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let’s jump right into the so first piece of news I have for you guys is a little
bit of fun so another thing where we can engage and give our own opinion in the
comments so this is the top 3 Bitcoin price predictions in 2018 that are yet
to come to light so the first price prediction was big coin dropping to
$1,800 by the end of 2018 and this was won by the Quinlan associates so that’s
the first one the second one was Tom Lee’s $25,000 prediction and the third
one was John McAfee $15,000 prediction by the end of June so now the question I
have for you guys before we continue with this video is where do you think
the Bitcoin price is going to be at the end of 2018 which one of which one of
these and it could be multiple do you think we are going to hit personally I
don’t know if we’re going to do fifteen thousand dollars by the end of June or
July I don’t remember exactly which one he said it was but the $25,000 at the
end of the year is definitely possible given that we have a nice run so that’s
going to be the big contingency on this a $1,800 I’m pretty sure is out of the
bag because if we do get to $1,800 in
Bitcoin I think we’re going to get so many people buying so much people if we
get even you know remotely close to that price we
get to the three thousands of four thousand I think so many people are
gonna be buying a Bitcoin that it would not make sense for it to continue to
fall just based off supply and demand it would not fall to the thousand eight
hundred dollar level that is my opinion on this but the twenty
thousand dollar prediction I think is possible fifteen thousand dollars by the
end of June that would be absolutely insane but I’m not sure if it’s going to
happen I guess we’re gonna have to see and see if John McAfee can be right
about this this is the first step before we can trust him that BIC was gonna be
worth a million dollars by the year 2021 or 2022 I don’t exactly remember but
next up is – so digital cash totally being accepted as a payments method I
don’t know why I took so long to load but the number one place that is being
accepted right now is Venezuela so Venezuela has 20% of the total firm’s at
273 based in at Venezuela you guys can see right here our firms that accept –
you guys can see there’s over a thousand 250 firms in a global range are listed
on discovered – that’s more than the US a which currently at the time of them
writing this article was 255 so it’s looking like Venezuela is the leading
place for Ford Catford – payments and that is pretty cool it’s hope – gt’s to
grow not a lot of people talk about – which is actually pretty interesting
because it is still as like set and that’s one of the top crypto pairs I
don’t remember exactly what positions in right now but it is set pretty well on
there if we take a look at seed 13 that is a over two billion dollars in market
cap that is a big project and one that’s been doing very well so I’m surprised to
see not as many people talk about it but as you guys can see the today we are
having another red day but it’s not as much a red day as it is moving sideways
so the last after the big crash that happened a few days ago as you guys can
see the chart has been moving relatively sideways few percent of Monday we saw
yesterday we had a few percent up today we are having a few percent down the
total market cap is at 276 almost two hundred seventy seven billion dollars
bitcoins ominous has hit that forty percent we’re gonna have to wait and see
how things are looking things are looking slower I think what’s gonna
happen is the run that everyone expected by mid to end juice last July I don’t
think that’s going to happen the way that we wanted it to what I think is
going to happen is it’s going to be delayed by one or two months by all
means I still think it’s going to happen I still think we’re going to have a good
2018 but the market really testing the weekends and testing how
much faith people actually have in this and how fast people will sell I think
the market is honestly shaking off so many people at this time and so being
one of the people that will come out on the other end of this surviving this I
think those will be the ones that will be rewarded and yeah like I said I just
think it’s going to be delayed I still think it’s gonna happen
think it might be just delayed a little bit now let’s move on actually take a
look the big the biggest gainers the 24 hour change in the top 100 is dope
endemic so I don’t know much about dope in any it looks like it just moved into
top 100 because of the 26 percent up it’s been having today red points up as
well myth rose up as well knows a project that really like is up 6% but on
the most part you guys know there is the fall so jagged chain has been actually
following a pretty interesting cycle which is possible to trade if it
continues to do it but it was up like 15 20 percent and then now it’s down 13 so
dragon chain having a wild ride 0x still underperforming compared to where I
think it could not I think we need a bull market to c0x achieve what it can
achieve because it is still ranked 31 it is still a smaller cryptocurrency have
442 million dollar market cap it’s going to be a very hard for it to outperform
the market it’s going to be pretty impossible for it to outperform of the
market unless something absolutely crazy
happens next up we have neo so this is the first of all point I want to talk
about I haven’t talked about neo in quite some time under $40 again which is
absolutely insane in my opinion neo you guys know you get gas from holding Neil
which is another huge perk of having it but guys the neo chart it’s looking so
low at the lowest we’ve seen it in 2017 $37 so you guys know being a big neo fat
I’m going to be hopping over on Finance and picking up some meal as well some
meal and you guys already talked about it but I’m going to be picking up some
more nano as well now I picked up some when I mentioned it I’m also looking to
picking up some more but what the what am I gonna talk about me oh well it’s
not as much about neo as it is the general manager of neo
who’s talking about blockchain being used to replace Facebook so he thinks
that Facebook that the data is transferred in turns up I don’t know
where my data is transferred on Facebook to a third party to someone else it’s
not really focused on consent of the data owner blockchain has an opportunity
here and this is a place where I think blockchain is going to excel it’s going
to be wondering where it comes to at an actual date I think data is going to be
something huge on the blockchain and not having a centralized place like Facebook
which is sharing your data without you knowing and we need to actually don’t
even know where it’s sharing it how its sharing exactly to who is sharing it we
don’t have any clue on this when it’s being shared what is being shared how
much we have no clue whatsoever so box chain would help put you in control if
your own data which since it’s called your data I feel like you should have
some form of saying this now obviously you can debate that it is in Facebook’s
Terms and Conditions some of this and then you’re using their platform so in
exchange you’re giving them their your data because then you’re using it for
free be that the way it is that I don’t mind using Facebook right now I don’t
have a problem with it the issue is I know what a lot of people
do and if there is a better solution then people will therefore migrate to
there so definitely something to keep an eye out on next up is trunzo Tron has
been you guys know there’s rumors all the time about Tron Tron going to $1 $10
$100 but this article is talking about Tron going to $1 soon and here is why
let’s take a look so it’s at 4.2 cents right now still quite a ways from $1 if
it does go to $1 that would mean that everyone pretty much made between 20 and
25 eggs on their investment which would though at the time right now depending
when you guys invested obviously that would be different by the time right now
is the 20 to 25 eggs on your investment which is absolutely phenomenal thing
about this way every thousand dollars you put in you get twenty thousand
dollars and every million dollars you put in you get twenty million dollars so
there is an absolute insane amount of money to be made if that is going to be
the case and this is one of the reasons why I absolutely love cryptocurrencies
and I know is not going anywhere even though we have these huge crashes we are
bound to have those huge of rises as the huge moons as well but the reasons
these guys are listing is one Tron independent so you know they called the
June 25th Tron’s Independence Day the Tron community is all set to make the
migration to its own blockchain community members have also been asked
to confirm their remaining ERC 20 tokens and migrate to may net total so that’s
the first reason they’re saying Iran being on its own blockchain it’s not
going to be late with the it’s not going to be linked with Bitcoin anymore
allowing it to do its own thing now although we’ve seen this with other
cryptocurrencies as well and it does work for some part I don’t think it’s
going to be completely detached from Bitcoin in the sense that if Bitcoin
falls really hard I don’t think China is going to have 100 100 percent increase
on that same date usually the market does tend to follow although maybe this
will help it not take as part of a hit I don’t know we’re gonna have to wait and
see but other than that there have been a lot of developments on Tron even the
ledger nano as one of the most popular Hardware walls in the market made an
open invitation for Tron to join their development slack so possibly even
adding Tron to the ledger nano as which I think would be huge because currently
you guys know a lot of people were storing it on my ether wallet because it
wasn’t ERC 20 token and myuca wallet you can store the private key on your ledger
nanner ledger nano as so it is kind of like you’re storing it on your on your
nano in a in a way you were doing it I guess even though it wasn’t exactly that
way but having Tron’s own thing on there would be huge for them and it would
allow more people to actually store their Tron there and I think that’s
something people would actually do next up is Tron to climb higher so the one
thing I think Tron has in its favor is the fact that they are everywhere talked
about everywhere on every exchange all the time and they’re even going on the
forex exchange so these guys are building partnerships like crazy just
continuously growing continuously building partnerships that is one of the
reasons I think that Tron will continue to do well I don’t think I think the
team is so fully supportive of Tron they’re not trying to you know and it
doesn’t seem like they’re trying to scam and you
doesn’t seem like they’re trying to do anything negative other than bring the
name out to people and help the actual cryptocurrency grow so is that being one
of the other reasons I think Tron could do very well is it going to $1 it guys
it’s possible if you do the math it’s possible it would have to have a huge
huge market cap just take a look right now it’s a 2.7 billion dollar market cap
safe to say it’s a 3.3 billion dollar market cap if it goes up 25 X they need
to be at a 75 billion dollar market cap pretty much higher than the than the
market cap of etherium if we take a look at it right now theorems at 49 billion
so the only one higher than that would be big coin but guys if the markets at
three trillion dollars are two trillion dollars because the market 10x and
bitcoins at you know one trillion and aetherium is at half about a half of
half a trillion at 500 billion then who knows maybe if tron does everything’s
well they are climbing up and they are still ranked number eight and number
nine and they’ll have a 75 billion dollar mark cap it’s definitely possible
to see so don’t count that out in the long run short run though we’re gonna
need to see a lot of other milestones hit but tron definitely doing their best
let’s see they are a very ambitious project though so there is a lot that
has to come out and work correctly and now let’s talk about iota because iota
guys at 3.2 billion dollars in mark at one point one six US dollars ranked
number nine iota announced that it will be launching
a tango powered ID system so Iona’s going to be working with Taipei’s
municipality to develop and introduced the world’s first block to
identification system to be used for government purposes this is a huge
variety and honestly iota deserves more credit than it gets iota continuously
comes out with really cool partnerships and really cool use cases this being one
of them and I hope I Oda does succeed now obviously it’s impossible to invest
in every single cryptocurrency so I will put the disclaimer that I don’t have as
much iota as I wish that I could have for example I have a very little amount
on Finance basically everything I have comes from if one of you guys bought it
and I got the and I got the referral Commission for that which is a percent
of the fee so overall it is very very small amounts
still yeah I oh that was looking really really cool I’m just Paris is curious to
see what they will continue to do and how they will continue to grow I think
that’s going to be a big one and a very exciting one to watch
next up is Cardinal not much news here just wanna tell you guys that the weekly
development update is here in case you guys are interested in more of the
development side of card on o and are more interested in the technology and
all that make sure to go read what they have been up to that card on again
ranked number eighth been falling a little bit I believe at four billion
dollars in market cap fifteen point seven cents another one that is just at
one of those lows in 2018 one of the lowest lows we’ve seen obviously I think
it went down a little bit under to the high fourteen cents but guys this is
fifteen point seven it’s a one cent difference it’s basically in the same
position as neo where it’s at one of the lowest prices it’s been at in 2018 which
is insane if you are a fan of the project and you’re looking to pick some
up and lastly is pun B so pun D has been acting a little weird lately especially
where the whole Bank core thing wasn’t trading it for a bit and everyone was
waiting I noticed that as well guys don’t worry I have I have bought my pun
D on Bank court because it is it out on many place if you take a look it’s not
out on a lot you’ll have it on Bank where you’ll have it on tide eggs you’ll
have it on top bit not too many places but it is possible for us to see Pun DX
on Finance and how you guys can do that is by voting for NP X as for the finance
community coin of the month round seven so in order to do that you need to have
a buyers account and you have to have some B&B each registered user can vote
from multiple candidates but will only be able to submit their full vote once
make sure you do choose n PX s users will need to pay zero point one B&B per
candidate on their vote so do the math ten percent of one B&B I don’t exactly
know what that it’s like one point something dollars at this point that’s
what I think for everyone being be held in your balance the final multiple will
be increased by one to a maximum final final multiple of five hundred with a
more maybe you have the larger the multiplier for the vote so one thing
another thing to look at is B&B another use case here so we know if you
hold by Nance coin you will pay less in feed you pay 50% of the fees then if you
didn’t trade with B & B and if you didn’t hold B & B in your balance but
here is another reason I don’t think people talk about enough and that is the
actual community aspect how the community uses B & B in order to vote
and help grow the over and help grow by Nantz into what it is so clients will
take the final snapshot of each user’s B & B balance at midnight which is 8 a.m.
Singapore time on June 19th 2018 to determine the final multiple of the
users vote it’s important that you don’t sell your B & B before the final
snapshot time so guys if you are interested in doing this check out this
article and check out how to vote for pun D I know we have a lot of Plenty
fans here so guys I’m sorry I forgot to mention in yesterday’s video that’s
another thing a lot of people point out in the comments I needed to talk about
that’s 100% correct but guys hopefully you did enjoy this video if you did
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tomorrow for another video


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