what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today I want to talk to you guys about Tron
plagiarising there whitepaper big news all over the internet all over the
cryptocurrency space I want to update you guys on my thoughts I wasn’t
originally gonna make a video on this but I’m actually gon comments telling me
they go but Tron copied their white paper so so I figured you know what I’m
gonna address my opinion on this and at the end let’s talk a little bit about
some Tron and see where the markets currently at now guys if you are new to
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so try entrons white paper is copied plagiarized incredible the 14 billion
dollar white paper is not even original with pages and pages of it copied pretty
much verbatim from the ipfs and the file coin white paper sections upon sections
that one thinks are describing how Tron is to work are actually describing how
ipfs works with one Bennet from ipfs stating Wow
absurd trongs paper is mostly copied from other projects or is superb
Peter be passed off as original zero references so alright so this is a
breakdown of kind of the Lutron white paper let’s just go over a little bit so
we have the tron introduction we have question mark basic aetherium contract
copied from ipfs or file point paper basic p2p messaging over here token
mechanics nothing new the ICO and organization structure ICO an orgy
structure team BIOS risk disclosures paper versions zero references now I
agree zero references is back you should always reference you know you should
always reference if you’re getting something from somewhere else you should
always make sure to reference and that’s something we learned however why am I
not worried about this and why do I think that this isn’t necessarily what
we should be looking at and this isn’t going to be a defining thing because of
this tweet from Justin Sun right here which I actually before I even saw this
tweet I figured it was going to be something along these lines a company
that big doesn’t just you know copy and paste their whole white paper I figured
there was going to be a better reasoning now Justin Sun says our original version
of the white paper is in Chinese and we have very detailed reference to the to
the latest Chinese version the English Korean Japanese and Spanish versions are
translated by the volunteers the translation missed numerous important
details not just reference so the original Chinese version of the white
paper which is you know the company is Chinese company so the original Chinese
white paper the original white paper does include all the things that you
know we are looking for and it’s not copied and pasted and it does have
references it has all of these things it is only when the volunteers translated
it that you know maybe they didn’t do a good job translating maybe you know they
got lazy maybe they just did a bad job maybe they thought they were doing good
maybe they thought they’d get away with I don’t know exactly what he wanted what
was the reasoning behind it but it wasn’t translate
important numerous details of numerous important details were left out now
there’s this guy on Twitter who actually um tweeted at Justin son says why does
your Chand white paper make wholesale copying of an IP FS bot and mine file
coin without a single reference bit swap PO rep PO st these are not your ideas
now justin actually responded to this saying we can provide you with the
latest Chinese versions of the white paper and hope we can learn from your
advice again from the beginning we don’t expect numerous language
versions to keep updated after our SF office opens we will have a better
english version of everything soo so then here he responds again let’s see
here here’s the same guy who tweeted at name respond again I you guys can see
this is Justin Suns real account three hundred seven thousand Twitter followers
that’s a lot of people so he says by this you mean a claim that your Chinese
version does not commit these transgressions I don’t understand how
that could be the case also both white papers are now gone from your site so
that’s pretty interesting they did take it down I guess they’re working on it
again but guys I’m not really worried about this because it makes sense if the
I personally can’t read Chinese so I would no challenge any one of you guys
who can go and find the white paper and read it and let me know if it’s better
than the English one please I would love to know for this channel but you know I
I can only care so much when it comes to that Tron we’re gonna be looking over at
the market cap and everything right now but guys I’m honestly not that worried
about it it’s IIC double Justin son saying he’s had a clear answer to it he
didn’t try to like blow it off and they took it down from the website meaning
they’re probably trying to work on it more than they’re trying to hide it from
you so for those of you guys who are you know trying to spread fun not nice
stop but and that wasn’t gonna help button I know anyways guys the total
market Cafer cryptocurrency today was just refreshing one time is that 708 a
billion dollars I’m so happy to see us above the 700 mark because it was it has
been a rough last few days crypto currencies were on sale though I was
looking at my block folio I just stopped looking for a little bit because it was
taking a hit after hit after hit several days in a row but we did one on one of
our last videos we did say it was crypto Black Friday and I knew we were right
and you know luck Cardinals now up 6% Stellar’s up 20 yo s is up 28 many of
the coins that I picked up are up Liske is up 11 by Nance coin which I actually
have a good amount of because I like the coin and I like what they do and I like
the fact that it’s linked in exchange 12.7% stratus 13.9% just a lot of
overall green which i like to see obviously we still have some red so
maybe these coins have maybe some bad news spread about it maybe it’s fun
maybe it’s true I don’t know or they’re just delayed to the Green Party and it
might be a good time to pick up some of that so I know for example I picked up
some aetherium yesterday when it was that like 1080 I think it dropped back
down to right right at this point basically and now it’s gone back up a
lot so I managed to make money off there so you guys overall the market starting
to look like it’s gonna recover so if you want to pick up any coins that you
missed out the opportunity on and and you know there’s still a good
opportunity by all means go ahead and do that now I’m not giving you financial
advice by the way none of this is ever financial advice but if you guys are
interested in picking up some coins now would be a good time at least that is
what I’m doing other than that if you missed some coins maybe these will still
go up some more but if you miss some you know there’s always gonna be a next
round Black Friday sale if you think it’s gonna come down again to that level
otherwise you know pick up some now why not
anyways truck trying to sitting at a 7.1 billion dollar market cap sitting at
number 13 it has been falling a good amount letting you guys can see if
this 24-hour chart right no price grab last seven days I thought was last 24
hours 7 days prices at 10:10 point 8 cents it is dad guys can see like I said
it is significantly down the last seven days that’s why it’s been dropping in
market cap and therefore in ranking it’s still a good a good amount of head on
mineiro though so that’s pretty cool to see I should at least hold this position
unless it goes up too which case if you know we might it might take over take
some of the other coin so guys this took a real quick look here take the three
months chart we’re not gonna be using this chart too much I actually want to
use a more interactive chart just because it’s kind of fun but come on
what are you doing here we go here we go so truck you know we had the big run-up
we had the huge run-up it was instant – like this was fast and ever since then
we have slowly started to go down we did recover a little bit here and then we
went down a little bit more here but yeah we’ve come down to a point the good
thing though it is starting to look like it’s leveling off like I said I didn’t
think I was gonna get below 10 cents don’t think it’s gonna happen still it
might but I don’t think it will if it does we can expect it to go all
the way down to like seven cents but I think we’re holding pretty strong here
which I like to see hopefully once all this fun dies down we it’s going to be
an opportunity for Tron to keep going up guys think about it this way with all
the fun and all the rumor and all the crazy stuff that’s been going on people
are saying about trying them saying it’s over it’s a scam it’s done terrible coin
if you’re a long term holder that’s fine and this might be a great opportunity to
pick up some more because China’s been going through so much and it’s still
ranked number 13 and overall market cap right it is a risky investment because
of all the stuff that’s been going on recently but it’s ranked number 13 still
so it’s still holding strong it’s not crashing you know it could very much
have crashed to the number 50 because everyone sold but that’s not the case
it’s actually holding in one of the top positions so that’s
one thing that I really really like to see is that we have 7.1 trip a billion
dollar market cap the last 24 hours actually is pretty good like 10 percent
right 10 percent of the total market cap but let’s move on over to here you guys
can see I like using this because we’re gonna take a look at some of the we’re
gonna take a look at the RSI because that is you know recently I started to
get a lot more into trading at understanding the charts more and so
we’re gonna start using these because I have noticed these are pretty useful so
well I like to see is the RSI didn’t hit one of the lowest points since like you
know here it was that a pretty low before that so from all the way back
here we have this low point on the RSI and after that Iran has a huge run-up
you know it has a huge run-up where is it here we go huge run-up here you know
valuation increased by a significant percent they like three times so I’m
like that but yeah and then we were up here in the RSI and of course it came
down all the way to here where we had another run-up and it was this huge
green spike and now we’re coming back down to here and now we’re starting to
see it you know it bounced off here and now it’s starting to go up so this might
be an indicator that you know as long as there’s no crazy news and stuff that
keeps coming out about Tron we’re gonna start seeing strong start to pick up
that’s what I’m very excited about hoping I’m just holding my tron and I’m
hoping we can see it start going up get all these crazy rumors and news out of
the way and we can start seeing a good a good trot right and a good tron point
that’s reaching its full potential meaning it’s gonna keep climbing an
overall market cap meaning more people gonna get into it and all that so guys
if you are long-term investors I wouldn’t be worried obviously again like
I said not financial advice so you can do what you want I wouldn’t be worried
though if I was you guys short term maybe this is even a good entry point
for us to start climbing up but yeah guys thank you so much for watching I
hope you guys learn something in this video if you did smash I like
button and let me know down below what you guys think of the Tron coin right
now are you interested in getting in have you sold all of it how many coins
do you have what price did you get in at all that cool information I love knowing
stuff about you guys love hearing your stories about with certain coins leave
that in the comments as well so guys also if you are new to the channel again
make sure to subscribe and hit that Bell icon thank you so much for watching I
will see you all tomorrow for another video


  1. What do you think of Tron (TRX)?

  2. You are doing a great job, it's very nice to watch your videos. They are also very educational and I love how often you upload them. Greetings!

  3. I don't know lol I feel another black friday is coming haha.  Some of these pumpers give a false sense of security hahaha.  Just one twitter tweet can cause everything to go in a mass sale lol

  4. Make a video on all the good news about TRON..partnerships. new executives. It's impressive and will debunk the FUD

  5. I believe in TRON got 80,000 at 30 satoshi….sold some to diverify..holding on to 30,000 will buy more if I have good gains elsewhere

  6. Microsoft copied Apple's GUI interface to make Windows. Apple stole it from Xerox who invented it… – so what… I'm buying/holding more.

  7. I'm glad tron plagarized the white paper just means I can buy MORE FOR CHEAP THANKS TO THE PANIC SELLERS YESS MORE FUD MOREEEEEE

  8. Bad coin for me got it to high am at 70% down because i put wrong etn number in. And then it crashed what a timing. My worst coin.

  9. All the people claiming Tron is a scam coin will be the same people trying to buy in when it goes to a dollar, saying stuff like, "too the moon". That's when the smart people will cash out.

  10. Who cares… check GitHub for progress. There’s tons of companies who don’t even have white paper. This is an old story already. That was so 4 days ago. Crypto world moves fast

  11. You must own a lot of Tron. This will kill any chance for them to be used mainstream. You're just saying it's not a big deal, but it's a huge deal! Tron is over and the market price is reflecting that

  12. What is Tron suppose to do then??? Your investing in something that had to scrap it's "original" white paper? Please don't tell me your in Tron because you believe in Justin Sun as CEO of Tron

  13. love Tron got in at all prices staring at 0.00001269 and the lower it goes just keep on buying more just bought at 0.00000655 and the lower it goes il just keep on buying I believe in Tron Im holding on Tron for a long term almost at 28K at this point i have about 190000.000 coins invested Im Happy

  14. Good video, Patrick! It's interesting to see how something as little as this story causes people to pick on TRON. I don't see this alleged mistake on TRON's part to be a big deal. Most people don't appreciate the challenge of a language barrier. English is my second language, so perhaps I can relate. Had they not responded to the criticism, it might have been a different matter. However, they responded, and are taking measures to fix the problem….makes it a positive in my book. Took the opportunity to pick up another 2K TRON, at $. 09. Thanks for the info, keep the videos coming, man! 🙂

  15. So by doing a bad translation job, you somehow manage to COPY (nearly verbatim) other white papers? lol that's the dumbest excuse I've ever heard. Tron is a scam coin and they're putting their hopes on using marketing and bullshit teases to keep the price up so that one day they may have an actual product. I sold off nearly 100% of my TRX at a huge profit. I'm cool, but I doubt Tron will last the year unless they somehow win the lottery.

  16. TRX isn't crashing because people like you call FUD on anyone who tries to do their due diligence on a coin. FUD is unnecessary fear, uncertainty, doubt. This is very much needed. If they copied their white paper, they're just like every other coin that does an ICO hoping that they find a product…like Substratum lol I'll bet there are a few people who think SUB is legit, too.

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