what’s going on guys welcome back to a
brand new video on this channel today I want to talk to you guys about the whole
Tron controversy and is Tron a scam my price prediction for Tron where I see it
heading in the future and we’re all at the end of this video we’re gonna talk a
little bit about the overall cryptocurrency market now guys I know
this video may be one daily I may be a day late making this video but today is
a very big day in cryptocurrency I’m gonna show you guys at the end why I am
saying this I think this video could provide a lot of value to all of you
guys so before you comment down below Patrick this videos are already a day
late that this news already happened everyone’s talking about it already
stay till the end and then let me know in the end if you didn’t get any value
at all but hopefully this video helps some of you guys out this is just my
opinion on the matter and what I think of the situation so guys before we get
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talk to you guys about Tron so first off if you guys are interested in buying
some Tron I have a link down below i have a link to finance right here this
is where i buy most of my alt coins I buy it on Finance currently they are not
accepting any new accounts though which is extremely frustrating I would click
on the link anyways by the time you’re watching this video they might already
be allowing it so click on the link and try and make an account otherwise now is
also a pretty interesting time you guys can see Bitcoin is now at fourteen
thousand seven hundred seventy four we’re gonna touch more on this at the
end but it is having a little bit of a correction after a pretty upward trend I
think right now I like to see some support here so I think this might be
the lowest point we’re gonna see Bitcoin at if not then it could keep going if it
breaks this support we’re gonna go even further but that was a pretty
interesting time so any of you guys are interested in
buying some Bitcoin and as soon as you can make the buy Nance account you know
you can transfer your Bitcoin over and hopefully even hopefully even make a
profit if you are interested in buying Bitcoin linked to coinbase is in the
description of this video as well now guys eagerly awaiting after the two to
three minutes it took me to start this video we’re gonna finally talk about
Tron so here we have it this is the reddit post about Tron now first off if
you are the man who decided to write this congratulations on writing so much
right I this is like an English essay I wasn’t able to write this in English
class when they asked me to write an essay I didn’t write this much so
congratulations to you on being able to write so much on a topic that it turns
out to be like a complete lie this is all fun
he says the TRX Tron founder Justin son sold six billion Tron exit scams
so obviously I’m not gonna read this whole thing to you we could sit here the
whole video for half hour and read the whole essay they wrote but we’re gonna
kind of go over the main points so he said hello I checked Justin Suns wallets
and it was scared the creator wallet of the Tron token contract sent for some
test a transaction to blah blah daddy says after Tron appears in the top
twenty Justin’s son starts selling every day millions of Tron coin at UM of Tron
at liquid i/o and bina’s calm and two hundred million steps first of all the
grammars a little off here and there you guys are gonna notice if you read the
whole thing the grammar is a little off since nineteen days he sold six billion
Tron for aetherium and sent the theorem directly to some aetherium to US dollar
exchanger like Gemini it’s around three hundred million dollars that is a lot of
money but then where’s the picture he says here and and what we see the name
of this account is Justin pets here are screen so again guys the English is a
little off here I’m not gonna not gonna lie to you the grammars a little off and
then here it is Justin pets first off point I wanna make
is I I go to university most you guys probably know that I go to university
and there I have a ton of Chinese friends right I go to an engineering
school go to Virginia Tech those of you guys who don’t know I go to in an
engineering school and I have a ton of Chinese friends and one thing is that
their real name is not Justin Justin is not his real name Justin’s the name that
he when he moved over to the US or when he is dealing with people who can’t
pronounce his real Chinese name he is using this name it’s like a it’s a name
that they give themselves they can choose it’s just so it’s easier for
interactions and stuff I have a ton of friends named Jason ray stuff like that
and those aren’t their real names now also Justin has commented right here
they says I think the funny part is that the market maker has the same first name
with me and register himself on the crypto kiddies it is very unprofessional
when it comes to registration I use my Chinese name I don’t know how to
pronounce this I don’t want to butcher it rather than my rather than English
name the reddit account is not my account and also foundation account it
belongs to our private investor and market maker
we don’t have an account in Gemini comm the market maker uses an account to
trade and increases the liquidation of TRX not sell TRX so Justin even
commented on this and said that it was completely false now another thing I
want you guys to keep in mind is if this were to be true right there’s a few bugs
with it when I started think about it first off
Tron has been growing like crazy Tron right here guys we can see Tron is
currently number 10 in overall market cap it was higher it’s been having a
little dip everyone predicts and sees that Tron can
go so much higher than its now why would the CEO why would the
founder why would the guy with so many coins why would he sell now why wouldn’t
he wait till it was worth so much more money than now and also another thing
you have to keep in mind is this guy’s a very very public guy this guy’s on
Twitter constant he’s got two hundred and sixty three thousand followers guys
two hundred sixty three thousand files he’s a public guy he posts every few
hours he has a poster guys constantly on Twitter interacting showing the new
things I love you can see he’s like yes we are coming from San Francisco office
confirmed then um you know there’s just a lot a lot of things whereas the other
one that I was looking at a new exchange is on board I didn’t even notice more
exchanges to come so you know Tron will be listed on South Korean exchange coin
rail that’s another news I was going on there’s so much news coming on for Tron
it wouldn’t make sense for him to sell it and since he is so public if he did
sell and everyone found out because of course everyone’s going to find out it’s
not you know you can’t keep these things a secret everyone’s going to found out
eventually he is way too many followers there’s way too much attention on this
guy for people not to realize he won’t be able to step outside he won’t be able
to step outside he won’t be able to log on to the internet without getting
completely destroyed so that would make no sense for him to do that he would
literally ruin his life if he were to do something like that that he would get
people running after and a lot of crazy angry people you don’t want to mess with
the people in this world there’s a lot of very crazy people who would do a lot
of very crazy things so overall guys basically to sum it up I
think this is complete but I believe it’s been proven as fun too I’m on just
inside I don’t see the the point of him trying to sell his points right now but
I do command the fact that this dude spent a hell of a time writing this
whole thing up that is way more than I would ever think you know this just goes
past what I would ever consider if I wanted to spread fun I would turn to one
guy and be like oh I hate Bitcoin bitcoins going down so what I would do I
don’t have the patience or the time to write this whole thing I don’t have the
time in my day but congratulate to you you did it it caught everyone’s
attention and now Chiron is sitting at number 10 with a nine point eight
billion dollar market cap Curley priced at fourteen point nine cents let’s take
a little look at the charts guys first off take a look take take a look
not counting icon not counting gemma OMG not counting you know populist jazz take
a look at most of the coins what do you guys see all right a lot of these coins
are rent and for those of you guys have been around the channel for a while you
know what we call today today is Black Friday for coins guys everything is on
sale crypto Black Friday I love the fact that it happens more than once a year
everyone has to wait a year for Black Friday no I have to wait till you know
the end of November I don’t even know when Black Friday is I have to wait till
the end of November to go and buy my coins not for old there’s to buy my TV
but not for cryptocurrency you get this like every so often ripples down 27% if
you want to pick up ripples go ahead I don’t personally want to pick up any
Ripple Bitcoin 15100 like I said on coinbase it
is that 14700 I don’t think it’s going much lower so if you are interested in
buying Bitcoin do not miss out this opportunity Manero is down 20% vos is
down 26% cute sum is down 38% what else is there what else is there – is down
19% Theory M is down 1.5 it’s not two months I would really count Cardinals
down 14% you guys can see Bitcoin cashes now 80% I can go on so many coins are on
sale but we’re talking about Tron today I can make other videos on other days
about the other coins but today we are talking about Tron let’s take a look
let’s zoom into those just do the 1 month chart right one month sure it’s
fine everything’s been going on the last month for Tron so you can see even here
wasn’t anything happening really we’re only interested in this part right here
so Tron picked up a ton of hype everyone was excited
about their news everyone’s decided about the coin went up to like 30 cents
here it says 27 I don’t believe we call the way to the top anyways 27 28 29
cents something like that came crashing right down to 15 cents went back up to
19 and now we are down again to like 15 cents 15 point 2 cents now Sean’s been
having a little bit of a rough point right here there was a lot of fun
including this this has hindered its you know its rise you guys can see a little
bit of an uptrend and then they got crack came crashing back down this right
now currently is a very volatile period for Tron you guys can tell it’s you know
this is gonna be the moment where we see if it goes up or down it’s gonna be
where it separates you know people who like Tron and people who are not a fan
of Tron I personally do like Tron so to me this just looks like a sale and in
the next few months ICS challenging well probably not even the next few months
but I see us coming and challenging the all-time high pretty soon and hopefully
overtaking that with ease and setting new all-time highs throughout 2018 that
is what I’m hoping for with Tron that’s why I invested in Tron but like I said
when we had this huge run-up first I thought this correction was a great
thing and I love to see the fact that it didn’t come all the way back down to
here cuz this would have been the next support level you see with all this rise
this would have been the next decent support level after maybe this but not
even this wasn’t enough say this is probably the next support level and we
didn’t come crash here so we set a new support right here at like 15 16 cents
yeah fourteen fifteen cents we’ll just say for it yeah we’ll just say fifteen
cents and set a new support here and we went up and now we are coming and we’re
bouncing again at the support so it’s currently at fifteen point two so it’s
it right about the support level I think if Tron
goes down I can see it going all the way back down to seven cents but I think
that is very difficult especially if you’re a long-term investor this doesn’t
matter to you if you’re a long-term investor and you think you just saw a
dip and you want to pick up some more by all means if Finance allows you to make
an account go pick some RL you know pick some pick them up on dips and then just
wait till I go up that’s what I do come now if it dips again to down here
I’ll just buy some more and then which and challenges the all-time high I made
a profit on all of my purchases so that’s kind of the way I’m looking at it
guys this is just a quick overview on Tron in the overall market
don’t forget link to finance in the description for you guys to go make an
account by all the old coins that you guys want they have most of them on
there also now is a great time in my opinion to buy Bitcoin don’t forget none
of this financial advice I’m telling you what I’m doing I picked up Bitcoin I
picked up Tron that’s basically just what I’m doing so guys thanks so much
for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you are new make sure to smash
the subscribe button hit that Bell icon leave a comment down below what do you
guys think of Tron is just trying to have in a bright future still do you
still see it going up if not why do you think it’s gonna go down how how low do
you think it could go also if you guys learn something in this video make sure
to smash that thumbs up button sorry for rambling but guys thanks so much for
watching I’ll see you tomorrow for another video


  1. What do you guys think of the whole Tron TRX situation?

  2. bro i wish this was a verge video man haha Tron is just becoming too much. Everyone is freaking out wanting to know what the news is today from verge coming today

  3. Informative vid. I've gone over this a bit too. Justin Sun got his masters at Penn…. That's an Ivy League school. Point is, this isn't a stupid individual. In no way would a masters graduate from one of the most prestigious schools in the world sell a wildly popular commodity while its quite literally just starting its explosive growth.

    What's currently going on had been happening since tee beginning of time. Verbally destroy a reputation then swoop in and pick up the pieces. I'm biting…. and so should you.

  4. I heard today, CoinMarketCap, excluded some Korean exchanges in price calculations due to the much higher prices causing arbitrage opportunity. TRX was just listed on a Korean exchange today maybe that had something to do with it?

  5. I bought at .12 cents but I bought 550k coins. I'm keeping it until it hits $10 in the next 4 months. With the way Justin is moving now, I give TRX until next week for it to surge to $1-1.50

  6. Thoughts on Opus? $OPT "Blockchain Spotify"
    Seems to wake up and is a very interesting project.100% reward for artists, volume at ATH, plans to offer coin sell with fiat on homepage, Binance follows on Twitter since few days.

  7. I mean with the market cap going to be pretty big this year and tron being in the top 10? It's gotta at least hit a dollar this year or even sooner than we think in my opinion

  8. I put a sale in at 1310 and a buy back at 1200, its currently at 938, my thought is it will jump this week and then settle down at 1210 like verge is doing right now. What do you think?

  9. I enjoy your videos. Don't worry about the length of your clips…they're just fine. Btw, picked up another 2.5K Tron…will hold.

  10. that reddit post is bullshit yes, but still I invite everybody to take a look at tron's git and main project:

    after one minute looking at the java code the first feeling is that this is indeed a complete scam (I'm not saying that tron is scam, I'm just saying this is the feeling you get from looking at the source code).. this is clearly NOT an implementation of a "blockchain based protocol for digital assets", it seems like the outcome of a basic excercise of a java programmaing course. Look at the "wallet" class that basically contains only a setter/getter for the address, totally ridicolous.. I don't know what they want people to believe by sharing this crap project.
    Now how do you explain this? If there is anything concrete behind Tron then why sharing this crap project to the world?
    I can only think that they did it as a desperate attempt to gain credibility, by assuming that most people would not dig into the code. It'd be good if Mr Sun would comment on this, instead of wasting time in promoting Tron with false twitter posts.

  11. Stop Spreading FUD, This coin is easy $1, nothing was sold by Justin Sun as the coinburn amount is still the same in the wallet address. Tron is most definitley not a scam… i bought a shit ton at half a cent and i knew the future of it. Goodluck!

  12. Buy Tron as soon as you can. I have 8,200 Trons, I will be buying 11,800 more on Thursday while its low. Hopefully it stays low before Thursday lol. Think about it. If you have 20,000 coins and each one reaches 50 cents at least, thats $10,000

  13. Just realize…Just only the chinese market is so huge. You can not scam peoples like this way in China. You guys should have more patience. Some exchanges are closed for new investors

  14. Don't pick up ripple lol, coin itself is almost worthless. Only thing worth anything is the tech that is owned by the company. #centralizedcryptoisgarbage

  15. Well he would sell and when it corrects buy the same for less….that seems logical…after the correction n eh hed walk away from it with 100m maybe….just a thought….make a buck….

  16. If this was remotely true, TRON would have dropped like a rock. Total rubbish, TRON will surpass it's former highs by next month.

  17. TRX is decent, buy Justin Sun or whatever his name is a damn joke! And this is coming from someone who sold 350 shares of ETH to get a strong position in Tron. A big fakkin mistake!!

  18. Wonder why ppl spread fake rumors around of Tron. I mean whats the point?😲 I hold lots of tron coins and ill be laughing at the haters later!😎

  19. Tron trading around 730-830 sat. If you bought at 1000sat yikes. That's not a sale. A good entry point is around 600sat.

  20. so much fud on this coin it's ridic. people actually think Sun is scamming everyone? get real guys. sell if you don't see the potential.

  21. ma man make a video on STORM it is a pain in the ass to buy that coin I am a noobie so I said fock it and invested in TRON and deepbrainchain. Review deepbrainchain

  22. Why would the guy not wait to sell more? Because there are no guarantees that it could go up, and perhaps their token is shit, and he found out.

  23. Not sure it's a scam but bad PR sure did some damage to it. I am sticking with safe bets in this rocky market right now like Monero, ENG, BTC, ETH etc.

  24. I’m not even upset about the selling of the coins, especially if that fiat is being used to help grow their company. I’m more worried about them copying the Filecoin white paper without any references

  25. His while paper is mostly plagiarized. His GitHub code is a word-for-word plagiarizing of somebody else's code, minus the copyright info. He continues to announce 'new partnerships' between TRON and other companies that he already OWNS. In his videos, he congratulates those companies HE OWNS in third person. Those companies have a very-small market share in China, no matter how much he tries to exaggerate their stature **Here is the biggest flag… Chinese Gov't would NEVER allow an uncensored Internet. They are all about centralization, not the decentralized plan Justin speaks of, so they can watch everyone. They would view what Justin talks about as anarchy. This is not doable. You guys live the 'moon' if you think TRON will 'moon.'

  26. Jajajaa jack ma smiled very happy. fuck everybody sold all the tron coins just make big money that he does


  28. Tron is a scam Justin sun and his best friend just created a coin called oddessy this is what you call a Ponzi scheme he starts coins pumps em dumps em and starts another one …the news is shyt he puts out talking about China space x that's not even a devolped company it's a start up that's his parents have invested in's all bs and a Ponzi scheme it will never go over 15 cents again and soon it will be zero

  29. Lmao “so many coins on sale” yeah right like a year later, feel sorry for anyone who listened to this kid and bought in at such ridiculous prices

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