if you are holding Tron not financial
advice but I am going to wait until this happens right it’s only a few months
it’s two months from now there you there’s no real need if this does
nothing then we’re gonna start looking at trying a little differently maybe
sell our position best we can on Tron but until this happens there is no
reason to touch to touch what you have just leave it there because hopefully
we’re going to see a lot of price movement in the coming future guys also
don’t forget when they add some more exchanges and then this happens this
just makes more it gives more access to more people being able to buy it so keep
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