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  1. Fritz:
    For those who was wondering about altcoins red days:
    The reason why we are experiencing 2 back to back red days leading up to the biggest 9 weeks of conferences in blockchain history. Within 2 weeks we have the North American BTC Conference, in Miami, and that same week the London Blockchain Summit. The market should be as bullish as ever (and will be in 2-3 days if not tomorrow). However, what is going on right now? There are 2 major events impacting blockchain negatively in Asia right now. There is a “lockout” of sorts in South Korea as they get their regulation in order and taxation underway. This caused a minor panic in the Korean market. This was the main factor contributing to yesterday’s red day, the Korean’s trade more than anyone and now they are in a holding pattern until Jan 20th. However, once their trading opens back up fully between now and then there should be an exponential price increase in all alts. The second issue impacting the markets is China hinting at regulating BTC mining. This doesn’t surprise me as most countries with a very low cost of electricity ban BTC mining. However, these two pieces of news, which will be resolved shortly, dramatically impacted the value of BTC and alts over the last two days.

    this is what i have heard
    , and confirmed by a korean
    that why most coin droped and my advice would be hodl and stack up more coin!

  2. TRX is a hodl it's something you own n forget about for 5 years. Tron will be huge not straight away but it will

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