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things first I want to show you guys the New York Times front page today in case
you missed it coming soon Bitcoin trades on Wall Street so you
guys remember I talked about this yesterday and I talked about the
potential apparently the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are talking about
bringing Bitcoin onto there and allowing Bitcoin trading onto there and I think
that’s gonna open up um it’s gonna open up opportunity for so much big investors
so much money to flow into cryptocurrency that I think that’s gonna
be one of the things that moves us up a lot and that’s gonna be one of those
things that’s similar to last year how we had that huge run-up I think this
piece of information if this happens when this happens I think that’s going
to cause another one of those very big runs with several multiplying gains and
that’s why I hold a lot of Bitcoin because I think Bitcoin is gonna be the
one to be put on there certainly if anything’s gonna be put on there it’s
gonna be a big coin if there’s more we’ll see aetherium there as well but
all coins have a lesser chance I’m holding some Bitcoin because I think
Bitcoin go-getting on there is going to cause Bitcoin to increase significantly
in price but that’s not certain right now so I’m gonna keep you guys updated
when more information does come out I’m just saying that that possibility is
very exciting and I’m very bullish I think it’s going to happen I think
that’s something that’s inevitable to happen at this point it’s just a matter
of when now the second piece of news 1/2 of you guys is pretty cool so Facebook
forms exploratory a blockchain team led by coinbase board member so so this guy
called David Marcus he’s the head of Facebook’s messaging app messenger
announced that the social media site is exploring possible applications for
blockchain technology now I thought it was really cool because
I actually commented on this in late December early January talking about how
Mark Zuckerberg made a post and he said that he is looking into blockchain
technology because he always likes learning about the newest features and
that is one of the reasons that I like Mark Zuckerberg now obviously Facebook
has its share of issues I just personally I like Mark Zuckerberg I
think he’s always going to be up-to-date on technology and that’s why Facebook is
going to continue to do relatively well under hell with him as CEO look II like
the fact that he’s looking into blockchain as soon as it’s when it’s
relatively new a lot of companies are looking past it now we’re seeing a lot
more companies file patents and stuff for it and I think those companies are
going to be the ones that survive in the future because they’re adopting early
through this type of technology now obviously there’s no cryptocurrency
specifically that they’re talking about they’re not using Bitcoin they’re not
using aetherium all we know is that they have they’re using blockchain technology
but that is definitely a big step in the right direction and hopefully we get
more news to come now let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency market real quick
let’s give it a refresh to see where we are at today come on 400 and 400 and
apparently it doesn’t want to load fascinating let’s take a look at the
daily change then so 24-hour oh there we go okay 433 billion dollar market cap
36.6% dominance pretty good not too much a change from when we were making
yesterday’s video now one thing you can notice is in the last 24 hours things
look like they haven’t decided which direction we’re going we see very small
losses and very small gains usually that means we haven’t really had much change
within the last 24 hours and that also you know a plus 0.4 6% increase or 0.64%
decrease is something that can change in a matter of minutes literally minutes so
there’s no point in us you know taking these numbers taking the red or the
green too much at heart but if we look at the last week theorem has had a
fantastic week Bitcoin cats had a very good week
io does had a great week and we also have some losses we have still up 40
6% guys don’t forget if you guys want a portfolio review I’ll leave that down
below I’ve been calling Zil for some time
saying great things about it and I’m so happy to see it go up in price even in a
week where other things are down it’s up 20% today so congratulations to all you
guys who are holding Zil but overall we look at the technical analysis we’re
gonna see that there’s not much going on in them exactly today not much change
however there is some pretty bullish signs in my opinion now first thing
first I want to talk about iOS so it’s at seventeen point nine five dollars
fifteen a little over fifteen billion dollars in market cap ranked number five
and you guys remember of vos being the one that shattered its all-time high
from back in January 13 of 18 dollars it absolutely shattered that right here
21,000 46 in cents ranked number five it’s impressive to see it already
reaches all-time high from the top points it’s definitely one of the few
that have that has already gone back and past its all-time highs I think we’re
gonna see a lot of other cryptocurrencies go ahead and do that as
well but I’m very happy to see us you know pulling through so well and I’ve
been saying good things about it for some time as well in the channel now I
want to look at some technical analysis when it comes to this and I found some
good I found a good article talking a little bit about it when I was doing it
myself I found this to be true as well so one thing that you can see is on the
EOS daily chart so if you look at the chart you know was bounced off from the
near 38.2% Fibonacci retracement support on May 1st and it seems to have built a
base around sixteen dollars and 30 cents now if those of you who don’t understand
exactly what’s going on the technical analysis part I’m gonna do my best to
make it simple but I do have the tech technical analysis ebook coming out very
very shortly it’s almost done I put as much value as I can in it so stay tuned
for that and that should hopefully help you guys out when it comes to some
technical analysis now the daily trading volumes have dropped sharply in the last
two weeks indicated the pullback is likely nothing more than a than about of
profit-taking so it looks like people have seen a hit at all-time high and
they are cashing out this is the psychology aspect of when it comes to
technical analysis in my opinion I think part of it is graphs and being able to
see pattern stuff like that and the other part is being able to understand
the psychology behind things so obviously
hit new all-time highs it’s a people are some people are going to go ahead and
take some profits and that happens in any run honestly Bitcoin it’s not gonna
have a smooth run up I think that’s why we keep seeing you know ten thousand
dollars being a resistance twelve thousand dollars being ever since cuz
that’s when people bought in that maybe they’re trying to break even or maybe
they bought in super low and they’re just trying to take out some profits now
I think it’s very silly to take out profits at ten thousand dollar Bitcoin
when you could wait and see it hit twenty twenty-five by the end of the
year potentially but I’m not a financial adviser so I can’t tell them what to do
right so if you take a further so if you take another look at this so further
along the long room of the long run momentum studies are biased bullish
sloping upwards for instance a twenty day and 50-day moving average are
trending up an EOS is sitting well above these levels now another interesting
thing is looking at the EOS USD long long peak on BitFenix so if you take a
look at the long trades on BitFenix they have gone up to record highs despite the
pullback and that shows that the people are taking this pullback is a buying
opportunity and they’re seeing a lot of potential still in the OS and people are
still overall very bullish on a OS so definitely something to keep in mind
also they do have their maintenance scheduled for June second which is
something that could also help drive the price up so that’s kind of for those of
you guys who are asking my opinion on a OS and if I think now’s the time to sell
if I think now is the time to buy hopefully I did clear something up
looking at some technical analysis on if you guys want to see me continue to do
videos like this where I break down technical analysis of certain crypto
currencies then don’t forget guys leave a like on this video and let me know
down below in the comments that that is something you guys want to see but
overall things are looking pretty good for EOS as long as the market allows it
to continue go up then I think AOS will continue to go up but again everything
in technical analysis is contingent on the market that’s why I do Bitcoin
technical analysis to kind of judge where the markets going and then with
that you can go into doing technical analysis on all coins and sort of see
what’s going to happen but no all coins going to jump 50 or 100 percent if the
market is down you know 10 20 percent on a given day very very hard for that to
happen now cardano’s another one I want to talk about because they have actually
formed a new partnership so Cardoza 32 and eight point four billion dollars
market cap ranked number seven in market in total market cap size now Pardo knows
what I’m very bullish on in 2018 you guys know I’m a big fan of Cardinal but
it hasn’t been making the same gains as other cryptocurrencies have now don’t
get me wrong it’s done a little over 2x since the lowest point in a on April
early April it’s already done more than 2x which is fantastic guys we have to
put things into perspective so if there’s suddenly word of 2x in the stock
market people would be losing their mind and how great of an investment that was
the fact that cars Auto did it in a month is a very very awesome thing
meaning there’s a lot more that it can do moving forward and hit a high of
roughly 38 cents of so again it was well over two point oh two point something X
that’s a very very positive thing in a month that is very good it’s
unsustainable for anything to move up 5x every single month continuously for the
rest of its existence that is completely that’s a terrible thing to look if that
happens you should probably stay away from that investment because it’s going
to come crashing down and a lot of people are gonna lose a lot of money so
keep that in mind now Cardno has formed a partnership with met taps + mobile
payment platforms so the actual partnership was between and mirco which
is a part of which is one of the companies that sort of runs Cardinal so
if you guys take a look at this there are three organizations which work
full-time to develop and take care of Cardinal and that is the Cardinal
foundation IO HK and umberto so the partnership was between the mobile the
mobile payment payment platform and emerg oh now this is really cool because
they’re going to be accepting ad a card on those ad a token they’re going to be
accepted as a means of payment so basically the mobile payment payment
platform is a South Korean company it is a leading mobile ad in planned payment
platform it’s going to accept ad a token it’s going to accept the ad a token
Cardinal is the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap according
to coin market cap data which is fairly accurate we all know coin market cap
usually does things right and med tops plus is a fin tech firm that is owned by
met taps which is listed on the Tokyo Stock
Exchange so this is a huge partnership between and mergo and this mobile play a
payment platform and I’m very happy to see them use card on o and integrate
card on oh they are simply focused on delivering incremental sales and value
to our offline and platform partners along with a d8 coin owners so overall
something that will benefit everyone I’m very excited for this partnership and
see where things can continue to head now I want to talk about some tron
because I know a lot of you guys are very big on tron their main that’s
coming up soon I haven’t covered it in a few days and I know a lot of people been
asking me a lot of questions so at a 5.3 billion dollar mark cap it’s currently
ranked number 10 in total income in coin mark cap coin market cap in market cap
sighs now number 10 very good it’s still in the top 10 now I’m gonna do now we’re
gonna look at similar to what we did with iOS we’re gonna look at some
technical analysis and trading opportunities when it comes to Tron
so overall let’s take a look people are expecting a big boom with Tron ahead of
main net launch now guys keep in mind this is not going to be a 5 10 20 X run
this is gonna be some more reasonable potential gains that you can make and I
thought this chart was really cool again when I was doing my technical analysis
it agreed with this and I thought this is a very awesome trade opportunity to
share with you guys and like I said before this is something you guys want
to continue to see more of leave a thumbs up on the video and let me know
down below in the comments that this is stuff you guys want to see but let’s
take a look at this so overall there is there is an ascending triangle forming
right here with a perfect buying opportunity being this yellow
rectangular line right here every time basically Tron is touching the this part
of the ascending triangle now there is a stop-loss set they put if it falls below
this red section then they’re going to sell their position because it’s going
to look like Tron will come back down to the point 7 8 6 on the Fibonacci
retracement level now obviously that’s gonna depend on the market that’s gonna
be what happens with the mark is going to decide usually if it’s going to go up
or down the main net launch is huge and it should cause an increase in price
given is going to be EOS as a main Schwann has a maintenance several big
events are coming up we have consensus coming up I think the market is going to
have a nice run upwards but in case it does not more fun comes out whatever it
may be setting a stop-loss is always a good idea to try and minimize your
losses then if it comes back down here then you can look at buying some here
before we see another run-up but if it does break upwards from the ascending
triangle it’s looking like it’s going to go and test first the where is it first
the 1262 Satoshi’s and then after that move all the way up to 1465 satoshis and
obviously there would be where you would look to take some profits if you are
trying to do this as a short-term trade so this is the to our chart which they
are using for this technical analysis now guys like I said if you don’t fully
understand what’s going on here then don’t worry the technical analysis ebook
is gonna come out and I’m gonna do my best to explain all of these the best I
can but overall you guys can just check this out and look at the potential you
can pause the video right here look at the potential trade and kind of figure
things out and see if this is something you want to get into obviously like I
said contingent on the market this is not a hundred percent this is very much
contingent on the market and we’re gonna see how things continue to go but
overall a solid opportunity for truant especially the leading up to the
testament I still think we are going to the main net not the testing that’s
already out leading up to the maintenance we are still going to see
some price increase in tirana the reason Tron is not continuing to grow and it’s
going down a little bit is because we are seeing that happen in the market so
the markets having a few days of a little bit of a pullback when we tried
to break out to the ten thousand dollar mark could not break past it almost
touched it in a few exchanges and a few certain pairings we did but overall
things we didn’t manage to break it so we did correct back down now again guys
we talked about this yesterday and this is very very good so if we look over
here and over here and over here and over here we see higher lows every time
the red ends on a higher low every time and that is a
very positive sign that is a very that in that in technical analysis would be a
bullish signal and then today we are followed by a green candle which is what
comes after we’ve seen these lower of these higher low so definitely an
opportunity for cryptocurrency can’t a continue to grow this long wick show
that we tried to go back down it tried to go back down to possibly the eight
thousand eight hundred to nine thousand dollar support bounced off the nine
thousand dollar mark and now is looking to head back up so the day start off red
now it looks like it is in the green and it’s hopefully going to continue that
way and leading up to me I still believe that May is going to be a very good
month for cryptocurrency I will say that every video in case something changes I
will let you guys know if oh no guys things are not looking great in May
anymore things are not looking good for June overall I still think May and June
are going to be very good months for cryptocurrency and we hopefully will
continue to see some more decent price action now I’m not a fan of things
moving straight up building no support I would rather us have steady growth over
a consistent period of time so I have no problem watching these higher lows
happen every once in a while and we will continue to move our way upwards and
head up to 12 $13 $13 because that will have built more support and we won’t
have the type of issue where here with this huge run-up which we had in
one day going from 6900 basically all the way up to 8,000 so over $1000 gain
in one day when we have runs like that it was it was very possible if it wasn’t
if we didn’t have the buying action we had or if we didn’t have you know the
bullish trend we have if things didn’t we didn’t break the support base of the
resistance right here at $8,000 we probably probably would have
corrected straight back down without much hesitation because it was just one
day of price shooting up we would have coincident we would have probably had on
the way down something similar to this where one or two days we would correct
straight back down here so that’s why I like building support on the way up but
guys if you did enjoy this video don’t forget leave a thumbs up and leave a
comment down below if you guys want to see more technical analysis indicators
potential trades like we saw with Tron and he
and also if you guys did enjoy the overall news with Cardinal and Bitcoin
on the Wall Street on Wall Street Bitcoin on Wall Street in the potential
money that’s gonna be coming in with that so guys if you did enjoy this video
don’t forget if you want to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin again
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guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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