Tron (TRX) Coin Review | 2.2 Trillion Next Big Cryptocurrency?!

welcome back to cryptoland. My name is
matthew timothy and if you’re new to this channel I do cryptocurrency videos
every single day talking about reviews updates new security trading making
money and cryptocurrency so if you’re new here consider become an encrypted
warrior and subscribe now let’s talk about Tron real quick Tron is a
cryptocurrency that plans to decentralize the entertainment and media
industry currently has a 2.3 billion dollar market cap total supply of a
hundred billion a hundred billion Tronics circulating supply 65 billion
Tronics like let’s look at the entertainment and
media industry on a global scale really quick in 2016
1.8 trillion projected in 2021 two point two point two trillion dollars so
there’s definitely a lot of potential in Tronics to say that’s gonna go to a
hundred US dollars per Tronics is a little bit far-fetched but the market
and its potential looks great it’s certainly a huge industry and a lot more
money is moving into cryptocurrency in the next years so you can expect to make
some gains on Tronics let’s look at the white paper and the website by the way
the website you can just find on when you go to coin market capcom you can
click on website you can also click here on markets and see where you can buy
them i suggest by Nantz i have a link in the description you can get it there let’s look at the website real quick I
want to talk about the white paper its partners and the schedule that they have
planned for the future so basically what tronics is it’s all written here let me
talk about the partners first founder Justin Sun has a huge huge how do I say
this rap sheet I guess like he’s done a lot
former chief representative in Greater China of ripple mentioning for founder
of pwooh app which is great chyna prodigy of Jack Ma the founder of
Alibaba and people I think right now has above 10 million users so he definitely
knows how to run his ship the white paper you can find here in Chinese and
in English here you can see the team real quick I recommend reading up on
this I see some of you guys on Instagram in the in the stories doing your
research and your homework already I love it the partners you can see
everything here let’s look at the white paper really quick you can see the table
of content and you can just click on you know what is it the value infrastructure
everything today I just want to talk about what is Tron really quick trauma
protocol is the blockchains entertainment system of free content in
which Tronics Tron’s coin is circulated its native economic system enables to an
unprecedented one-on-one interface between providers of digital
entertainment content and ordinary users therefore content providers will no
longer need to pay high channel fees to centralized platforms like Google Play
Apple’s App Store also providers of content such as Stax pictures videos and
broadcasts will break the curse of popularity and hits cannot create cash
there’s a little bit about Tron and basically how I see it
you know while back I think was like half a year back or a year back I talked
about decentralization of taxis of real estate industries and all
these projects trying to do different things and I also talked about the
entertainment industry because I went to a like a lecture on blockchain and stuff
like that and we were talking about the future kind of painting an image of the
future and it was like this like you have the entertainment industry and
obviously there are like record labels and all of these middlemen for
distribution and all that stuff blockchain can eventually cut out all of
these middlemen and create a more on one interaction between providers of
digital entertainment content and ordinary users basically what is exactly
written here in this white paper so to read this here and to think back on that
conversation that we had it’s pretty cool you know I hope Tron delivers on
their promises and it certainly looks like it with the founders and the
partners here in the team so that all looks pretty good to me I see here on
the volume on the charts it’s getting a little bit more traction which is also
good and real quick the schedule for pwooh app which is the app from J’s
Justin Sun they want to integrate Tronics into it you can find this here
on reddit basically you can Google you can google a lot of stuff but what I
always recommend when we do these types of reviews and checking in and doing our
homework on different kinds of cryptocurrencies especially on the
internet people can write whatever they want so make sure you have your
information from at least two or three different sources and uh you know do
your homework the right way and then the goal for these videos is for you to
select some coins like a handful of coins and just trade on those buy those
and hold them for the long term hope you got some value from the Tronics Tron
cryptocurrency video here and the review if you did if you did leave a like
comment below your thoughts on Tron and I will see you on the next video and
until then stop settling I started living the corn life peace

60 thoughts on “Tron (TRX) Coin Review | 2.2 Trillion Next Big Cryptocurrency?!”

  1. I bought some during a dip a few days ago. But right now it seems to be in a bear market :/ It targets the chinese market doesnt it? What if the chinese government bans it?

  2. I personally believe that tron is a coin with huge potential. the partnerships and updates. this coin is becoming big very fast. They even have a plan to burn 20% of coins by the 10th of January and no doubt that will bring up the price. i am currently holding 150,000 tron and believe with all the research and news that easily tron can hit 50 cents in 2018. A lot of cryptos sky rocketed this year and theres no telling when we can see more exponential growths like that, but i do believe cryptos are starting to take footholds and tron will be one of the biggest and most successful. again only my opinion, not saying im right but its what i see. 🙂

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  4. I’m actually sick of hearing how good this coin is. I’ve had it for a while and it just sits at three cents. All the others go up but trx just sits there. I’m getting ready to dump this piece of crap.

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  6. #TRX $TRX #TRON pushing 300 Satoshi, limited supply only 25% of demand orders available until 400 Satoshi. Get in now.

  7. Ima newb. Stupid question. Can someone please explain if I have 15000 tron right now at $.03, how much will it be worth at $1? Is it $15000? Or 33.3 times 15000 (since $1 is 33 x .3 cents)

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  9. I would recommend Binance Exchange to buy TRON(TRX). Low commissions, awesome bonus system.
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  10. Thanks for reading the whitepaper for us, that was wonderful. Also, 100 dollar TRON would make it the worlds first TRILLION dollar company, but not only that, 6 times over, beating out Apple Computer by a landslide. LOL.

  11. Great video as always Cryptoland!

    Could you do a video on $shift next please? They just released a new website (it’s a decentralized website!!), they just acquired a developer from Lisk and have an exciting new roadmap!

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  19. Wish I could afford more of this token. I think it's one that will absolutely explode. I've seen a lot of 100 or even 1000 dollar predictions, I dunno about that, but if it does, my measly 500trx will yield a nice amount for me.

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  22. Wat i recon from ur review is to hodl trx for a few years, maybe 2 or 3 and then boom! I guess by then the market must have reached over 2trilion usd so we could see trx as somewhere around 100usd

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