yeah boy crypto tongue coming at you with another video so got myself a fire ass Tron shirt my wife made she looked it up well you think she's hot right anyway II theory amande srong spike as Justin son drops hint of featured partnership guys this is what I'm saying like I hold Tron I hold aetherium okay I have a lot of freaking coins okay I've never once been salty about a theorem I always say the theorem sucks transaction wise compared to trump which is the truth I'm not gonna sit here in life as investors guys we need to need to look at the bigger picture guys you need to look at the bigger picture look at the I mean is this true is this true after all the would fight Alec and and Justin son is a workhorse and he's an investor and he's a smart dude you guys and now official collaboration with aetherium this year that I if you don't look it seems like aetherium doesn't want to get blockbuster that's what I'm seeing right here so if you still think Tron's a coin well uh guys atheria might be teaming up with Tron so that's pretty big if you can't beat them you join them so before we get into it let's take a look at the Tron Tron price so still looking like I'm not gonna lie guys not going to come on here lie to you in light of the people I don't do that we did bounce off the bottom of this cloud and then BAM right back down so question is where do we go from here again gotta keep our eye on this old price action back here which doesn't mean it's actually gonna protect the future because there are new fundamental catalysts that I think are gonna kind of bring this back up to where it needs to go Truong currently at 2.8 cents you know we have a tough tough resistance line here guys that where we're floating around so currently we're sitting on top of it which is better than being on the bottom of it we've touched this point 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 like 10 12 times guys it's 2.8 range so more times we hit this more likely if it is that we're actually gonna go above it now also I want to mention to you guys that mr. Peter Brant here who is supposedly a really good trader he's been doing this for 40 years said I don't normally follow the walls but nice chart patterns are always worth a mention so if you look at what he's seeing right there guys that is basically a inverse head and shoulders okay so we got left shoulder head right shoulder here and then a potential pop above and that is what we're seeing as well I think I've been pointing this out for quite some time now but it's true it's true guys it's true there is an inverse head your shoulders on the t-rex USD chart typically you would have a move from this point to the mid point which would be target so the target here see tarkie here would be around four and a half to five cents I would say okay so this base dogs is logarithmic so it's based off that scale right there but if we go to linear we keep it the same it's around for you know four to five so four to five cents would be the target and we have more resistance that we could sit on top of as support at around four one which is great guys so I would love to see this because four or five cents would be basically a double and I think that Tron deserves it I really do I don't see how investors aren't get aren't getting rewarded just yet but the time is coming the time is coming guys they're making big moves that this coin is making more moves than anybody which is why I tell everybody either you're in an if you're inventive you're an investor and you're not invested in it I mean what planet are you from where what planet do you live on is the main question so trans justice son hints at official collaboration with aetherium this year this is crazy crazy crazy busy eran TRX found their end CEO justice on claims that he thinks the Tron ecosystem will officially collaborate with aetherium this year son made his comment during an interview on the crypto chick podcast on April 6th more precisely son said that he thinks even within this year we will see Tron even collaborate officially collaborate with aetherium so starting the – speculation again vitalic kind of had to give in he kind of knew I showed you guys pictures a couple of weeks ago when Justin son went with the avocados he had a picture with with vitalic it it wouldn't shock me if italic is is he's giving in he might know vitalic is a very smart guy in many ways I don't think as much so in marketing as Justin's son but he's not stupid so he knows that he knows what Ron has they have the perfected model aetherium can't have the perfected model yet they want to perfect it and they're working on it but it's taking too much time because they have to change it around the already old system which kind of sucks but I'm sure just some would would love to lend a helping hand and that's what he's doing here so I pay homage to this guy guys not only is he a marketing genius he's kicking ass for Tron he's over here trying to help the needy it's a beautiful thing in response to a question on a theorem co-founder vitalic beuter ins recent tweet about tron son stated that he thinks competition brings a better product son also a doe son also added I think in the future we will even collaborate with lots of etherium developers and also the enterprise built on a theory umber for to make the industry better son also announced that a second layer scalability solution for Tron which he claims will increase transaction throughput at least 100 times and dramatically decrease fees we're gonna he's gonna increase the throughput so I guess the transaction speed or what not something like that more gonna be able to push more through a hundred times and dramatically decrease fees aren't fees virtually non-existent on Tron Wow so we're gonna dramatically decrease more of the no fees that don't even exist unreal will be deployed in q2 2017 son had recently tweeted about the solution dubbed son Network but had evidently refrained from naming a launch date during the podcast son also noted that the Tron based version of stable coin USD tether is set to launch on April 9 son argued that the Tron based version of the stalwart stable coin will permit cheaper and faster transactions than Bitcoin based on the protocol USD T son also noted that in it the second quarter of this year Seana also introduced a new network with a privacy option based on the technology used by all coin Z cash CK snarks guys so I can't I just don't get it if you if you saw me about tryouts understand I understand I really don't I don't get it if vitalic comes out and says they're partnering with Tron I don't even know what I'm gonna do I really don't wanna don't know what I'm gonna do I don't know what I'm gonna do for ëthere iam lovers like they're just gonna did they're gonna want to like jump off a bridge or something out know what I'm gonna do for them I I I mean listen guys I lend a helping hand if if this is the case as coin Telegraph reported in March two major crypto exchanges Singapore headquarters whoa whee which one I have a video coming out on will be holy prime guys coming soon so and Malta based okay x/s coin Telegraph reported in March two major crypto exchanges Singapore headquarters oh le which I'm actually gonna be doing a video on very soon and Malta based okay ex have announced their support for the Tron based version of the USD T on Friday radar to start up behind decentralized exchange radar relay which raised ten million last year announced that it will release new developer tools for the blockchain scalability tool lady network okay great so so um you know not really anything solid here not really anything solid but the fact that he's hinting he's starting to get the you know get the momentum going and then BOOM sick-ass partnership comes up there's got to be some way that that they could work together where trunk could kind of help out eat and and kind of pay back to me theorem by um you know basically by you know paying homage here widget which is great you can't not the guy you cannot not the guy guys you can't you can't so big up suggesting son doing this thing I think that he's doing the right thing Big Ups to Peter Brant here putting out a sick sick chart here and then this guy said Peter is almost always right he also put out a tweet the other day regarding Bitcoin where he's saying he wouldn't be shocked if he saw a Bitcoin going to another parabolic rise so that way I was nice to see as well and as you guys know Bitcoin has been looking really good guys very good floating around this 50 200 levels strong very strong not even really not even really taking it they gonna dive like these dives are not bad 550 135 you know since yesterday it's not bad I mean in the whole whole day it basically stayed above the 5,000 range I'm sorry up to 50 to 50 so nice moves guys we had some small moves on the daily within the past couple of weeks that's something now that we're above this 200 moving average you didn't Tom Lee has come out and said Bitcoin we're acts a lot better when it's above the 200 moving average so thank God we are above the 2 inch moving average I feel that the bear market is very close to an end if not already ended i I want to go ahead and say even if there is another dip it'll be a dip down maybe to maybe to these levels but not under the 3100 level I think they could potentially dump it and then just buy it right back up I mean I wouldn't be shocked nothing would shock me nothing in crypto shocks me nothing encrypt though shocks me which is why I try and remain realistic with price predictions for tron-like $12 it's realistic or a dollar even why is it not realistic you know some people just you know they want to sit here and say it's not possible because they still don't want to believe but they can't think they fail to remember that a theorem went all the way to 1500 that that Bitcoin went to $20,000 and they were with pennies at one point so you don't come on justice on we'll definitely in the future in my opinion and now it's a coin burn which will make people happy and I think the price will pump even more so from there until then I think we are primed to see a pump you know based off of this based off of this inverse head and shoulders so we're just gonna have to wait and see you guys so I will keep you posted of course and with that being said like subscribe turn apples notifications halides boa peace you


  1. the launch of USDT-TRON it's like powerful steroids!
    the launch of the ETH-TRON will arrange us a flight into space

  2. All i heard was tron, boner, throughput, boner, less fees, boner……dead……

    Makes sure all the ETH lovers leave their coin bags at the top of the bridge if they do jump.

  3. I think you have hit the crack pipe one to many times my friend… Lets get real, Justin looks up to his big brother Vitalik, he admires him… If why are actually "looking at the bigger picture here" in the long run, Ethereum will crush Tron transaction wise… Theres no question about that! It takes time to build this! but I give it to Justin, he is a mastermind when it comes to getting people to come on board…. Its just a shame that with all that talent, that ship will never sail…. Sure he will make himself lots of money and probably a lot of other people as well but in the end it will be people like you holding the bag…. Mark my words! Tron already has dapps that rub like Bitconnect, keep living that pipe dream thought my friend LMAO! ;0) You honestly don't see where this is heading?????? Learn the difference between Ethereum and Tron (actually do real research) and then you won't feel so stupid holding that bag when its all done and said….

  4. A storm in a glass of water. He didn't say anything about a partnership. He only said that there could be some things happening in the future where he could see Tron being involved in stuff with other cryptos. Could for instance be that Justin and Vitalik choose to give money to cancer organisations etc

  5. It was prob all staged fun and games – who knows lol – tron peeps will have open arms – not sure about the otherside 😛

  6. A partnership wouldn’t be totally out of this world. ETH is losing traction. A partnership between Tron ( a company dominating DAPPS) and ETH would be beneficial for both.

  7. I called this actually Last year. People laughed at me. I said. If Tron Partners with Etherium, Vitalik and Justin will Rule the Galaxy Like Father And SUN!!!!!

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  9. If these two came together it would kill all cryptos Tron and Eth would kill Eos lol. As a holder of both I would take that all day because it would increase the chances of them being number 1

  10. The linkin park jay z remix is too loud. I couldn’t stop singing it in my head you need to turn it down. That one is too legendary.

  11. C'mon guys, stop saying guys, hey guys, whats up guys, hows it going guys, lets talk crypto guys, OMG… STOP SAYING GUYS!!!!!!!!

  12. Desolve eth, award eth holders with the equivalent value of Tron. They'll thank them later.

    I wonder what this partnership may look like.

    I predict HTC between 8 and 10k by the end of the year. It has competition though, so I'll stay away from extreme values.

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