it was that be do yo boy crypto home coming at you with another video so partnership between the Tron Foundation and Queen tiger creates ones first t-rex marketplace we also got this from this guy who yeah I guess he somebody recorded vitalic singing and dancing around that's a little tough it's a little tough to watch but we're gonna go over it we also got Misha who tweeted out contract address for official USD T Tron has been created so we're gonna talk about that and then booty booty or PD we D whatever this guy's name is is moving over to D live and last but not least we got some price action guys we go over the price so stay tuned alright guys so so so so looks like the market completely dipped guys completely dipped last night while we're all sound asleep tucked away in our little pillows we're a little blankies and the market just wanted to take a dump looks like you know Bitcoin went down about 300 bucks to 250 300 bucks everything else is going to slide with it guys so just be aware of that now I didn't show you guys yesterday the weekly chart but I noticed after I did the video that the weekly chart looks even nicer than the daily chart with this inverse Head & Shoulders guys so it's still in play we're not out of you know we're not out of the woods until we break this line I would think this is gonna be heavy support here so we can come down all the way to maybe two four and and we'll still be looking good for this inverse Head & Shoulders so I'm gonna go ahead and move this more to the correct spot there so we're all kind of accurate don't worry about this line guys this is just kind of showing the triangle that's this line here which is the line that we need to be you know concerned about at the moment so if we can you know move it a little bit like that leave it there and it still looks pretty good so I'm hoping that we go down test that line and then come back up and I did mention that yesterday that that's kind of like the ideal thing to happen because what's gonna happen now is you're gonna reset these indicators which is great so we're getting a nice reset now but I think the market has turned as flopped bullish which means that on any dip you may see some heavy binds so if you're starting to see heavy buying at the bottoms of these dips you know what time it is it's big bull time baby bull time the Bulls are back alright so that's about it that's the daily chart we're almost at the end of it so I would assume that very soon we are gonna see this move upward and I'm really hoping that we surpass this target here and then calm down so hold it as sport and then continue to the moon so that's that let's take a look at this video with vitalic dancing around I almost like threw up watching this this is pretty horrendous I mean I only uh I don't leave a day I could watch more I don't even know what the hell he's doing I don't know what kind of event this is or why they would be doing such a thing but this is pretty horrendous so I don't know I mean you know maybe he just wants to dance around and do stupid like this when you know you got Justin son out there killing it Vitalis over here dancing around on stage cannot rap cannot sing it's kind of funny but um it's kind of cringy at the same time so it's like yeah that's what's going on in the etherium world while um you know Tron's out there killing it with gaps and just all that and I got a DAP coming to you guys in a few we're gonna play some poker which is which is awesome I've been waiting for Texas Hold'em for like weeks months years we finally got it so we're gonna go over that so neasha tweeted out the contract address for the official USD T Tron has been created on the TRX main net so the other day I was on I was logged on my holy account and I noticed that on there there is it'll say USD T and then it'll say Omni chain or ERC xx chain now by Nance doesn't even have the option so I guess if you send us DT there it's gonna sit on whatever chain finance has that's kind of what I'm getting from that basically what I'm thinkin needs to be done here is you would need to send your USD T to a Tron wallet that's what I'm thinkin so the contract address for the official USD T Tron has been created on the TRX maintenance you're gonna be able to send us DT to a main net wallet that's what I get from that it could be wrong but I believe that's what that is so once that's done you'll be able to send it and I think that's I guess that's when you get you 20% I don't really know again if I'm wrong guys let me know only thing left now is 24 hours for final testing by a third party audit before the launch of world's fastest and smartest able coin USD T Trani Tron so and then you know basically this is from Justin he was just tweeting this out to let the you know to let his subs now I just got the contract address of official Tron USD T on the maintenance give 24 hours for final third party what it stay tuned so then we click into this other tweet here I'm just gonna like keep diving in here see what they're talking about so Tron incentive plan rewards early USD T Tron adopters so Tron incentive plan so we've been you know we've looked at this in the past but it's the information is really vague so again it makes sense for us to if you hold us DT like I have I have a few coins I do actually have a few hundred bucks in USD T it's just sitting there and I was gonna you know buy some dips or whatever and you know why not buy why not just keep it in us DT and then earn 20% you know based on what you're getting so USD T Tron holders will be rewarded with us DT Tron so I swap USD omni for USD Tron now again it's very vague on how to do so following the issuance of USD Tron users will be able to enjoy stable porn with fast transfer and zero transaction fee USD Tron enables inoperability with Tron based protocols and decentralized applications all right let's see here so USD treat Rondo due to the speed immediately up to three hours free average six seven dollars treating only to do so that's good okay so you can perform the conversion at exchanges that support us DT Tron in addition for exchanges and wallets that wish to support us DT Tron and provide will provide 24 hour I noticed when I was logged into Hobie it just didn't have USD T Tron on the page so I don't know there's again information is really vague I I don't know I don't know guys so I guess you know if one of you guys knows let me know and I don't know we'll figure I guess we'll figure it out as time goes on I guess hold off on sending the Tron there the u.s. DT there I don't know I don't know don't be getting mad at me if you lose your USD T all right so finally before we get into the price this guy booty booty I don't I didn't even know who this guy was honestly guys I don't watch YouTube enough to know who this guy is or play video games really except for recently so I went to this guy's page you get 93 million YouTube followers guys 93 million for being a gamer and like that so it's unbelievable these gamers outta this is why tronic could be so big because you know because of the fact that they got the gaming fund going on and there's guys out there with 93 million users I mean 93 million subscribers is just insane I mean it's an insane amount of subscribers so YouTube's most popular content creator will ditch the video juggernaut in favor of crypto based D live in a massive win for blockchain awareness and adoption with 93 million subscribers and Counting Felix kejal burg aka pooty pooty pooty pooty pi or i don't is without question YouTube's biggest most successful creator with an estimated net worth of 30 to 50 million his work as a vlogger entertainer and gamer is recognized the world over and has spawned a million imitators and helped propel the platform's popularity but he is leaving the site with the hope of being treated as a real partner at D live so I checked out D live and it's really just you know like where people go to livestream for the most part so I don't really know if I'd be using it but hey if you guys know anything more than I do let me know it looks like really all gamers but here we go there's a crypto guy the crypto gnome so I guess you got to be live and that's what I think it is I think it's only live because it's D live right so it's just basically streaming I don't know if it's really my cup of tea but I'll check it out we'll see so ouch to move to the decentralized platform which is built on the Leno blockchain live stream now I look that up on my mark cabbie yesterday didn't see anything so I don't know what it is and uses tokens to reward content creators for their work in a severe blow to Google owned YouTube as he'll be taking his loyal subs with him that would be awesome tokens to reward content creators so if I can figure out how to use deal out of you might see me on there one day I'm excited to start live streaming again regularly D live is great for me because I'm treated like a real partner just like all the other streamers on their unique platform in the video yesterday April 9th pudy pie announced the partnership and his reasons behind the move to date this video has been watched more than 4.3 million times by pootie's legion of fans and has already generated 36,000 comments so this guy is a freaking monster in the in the vlogging game I guess so they got him all over the site guys they're really trying to get people on this particular site so YouTube is losing steam oh as time goes on but there's really nothing that has gotten to the level that YouTube has so until that happens you're gonna see them still conquer but this is definitely a step in the in the next direction for these for these competitors to come out and kind of take market share so partnership between Tron Foundation and quintonk tiger creates world's first TRX marketplace the Tron foundation and its founder and CEO just son have given paramount importance to the integration of the world's digital assets with mainstream financial and economic markets as evidenced by the sheer number of updates and developments rolling out of their roster the latest news from the Tron stable is the company's partnership with coins heart tiger I keep saying tiger kalenna hi Gert a digital asset exchange platform during the reveal justin sun tweeted the worst world's first t-rex trading market will be launched at coin Tiger X the initial trading pairs under the market will be e TR x XR p TR x cos TX LTC TRX wow this is crazy I like that a lot that's good that's gonna add a ton of volume for Tron I mean not that it needs more but that's gonna have even more guys the partnership also entailed a t-rex and B TT giveaway with coins Hager stating that the total amount coming to 1 million tier t-rex tokens and 3 million BTT tokens that Tron's goal to bring in more people into the t-rex ecosystem was shown again when it stated that the top 50 trader is based on withdrawals and deposits would share a pool of 800,000 Terrax in addition to 1 million bt t not to mention guys everybody got their airdrop i got my air drops every single tron wallet that I have got my air drop at around 9:45 last night so if you're in the United States guys it's every 10th of the month at around that time 940 try every single wallet that I have got a got the air drop and you know easy peasy so check your wallets guys and make sure that you got your air drop one other thing I want to bring up for you guys a few of you guys have asked me about apps and does this app work for Tron and it's kind of all the same question you know at the end of the day now guys remember whenever you create an app on Tron like create a wallet on a Tron app you must save the private key for any wallet that you create you must get a private key once you get that private key you must save that private key offline even if you were to delete that app you could take that private key put it into Tron scan and always see your coins and move your coins but only with your private key not with your address now if you were to take your address put it into Tron scan you would see how many coins and all that stuff but you're not gonna be able to move anything so just a quick disclaimer for some of you guys out there that might not know Tron was also in the news recently with Justin Sun announced that this test net was scheduled to release on May 30th with unlimited 100x scalability and low-cost low energy cost the organization had also released a circular to informed users about the expansion plan of the Sun Network the plan includes dap sidechains cross-chain infrastructure and other expansion projects the project is also aimed at expanding the overall capacity of the Tron network while at the same time improving the transaction speed rate and the smart contract efficiency of the Tron blockchain so I mean we got to improve the transaction rate even more so many so many big things going on with this with this uh with this company guys that's why it's my biggest holding so that pretty much wraps everything up guys a quick video you know again I really feel that if we come down touch this line and then kind of play around in this area for a little bit eventually after touching this line so many times we should break through it but again it all really depends on what Bitcoin wants to do take a look at Bitcoin real quick is coming down on a retrace so is it gonna come down touch the bottom of the cloud here at around 4,700 or is it gonna stay where it's at and kind of you know just retrace a little bit more and go back up you know it would be nice if we were to see it come down to here just again guys like I said because once you reset these indicators it's a good healthy retracement and then it's able to kind of go back up once more whales come in and you got the 200-day moving average here which is good so a lot of support in that area so I wouldn't mind to see it dip down to there but of course I would like to just see a straight you know one of these green freaking dildos to the moon that that's really what I want to see but I'm trying to be realistic here guys but I'm thinking that what's gonna happen is one day we're gonna wake up and there's gonna be a massive they'll though in your face so with that being said like subscribe turn that pose no vacations highlights boy peas


  1. Lol Tone just found out about PewDiePie. He is basically the face of the internet. He is the one who started the double screen on YouTube. The format you you in your videos. Where the view can see the YouTuber’s screen and the screen that shows the YouTuber’s face.

    I never liked him though.

  2. I was moving up trying to accumulate more Tron for the BTT airdrop had a sell order in for around 100k Tron got called in to work had no way of cancelling the sell order buy the time I got back I was down 15% missing the estimated 10,000 BTT

  3. Now half the community says, “keep your crypto on a Ledger Nano S. The other half says, “ keep your crypto on Coinbase.” What are your thoughts ??

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