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with the cryptocurrency news first things first
HTC just announced the world’s first blockchain phone so HTC you guys know
used to be a lot bigger when it comes to telephones now nobody is really too
interested in it but they are doing something that nobody has done before
and that’s the first native the first native blockchain phone I’m gonna keep
you guys updated on what this is like and when more information comes out
about it maybe it’s even worth something some something worth getting and
reviewing on this channel maybe we’ll see when the time comes but
so far I do like to see more integration of the blockchain in different areas now
this is actually something I thought was a joke at first when I first read this
well as the sec launched a mock ico to show investors warning signs of fraud I
kind of liked but I kind of dislike this at the same
time so first things first the elem the u.s. basically made this website that
you guys are looking at right now it’s a fake SEO website you cannot buy any
tokens there are no tokens for a sale now the interesting part is that
obviously the USA is not going to be able to ban every ICO so the off the
route they decided to go with is it’s informing people and educating people
and what to look out for when it comes to an ICO what things are good what
things are bad basically you sweep probably seen a lot
of ICO websites look like this and if you have if we see more coming out that
does show a lack of care because this is a pretty standard default website design
so it does it does show a lack of care in the website and just if you go
through it it’ll show some signals of what to look out for I thought that was
interesting and I kind of liked the idea that the u.s. is going to be educating
people rather than just trying to ban everything now the last piece of news I
have for you guys is but as from Steve Wozniak I’m sure you guys all know who
Steve Wozniak is so Bitcoin and blockchain will achieve full potential
in a decade now the reason why I wanted to open this up is because I see way too
me too too many people talking about what’s going to have what coin is going
to moon in tomorrow for example first of all nobody knows if I knew what coin was
going to moon tomorrow trust me I would be a billionaire and probably not be
making YouTube videos cuz I’d be hidden in Costa Rica so no one knows where I am
and that’d be the end of that right but no big cryptocurrency in the blockchain
is going to achieve its full potential in a decade and that is something again
I don’t know if it’s gonna be ten years gonna be five years whatever it may be
obviously I think it’s going to keep growing even after that there’s always
ways it can improve but this shows the long term investment that is
cryptocurrency so every investment you look at you should be looking at for a
decent period of time selling tomorrow is as much as I know a lot of people are
losing faith guys there’s nothing to lose faith about this is just the
beginning markets go up and down all the time these things work in cycles but
cryptocurrency is a long term investment I don’t want to see anybody miss out on
this or sell then regret it now ten years from now
when everything is just super high and everyone’s driving their Bitcoin
Lamborghinis which we need to stop talking about Lamborghinis too but I do
like Latin keys I do like Lamborghinis but still I don’t want you guys to
regret this so make sure you guys are always doing your research but keep in
mind that investments should be long-term and you guys should always
understand what you’re investing in that way you can see the long-term potential
and things way too many people are just looking at the short-term and they’re
going to miss out on the opportunity that is blockchain and cryptocurrency
now let’s take a look at the market 381 billion dollar market cap Bitcoin
dominance 37.1% again today is one of those days where things are either up or
down route less than 1% and that’s that shows us a sign of not mutton no
decision in what direction we are moving now we have some like cos are up 6.7%
which we’re gonna talk about in just a little bit but other than that things
are not moving a lot we have auger here 15.4% that’s great for those invested
auger congratulations but most for the most part you guys can see just point
point 2 negative ridden red or percent in red or + 0.8% not anything convincing
but I did want to talk about a few crypto currencies in particular one
being Bitcoin cash which I haven’t talked about much on this channel and a
lot of you guys have been asking me for information about it now there’s this
article just came out this was published not too long ago Tuesday so it’s what –
yeah – two days ago now why Bitcoin Jesus is so bullish
about Bitcoin cash so basically some people call Roger verb Bitcoin Jesus
some people like them some people hate him we’re gonna not talk about that was
gonna talk about the information first of all first thing we should keep in
mind is that Roger fir is have is very very much a part of Bitcoin cash so it
would make sense for him to be bullish on Bitcoin cash now the reason he got
his nickname Bitcoin Jesus is because he was one of the early investors in
Bitcoin back in like 2011 so he made a ton of money from this and
congratulations to him for getting in early he saw the
potential then he went on and he took part in building Bitcoin cash which
today if we look at it it is ranked number four in cryptocurrency market cap
size of twenty two billion dollar valuation worth one thousand two hundred
and seventy nine dollars nah the chart follows similar patterns that we’ve seen
from other cryptocurrencies okay that makes sense but one the issue I have
with Bitcoin cash is to me Bitcoin cash looks like a short-term
investment now as much as I think it can do well moving forward for the next one
to two years everything that is trying to fix with Bitcoin is something that
Bitcoin will fix as well as at the time come so I mentioned this in previous
videos before though for those of you who don’t know Bitcoin was not meant to
have the explosion or the influx of people that it had as early as it did so
basically the end of 2017 that it wasn’t ready for that type of movement the fees
therefore became ridiculously high transaction speeds were ridiculously
long that’s because it wasn’t ready now Bitcoin cash came in here and tried to
compete against Bitcoin and you know make lower transaction fees faster
transaction speeds none not to mention a Bitcoin cash is actually not that fast
and the fees are not that low compared to some other cryptocurrencies that we
have out there we have a ton of cryptocurrencies but it was trying to
compete specifically with Bitcoin and it’s something that in the long run as
Bitcoin has more time to continue developing it is something that Bitcoin
bitcoin is going to fix itself and the transaction fees will be lower and the
transaction speeds will be faster making me wonder what the real use case for
Bitcoin cash is in the long run rather than just investing in Bitcoin but I do
think like I said similar to the ripple situation I don’t have any Bitcoin cash
right now but I do see the potential in it in the
coming future I just don’t see as much potential in it in the long term
investment and that’s why I am staying away from it now talk about iOS because
iOS actually had some pretty cool news now it was listed on some other places
but the main cool news that I want to show you guys which is why I love
blockchain and the community that we have when it
two cryptocurrency is this news article right here so vitalik boo Terran there’s
a co-founder of aetherium contributes to eos on github now you guys might be
wondering that’s insane aren’t they competitors
why would they do that yes so eos has been labeled the etherium
killer it is competing with aetherium you see here us has been getting a lot
of positive attention with some influencers even making predictions on
iOS replacing ethereal now eos is ranked 5th of right now with an eleven point
four billion dollar market cap while etherium is a little higher than that at
like 65 to 75 billion dollar market cap obviously a lot higher actually like 5
6x like 6x what is the eos so if eos does manage to compete against etherium
and go up there and beat etherium then us could easily be worth a hundred
dollars if not more keep that in mind I do think iOS has potential to be a top
three cryptocurrency in the long run but that’s not the point of the article the
point of the article is that Vitalik came in here and helped fix an issue
that iOS was having he contributed to their github which shows what
cryptocurrency is all about it’s about helping show the community is great he
wasn’t out there to try and sabotage iOS he simply wanted to help us make their
product better and he had the answer so he was not shy in sharing the
information and in helping them make their platform better which is huge
because now a OS being up 7% today and still being ranked fit it is showing
great signs it still has some events coming up it still has a lot to work
towards and I’m super excited to see what iOS does managed to do in the
coming future now I’m gonna talk about charm for a little bit because a lot of
you guys have been asking me about Tron why aren’t you talking about Tron as
much what’s going on so Tron seems like it was trying to have
a little bit of a bull run or it has some bullish signals while we were
getting closer to the main net launch you guys remember the main net for Tron
is launching at the end of this month and it did have a rise from that let’s
take a look at the chart right here it did have a little bit more of a run up
in early May and since then it has corrected back
down no reason for that is because the markets not letting anything run up
right now nothing is going up to X because the market is in the situation
that it is in we’re going to talk about that in just a little bit when we go
over the technical analysis but Tron was showing some of bullish signals it was
up at one point 10 percent in the last 24 hours
last night when I looked at claim market cap Tron was the one up one it was one
of the biggest movers it from the top cryptocurrency is now he says here
bitcoins up by one point seven was seven one percent other coins like etherium
ripple and like corn are up by three point one two three point two one and
2.0 one percent respectively at the time of writing Chon isn’t in the tenth
position at zero point zero seven dollars while it’s gained around nine
point one seven percent so it did drop a little bit from that it is still up two
percent but it is six point nine cents right now four point five billion dollar
market cap with a rank of ten now guys the in like I said before the issue with
Tron isn’t that anything is wrong with it right now the issue that is not
growing the speeds that people want it to grow is because the market is not
letting it now I do think we are about to see a reversal relatively soon in the
market I could be wrong but I do think we are going to see this pretty soon and
that’s why we’re gonna open the technical analysis right here and take a
look at where we are so what it looks like right now is we are finding support
at the 50-day moving average which is makes sense we have seen us bounce above
that line actually one two three four times or anyway it showed that we can
stay above the 50-day moving average so I’m glad to see the support being built
over there now I just want to see the reverse and start moving upwards and I
think that’s something we’re gonna start seeing relatively soon because of
consensus and everything that’s going on there’s a lot of news which I actually
have for you guys for those of you guys who stayed till the end of the video I
have consensus updates for you guys so the first one is from the CEO of FedEx
and he says either accept blockchain or die out basically he knows blockchain is
the future of things and this is the direction FedEx is going with some room
the way they’re going to implement blockchain there’s still to be seen
several ways they’re doing it but a lot of companies are starting to implement
blockchain a lot of different ways because they can tell the potential with
it now another thing is the exchange with Nasdaq’s technology the DX exchange
is going to offer free cryptocurrency trading so no fees when it comes to
cryptocurrency and it is gaining momentum due to its partnership
obviously with Nasdaq Tech I’m using non-sex technology there’s a huge
partnership giving it a lot of credibility and I think it’s going to be
one of the leaders in crypto currency exchanges for the kite when soon as it
launches in the coming months we’re definitely gonna see it do relatively
well now keep in mind it is centralized so it’s not exactly the decentralized
exchange we are looking for but again short term versus long term opportunity
definitely I see it doing well in the short run but in the long run I do think
decentralized exchanges are going to be where it’s at now the last piece of
information is that coin base has opened its doors for institutional money with
coinbase custody so I don’t have as much information about that I’m gonna update
you guys again when I can but coin base is trying to make it easier for for
institutional money to come in which you guys know there’s a lot of institutional
money waiting to come into cryptocurrency
so this could be the big influx of money that we talked about in the previous
video go check that out if you guys haven’t already but guys lots of good
news I know the markets down but you guys know I’m here with positivity every
single day for you guys because this is just the beginning
we are the early adopters and I want to see every one of us succeed but guys if
you did enjoy this video don’t forget leave a thumbs up and a comment down
below answering my question do you would you guys be interested in me delivering
this information in a vlog style that way we have a different setting and you
guys can actually see some of the behind the scenes of what goes on in my
cryptocurrency training also in just my life and running an online business and
creating financial freedom if that is something that interest you guys let me
know if not let me know as well and if you have any questions or any comments
about the video and the cryptocurrencies mentioned please go ahead and leave them
in the comments down below but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow for another video


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