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throughout so let’s talk about the overall cryptocurrency markets
let’s refresh the page 471 billion dollar market cap Bitcoin still holding
pretty much around the same dominance so I think we’re to see that for quite some
time still 35 percent seems pretty solid I think it’ll go up a little bit but not
too much well it’s not gonna be like you know the old days when it was like 70
percent something like that but 471 billion dollar market cap we are gonna
try and test 500 now I think we’re gonna have some resistance right here if I
open the Bitcoin chart I think 10,000 dollars will be a resistance point we’re
at were so close though but I’ve been seeing us at this for a few hours now so
I’m curious to see if we’re going to be able to break the $10,000 mark simply
for a few reasons we’re seeing we’re seeing some resistance right here so
first off we have this resistance all we had we built up this sideways movement
here roughly at the 10 to 11,000 mark but the psychological purpose of $10,000
being a five digit number versus the $9,800 being a four digit number the
five digit number does play a psychological effect in people and
you’re gonna see people you know cashing out on when they bought if they bought
Bitcoin too high you’re gonna see people cashing out at certain period so that’s
why I was saying before that I don’t think the increase
Bitcoin price or the overall cryptocurrency market is going to be
just a steady increase I think we’re gonna definitely have some bumps along
the road of people you know except but thereby they’re selling orders getting
triggered in order for them to break even on their cryptocurrency because a
lot of people don’t know why they invested they invested thinking you know
is that twenty thousand it’s just gonna go to five hundred thousand and then
they’re gonna be millionaires we’re all gonna drive Lamborghinis together and
life is easy unfortunately making money isn’t that easy you do have to put a
little bit of work in you know to kind of understand what you’re investing in
that’s just the key aspect every big investor says that you know it’s the
main thing Warren Buffett said he said it’s not that I don’t like some
technologies that I don’t understand some technology so one even for example
Bill Gates was offering warm but it’s a cool story Bill Gates offered Warren
Buffett a position in investing in him when he was launching Microsoft Warren
Buffett didn’t understand so he said no obviously that would have been a
fantastic investment for him but like he said he didn’t understand it so he did
he wasn’t comfortable investing in it just draw a little quick story before
yeah we’re gonna see definitely a bumpy bumpy road in the coming you know months
when the price when the market does enter a bullish market just because
people will be trying to sell out when they break even or when they make a
little bit of profit there to try and sell because like I said they don’t know
why they invested they just wanted to make money so one thing to look out for
other than that we can see again you know another Green Day not too much
green 6% for bitcoins pretty good Bitcoin cash 5% litecoin having a little
bit of a correction we can see is decreasing after pumped up so much
yesterday so to all of you guys who did pick up light coin when I was talking
about it back over here a few videos ago congratulations I saw son of comments in
yesterday’s video saying you picked up some light coin and you know now light
coin went up 30 40 % and you were super happy with the money but before we
continue with this video I almost forgot again guys I’m not a financial adviser
this is not financial advice this is just my opinion and me making videos for
entertainment and educational purposes make sure do your own research before
you invest in absolutely anything that’s honestly the best way to be safe is to
do your own research and only invest in projects you understand and projects
that you like now here we go Tron currently at 16th we were at 14th
drop down a little bit but it’s to be expected and I’ll explain why in a
second Tron doesn’t have a finished project they don’t even have a you know
anything to show for us right now you are currently investing if you invest in
Tron believe it or not you are investing in Justin Sun that is all you are doing
you are investing in his him and his idea in getting you know and his
potential in getting that working and you know a long term future potential of
the coin right now it’s on a three billion dollar market cap it’s huge you
don’t see companies do three billion dollars when they don’t have an actual
working product you don’t see three billion dollar idea companies so it’s
incredible what cryptocurrency is being able to do but that does it is also
something to watch out for now you know we did have the furthest dip at two
point six cents do I think we’re gonna go lower I don’t think so I think as the
market you know everything Rises with the market I think we’re also gonna see
a steady rise for Tron now why I think Tron might have a pretty good year is
because if we look at the cryptocurrency calendar we have a few big events coming
up so the 21st of March they announced on their live stream on February 11th
that they’re going to launch the test net right so they announced a on the
live stream they’ll be launched on March 21st 2018
so that’s something to look forward to right end of March now here again end of
March or earlier they don’t know exact date but we’re gonna count an end of
March the coin burn is confirmed let’s talk a little bit about the coin burn
what is the coin were so the coin burn we’ve seen it a few other coins of a few
other crypto currencies do it what it is is they’re say there’s you know the
supply right now total supply is 100 billion tron right if they decide to
burn 90 no they decide to burn 10 billion Tron we are going to be at 90
billion Tron total supply which again overall it’s going to increase the value
of Tron pretty much instantly just because you know some coins are out of
the supply they’re gone they’re destroyed
know how they destroy it I don’t know about that but it’s got so the total
supply has less the market caps the same value of your coin goes up now there are
I have heard two different things when it comes to Tron’s coin burn one of them
is they’re just going to burn X amount of coins straight away and the second
one is they’re going to do it gradually so I know a few other all um all coins
also do this but every time you do a transaction every X amount of
transactions some coins get burned so that’s just kind of a recurring thing
and it can go on for a while so it could take some time for you know the coins
won’t shoot up in value instantly it could definitely take some
time for that to have an actual effect I guess it’d be it I guess is the opposite
of inflation it’s instead of printing out more money you’re just destroying
some coins or burning some coins as time goes by so I’m not exactly sure which
two of those is if you guys do know if I’m missing some information you guys
know which which one of the two it is leave a comment down below I would love
to know and I will make a video updating it because you know I can learn from you
guys just as much you guys can learn from watching this video so let me know
in the comments if you guys have any idea now lastly March 31st 2018 and the
first beta launch so this is going to be cool this is gonna be cool we are
potentially going to see a real working concept which we can then be behind that
that is huge for a coin that doesn’t have any you know final project right
now our token that does have any final product if you want to call it it’s
having something to look at will be huge now I’m excited to see cuz again this is
just you know the coin burn they could literally burn one coin and say it was a
coin burn so I’m curious to see how much they’re going to burn there’s a few
things they’re still coming in that still have to happen in order for Tron
to have you know exponential growth so one we have to burn a good amount of
coins right or or they’re gonna do it the second method I mentioned but still
it has to be a decent amount of coins it can’t just be you know just a few coins
because out of 100 billion we’re not gonna really see a difference if it is
just a few coins now again the beta launch one thing they have to actually
launch the beta number one and two it has to be good
right this coins been hyped up so much it has to live up to the hype now
hopefully it does I’m not saying this Bibble but it does definitely have to do
that and then July 1st so a few months later Tron main it not too much
information on here either but definitely you know if that that’s a big
thing for Tron so 2018 is looking pretty decent when it comes to events and
upcoming things that are happening launches coin burns maintenance all that
sounds absolutely great for truant and if everything plays out the you know
perfect scenario Shaun definitely has potential to increase a ton in market
cap now you guys can see circulating supply of 100 billion is very similar to
circulating supply of other coins such as
ripple which is at ninety nine point nine nine billion right no no that’s the
total supply Maxim supply is 100 billion there you go so is the exact same now do
I think Tron is going to pump all the way up to three dollars and sixty five
cents come all the way back down to 70 cents
and then go back up to a dollar fifteen maybe not quite yet but you know that
price range for the next one or two years if big if if everything goes
according to you know the launch you know the Ted the the beta launch
goes successful the coin burn is a decent amount if all that happens we
could definitely see tron increasing significantly in value in 2018
especially if you know the overall market does hit the one two maybe even
three billion trillion dollar market cap by the end of 2018 Shaun’s market cap
could definitely increase significantly as well and maybe be one of the biggest
growers in 2018 now again a lot of factors come into this so that’s why I
say make sure to do your own research but if you are interested in picking up
Tron I have a link to finance down below you
guys can go click on that make an account it’s free it’s the number one
i’ll coin exchange out there i think it’s the one i like the most super easy
to use you can pick up some tron um yeah just go to binds if you didn’t pick me
John’s not much else to it but keep in mind and do your own research and make
sure you understand the project and you back the project if you don’t like
Justin son or if you don’t like you know Tron and what they’re trying to do do
not invest in it thinking it’s going to 1 billion X in value and you are going
to buy one point at 4 cents and that coin is going to be worth 1 kajillion
dollars by the end of 2018 that’s not going to happen make sure you understand
because when they things like this happen when they I know a lot of people
bought up on this run or maybe over here they bought in and they not a lot of
them know what they’re buying into they just saw an increase in value a ton of
they’re like alright well next stop we’re going to $1000 no then what
happens is as soon as it goes down a little bit everyone sells off because
they aren’t confident in their investment they don’t know what they
just invested in so there’s no way they’re going to keep their money in
something that looks like it’s going down in value so now hopefully after you
know this whole market correction we had or crash whatever you want to call it
we’re gonna start seeing more educated investors come in and more you know
educated people because hopefully what I’m hoping is you know by me making
these videos by other huge youtubers like data – was 250,000 followers
subscribers and who’s another one crypto Bobby I think his name is also very
educating the crypto space with big channels like those and you know that’s
why I wanted to make my channel and help people out is to make sure we have
educated investors make sure we teach people how to invest and make sure we
you know encourage doing their own research and when it comes to investing
in a coin so enough of me rambling guys I do think ron has a bright future but
we have to tick off the many many ifs that come into the upcoming calendar for
2018 so now as always we are going to pick a winner from the giveaway for
those of you guys who’ve stuck around you’re going to hopefully one of you
will get paid out pick it paid for you’re sticking around miss of the video
but let’s see 107 unique comments commenters that is crazy so I’ve seen
this conservative or its amount of unique commenters 107
so if you comment 6 7 8 times I greatly appreciate it it helps with my
engagement a ton I love it I encourage it and comment as much as you want
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let’s start the raffle and pick a random winner
oh let’s see who it is alright sherek forever I actually just responded to
your comment I remember your name but yeah I just responded to your comment in
the previous video so Oh unfortunately I sold all my life coins
for $180 I’m assuming I really uh I’m really disappointed however I’m in
profit from ripple thank you so much for your videos you teach me a lot so check
I’m glad you are learning something from the videos that’s honestly all I want is
to help everyone learn so if you’re learning something that means I’m doing
my job correctly also unfortunate with the selling of the litecoin but
congratulations on the ripple profit you know this is investing long-term game
you’ll win some you lose some just make sure your wins are bigger than your
losses and you’ll earn every time that there is a loss until I can say it but
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