27 thoughts on “Tron (TRX) Is Going To Be Huge!”

  1. It's a shame that Matic is now higher than Tron. Matic was merely half a penny just a couple of weeks ago and now it's 3 cents.

    Justin sun needs to stop throwing air of promises.. and deliver more projects and better partners.

    BTW I own some Tron.. and I also own some Matic. Yet I had more expectations for Tron but Matic is outperforming Tron.

  2. BTT might end up being worth more than TRX due to the out of the box utility and overall scale. It'll pretty much automatically have everyone with a uTorrent client on board, the second it launches.

  3. In last bull run tron was only coin didn't hit 50c or $1 but cda staller xrp many cross $1 her is the catch this time this coin Will hit $1 blive this or not u cane make good money from this coin but be smart bitcoin was $1 one day etherum was $1 one day new btc $8,000 eth $250+ tron $1 possible

  4. Tron is a centralized product which has no relevance to the internet and has only gambling DAPPS. 90% of the nodes are run by just a few super delegates on the tron system. The CTO left the project for this reason and a multitude of others. Justin Sun is a crook and shady business man who has been caught in many lies about his so called partnerships. I sold all of my TRX and purchased VET. TRON is a joke.

  5. Dusty that is old news 2 people got it, one got a tesla the other cash acceptance. This is bullshit old ass news. The only people that care about this is Chico Chico (aka Mr. Lean Back).
    Bottom live is Tron is gaining partnerships, exposure, and increase in DAPPS that will rival others soon.

  6. Im beginning to not take u serious dusty,everybody in d space knows that tron has serious coding issues. U guys don't seem to know how blockchain works…

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