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tuned now let’s jump right into the news guys USPS Files patent to use a
blockchain tech and user identity verification guys another use another
big company you know filing a patent um on a blockchain related technology so
we’ve seen Walmart do it we’ve seen so many other companies also look into
blockchain technology and now USPS has filed a patent to use this in user ver
of user identity verification which is another great use for blockchain and
another way I think you know the world and so many companies can benefit from
blockchain something that more and more company
figuring out I guarantee you all of the big companies are talking about it and
their internally discussing how it’s going to be used if not already trying
to find the technology just hasn’t been released yet I guarantee you companies
like Amazon Apple all of those guys are all doing this as well they would be you
know it would be extremely extremely dumb not to do that but again another
you know another sign for adoption of the blockchain technology which is
absolutely awesome I’m excited to see how these guys go about using it I mean
I want to see how it works for them and then obviously I think if it works well
we’re gonna see other big players other big companies in the same industry come
in and probably use similar technology so that’s very very cool another sign of
adoption we have bright here positive news all around
Tennessee passes bill recognizing blockchain smart contract for electronic
transactions so the Governor of Tennessee signed a bill recognizing the
legal authority to use blockchain technology and smart contracts for
electronic transactions on March 22nd I was two days ago today’s March the 24th
according to yeah basically he signed a bill for it which we’ve seen more and
more states do more more states are you know allowing you to are signing a bill
to allow you to pay taxes and cryptocurrency now this is recognizing
the legal authority of using blockchain technology and smart contracts which
again is a step in the right direction if we can get everyone on board with
this you know taking this seriously more companies are gonna start using it more
investors are gonna look into it which is actually something we saw we saw a
massive buyout of a South Korean exchange I believe it was like 400
million dollars I don’t know why I didn’t bring the article up I should
have done that those 400 million dollars I believe you know 600 million that’s a
big difference but still it was a large number
South Korean exchange was bought by some investors or some South Korean investors
bought the exchange the important part is investors are seeing the opportunity
in cryptocurrency and in all of this and they’re trying to get into it and so the
more we make things easily accessible the more they’re you know they’re
recognized the more that governments aren’t trying to shut them
down all the time so the more adoption that happens the more we’re gonna see
big money come in to crypto codes which is something I think we’re gonna see mid
2018 I’m think we’re gonna see a lot of money come into cryptocurrency now let’s
look at the overall markets were 342 billion dollar market cap again a 44.4%
Bitcoin dominance let’s refresh that see if we can change cuz that’s the exact
numbers we had yesterday let’s see if we can try and bury things up forty four
point three percent maybe went down maybe went up hope now we cause it to
slow down now forty four point three there we go three hundred forty billion
dollar mark at forty four point three percent Bitcoin Dominus now is not the
same number we had yesterday so it looks like the video is a little bit different
but Bitcoin up eleven percent this week iOS actually have 43 percent this week
etherium is down unfortunately one of the one of the ones that are down this
week there not many overall if you look at this week we have some huge gains by
Nantz coin I told you guys once markets when markets start doing a little better
by an escrow is going to go up significantly because people are going
to be using finance to buy and sell all coins so that’s gonna be the reason that
buying US coins see some major gains I hold some finance coin I like the III
like it I think is a very safe play then icon as well a good project up 84% Q
times also pretty decent up 32% now tron of 68% of the second-biggest gainer you
know after icon and yeah oh no I can’t I guess there’s this one I don’t even know
what this is I’m not gonna comment on it but Iran is up a ton and of course we
all know why that is we are getting closer and closer and closer to all
these special releases that Tron have coming so this is the beginning posted
by Justin Suns Twitter the official one verified not given away cryptocurrency
either I don’t believe he is but this is just a beginning
Tron testing account launch countdown seven days 168 hours 10,000 minutes
605,000 seconds and he’s just showing Tron making some massive gains of 38
percent currently we see Tron at four point eight cents out of twenty eight
percent increase so get all of those of you holding Tron congratulations on the
profit if you got in just a few days ago March eighteenth Charles two point three
cents you’ve already doubled your money and this is hopefully only the beginning
for Tron as everything starts as we get closer hopefully we see Tron increase in
price now play this carefully if you guys are not long-term holders if you
guys are trying to get in and you know make some quick bucks and get out on
Tron because of all the news make sure you you know do your research make sure
you have your technical analysis working make sure you’re keeping an eye on this
because we’ve seen this happen several times before usually the day before or
the day of there is a little bit of a correction because of all because of all
the movement that there there has been the previous day’s leading up to the
event there’s usually a little bit of a correction so keep keep an eye out on
that we saw that we see that happen a few times so again just make sure you
guys know what you do if you are long-term holders though this is great
for you and all you guys have to do is I guess keep hoping that everything that
comes out with Tron continues to be great
hopefully the beta is great testing it’s gonna be good you know then we’re having
the main net later hopefully all of this works out very very well for all of you
Tron holders because I know a lot of my audience and I know a lot of the
cryptocurrency space in general are very very bullish on Tron so again hopefully
we see some very very nice things from Tron in in the coming days again just
being up the 18th that’s what the nineteen twenty two one two two three
four the last six days you could have doubled your money nowhere else can you
do that on the cryptocurrency that is absolutely that’s probably a few ways
you sell a business or something I don’t know but still you guys know what I mean
no other market can lets you do this now Ripple I want to comment on because I
got a lot of you guys asking me about ripple and why is ripple down what’s
going on now keep in mind if I open the last light year
heart ripple at least in the last few days has been holding pretty steady you
know we went from 59 cents to 71 back to 66 it’s been holding at around this
stage it’s been following what the markets been doing I don’t see anything
you know anything crazy that ripple is doing that the market isn’t doing I see
the markets been pretty sideways in the last few days ripple has been pretty
sideways the last few days the markets been overall in the bearish trend
Ripple’s been overall in a bearish trend now they do have a lot of partnerships
and there is a lot of hype with ripple now ripples one of those crypto
currencies I think can pump at any moment due to news but it can come back
down at any moment due to news – and this is not me trying to hate on ripple
I have no hate whatsoever I’m not personally invested but I know a lot of
you guys are and I honestly wish you guys the best
I hope ripple does amazing things for you honestly do I only wish the best for
anyone in the cryptocurrency space but like it’s not doing anything bad so
honestly I’ve just been telling people ripples fire ripples absolutely fine
they have their partnership set up everything’s being set up when the
market recovers I think ripples going to recover the more partnerships they work
in the better now the only thing like I said you have to be careful of is the
you know the pump and dump actions when there’s rumors such as coinbase
launching it which happens every month we have a ripple rumor that coinbase is
gonna launch it I think eventually they will but that rumor causes the price to
shoot up and then shoot back down pretty fast what else is there also
partnerships stuff like that that stuff is great but when it comes to news about
like Oh Amazon’s gonna use Ripple Oh Starbucks is gonna use Ripple
I personally don’t think that’s the case I think those companies are way too big
I think they can create their own cryptocurrency and it would work a lot
better for them they would make a lot more money with it because it would be
their own cryptocurrency but you know I’m not saying it’s impossible they
might I just don’t think there would be a smart business move on their part but
they very well might however like those type of news is what’s going to cause a
huge price increase and then you have to be careful because when that doesn’t
happen the price is gonna come back down so that’s kind of the thing I have to
say about ripple is careful it shoots up and down very very
fast just based off news and rumors and a lot of it is just that it is a lot of
rumors that don’t usually turn out to be true now I also want to mention storm
coin I know a lot of you guys have been asking me Patrick what’s going on with
storm coin yes I missed out on the train I missed that on the train we all make
mistakes we’re all human uh I didn’t now let me explain why I missed out on the
storm trick now I actually got a lot of you guys telling me to check out storm
and storm like I have a list of everything you guys can literally you
guys probably don’t believe this but I have a list of all the icos you’ve
asked me to review and all the all coins you’ve asked me to look at I have a list
of everything now when I go through and do research on them I go in depth right
SIF life I’m looking to invest in one of these I need to know what I mean getting
myself into and I hadn’t gotten to do storm yet and there was an urge a part
of me was always like oh maybe you should just get so many people are
saying it you know just throw a little bit of money at it see what happens but
I stuck to my fundamentals and honestly I think I made the right move there I
didn’t want to invest in something I didn’t know what it was exactly or I
didn’t I hadn’t researched the team the road map the white paper I hadn’t looked
at that I wouldn’t have been confident in my investment and if I if I always
preached to you guys you have to be confident do your research I have to do
the same so that is why I missed out on the storm train I’m not upset about it
but congratulations to all of you guys who did storm got listed on up it which
is one of the reasons I think it’s up a lot cuz look at the volume that it comes
just from a bit however I am going to say be very very careful with a coin
that shoots up that fast because there is usually a correction and I don’t just
mean I’m not saying pumping down but I’m saying storms of shit coin I’m just
saying there’s usually a correction I mean if we look at the last seven days
only if the computer will let me it went up and it kind of you know it went up
one time had another pump here corrected back down to the original support level
we made right here it’s kind of trading sideways in the last day but or in the
last few hours but I’m still cautious I don’t like picking
things up already when it’s at you know all-time highs obviously it’s not
all-time highs but it’s at a very it just had a huge pump I’m not about
picking things up at that time I would rather wait for another dip and see
where the market takes it but congratulations to all of those of you
guys who picked up storm I’m still going to do my research on storm and see if
it’s the right coin for me as a long-term investment maybe it is and if
it is I’m going to keep you guys updated and of course I’m going to do a review
on storm as well if that’s something I choose to invest in so guys again
congratulations to all of those of you who got it if you didn’t get in and it’s
because you hadn’t done your research yet which I know some of you did too
I’ve talked to some of you guys you guys had the same thing I didn’t do my
research Charlotte so I couldn’t invest in it that is good too that is
fundamentals the cryptocurrency fundamentals that’s the way you
guarantee like sure you would have made money this time but you know maybe seven
out of ten times you would have lost money by chasing something you didn’t
know about so good good fundamentals know no reason to be upset there will be
tons of opportunities out there to get in on the right coins now let’s take a
look at the let’s take a look at some technical analysis a Bitcoin and see
where things are headed again we’ve been moving pretty much sideways for the last
five days last five candlesticks have been fairly sideways is this good
usually sideways movement leads to something it leads to either a nice
breakout upwards or a nice breakout downwards and I say nice for both
because like I mentioned before positivity is key if things go up you’re
making profit congratulations and be happy if things are down you can pick up
cheap altcoins be happy because in a few months you’re gonna be happy say it’s
like future future happiness prediction if you know if I see neo job down to $50
I’m happy the markets crashing ah Neil’s fifty dollars I pick up fifty dollars
now maybe into a year it’s worth a thousand dollars a coin 20x my
investment happy Patrick thought about his future happiness right so again
things are moving sideways getting close again staying within sofas till we’re in
a bearish market right now right we’re not gonna deny that we’re in a bearish
market there is a descending trend right here but we are
getting close to these two intersections right here on April seventh which around
by April 7th six whatever where we hope to see a move again either up or down I
think we might I think they’re still gonna be uncertainty in the market for
the next coming you know weeks that’s just the way it’s gonna be I think more
money is going to be put in once we get closer to the summertime that is
something we have previously seen in crypto currencies usually summer times
where we see a nice influx in cash more people buying in I don’t know why buying
in and then that causes the overall market to increase so again and that’s
gonna carry out towards the end of the year as well so that’s when I think
we’re gonna see some big big movements for now though I’m just kind of all
about holding some support lines and if we break below it it’s all about picking
up some all coins at your favorite all coins at a cheap discount to prepare
yourself for your future happiness think about your future happiness
I like that quote that I just said no reason to ever be unhappy and
cryptocurrency unless it completely disappears which I don’t think is gonna
happen so again make sure you’re making the right place right now set yourself
up for success in the future that’s pretty much all I can say for that right
now let’s see what happens in the coming days / weeks / months so guys hopefully
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