what is going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new video today we have another trump update for you guys they
have just announced what day the main that is going to be advance the advance
released when it’s going to come out so big news and we’re also going to talk
about some of my favorite coins for March 1st this isn’t an official top
five coins or top five all coins from March first video I’m going to share
with you guys a few of the coins that I really like heading in to March so
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knocks I will be announcing that in the next video guys one piece one article I
want to mention right here which i think is really cool is Porsha is the first to
test of blockchain technology for cars I don’t want to go too much into this um
into this article I just thought that was really cool
I saw this article posted in the Facebook group as well so I’ll leave a
link to the Facebook group down below if you guys want to go ahead and join we’re
almost at 1,000 members but okay like this just more uses of a blockchain
technology in the world and you know I don’t think this is my end this is just
like you know the little tip of the beginning it’s not even the beginning is
just the tip of the beginning a what is going to happen and how this is going to
change Oh completely the whole world and the way we do so many so many things so
anyway let’s talk about Tron so number one thing which is great you guys
remember all of these scam accounts Tron is probably one of the biggest ones
that’s seeing a lot of scam a lot of people create fake accounts of both
Justin Sun and the Tron foundation Twitter too
big shame but again stung me it’s something we all have to watch out for
when I try and bring it up the most possible so you guys don’t fall for it
but we have just announced that Twitter has discovered the fake verified account
problem and will fix the issue he then states that these are the only
two official accounts in Twitter for Jack so Twitter does it has found out
the they found the issue with the verified accounts problem so that’s good
hopefully that’s going to increase security increase awareness and
hopefully less people will fall for scams do I think no one’s gonna fall for
scams probably not that’s probably something to be people who fall for
these scams unfortunately but hopefully it’s none of you guys now that you are
watching this video and since you know I remind you guys all time hopefully you
subscribers to the channel will not fall for these scams anyways this is the
articles talking about mainly when we talk about when Trond that when the main
that is going to be actually released how when the advanced maíno’s gonna be
released because they did say they were advancing the date so it’s gonna be
sooner than we thought originals gonna be July 1st keep that in mind so this is
actually an awesome interview so it’ll open up like this and you can see all
the questions and all the answers so originally it was gonna be a July 1st
which is going to be the day that they were going to write yet July 1st may be
the day they originally gonna do it and then May 31st is now the day they are
going to be launching so the test net will remain the same which is gonna be
the 31st you guys know all of your holding tron the 31st around the end of
the end of March is a big big time to hopefully see a lot of moves in Tron as
the company does come out with a lot of stuff company token whatever you want to
call them as they come out with a lot of things you have the beta coming out the
test that’s coming out and then later on the maintenance coming out which has
also been advanced and I’ve already told you guys that I like the fact that it’s
been advanced because it shows that these guys are actively working now how
did they advance it they go on to talk about it in the RPI like I said so it’s
a good read you guys can go ahead and look at questions and answers from
people in Tron um you know basically they were in interviewing depite some of
the people in Tron or one guy in Tron and this these are the answers that they
gave so very very cool um it’s an interview here goal
from technical team you guys find a lot about it so the way they manage to
anticipate it how they how they managed to get it released earlier is that they
basically took the things that were most important so baekje talks about it right
here we graded all main that functions according to the priority analysis of
user needs the main met launching in May will have all basic functions of test
net and high-priority functions functions with lower priority will be
developed after main entrance in the form of version upgrades so it’s not
that they were you know worked ahead of time it’s kind of they worked more
efficiently but then the rest of the article does go on to talk about a bunch
of different things with intron how it differs from um you know a comparison
between the Tron maintenance et CET H and E OS so it’s a great read I
recommend it for you guys to check it out on Tron Foundation Twitter that is
where I got this now what you guys are here for most you guys are here for at
least then we’re gonna talk about the markets a four hundred and sixty billion
dollar valuation we’ve been fluctuating ever since I’ve been making these daily
daily market update videos we’ve been fairly around the same point for the
last few days we went down to 440 or 450 now we’re back at 460 almost 461 big
note again is that Bitcoin dominance is now at 40 point two percent finally
broke 40 percent which is crazy Bitcoin actually had all day high today
of like 11150 I want to say I forget the exact number was it was fifty something
pretty sure that’s what it was and that’s great you know Bitcoin dominance
usually means all coins are bleeding that’s not something we’re seeing right
now well we’re actually seeing is what we’re actually seeing is Bitcoin just do
really really well now another big news that came out I forgot to talk about I
just saw as I was scrolling through Walton chain did there was a little bit
of news that came out about them that was not very good I don’t know the exact
details of it but basically this news has tanked the price and I’m going to
start doing some research on it because if it is something that can be fixed and
that is not worth the panic then it’s definitely Walton chain might be another
another nan-oh which you guys who missed our
nano maybe this is a good opportunity of a coin taking a hit which is going to
recover and when it does it’s going to recover strong
speaking of nano Oh guys currently at 17th in 17th place past tether at two
point two six three billion dollar market cap basically at seventeen
dollars up 19% guys what have I been telling you Nana was underpriced Nana
was underpriced Nana was underpriced look at these last three months
guys I picked up some more here we’re talking about Nana all the way through
here saying it was due for an explosion BAM here we are at $17 $10 more than wet
what my dollar cost average basically for Nana was maybe a little less maybe
like nine dollars more than my dollar cost average $10 more than the lowest
point I picked up Nano which is absolutely ridiculous very very happy
with these profits and like I said before I wish I bought more if you guys
want to check out how I found this you know how I was predicting that this was
going to happen check out some of the previous videos we definitely have a ton
of news on that but we’re like a more Bria more full explanation but briefly
speaking there was a hack people stole nano and the price plummeted but it was
a good project it wasn’t their fault so price was going to recover now guys if
you guys want to pick up any coins want to leave this again finance I have a
link down below for you guys to sign up and go get your favorite altcoins before
the market does explode because markets are looking very very good
Shawna’s well the past of three billion dollar final valuations been moving very
sideways we’ve had a lot of sideways move move in Iran and that is because a
lot of people are kind of waiting you know now is not the moment where people
are crazy selling because they think it’s all over but it’s also not the time
people are crazy buying because they think there’s you know now is the time
we’re waiting for news to come out the main advance was great but we’re more
waiting for the beta to launch how see how the beta looks you know there’s a
lot of hype around Tron so they really really have to deliver a very good
project a very very good betta and everything very good working
concept because nowadays not having a working product does not fly well in the
cryptocurrency space Tron still doing very well though at fifteen I still am
holding onto my Tron because I think there is a the risk reward for Tron
right now I think is very high I don’t see Tron plummeting to be worth less
than a penny for example I don’t see that happening
obviously it could don’t get me wrong it definitely could this cryptocurrency I
think it happened right but I don’t see it happening and the reward however from
it’s awesome seeing its all-time high and if I if they can deliver a good
project and keep building through the years I think the reward possibility is
it outweighs the risk to me and that is enough for me to say let’s go for it
let’s let’s give it a try so like I said I was gonna mention a few other coins I
think are good I’m gonna look up Walt and chain I’m not saying it’s a good buy
right now I’m going to look it up maybe announce something in the next
video talking about why it dropped I know very little about it not too much
so before I say anything I’m going to go look into them
however coins that are going to be doing good guys nanos up a lot right now I
don’t know when it’s going to stop going up so I’m not going to add that to the
list just because it was in the previous list it did what I wanted it to do which
is explode and now I’m a little more cautious about saying thing because it
is up eight a good amount but if the market does enter the Bull Run Nano no
worries will continue to increase it depends on if you’re long or short if
you’re trying to get short-term gains if you’re going long on nano that’s
basically the biggest difference right now so the coins that I’m looking out
for finance coin you guys already know neo definitely definitely is going to
break into the top five coins in my opinion meaning that it’s going to at
least go up to like 170 180 pretty soon here litecoin also had a little dip at
200 it was a good buy as well I also think we’re going to see like coin have
very solid next few months but yeah Trond hopefully I’m putting it in there
depending on obviously it’s very dependent on the end of March so it’s
not really much March point it’s more of an end of March
coin I guess but um another one like I said to that I’m Pitt that I picked up
on by Nance Wahby you guys know I picked up some of this and a request Network
both on buying in so go check those out very low market cap request at a 193
million lobbies at 862 million it’s going um you know again it’s a very
sideways move in the last few days not too much but yeah I think these coins
have so much potential and I don’t think we are far from hitting these five point
five dollar marks again when the market recovers now a little bit of the Bitcoin
chart which we always show at the end of the video kind of showing where we’re at
bitcoins currently had a strong buy so finally these guys caught up you know it
took a little bit of a movement for them to catch up sixteen people say by I
don’t really count them I just think it’s fascinating to look at but what
we’re seeing right now again it Bitcoin has kind of touched the line and passed
it a little bit this doesn’t count though as passing it definitely want to
wait a few hours slash days to hopefully we get any more positive push upwards
now a lot of people have also been pointing out that this is showing a
reverse Head & Shoulders movement which is correct you have the head right here
and if it does complete that and we do see Bitcoin enter the bull market guys
we’re just gonna see we’re seeing some resistance now to twelve thousand dollar
level ish but if we break through over here I think will crush the twelve
thousand dollar level mark and we’re gonna run straight for the eighteen
thousand dollar so now it might not be a bad time to pick up some Bitcoin I’m
very excited for the bull run I’m just you know picking up more and more and
more all the time I’m looking forward to it guys let me know what you guys think
in the comments down below don’t forget give a wait for next video leave a
comment with your Bitcoin wallet address and something related to the video I
completely realized we haven’t done giveaways enough on this channel so
let’s throw one in there right now guys thanks so much for watching subscribe if
you guys are new to the channel smash that like button if you enjoyed the
video guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you tomorrow for
another video


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