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I don’t want to waste too much time let’s jump right this so first of all
Twitter CEO this is this the big one twit Twitter CEO says Bitcoin will
become the world’s single cryptocurrency within a decade also before I get
started out this thank you all who everyone who left to come in the last
video telling me things I can do to improve the channel so I heard a lot of
mic I’ve heard a lot of lighting and backgrounds those are the three things I
heard most of and those are three things I’m gonna work my best on to improve I
will get a new microphone I’ll get some new lighting and I will get a better
background for you guys I’m sorry you guys have to look at this it might take
a little bit it might take a few days but I’m gonna do my best so anyways
Twitter CEO says Bickle will come the world’s single cryptocurrency within a
decade a single single currency not single cryptocurrency single currency
within a decade and this is crazy because it came from you know news of
Twitter also potentially banning cryptocurrency ads we might have heard
the other day oh there was rumors about that but either way Jack doors is the
CEO of both Twitter and payment service Square so they also have a payment
service he said that he sees Bitcoin as the world and Internet’s single future
currency he said it’s on 21st today it is March 21st it’s a 1:16
p.m. in my time in the u.s. Eastern Time on the 21st week I said this day this is
huge news and this is going to cause the market to have a little bit more green
today’s we’re gonna see that is happening in just a little bit when we
look over the market but he believes that bitcoins leading emergence will
take probably over ten years but it could go faster so again we talked about
adoption all the time and this would be the ultimate mass adoption and this
would you know I don’t know if it’s going to be Bitcoin or if it’s going to
be another cryptocurrency obviously Bitcoin is the biggest one by far right
now but that would that would be a great return for anyone holding Bitcoin that’s
why I choose to always have certain amount in my portfolio in Bitcoin
because long-term thinking this is the type of stuff I’m looking for and this
could be huge this is huge news obviously we all agree with it but
getting it from such a big name that you know if I say this it’s not gonna be on
the news if he says that it’s on the news so you can already imagine that the
CEO if he believes that’s it’s gonna be this is what’s gonna happen
he’s probably invested in Bitcoin too which makes it even cooler another big
name he doesn’t directly say that anywhere in the article but you know
it’s it’s pretty cool and now Dorothy did note to The Times that he does not
believe at the moment BTC has the capabilities to become an effective
currency namely as medium of exchange so currently obviously saying right now
that’s not the case but in ten years we never know what’s gonna happen and you
know things technology has been moving so fast that honestly we say mass
adoption could take 20-30 years but at the speed technology has been growing if
you guys take a look at what’s happened in the last ten years for example the
last decade what’s happened you know we have the iPhone X now in the last decade
we went from having the first iPhone to the iPhone X and before that there was
no iPhone right that’s absolutely crazy so much has happened that I wouldn’t put
it past the possibility of you know 10 years being how long it takes it could
be more like you said but this is News for Bitcoin honestly it’s great
great news another one is just as little tether news I want to throw in here so
tether issues 300 million dollars of new tokens and the critics reacts you guys
remember there’s a ton of news about tether I’m going to be audited or
whatever it was they’re gonna do an investigation to see if they are
actually have Fiat backing the you know the tether which they claim to have
however yeah this this they a lot of people don’t like the a lot of people
don’t like to throw tethers use a ton though like to trade between Bitcoin to
tether to hold your value of Bitcoin if you think is gonna go down a lot of
people do that and they’re priced at relatively one dollar per token it
fluctuates a little bit sometimes it goes it’s like 98 cents sometimes goes
to a dollar two but not any huge huge differences it’s it holds pretty set
which is why again people like to invest in a jury market Corrections and stuff
like that they put their money in tether let the price go down buy everything
back in at the lower price price goes back up boom I don’t have much
experience using tether I just like to buy and hold long term I don’t like
continuously trading it makes a it gives me a headache although I want to get
more into it I think it’s good it’s probably gonna give me a headache as
soon as I start just cuz it’s too much pressure all the time you know day
trading it looks like so much fun but man does it it’s it’s probably stressful
as hell but yeah so tether news I just want to throw that in for you guys cuz
we haven’t covered much of the tether situation because they haven’t had the
report done or anything but let’s look at the cryptocurrency market cap see
what we’re set at today everything is looking pretty good actually
we see some coins actually the 7 day green which is pretty solid to see we’re
gonna be talking specifically about some in just a second but first of all market
cap at 345 billion bitcoins almonds 43.9% so it’s gone down
a little bit I believe we saw bitcoins almonds at 44% Bitcoin it did hit 9,000
it is now finding you know a little bit of resistance at the 9,000 I remember it
hit it yesterday went back down to 8800 hit it again today now went back down to
8100 but it is holding pretty steady here
a 4.6 3 percent gain in the week which is really cool recovering from all the
losses that we had had previously and we see some you know it’s a various mix you
can see a lot a lot of green here but in the top few coins in the last 24 hours
it seems really mixed with Icahn making some huge huge moves at 41 percent gain
Tron which we’re gonna talk about in a second 9.8% ain’t card on no eight point
eight eight percent gains and now I want to talk to you guys about Tron so you
guys see the Tron foundation is hyping up the countdown of the Tron test net
you know the beta should be releasing anytime soon – but 10 days left for the
Tron test net which would be March 31st a lot of people are excited for that and
due to this I believe we are seeing Tron have a nice little increase in price so
Tron is up 8.8% now today let’s go into the three-month chart actually yes you
guys can see a hit a low of like two point three two point three cents and
now we’re all the way up at almost four so those were some nice gains had you
picks them up not even three days ago these are some pretty big gains and I’m
thinking it’s because people are starting to pick up on the news and all
the lot of releases that are going to be happening people are starting to pick up
Tron and you know I hope I know a lot of you guys well are hoping to see some
nice nice gains in the future which I hope we do see as well now a lot of it
is going to be based off of what actually gets released if the beta gets
released what the beta looks like all that is going to be a key factor I’m
most excited about seeing the beta I want to see what it looks like but I’m
nervous because there’s a lot of hype to live up to if they don’t live up to that
it’s going to be an issue just long term it’s gonna it’s gonna be an issue
because the price of Tron is gonna go down so it’s one of those high risk huge
reward potential but it also could cause some losses if you if everything doesn’t
go as it should go and I’m hoping I believe it will cuz I don’t think they
would hype it up this much if they weren’t confident in what they were
going to launch so let’s see what happens we talked more about Tron in
yesterday’s if you guys want to go check that out
but yeah also just a quick note right now I wanted to throw in if you guys I
get a lot of questions asking Patrick how do you track your portfolio what app
do you use I actually made a video which I will try to link on here you guys can
go check it out but I use the bit universe app you guys go to the App
Store both Google and the Android and iOS App Store you guys can download bit
universe to track your portfolio it links super-easy to most of the
exchanges and you guys can then track your you know your profit to your losses
your trades everything directly from one app it’s my favorite app right now to
use when it comes to tracking my portfolio so hopefully that answers you
guys you guys go check it out again App Store Android store it’s over there
just to clear that up cuz I get a lot of questions all the time asking what’s the
best way to do it I know a lot of people use black folio I personally use bit
universe so hopefully that clears that up now the second thing I want to talk
about was ripple yes ripple we are seeing ripple at some pretty low prices
right now and part of this could be due to them as go to the one-year um part of
this could be due to the reason that this article came out and this is
something we’ve been talking about the channel for a while so a lot of you guys
already know this I’ve mentioned this before not everything which we’re gonna
go through right now but I’ve mentioned the thought process when it comes to
investing in ripple and so this is a – bingo this is the three big issues that
ripple investors can no longer ignore this article is released it is in a lot
of places right now which I think might be the reason ripple is down a little
bit a little bit of fun going around with it but it is something to take note
of so in the near term ripple is not a bad investment this is written by an
editor at wise ratings you guys remember they rated Bitcoin and aetherium
previously and that was a huge headline but it’s a short-term investment guys
ripple is a short term investment it is not the same as Bitcoin it’s not going
to reach Bitcoin prices in the long term decentralization I think is very very
important and so I think ripple is are they investing in the token it’s a short
term investment you guys can see some I think ripple will see gains in the
short-term but long-term investing I don’t believe it is the right investment
at least for me don’t forget I’m not a financial adviser and this is not
financial advice this is just my opinion this is why I don’t hold any Ripple yeah
I’ve thought about it for the short-term gains but so far I’m just gathering
long-term gains a long-term Kryptos because those are the ones I want to
hold on to for a long period of time so I’m just kind of one thing to look look
at is the fact that ripple is a short-term investment now also another
thing that they did mention right here is that the ripple network is merely a
transfer vehicle so it’s used to transact from Fiat to ripple back to
Fiat with what’s more banks are not even obligated to use the XRP token for these
transactions at all so the parent company ripple they rely heavily on
making deals with banks so you guys know we talk about all the time ripple has so
so many partnerships all the time which is great again for them in the short
term people using it but it helps them tokenize their fiat to cut costs and
time by transacting via the ripple protocol now blockchain can save banks a
ton of money I saw an article about this the other day I watched a documentary on
this it can save banks a ton of money so the idea is there to get banks to use
this but the issue is that they don’t actually need to use the token to do the
transaction so that’s another issue lying with the token now there are other
issues with the ripple token you know no tokens perfect by no means am I just
bashing ripple I don’t mean to spread fun I am just saying my opinions and
what this article is saying about and something you guys should definitely
definitely consider I’m gonna see people in the comments say you know I’m
spreading fun I’m spreading fun but if you can’t look at the negative side of
every project which you should know the risks know the positives but also know
the negatives if you can’t do that then this is probably not the right game for
you because you will probably lose money and because a lot of things look great
in the service but you have to be able to see the negatives and this is the one
biggest issue with them that this article claims is that being
as it is not decentralized and it is a centralized company right it has less
resistance to government shutdown so basically what they’re saying in summary
is it will be a relatively trivial task for governments to shut XRP down so
that’s another thing to keep in mind I guess I don’t so far we haven’t seen too
many issues with governments in this so that’s basically just to keep in the
back of your mind type thing but definitely three big things to look at
when if you are a ripple investor to keep in mind ripple had a huge break out
over here at what’s the three dollars and 33 cents it’s back down to 68 like I
said before I told um I got some questions when it was like 50 60 cents
asking or 59 60 cents asking if people should invest I was like if you are
looking for some short-term gains ripple might be good in the short term um
I don’t doubt that I’m not saying anything bad about in the short term but
long term I think there are better projects out there and that is why I
choose to invest in some different projects but guys make sure again to do
your own research I’m not a financial advisor this is just my opinion
I personally don’t own any Ripple that’s all I’m gonna say the ripple I do own is
you know by Nantz referral link so it’s a tiny tiny fraction from people who
have bought ripple or traded with ripple in finance using my link so I appreciate
all those of you who do but that’s the only ripple I really own now looking
over here again this is the technical analysis we go through every single day
just kind of tracking where Bitcoin is daily I know a lot of you guys really
really like this and I know a lot of you guys have questions about technical
analysis now there’s so much that goes on behind it you know resistance support
lines are very basic there’s a lot more that goes in with it it could be like
Fibonacci it could be bowling your bands there’s just a lot of different things a
lot of different indicators a lot of different components to technical
analysis that it would be hard for you to mention it in a video so I do have a
project coming up where I think a lot of you guys will see a lot of value in
learning about technical analysis and the different things that go into it so
stay tuned with that guys state with that I’m hoping to have that coming
out in the coming weeks I think it’s definitely gonna help a lot of you guys
out answering that question but we see Bitcoin bounce off here which is the
resistance line we have at roughly 7800 to $8,000 bounce all the way up here now
we’re at this I mean the support line now we’re at this which was previously a
support line at 9,000 this is where we’re seeing Bitcoin kind of move a
little sideways which is the action we’re seeing today we are back in this
region right here so trading within here hopefully hopefully again we see Bitcoin
have a breakout to $12,000 and backing by the news that has been coming out
again this is why bitcoins going up recently it’s the news that’s been going
on and that’s good I’m thankful to the g20 news the you know now this Twitter
news the Twitter CEO news this is all pros for Bitcoin and I’m glad to see it
back here moving upwards we did not want to see it fall over here to $6,000
moving upwards now again hopefully we can start seeing some action moving
towards here but guys if you think Bitcoin is going back to $12,000 I said
this in the last video do not wait until it’s at $12,000 to invest in it because
you don’t know what’s going to happen at $12,000 if you think I know it’s at 8790
right now I believe is that where it’s a 8790 if you think it is going to 12,000
you should get it now and then at 12,000 you will have made profit if you think
it’s going to 12,000 and you buy a 12,000 then you don’t really know if
it’s going to 20,000 or it could go to 8,000 so that’s kind of my take on all
cryptocurrency but looking at our science stuff I still think there’s a
way for Bitcoin to go I still think there’s some movement upwards for
Bitcoin to to do so hopefully we see that happen again in the coming days
hopefully we see some more green I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for
green you’ve been buying the dips I’ve been buying the dips – so now we are all
ready to see that profit the Fiat is running out that we can put into
cryptocurrency so now we’re just waiting to see see the moonshot the rocket
coming soon hopefully hopefully it does come soon guys but as always hopefully
you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to leave a comment down below if you
guys want to enter a chance to win the giveaway also leave a thumbs up on the
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another video


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