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anyways a few updates before we jump right into the news first things first
light pay is officially up for you guys who want to sign up all you have to do
is click you know you click get started and here we go you can either log in or
you can sign up go ahead and do that I know they were having some issue with
card providers before hover now I think everything is sorted don’t quote me on
that but I’m pretty sure everything’s sore so you guys go check out light Bay
and go make your account second thing we’re talking about Tron a lot of you
guys I know like Tron there’s a lot of people out there who like Tron there’s a
lot of people out there who dislike Tron’s so we’re gonna talk about kind of
what we talked about previously which is I am now I told you guys when Justin
announced the release date of Tron main mint has been advanced now what happened
is he now they were gonna give details later and he said details will be
released this week so we’re excited for that we’re hoping anytime now we’re
gonna be receiving news on Tron and the maintenance and see what day it’s
actually going to be now this was also an interesting tweet he said at Tron we
work 24 hours a day seven days a week when Beijing is midnight San Francisco’s
working when San Francisco’s midnight Beijing is working when both Beijing and
San Francisco is daytime we are working together tron never sleep hashtag TRX t
writes right so one thing I don’t really like about this is that he is
continuously hyping the coin without any factual backup without any actual thing
there so yes this is great that they are working I would hope that they were
working non-stop you know they don’t have a working product out yet so I
would be out I would hope that they were working
non-stop I you know I’m glad he reassured me I would hope they were
working on stuff because we are waiting to see an actual product but at this
time with the development of every other coin every other cryptocurrency and
where things are headed we need trying to have a working product if it’s going
to go anywhere because right now it is all hype and other you know other coins
other investments are looking a lot better at this exact moment so that’s
one thing I wanted to point out I’m excited again you guys know I’m excited
for the end of March when we start seeing you know a beta version and
actual working products come out the maintenance was also great I’m excited
for all this but you know it has to live up to hype it has to live up to
expectations and I have no more comments other than let’s wait and see what
happens I don’t want to say anything too much now let’s jump right into the news
for you guys this series is for you guys daily to get updated with the biggest
news and what’s going on in the market so currently the two biggest articles I
want to share with you guys is first that there’s a company there’s an
investment management giant with which owns five point seven trillion dollars
in assets trillion US dollars that’s a lot of money right in assets um they
they control that much they still stand behind saying that cryptocurrency is
going to be widely used in the future so I believe the company’s name is
Blackrock and they say cryptocurrency will be widely used in the future they
have been bullish on cryptocurrency before and they are continued to be
bullish and they continue it they’re bullish forecast for cryptocurrency
saying it’s going to be widely used so this again is a huge investment firm
investment management giant whatever you want to call them that are supporting
cryptocurrency and are realizing the potential and the reality that
cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere so again this is just more steps every day
we see more and more steps toward mass adoption and people accepting
cryptocurrency as something that’s here to stay which
surprisingly enough I know in our community we know that a lot of people
out there don’t a lot of people out there don’t don’t believe in it which
usually spans from not doing your own research just kind of hearing someone
talk about it you’re just like well that doesn’t make any sense because you don’t
understand it it’s gonna though come around eventually right now this is
another sad article um so a Russian crypto developer was beaten and robbed
of 300 Bitcoin on Moscow streets 300 bitcoins the equivalent like three
million dollars well that’s a lot of money right so for unknown men they
kidnapped him and the creator of cryptocurrency prism so obviously he
knows what he’s know he’s created a cryptocurrency not bad and if they then
beat him you know caused harm to him and what their point was is that they were
trying to steal Bitcoin now cryptocurrency isn’t a hard thing to get
into guys right there’s the part that fascinates me
some people take out so much energy not much energy they probably took to create
this plan to kidnap him and like you know when we’re how they were gonna get
it blah blah blah blah DEET like you could
have just researched cryptocurrency and gotten into it yourself you don’t have
to steal people’s right but unfortunately that is the world we live
in it said people are looking for the easiest way to get stuff without
actually putting in any work and you know that’s the same in every industry
we have that everything we have that’s a shame but you know just shows you know
as cryptocurrency becomes more popular you are going to be your life your
holdings are gonna be put in danger if you have a lot and you publicly make it
known that you have a lot you know so you know for example right here this guy
I guess if what I don’t know who he is I don’t know much about cryptocurrency
prism however I guess over there maybe it was a bigger thing and they realized
you know what this guy can create his own cryptocurrency probably has a good
amount of cryptocurrency so there it is very unfortunate but yeah
stay safe all of you guys stay safe anyways alright I thought I misread some
let’s go – the overall cryptocurrency market
right here let’s see where where I just refresh the page
if we can load it there we go alright so didn’t change much from yesterday it’s
like a 10 billion dollar increase from yesterday
Bitcoin dominance at 39.5% almost half 40% which shows altcoins
are taking they’re taking a hit which they are a lot of a majority of all
coins are in red and red today Bitcoin is in the green not buy too much though
but it’s always good to see green now a lot of all coins in the red with the
exception of course of a few like neo AOS I own is practically zero Manero is
up a little bit and of course yours truly I’m going to keep talking about
this in every single video because ha ha ha
can’t even highlight it correctly come on there we go up 96% in the week 20%
again today nanos currently sitting at fifteen point eight two dollars guys I
picked up more nano at literally like seven eight dollars and now it’s at
fifteen I doubled my investment in nano within a week I wish I had bought more
um that was definitely sad so definitely something I have to work on I know
investment like I know the investment I want to make I know the investment I
should make and I always under invest in it right I always get worried I so I
don’t put in too much money because I don’t want them you know risk blah blah
blah the big thing I need to get over let me know if you guys have the same
problem down below in the comments it’s a stroke cuz now I look at this I was
like wow so I could have made you know a lot more money had I just invested more
money into a project that I had a feeling was going to pump because of how
good it is and how under priced it was you know currently it’s at ranked at 18
it was just at 22 23 not too long like a few days ago now we’re at 18 getting
close to jumping into 17 passing tether yeah I think we got a long way to go now
definitely could break into the top 10 here in not too much time once people
again gain confidence in it after the whole hack thing that happened people
lost faith in nano even though it wasn’t knatoms fault
just saying now this is interesting you guys remember before I showed you guys
on trading view that they said technical analysis summary you should be selling
Bitcoin according to so many people well looks like the tables have turned they
are now saying three people say sell fifteen say buy eights a neutral these
Nucci will probably move over to the buy now I don’t know how this is calculated
don’t get me wrong I just think it’s fascinating that they were saying you
should sell Bitcoin when it was at like here it’s a pretty bad investment a
pretty bad investment advice and for those of you guys then who are following
this channel instead of this thing you guys are not in you guys are not upset
at losing your Bitcoin because we held strong we know that that was this is all
time to buy this is I these are all times to buy before we get back here
long-term thinking now here we go um some move this over so you guys can
actually see it in my big head doesn’t cover it
we’re gonna look a sync chart we talked about until brick Bitcoin breaks you
know this chart then we’re going to keep this chart held right here what we see
is again we’re testing and this resistance point could we break this
today hopefully could we bring it tomorrow hopefully and if we do then I
see a very nice run up to you know maybe over here possibly um I don’t know
exactly what price that is right now just looking at it from the chart we
could definitely have a nice nice run up now could we also dip back down and
start correcting down to here because we bounce we couldn’t break this resistance
and we’re gonna go back down to the support again it is possible that that
would happen however Bitcoin is looking strong the last few days we see a blue
line here just cross the red line not going into too much detail what this
means but it’s it’s a good sign and the RSI is looking like it could potentially
still make a run up again I’m talking in simple terms because I don’t want to
confuse anyone with too much information but it is looking like Bitcoin could
have ad next week / month which guys it’s the
27th we were talking to 26th it’s that time of the month of February where we
think there is a rethought as a community I know why you guys agree with
me a lot you guys shared in the Facebook group we thought that this could be
where Bitcoin starts to make its comeback starts to make its a bull run
so let’s hope that is what we see guys that’s gonna be it for today’s video
just a little quick short one not too much going on not too much different
from yesterday but if you guys still enjoyed these daily videos make sure to
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you guys think also let me know what I was talking about before when it comes
to the investment and you always regret not investing more because you were
comforting the investment yeah I can’t explain what it is like I’m confident in
the investment but at the same time I’m not ever comfortable putting in too much
I don’t know how to explain it maybe it’s a good thing that I do that I don’t
know let me know what you guys think down below in the comments and as always
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we release a new video guys thank you so much for watching I will see you
tomorrow for another video


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