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as you like so go ahead and go crazy but guys first piece of news I want to share
with you is scammers hijack verified Twitter account to steal crypto by
posing as telegram CEO so this is absolutely insane because hackers are
getting better we started off you know it was started
off with a Twitter account that would say if you sent me etherium I will send
you a theory I’m back right now this was escalated by the fact that a news
website actually believed that Vitalik was doing that and so they published
that article and then more people believe that that was actually the case
but guys never ever ever ever ever said anyone your your cryptocurrency never
there’s no need for you to send them your cryptocurrency for them to send you
cryptocurrency back if they want to send you cryptocurrency give them your wallet
address and they will send you crypto crazy that’s all you have to do don’t
ever send anyone but anyways we evolved from that into them being able to make
an account that’s verified they managed to hack their way into a verified
account and now what’s happening is that they have they’ve hijacked a verified
Twitter account to steal crypto so the founder and CEO of telegram and its ton
initial coin offering the guy’s name is pavel durov i don’t know if i pronounced
that correctly he tweeted a warning on saturday april 28th
telling his followers that the messaging app is experienced downtime due to its
service server clusters overheating so his tweet drew the attention of fake
crypto giveaway scammers who have claimed um yeah giveaway scammers who
have claimed posing as telegram CEO to offer crypto to users as a thank you for
their support so right here what you guys can see this is the affair
show Pavel Durov this is Pavel Durov same picture also verified but the
username is club 8 music this guy’s username is at Durov so mass overheating
you guys can see he tweeted and then they responded the hackers responded or
the scammers whatever you want to call them I guess they’re scammers thanks
guys for your support now it’s our time to give to you something so they’re
taking they’re taking advantage of every single situation and the sad thing is if
you look at their these guys accounts the amount of aetherium that they
actually collect doing this obviously if it wasn’t working they wouldn’t do it
but the amount that they actually get that is just absolutely insane guys no
one’s giving away 500 etherium and no one’s giving away a thousand Bitcoin
just for you doing nothing and that is how you lose money but it’s sad to see
what’s going on in the space honestly something we do need to clean up
obviously there’s always going to be hackers and scammers out there people
who’d rather take your money instead of working their own if they put the same
amount of effort I honestly believe they can make the same amount of money you
know themselves without having to scam people but hopefully these guys do get
caught we’ve seen several of these issues coming up recently now the second
picture is actually a little bit funny this is something I want to share with
you guys that it was posted in our cryptocurrency all-stars Facebook group
now guys if you’re not in the Facebook group I’m going to leave the link in the
description and in the comments I 100% recommend you guys join tons of value I
can update you guys all the time and there’s so many group members there who
share so much peace of information but this is something that is pretty
accurate this is something that I’ve been trying to find words to explain I
try to talk about every video it’s hard for me to explain it though in words and
I think this does it pretty well so this is bill bill loves cryptocurrency is
bill sold his favorite token at $7 planning to buy it back at $6 right he’s
trying to buy that he sold that too Heidi wants to buy back at the dip now
the next day Bill’s token went to $8 50 instead of going down to 6 bill thought
everything was okay he will just buy the dip now his token
is that $15 and he doesn’t have any of it right don’t be like bill so that’s
pretty much it’s very a good way of a very funny way
of saying something that is true a lot of people like to buy dips but a lot of
people miss out on countless opportunities because they don’t because
they simply want to buy a dip and this dip was between a $1 now long term if
you guys are buying this and looking at this as a long-term investment then
you’re going to you know you should be looking at prices significantly higher
cryptocurrency at a four hundred million dollar market cap there’s a lot of room
to grow so I wouldn’t be looking at the $1 difference in something that you’re
investing long term and you honestly believe that it’s going to $15 to $30
this amount right here um you can dollar-cost average it obviously that’d
be a good idea but just selling everything and then not being able to
buy it back in will miss out on opportunities and then Phillip here
posted then bill has FOMO and buys in at $15 token then dumps to six dollars
that’s me trying to increase Maya holding so that I thought that was very
entertaining it’s very true about what happens in cryptocurrency a lot but
given the pager refresh let’s see where the market cap is at today actually out
of 400 and are we over 430 possibly 428 we dropped a little bit 428 billion
dollar market cap Bitcoin Tom it’s continuing to fall which to me is a good
thing you guys know I think that is a very positive thing for a bull run
signal now several several um cryptocurrency have done very well today
the chain is up due to a certain article I believe I was reading before this neo
is up 11% ontology is up a lot now ontology and neo fall under the same
ecosystem so I believe when ontology goes up we’re gonna also see me will go
up and when neo go up we’re going to see ontology go up similar to how when neo
goes up gas goes up those those things are usually pretty correlated so I don’t
think that is any surprise to anyone congratulations to all ontology holders
though getting close to that one billion dollar market cap things are looking
pretty good but the first cryptocurrency I wanted to talk about is Tron now why
do I want to talk about Tron well trying to currently moved up you guys remember
trying to neo we’re having the battle for who is number
10 in market cap neo was their first Tron took over neo fell down to 11 now
it looks like both of them are doing so well that neo is now moving neo moved
into 10 and Tron moved into 9 kicking iota down to 11 now iota i am i think is
a long term cryptocurrency holds similar to cart auto so i wouldn’t be concerned
if you are an iota holder but charlie currently said at number nine that’s
absolutely insane now the price reflects somewhat but at eight point five cents
people are asking why it’s not at fifteen cents why it’s not at one dollar
and i’m gonna answer that question right now
it’s tron going to one dollar in 2018 no guys i’d strongly strongly strongly do
not believe china’s going to one dollar in 2018 and that’s due and that’s not
because I don’t like Tron I think Tron has a ton of potential but
a lot of people are looking at price and not looking at market cap guys with a
431 billion dollar market cap if Tron were to go simply to 85 cents right
before the night adult if they were to go to 85 cents that would mean the
market cap would be at fifty six billion dollars guys that would make it the
second biggest cryptocurrency out I believe right now unless um if theory
okay if their games at 66 but basically if Tron were to reach a $1 per crypto
per token it would have to be pretty much everywhere aetherium is that if
known a little bit more so it’d have to be between the 65 and 70 billion dollar
market cap making its dominance actually pretty high it would take able to take
up a large portion of the cryptocurrency space and I don’t think that’s something
that’s going to happen in 2018 now Tron is a long term project still have the
beta to come out still have a like you know mass adoption to take place when
the beta does come out and when the you know when the final thing comes out and
everything happens trying to say long term project which I do believe in you
guys know I talked about it talk about it along the channel because I do
believe in it but to say it’s going to $1 this year or in the coming months is
elem rather unrealistic given how big its market cap already is and how much
bigger it would need to be for us to see it get to one does so just keep that in
mind when you guys are looking at price it’s more market cap than it is price
the price is sort of reflects the market cap the market caps
what defines the price right the second thing I want to talk about is nano I
don’t want to spend too much time on it but this reddit user actually created
something that you can send nano via any messaging service right now so email SMS
whatsapp messenger slack etc using nano mates so nano mate is simply making it
easy for you to send nano to anyone then when they receive it they’re going to
have a secret link and they’re going to help them set up their wallet and give
them the money that you send them so that’s really cool that’s gonna help
nano spread now this is what nano is meant to be used for fast transactions
zero fees that is what nano is meant to be used for when we see twitch streamers
for example like some of the biggest twist streamers out there for for nine
stuff like that they are now starting to accept cryptocurrency and when they do
they usually accept Bitcoin maybe big quake cash and litecoin and then nano
right nano being up there even though it’s ranked 27th it is being accepted
along with big chrism because that is what it’s meant to be used for so I do
think nano has a very has a lot of potential and I think that is going to
have a very bright future given that it is it has zero fees and it is very
faster transactions I think people are gonna start picking that up it has had
its share of fun with hats and everything similar to nem but I do think
overall very good project sitting at 1 billion dollar market cap I believe it
will continue to grow now the next piece of article another next article next
piece of news I have for you is about like coin how you guys have been saying
I haven’t talked about like point in a while and that’s right like coin was all
the way down to 114 dollars um early mid yea early as April now it’s all the way
up to 151 you guys know I think like one’s going to be around for some time
it’s currently ranked number seven in market caps but I do think like when is
a very solid project like I said I think it’ll be around for some time but the
piece of news that I wanted to talk about that I thought was most
interesting is this right here so charlie lead to make Bitcoin more
decentralized to make litecoin more decentralized eventually I would step
away so what he’s talking about is the decentralized aspect of Bitcoin which
you guys know both bitcoin and litecoin very similar used for different purposes
though but the decentralized nature of Bitcoin is
provided by its Anonymous creator no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is no one
knows a lot of people can predict a lot of people have come out and claimed they
are maybe I will come out and claim that I am Satoshi actually even though I
didn’t know I don’t know how to code now I didn’t know how to code back then but
I can pretend anyways Charlie Lee so now he’s saying that it
might come to a point where he has to step away now we know he’s previously
sold all of his life coin now he’s thinking maybe him being the face of it
is not a good idea and that would definitely help with being decentralized
so definitely I like where Charlie Lee’s head’s at and I like the fact that he
did sell his cryptocurrency in order for it to be more decentralized than as well
as at least that’s what he was saying and if that’s true that’s awesome if he
was doing it simply for the cash less awesome but I do believe he genuinely
liked he’s genuinely backing his project he generally backs cryptocurrency
overall and I think that is a very positive thing as is this piece of news
so very good for all like coin holders I think having a community that is here
for the long-term community this they’re here for cryptocurrency I think it’s
definitely gonna help and pay off in the future
now a quick look at technical analysis you guys remember yesterday before we do
the giveaway you guys remember yesterday we had a nice green candle and today we
were saying we needed another one to confirm a breakout now what we’re seeing
is a red date not too much it’s not a bad red day whatsoever but it does seem
like we tried to break up and then as you guys can see about a long week over
here didn’t work came back down it looks like Bitcoin reaching a high of 9500
correct it back down is currently sitting at nine thousand two hundred and
seventy-eight not anything to panic yet guys it’s a fairly small candle so since
it’s still early 1120 and 3 p.m. Eastern Time that’s where I am I still think we
have potential to see and to see it correct and push back up and form a
breakout or we are going to see it either you know stay here and then
tomorrow be the deciding candle if we’re going up or down or today it could come
back down to the support of 8800 so very hard to predict with everything that’s
going on right now any piece of news could honestly affect it so much so it’s
all about you know kind of playing things day by day
but also making sure that you are in your positions for the long term for the
coming months for the coming especially the coming months and even for the
coming years we have to be prepared you know have the crypto currencies we want
to invest in build our portfolio and that if things fall we can always build
more we can buy more yeah we can we can buy more of that cryptocurrency to grow
our position maybe we can buy another one but make sure you guys do not regret
not getting in on anything right now I’m not financial advisors not financial
advice I’m not telling you to buy anything
I’m just saying make sure you don’t regret anything later because I
guarantee you there will be people who do now let’s do the giveaway I know this
video has been relatively long I do hope you guys did enjoy it though full of
information I won’t go I’m going to pick a video now
from the past week that we will do the giveaway on and I’m going to do the Tron
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