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cuz we do have some pretty good news so first of all a new survey in the EU
reveals a higher crypto adoption rate in the near future so I talked to
previously a little bit about this so the Dutch Bank ing has actually
conducted a research study pulling one a fourteen thousand eight hundred and
twenty eight people from fifteen European countries and we’re surprised
to find public acceptance of crypto increasing now there’s a lot of
percentages here if you guys are interested in reading more about this
you guys can pause it and read the whole article for yourself but from the people
pulled 66 of them six percent sixty-six percent have heard about crypto
currencies of which seventy seven percent are men and fifty-five percent
are women however thirty five for them thirty five percent of them agreed that
crypto is the future of spending money online so first of all that is a pretty
large number considering rubber and cryptocurrency and how new everything is
the fact that thirty five percent of them do agree that it is the future of
spending online and later on like I said also in store as well but first we’re
going to be tackling the online industry I believe we’re first gonna use
cryptocurrency for online purchases this is a pretty big number site because I
can guarantee you a majority of these people majority of the thirty five
percent do not own any cryptocurrency because it could be for some reason it
could be because it’s hard to get maybe they don’t know how to use coin base
you’re gonna have to explain how to use coin base if you want to use things on
the outside of coin base it’s even harder recently we got Robin Hood and
things like that which made it a little easier but still then you would have to
try and transfer it to finance to buy all coins it’s pretty complicated for
someone who’s busy or doesn’t want to take the time to learn about it so the
step forwards that we see happening with cryptocurrency adoption the ATMs being
put out you know if it gets late see Bitcoin getting listed on NASDAQ if
we get some sort of regulations to get institutional investors in these are all
very good signs I believe is going to become easier and easier for more people
to get involved you’re they’re gonna get more confidence first of all getting
involved when we see bigger institutional investment in Wall Street
getting involved – but we’re gonna make it easier in time and we’re gonna see
more more people come in that’s one of the reasons people think that we are
very undervalued right now in the actual market cap and now we could see tens of
trillion dollars in tens of trillions of dollars in market cap in the next ten
years for example now this is ten years down the road but that is a very big
jump so if you guys are in cryptocurrency right now you are
definitely one of the early adopters still now only nine percent of those who
were pulled have owned any cryptocurrency at the time of polling
but an additional 16% expect to buy some in the near future so keep that in mind
guys from what we’re talking about nine percent only of those who were pulled
own cryptocurrency that’s a tiny amount but an additional 16 percent expect to
buy some in the near future so even just looking at that number that is a huge
influx of people that are gonna be getting it coming in the market with new
money that they’re going to bring in to help increase the market cap so this is
all very good news this is a very good research I don’t see enough people
talking about this was a cool survey found out by this European Bank very
happy to see and very bullish news honestly next up we have nebulous so
nebulous price soared after by Nance listing now this or the announcement of
the finance listing now this is no surprise this actually was one of the
calls that I got on similar with self key so self key was up almost 50 percent
for the same reason Finance listing self Chios up 50 percent for the same reasons
and this is the stuff I’ve been trying to master so that when I come out with
the trading group the trade alerts group that I’ve been talking about which
should be very very soon so make sure you guys are staying up to date with
that these are the type of gains that I would like to see making fifty percent
obviously buying at the very bottom and sell at the very top is very very hard
so 50 percent probably unreasonable to think you’re gonna get the whole fifty
percent but even thirty thirty-five percent of that that is an insane trade
to make guys now next up we do actually how
rumors now this is 100% rumors guys just rumors eyes want to hear you guys
opinion that Facebook is interested in buying coinbase now this was neither
confirmed confirmed or denied by either company but this is interesting if you
think about the news that Facebook had recently they’ve lifted the
cryptocurrency ad bet now it wasn’t fully lifted it’s not exactly how it
works there’s more to it basically they’re going to sort of have a vetting
system to see who should be allowed to have ads run for crypto currencies now
they’re still banning I SEOs and binary trading I believe those were the two
things they said that are still bad but they are sort of reviewing their policy
and seeing how they can make it inclusive of the cryptocurrency
community with that wait while also keeping people safe from scam I see
oh now this isn’t his rumor Alistair Milne I don’t know exactly I pronounce
his last name this isn’t his rumor now I’m not saying
this is true or not guys I just want your opinion do you think this is
something that could happen because if you think about it Facebook has taken
over a lot of a majority of industries so far they bought Instagram and
competed with snapchat and won now instagrams launching Instagram TV which
is which is sort of competing with YouTube and if it looks like it’s gonna
be doing very well they’ve even come into these streaming they’ve bought
streaming companies as well Facebook is on the move all the time so be
interesting to see if they are actually looking at this I wouldn’t 100% count it
out but by no means is this anywhere near true right now but do you guys
think this is a possibility let me know in the comments down below I’m not
trying to spread any rumors I just want to know your guys’s thoughts could this
be possible given that Facebook has a track record of you know in getting in
things early and doing things really really well acquiring good companies and
sort of taking them to the next level now if we look at the overall market
today two hundred and forty seven billion dollars market cap Bitcoin
diamonds 42.4% sort of leveled off found some support right here as we can see in
the last seven days we had that big decline and then we sort of traded
sideways for a majority of the week we see some up we see some down for
different reasons ee OS is actually up a ton it had taken a huge hit was down
like 50% just the last few weeks huge hit because of a lot of bad news
from it now looking like it’s having a little bit of a recovery if we looked at
24-hour change though monaco still up a ton nebulous like we were talking about
absolutely soaring because of the listing on Finance
now self key is not on here because it’s still not ranked in the top 100
but you guys saw it was also of 15% at the time we are making this video and I
told you it went all the way up to being up 50% in the last 24 hours
just because of that finance listing yo Wes is up to kin is up waves us up some
good movers right here but on the negative side we also have one chain
unfortunately down 7.2 percent I’m still holding on to my wand chain because I
still have a lot of faith in it Nano another one that I’m holding for the
long run looking like it might dip under $2 in which case you know I will be
picking some more up but overall we have some green we have some red so sort of
like we mentioned a sideways day no there’s no real decision on what
direction the market is going but that doesn’t mean we don’t have good news
also really quick look at this tether jumped up in the number nine spot
passing iota and Tron Neil fell under Manero so some moves going on Tron out
of the top 10 right now obviously with this bear market to tether is going to
hold unless it prints off more tethered unless it prints off more tether which
they have been actually doing recently but it is now at number 9 pushing Tron
out of the top 10 Neil which was previously getting close
competing with truant now all the way at number 13 but I do expect a recovery
here pretty soon when the market does turn the were when the market does turn
bullish I do expect a recovery from Neo moving back and trying to get back into
the top 10 spot while we see tether obviously drop back down through this
market cap will not change unless they print some more tether now like I said
there’s still news going around even though the market is trading sideways
and some pretty big news first of all Cardinal intron Partnership
you guys saw it started in the title you guys are probably curious to know what’s
going on here what is this partnership could this really happen well the L we
have Charles Hoskinson who tweeted at Justin’s son he said you guys should use
our mantis client instead of aetherium Java code is much better secure
be audited and consensus is pluggable for a DPOs style protocol justin sun and
justin sun actually responded to this saying thanks for the advice we are
looking to build the best blockchain technology so we’ll look at mantis 2 and
charles got a lot of feedback a lot of very positive feedback from the
community saying that people love the fact that he is helping other projects
and they’re trying to do something together not individually as their own
coming trying to bash each other trying to bring each other down which we see a
lot of other cryptocurrencies do they are trying to you know give their
technology to help Tron do what they’re trying to do work together to build the
best thing possible and I love seeing that happen hopefully this does turn
turn out to be the case if indeed it is the right decision for truck then they
will go ahead and start a partnership with them but they’re going to look into
it that is huge enough I’m being very interested to see how this works you
guys can see Charles got people tweeted back at him saying I hope this is not
irony from you I like this approach from you more than bashing other projects I
think can support each other and create partnerships that favor both projects
Cardinal can lift up other projects and maybe get some dev power in return to
his Charles responded I’m being entirely serious they seem to be using a fork of
aetherium Java it would be much better to use mantis as a base so really cool
beneficial of possibilities to be beneficial to both sides Cardno down
under 13 cents guys maybe maybe this will be what turns around for card Auto
just this news Tron also down under 4 cents at 2.5 billion dollar mark cap
card oh no a little better and a 3.3 ranked number 8 and Tron as you guys saw
ranked number 11 both this could this could be very well for both but this
might be the biggest news guys biggest news of all time don’t worry if you
thought the Cardinal Tron partnership wasn’t enough and you’re like nope I
need some bigger news I need some better news I’ve hyped this up for no reason
but look Shawn and Zen cash partner up with pornhub for payments option yes you
heard that correctly one of the biggest and popular porn sites pornhub is going
to accept payments in Tron and Zen cash cryptocurrencies with over 90
million daily users this move will lead to a huge user base and further boost
crypto adoption now it’s great to see crypto being accepted more obviously
there is steps to this it’s not being accepted everywhere so anywhere anywhere
this big any um any website this big that accepts it is a huge step for
cryptocurrency adoption a lot of people are gonna make jokes because previously
we saw verge have this too so in mid-april pornhub announced a
partnership with verge cryptocurrency because they were accepting them now
they’re going to also be accepting Tron and Zen Cash this they do have a huge
user base we can’t deny that crypto adoption is going to get a boost maybe
more people are going to be using it be very interesting to see how this plays
out so far haven’t heard much from verge about their partnership and how that’s
been going maybe Channel have some better luck
either way I know we have a lot of Tron holders in this and on my channel
watching this video so guys congratulations you can now buy your
pornhub subscriptions with Tron if that is something you guys are interested in
but I believe you can watch for free anyway so there’s not really much of a
need unless you really want the premium but let’s not go into that too much guys
so a lot of good news still for the overall cryptocurrency space we got tron
and cart donto possible partnerships Facebook taking off its Advent or
reviewing the policy for the ad ban we’re getting rumors now a Facebook
possibly buying coin based on that it’s a very far-fetched rumor although
knowing Facebook I wouldn’t say it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard but still
nothing’s been confirmed nothing’s been denied so it’s pure speculation at this
point and more adoption news things are looking really good guys so if you guys
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