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to see if you want some free Bitcoin the first piece of news though is you guys
remember a few videos back or several videos back I talked about how the CEO
of OK X actually left to start a new life it was quoted now apparently his
joined the rival exchange of who o be so ok it’s actually overtook by Nance as
the biggest exchange which is crazy because then this guy left is the CEO
shortly after and now it looks like he has joined the board of the joint as
board board secretary and VP of International Business Development this
was effective May 18 so it’s like three days ago and now he’s working for Colby
so let’s see what he actually can do with who will be he did s CEO bring OK X
to the next level and make him bigger than both who will be and a bye Nance
made it the biggest exchange and now I’m curious to see why he left that and why
he moved to Kobe and what he can do with bogey so definitely something to keep an
eye out on now second piece of news something pretty funny especially since
I watched The Simpsons there was a mention not only in the
Simpsons but also in a comic a Marvel comic about cryptocurrency so actually
Bart and I forget this kid’s name right now but I do watch The Simpsons that’s
where Martin may be I don’t know so basically they had in exchange where
they talked about cryptocurrency and the blockchain so basically said have you
ever heard of a little thing called the blockchain
no well neither to last week but now I act like I’m an
expert on it gather round so basically making a joke at all the
fake gurus out there talking as if they know blockchain when they actually got
involved one or two months ago now if he talks yeah his name is Martin so then
Bart talks about the money aspect obviously because that’s what everyone
so CH cryptocurrency wit talks about how he mined some big point t just bar how
to do it then Bart’s mom Marge asks how he got that and Bart’s it’s all thanks
to a little thing called Bitcoin so this is not good propaganda in my opinion
this is great to get more people talking about it but at this point a lot of
people have heard of the word Bitcoin if you ask them the thing is we are looking
to get people invested in order to get people invested in to adopt the overall
technology we need people to understand what it is so exchanges like this and
the Simpsons are funny and they’re great but this doesn’t help anyone understand
it so expecting to get investors from this is really not going to happen if
with if the idea is to spread the message that’s great but at this point I
think a lot of people already know what cryptocurrency or what bitcoin is not
exactly the technology but they have heard the word Bitcoin now this is a
more interesting piece of news so from the UK a Fiat Exchange LMA X launches
crypto trading to further legitimize the market so they’ve been around since 2010
so they’re actually a relatively new fiat currency a trading exchange well
basically they offered fiat currency trading since its inception which is
2010 and it plans to submit the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency arena
as institutional interest continues to grow so that’s something very
interesting because they are trying to target institutional investors and get
those big guys on board now I actually watched another video today by another
YouTube and other cryptocurrency youtuber and he said something very
interesting he said something that FOMO between you and I also type of investors
people who are in the market right now FOMO between us can bring the Bitcoin
price to 20 even 30 thirty five you know thirty five
thousand dogs like we expect like we predict it could be at the end of 2018
but fomo between institutional investors guys you don’t understand how much daily
trading these huge huge exchanges these huge huge hedge funds do or the
institutional investors do from following when it comes to them and then
competing within each other scaring each other in order to buy in now obviously I
want them to understand it because I don’t want them later to sell because
just as much as the price could go up the price can go down the good thing is
usually these investors are more educated and they don’t just jump into
something out of the blue thinking they’re gonna get rich quick they
understand the research that has to be done before so on that part I’m actually
a lot a lot less worried about but those guys the fomo that those guys could
bring in is stuff that we’ve never seen in the cryptocurrency market and that’s
why I still think and we still expect a huge influx of money to be coming into
cryptocurrency in the in the next short period of time so it could be even in
2018 or it could be in 2019 who knows exactly when it’s gonna be but the
moment that happens we’re gonna see something that we haven’t seen in
cryptocurrency in a while so I’m more happy to see these type of news articles
than I am when it that the Simpsons are mentioning cryptocurrency I’m more
excited to see people targeting institutional investors like we’ve also
seen coin Bay’s do so let’s hope this starts to pick up the market and let’s
hope we start getting more institutional investors involved now let’s take a look
at the overall cryptocurrency market really quick 387 billion dollars big
quick dominance actually up a little bit from yesterday at 37.4% bitcoins up 2%
everything else doing okay trying to actually have twelve point eight one
percent that’s insane congratulations to all you charm holders and we’re going to
be talking about Tron in just a bit another one that went up is is V chain
the other day it got listed somewhere else just not too long ago it got listed
somewhere else and it went up 15 cents in one hour now that’s not huge compared
to the four dollars and 44 cents that it is but I just thought
mentioned that to keep you guys informed overall things are not moving up two
months there’s not too much great in the last 24 hours you know there is more
green than red but honestly it’s like 1% 0.58 percent not enough for me to be
convinced of anything now let’s take a look at some of the articles I found for
you guys so first one is ripple ripple dipped under 70 cent it’s at 69 cents at
a 27 billion dollar market cap still ranked number 3 though and you guys
remember every time I look at the every time I look at the ripple graph it is
insane now you guys know I don’t hold any ripple but for those of you oh geez
you’ll know that I actually had ripple I had a good amount of ripple that was
recommended by a friend of mine quite a while ago I got in ripple at 11 cents
and then I sold Ripple when it was at this huge run because I noticed that it
was just going a straight line up and I wasn’t comfortable not building any form
of support on the way up so I sold then ever since then I haven’t been invested
so you o G’s will know that for those of you guys who are new I wanted to share
that with you because I do say I’m not invest in Ripple
but that doesn’t mean I have never been invested in ripple ripple actually was
one of my most profitable coins at one time which leads me to this article
because eToro you guys remember I talked about eat or we wants to offer
cryptocurrency trading as well just again going to help it’s something that
does stocks and does does the normal market right now and it’s trying to
expand into the cryptocurrency market both because that’s very profitable for
them but also to grow the audience of the cryptocurrency market but really
quick through this so this is a survey they did shows that ripple reigns King
and investment and profitability meaning that out of every age range that you
guys can see right here ripple was traded the most across there you see
ripples trade the most across the for age groups these are the four age groups
and then Bitcoin etherion would follow through all of them then litecoin
Bitcoin cash theory in classic and – and then lastly stellar and neo our boy Neil
getting in at number nine but guys that’s pretty
insane to see also if we look at the chart of average profitability ripple
did the best with etherium coming in second but ripple did the best so what
does that mean obviously ripple had it’s huge run-up in a lot of people’s sold
during that period which means it makes sense that people made a lot of money
from it but that does mean that also showing that ripple being at 69 cents it
might show that it’s more volatile than the other cryptocurrencies
where more gains can be made if you know how to play in the short term definitely
something to keep an eye out on that’s crazy though to see that ripple is
talked about that much could it mean that ripple is going to overtake
aetherium and bitcoin it could I don’t see that happening anytime soon
whatsoever but it definitely could mean that I am just I was shocked to see the
article honestly didn’t expect it I expected Bitcoin to be number one also
pretty surprised that Tron isn’t on there given how much hype Tron had at
the end of 2017 now that that in our article I showed you was a survey that
was taken from early 2017 all the way until February 2018 so I picked it got
the whole cryptocurrency boom and it also got a little bit of the drop so
it’s just something to keep in mind now Tron I wanted to talk about simply
because Iran actually made it to number nine Tron goes up and secures the number
ninth position moving Iota to 10th and making neo number 11 I believe that is
the standing as of right now stellar then number eight Cardinal
number seven like point number six iOS number five and so on this was tweeted
by Justin Sun so what’s happening for transfer to go up this much well guys
you know Tron has their main net coming out at the end of May and that is
causing a lot of hype and that’s causing the price to go up we’ve seen it happen
for some time now if we just look at the one month chart or if we just look ever
since here that long at on early April we can see that Tron was worth three
cents and I was telling you guys that’s a perfect time to pick some up because
it’s up more than double and it went all the way to almost ten cents which would
make it 3x almost from the three cents or the two point nine ago
– at one point yeah three-point cents three cents two point nine cents
whatever it may be Shawn is very cheap right now and even
now leading up to the main if you are a long-term holder definitely something to
keep in mind that it should from the looks of it it looks like it doesn’t
want to stop and this is because Tron has so many things coming out but also
because the Tron team may manage to keep the community active imagines to keep
everyone hyped and excited about everything that’s going on but for now
something to keep in mind is just the fact that Tron dance secure number nine
maintenance coming up if you don’t know if you’re a short-term investor and you
don’t want to trade before the maintenance
understand that as well that makes sense you don’t know if there’s going to be a
correction usually there is so that’s how I kind of how I would play it is
after that type of run there’s usually a bit of a correction following now Justin
son tweeted earlier in May that Tron is due to launch a virtual machine the Tron
VM this supposed to be launched on May 25th so that’s another piece of exciting
news that’s coming up really soon today’s May 21st that is four days away
from us getting the Tron V and the machine is said to establish
compatibility with experienced virtual machine the countdown for trans
maintenance less than nine days on their website has grabbed much of the global
attention so try been doing some crazy moves it’s been moving well compared to
the rest of the market usually if things are up Iran is definitely one of the
leaders I’m happy to see it overtake number ninth spot deservedly so not five
point four billion dollar market cap eight point two cents eight hundred and
seven million dollars in you in trading volume in the last 24 hours guys
Sean’s looking very good and I hope it continues to do well because I know a
lot of you guys are trying phezzan old I know a lot of you guys are ripple fans
too so hopefully you guys did enjoy this video covering both of those now let’s
take a little bit take a quick look at some technical analysis before we go in
and do the giveaway so first things first I added a new line here on the
tempo now is a new resistance point which is basically the goal indicator I
want us to get to so obviously we have a ten thousand dollar resistance there’s a
lot of resistance going because of the situation we are in that
is the case but the resistance I want to see broken for us to guarantee or not
guarantee busted for us to be confident in the bull in the that the Bulls are
back for us to have that crazy bull run again I’m looking at the eleven thousand
eight hundred to $12,000 resistance as one of the main ones I want to break now
if you take a look at this something that came up is that is something I
noticed is that we are actually having lower highs which you guys can see from
here the the two times we tested the $10,000 resistance is lower than the two
times we tested up here and obviously lower than the two times back here but
we are also having higher lows showing here if we went all the way down to
6,000 but here we managed to stay above that and now it’s looking like we are
kind of having a reverse right here if this is the reverse we are looking for
for us to start moving up again hopefully it is but yeah guys so it’s
sort of bullish and bearish at the same time makes it hard to predict which
direction we are going to be trading in now what do I think I personally think
that we are going to be entering the bull run obviously I say this a lot
because I am a I am a believer in Creusot currency and where these things
are headed if it’s a if it’s bearish in the short term it’s bearish to the short
term but that’s not something that I necessarily worry about I honestly just
think in the long term cryptocurrencies going to do well and that is where I
have my investment set and that is what I am looking at but for those of you who
are interested in what I think I think it’s a pretty even split the point where
maybe it’s 60% bit of bullish 40 percent bearish it’s
kind of situation I’m looking at a lot of things could happen but guys who know
so let’s jump right into this and do the Bitcoin giveaway I picked yesterday’s
video since I’ve completely forgot to do the giveaway in yesterday’s video so
let’s go ahead really quick just press search also while this is loading I want
to ask you guys what do you think of the idea of doing more videos in a given day
so I could either do two of these videos to update videos
in the morning and one in the afternoon to keep you guys more update we can go
more in depth about certain about certain news articles in certain
projects but also if you guys were interested in me presenting the
information in a vlog manner and go over that then that could also count as a
morning video and then we could have this video set up as well I would not
take this video away so let me know what you guys think of that in the comments
down below that could be your comment right now let me know what you guys
think of that idea one to do more videos and – if I should do two of these style
videos or if I should do one one vlog format where we also talk about
cryptocurrency of course but then also one of these during the day so guys let
me know that right now and the winner of the giveaway smart tools card dollars a
great project and I think they deserve to be up top by the way thanks for
answering and commenting on all the comments great job I actually remember
this come and I remember replying to this comment I believe I said I try my
best god I love interacting with you guys I
love answering the comments you guys are the best and I would not be in the
position I am being able to make these videos every single day if it wasn’t for
you so honestly thank you guys and I’m more than happy to give you guys some
Bitcoin and some cryptocurrency in return for following the channel so
smart tools leave a comment down below claiming your giveaway win if they do
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comments on things I’ve said make sure to leave a ton of comments and I’ll be
picking another giveaway winner tomorrow if smart tools does not claim the guy
thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoy the video I’ll see you
guys tomorrow for another video


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