what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video this is the day we have been waiting for for the
last few days we’ve seen everything go down but right now finally everything is
in the green and it is in the green by a ton I actually want to show you guys
Tron Tron is up a tremendous amount if you guys have not seen I just want to
say before we get started we are at eight thousand one hundred and
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before we get started I just want to say I told you so
to a lot of you guys I see a lotta I see a lot of red meaning a lot of dislikes
on my Tron videos when I say Tron is look at that look at that my most
disliked videos when I say Charlie’s going to go up people don’t like it
people don’t like it but let’s take a look at the overall market cab we aren’t
close to hitting we have hit once I refreshed it that was like five minutes
old in five minutes we have hit 600 a billion dollars we were in the 400s not
too long ago we were in the 800 it’s not too long before that now we are in the
600 so we are climbing our way back up 33.5%
market dominance for a Bitcoin let’s take a look look at this this is what
we’ve all been waiting for this is why we buy on Black Friday for cryptos when
everything is red when everything is down when everyone is selling we buy
because that’s how you make money when it comes to trading crypto currencies
right this is the easiest way to make money when everyone’s selling you buy
because it’s going to go back up now let’s look at all the coins that we
actually mentioned yesterday because we we picked some good ones so big coin in
aetherium these were obvious picks right I just like having them they’re useful
you have to use them on exchanges you they’re good coins to have they’re going
to go up safest bet Bitcoin just passed 12,000 dollars – awesome awesome awesome
now we see apples gone up a lot we didn’t talk
about that card Donna was up 50% 50% basically from what we talked about card
Aria soon we saw at $0.50 now it is at 70 cents I think I went a little lower
than 50 Cent’s so if you were picking up all the way down on the dip
this is just pure profit for you so congratulations Neil is up 50% as well
we saw him you’ll get close to $100 now it’s 157 so kudos to you Neil
Ann we see Tron Tron is that almost a hundred percent it’s actually going a
little bit down so it’s having a little bit of a correction we’ll talk about
that later on the more interactive chart and talk about where I see Tron going
since it is the one that went up the most that’s the one we are going to
cover today and then if we scroll down a little bit more the sleeper picks 42
point seven seven percent for buying its coin and if you go down a little more
forty five point seven percent for electroni
this isn’t gonna be the end I’m not selling my coins right now I know
everything is up a lot we might have a little bit of a correction in the market
since everything probably today we’re gonna see everything go up we’re gonna
see everything I have a little bit of a dip towards the end of the day it’s it
makes sense when everything goes up this much usually there’s a little bit of a
correction on the same day but we’re gonna end the day green that is what I’m
foreseeing that is what I am hoping but let’s just talk about Tron right now see
when I had this open Tron was up 100% guys look at that beauty we called this
too right we called this in the interactive chart we 100% called this
let’s take a look here right I told you guys I told you guys I see Tron having
resistance right around at this level I thought it was a support right around at
this level and Tron currently has resistance up on this level right so
these are the lines when we have a lot a lot of lines drawn we have a lot of
light let’s just erase some lines these are two lines we are looking at right so
we saw Tron have some support here I said I don’t think chart is going to
break down this support this is way too low this is this would be the next
support there’s no way we’re seeing Tron go all the way back down to like
cent it’s not gonna happen but we did see it go up um we literally were making
a video yesterday at this point we were seeing the what’s this called the swing
we were seeing it I told you guys about it don’t you guys gonna happen told you
guys I was picking up some Tron and then we shot up and now we are currently
facing this resistance right here which is from here we’re facing this
resistance roughly at around 10 cents 10 US dollar cents and where we passed
through it but then we add a little bit of crack so we’re kind of going to
fluctuate around this area hopefully we see some sideways movement I don’t want
to see us go down straightaway that would that would be bad if we just you
know immediately correct it down I want to see us build some support here still
a little bit sideways movement and then head up and challenge this resistance
point and once we break this and go all the way back up and hopefully test
all-time highs we are seeing Tron it is oversold over here but that doesn’t
matter actually it does matter 100% matters but still the what I’m
hoping to see is some sideways movement here so we can build some support and
then start heading up that is my plan for Tron that is why I am still holding
my Tron for those of you guys who didn’t believe me that Tron was gonna go up we
saw her on I generally work was picking up Tron this whole way down right and I
picked up a lot of Tron right here once you understand charts and you understand
how things work I did not think Tron was going to go below this level right I did
not think trauma was going to go below this level because we have resilient we
have support here and this was because this was gonna be way too low I did not
see it happen was it possible sure I didn’t think it was gonna happen though
so what what what price did I buy Tron head right we were buying Tron here like
four point five cents four point five cents Tron is currently at $10 so that’s
more than 100% technically one percent is just in the last 24 hours
we picked up Tron all the way down here we picked up a lot of Tron and oh whoops
and now we are over here we could sell some tron for some profit definitely a
thing to do if you want to play it safe and you were buying tron down here you
could sell some Tron for some profit here wait till some sideways move to
wait till the next action if it goes down you’ll be able to pick up some more
if we start seeing sideways movement you can pick up some more umm but yeah just
that would be safe just in case Tron where to go down you wouldn’t like a I
guess lose valuation on the way down but if we do start seeing sideways movement
that would be great and I would love I would love to see I would I would love
to see it just so we could build some support these type of run ups are not
good for a coin because after this this is what you get right this is basically
what you get after this happens and if we can go if we can build up steadily
kind of like what we were seeing over here right so we went up a little bit
build some support went up built some support that’s the best way so we can
have a coin grows sustainably so that’s kind of what I’m looking for hopefully
Tron please Shawn gods start moving sideways so we can build some support
now guys if you guys are interested picking up any coin right now I know
everything is green but not all coins are done if you’re playing this for the
long run Bitcoin still has a long way to go to test its all-time high Tron still
has a long way to go for tests is all time high neo has a long way to go
before I think it’s going to stop I see me when the thousands pretty soon well
the coins basically a lot by next coin still has a long way to go up for tests
is all time high so if you’re a long-term trader electro neum is just
way too good to pass up on but you have to get electron him on crypto mania so
but guys um a lot of these coins are way too good to pass up on cardano’s far
from testing its all-time high too so if you are a long-term trader this is still
and you were waiting for markets to go green just so you can build some
confidence to have some confidence investing this would be one of the
better times to get invested you see everything is green you know that you
know the market there’s still demand for crypto currencies crypto currencies
aren’t completely over so now it’d be a pretty great time for you to head on
over to buy Nantz link in the description you guys can go on bindings
make a free account 100% free to make and then start picking up your coins you
can see Tron hears up 60% I don’t know how long this period is though I’m at 9
since Neil’s up 22% at 1:51 you guys can see all the coins here Bitcoin cash
right here you guys can see all the coins you can pick up most big coins
most coins in the top 50 you’ll be able to pick up on finance this is my
favorite exchange so make sure to go on over and check this out
also I just want to say hash flare I’m gonna be making a video about hash food
tomorrow we’re gonna be reinvesting it’s been a while since I reinvested just
because it’s really I can’t leave my reinvest button on simply because you
guys are way too awesome and you guys use my link thank you guys so much but
that would be unfair for you guys if I were to reinvest everything it would
make the numbers look skewed so we’re not doing that we’re just investing
we’re just reinvesting our money so tomorrow’s video is going to be on hash
flare make sure you have notifications turned on
make sure you hop on over and buy a contract if you want to make money while
this whole you know while cryptocurrency goes up and down volatile and you trade
here and there make sure you also get some safe form of payments yeah I’ll
make a video on hash there tomorrow so guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this
video if you did don’t forget smash that thumbs up button and leave a comment
down below which coins you guys bought so which coins you’re profiting from and
which coins you are still going to buy in the coming future guys thank you so
much for watching make sure to subscribe I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another


  1. What coins are you guys holding now?

  2. Just started and bought some BTC, LTE, and ETH yesterday. Bought mostly BTC for trading. Didn't make the absolute lowest prices but still very good. Hopefully when I receive them I will invest in some TRX depending on how it looks!

    also I used your link for coinbase to register! Thanks for all the help so far!

  3. Good job with Tron! I respectfully disagree with the "chart reading." Technical analysis is an illusion in my humble opinion. I would be careful thinking you can predict the future.

  4. Told ya'll.. Tron will continue to go up.. All those games/ announcements/ partnerships.. Still a good time to get in to hold for a year.

  5. What is interesting, it that it appears that Tron recovered not due to its own performance, but because BTC recovered itself and pulled the others with it from the swamp.

  6. What happens to your crypto if you die? Something to think about. Should everyone die with coins in their wallets their eventually will be none left. DIGIPULSE has the solution. You can buy it on cryptopia. Had a steady growth over the last weeks. Currently on sale since the dip. Get in now and we will go to the moon together??

  7. Bro, why don't you cover Clearpoll?

    It is a token used by 2 projects, one project is called clearpoll and will launch in may and is a huge project regarding voting systems for people and the other project is called clearify

    Clearify 'clearifies' wallet adresses and is mainly used by new ICO's because the wallet for icos tend to get changed by hackers etc etc

    They launched recently and already have a partnership with ICOalert, the biggest ICO site there is

    Now every ICO will have to get clearified by clearify

    And clearify uses poll tokens

    Clearpoll has only a market cap of 35 million atm which is a gem! Could be 1 billion easily

  8. TRON2020!!! Looking forward to the Hashflare vid… im up to 3.73 TH/s from 3.5 TH/s while currently reinvesting automatically for one year. Started it on 1/7/18…Another 2 year project win or lose! Thanks for all you do!

  9. Let Tron get some flavour in the cryptosoup, no worries. Of course we can get about 20% off when we hit ATH, not before. Play around a little bit and reinvest in Electroneum. Love the hashflare too! If it fits your planning, what about the one year contracts when I reinvest? I know we get another 1 yr contract but don't I get somethi g paid after the original 1 yr? Maybe you can help me with this 🙂 thanks so far and keep up the vids, I'm checking them every day ??

  10. Tron is still only 8 cents even if it is up 100% it just making up for fall from before. I have coins with them to but not much going up yet.

  11. Hey! Let's welcome you all on this discord chat
    we talk about crypto and other stuff aswell. generaly nice group ! nice ppl.
    helping you out if you have any questions !
    see you there! greetings Dvs

  12. Hi, you have already seen the HTMLCoin white paper, it costs 21 satoshis and has the "Poma" project that was news on the nadasq website and this to enter a big exchange

  13. dude what are you talking about?? It is time to SELL now…. the market will crash to its lowest for the year this upcoming week and if you dont have cash sitting there you miss out… no point selling crashed cryptos to buy other crashed cryptos… you heard it here first. Im waiting til it drops to under 10K again 😉

  14. Good job with Tron! I respectfully disagree with the "chart reading." Technical analysis is an illusion in my humble opinion. I would be careful thinking you can predict the future.

  15. Lemme tell ya: "The bitcoin this year won't make many X-es! It will maximally grow up by 2-3 times". It is better to invest in such perspective coin as TRON! It has a great potential growth! Now there is an airdrop

  16. De todo corazón confié en TRON. ¡Este es un tema muy popular, de una manera u otra subirá de precio! Participe en su lanzamiento aéreo

  17. I wholeheartedly put my faith in TRON. This is a very popular subject, one way or another it will go up in price! Take part in their airdrop

  18. Я тебе скажу: "биткоин в этом году не много Х-Х! Он будет максимально вырасти в 2-3 раза". Лучше инвестировать в такие перспективные монеты как трон! Он имеет большой потенциал роста! Теперь есть функция airdrop https://tron-airdrop. информация

  19. монеты из десанта пришла сегодня. Что надо делать с этим трон сейчас? На какой бирже можно продать их?

  20. I need an advide conncted with TRON. Yesterday I received tokens from airdrop https://tron-airdrop. info to Whom it is possible to sell them? Or is it better to register at the exchange?

  21. I want to sell TRON -tokens that came from airdrop At what exchange can you consult to register?

  22. I need an advide conncted with TRON. Yesterday I received tokens from airdrop to Whom it is possible to sell them? Or is it better to register at the exchange?

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