what's going on guys Patrick here bring you a brand new video today we're gonna be talking about Tron and the advance of the main net this is huge news and also at the end of this video I'm going to show you guys two coins that I picked up more of today actually before making this video I wanna share this with you guys so make sure you stay all the way till the end to see which two coins those are now as always guys before we get started if you are new to the channel and you have not subscribed yet make sure to hit the subscribe button down below and hit the bell icon next week to get notified every time we release a new video coming coming close on 11,000 subscribers so absolutely crazy you guys have been killing it and I'm so grateful to everyone who surprised the subscribe button guys you guys have no idea anyways first news story I wanted to start off with I thought this was really cool but room not really cool a she's kind of bad for cryptocurrency against but alright Tesla billionaire Elon Musk says he owns two and a half thousand dollars a Bitcoin or literally zero Bitcoin zero cryptocurrency basically someone tweeting him he responded not sure I own 0 cryptocurrency apart from 0.25 BTC that friends sent me many years ago so at least he's made some cryptocurrency profit even Elon Musk has profited from cryptocurrency oh even even Elon Musk is gone profited from cryptocurrency so you know if he got this many years ago it was probably worth zero at that point probably like fractions fractions of a dollar and now it's worth two and a half thousand dollars so there he goes he didn't really need the money but now he has it anyways um next to two-and-a-half thousand dollars he can buy himself I don't know a new iPhone there we go congratulations Elon Musk but what you guys have been out here for where you guys are here to see is Justin Sun this is the official Justin Sun by the way I know we see a lot of scammers out here this is the official Justin Sun three hundred eighty six thousand followers there's the verified account tick and the username is correct Justin Sun Tron so he tweeted 22 hours ago actually just after the video I made yesterday otherwise I would have added this into yesterday's video saying the release date of hashtag Tron maenette has been advanced we'll have the details later and of course in the comments you guys can scroll down and see that there's plenty of scams so make sure not to fall for any scams in here um anyways he yeah Tron main net has been advanced you guys remember we we talked about Tron in a more more in-depth in one video when we're going over everything that's coming out that you know the launch of main man we're getting a beta several things the coin burn a lot of things are coming out soon they're coming out within the next few months a lot of it was coming at the end of March and I believe one thing was coming out midsummer maybe June July ash I don't remember the exact date but the main that was one of them so now we are getting an advance on the maintenance to things this kind of excites me one is because obviously the maintenance huge super important we talked about this before awesome but two it shows that they aren't going to you know we were we were waiting to see what the beta and everything has in store because that's really going to define how how people see Tron going forward however you know having advanced on the main it shows that these guys are actively working they're actively making improvements and not only are they reaching their meeting not only are they meeting their deadlines but they are absolutely crushing it and they're getting they're getting us stuff in it advance but before we thought we were going to get it which just shows how hard these guys really are at work so if this doesn't help build confidence in your investment I don't know what I could say to you that would but anyways we're gonna look at chart a little bit it's down obviously um you guys gonna see the whole market is down pretty much right now so this hasn't really pumped any more money into Tron apparently hasn't you know cause the price to go up at all however you know this is still early there's still a lot of time to come and when these things start launching is when I think we're gonna see um you know because there's also knows I'm gonna give details later so no one really knows how advanced maybe is one day maybe it's a month who knows but once we have more details and stuff I do expect more people to buy into Toronto speculative look just like when we had the rebranding people started buying in a few weeks in advance I think right I see similar if not the same thing happening with Tron now let's go over um let's go over the crypto currency markets right here four hundred thirty billion dollar market cap it is a red day for everything including Bitcoin however yep even nanos dad I was gonna see if nanos up or down nanos down to we speculated this though talking yesterday it had a huge rise goes up like double in a day I'm gonna have a little bit of a correction especially if the market keeps having a little bit of a dip I don't know what's going on with this coin I don't know much about it so I don't know why it's green everything else though and the same thing but everything else all the big the known the respective coins separate theory and Class A actually are down so this provides again a perfect opportunity Black Friday for cryptocurrency provides a perfect opportunity for you guys to go and pick up your favorite coins and I'm actually to show you guys don't forget the two coins I picked up more of in at the end of this video but guys let's take a quick look at Tron and more in depth look again Tron is going to follow a lot of what Bitcoin does and what the market does on when you know the markets are red we're gonna see Tron red and when the markets are green we're going to see Tron green that's just usually how things go you guys saw every coin every basically 99% of all coins and Bitcoin were in the red today so it's no surprise that Tron is also happens to be in the red but sitting at 2.6 billion dollar market cap I also want to note something I saw a comment on one of my videos talking about how I believe he was mentioning the Tron maintenance on maintenance stuff but point was that they were saying once everything along just for Tron Tron is going to be just as useful as Nano and it's only worth a penny or two guys Tron if you go to the crypto currency market Tron's ranked 15th right now Nano is ranked 22nd Tron is already worth more than Nano alright so you don't want Tron to reach a nano market cap because that's going to cut you to Hoag the price of your Tron by like a third of its price so or it's gonna be 2/3 of the price it is now that's not what you want guys don't forget market cap is the most simple thing not the price that does not mean Sean is should be at $11 because China $11 would put its market cap at more than bitcoins which isn't isn't going to happen anytime soon even if you're a huge Tron fan you probably know it's not gonna reach Bitcoin tight market caps anytime soon right I hope so it's gonna have to be like a 1 trillion dollar market cap for for it to be $11 that's like five times bitcoins much it's just a lot you duck that's not gonna happen any time soon anyways you guys can see we're holding off pretty steady here we've been out around the Ford forward of you know fluctuating and near the four cent mark for quite some times we're going to for four and a half maybe a little bit under four cents for quite some time and yet hopefully this news is going to provide the initial boost for more people to buy into Tron for people to have more confidence in China you know delivering products ahead of time is always always always a good a good move for a company because you see what happens with companies like verge when they didn't release the Wraiths on time they postponed it like three or four times what ended up happening was people lost faith in the company and if you don't have faith in the company you're probably not going to be investing in it or you know not the company but the token wherever you want to call it you're not going to have ice a company locks I think it's like stock market wise because I used to trade stocks but anyways if you don't have calm confidence in them you are not going to put your money there it just it's just common sense and so Tron doing this is going to provide hopefully it's going to provide a lot more trust I know I love the move I you know increase my trust in my investment with Tron and hopefully it's doing the same for you guys now I want to show you guys again we're gonna end this off before talk about the coins with the Bitcoin technical analysis we were doing yesterday you guys remember we had the resistance right here the support right here in a little channel going up over here now we have broken below the the below the channel we had built meaning we might be seeing Bitcoin go back down if this holds all the way down to here which we have 4,000 dollars now if for that to happen though it's going to have to you know break its 200-day moving average which I don't see happening whatsoever this is a pretty strong resistance point for Bitcoin so you know if we do see the markets continue to dip just a little bit I see us going maybe to the $9,000 mark at worst maybe not so I don't even think maybe eight hundred eight thousand dollar mark if we don't dip down a little bit below it before bouncing back up but I think if you're waiting for a Bitcoin to hit four thousand you were doing a very risky investment and you might be losing out on some great opportunities like I mentioned yesterday as well if it does happen to go here what you should be doing is dollar cost averaging meaning by on the way down to make your investment you know the price of your investment less and less every time do I think Bitcoin can still go down a little bit right now like I said I think we might have a few more red days in store hopefully tomorrow is a great day by all means hopefully tomorrow's a great day but overall I don't think we are going to be entering the bull run not today probably not tomorrow but obviously I'm gonna keep you guys updated every single time along the way now we're gonna show you guys the two crypto currencies that I bought more today both of them are on Finance so guys if you are not on Finance yet link down below go check it out free to make an account and then after that you can you know purchase all of your favorite old coins this is by far my favorite exchange and they have the two all coins that I'm going to show you guys now these are riskier plays because they are smaller cap oh they're not small cap there's smaller cap I've invested in some riskier coins but first one is Lobby so Bobby's at a 66 million dollar market cap and I set it slow it's not as low as like 10 million 5 million those are very risky plays but Wahby is a great great project in my opinion I will make more in-depth videos on wahby and the other coin too if you guys are interested so let me know in the comments if you are but guys at this price point looking very nice I picked up you know maybe an extra thousand two thousand dollars worth of this coin I don't remember exactly it was a few hours ago but anyways holding these for the long term I think this definitely has potential to 10x maybe 100x who knows but now for now I'm looking for the 10x investment in Bobby yeah I don't think I think when we enter the bull run I don't think it's out of reason to say that expected to happen pretty soon and I'm hoping it happens pretty soon now another one that I am invested in is request Network um this was a little higher it's at 194 million dollar market cap yeah if you guys want to do research on what these two are I've talked about them briefly before in videos but request Network pretty much is it's in the name it's requesting for pay it's requesting payments basically it's a platform for requesting payments like if you buy something on Amazon Amazon will then request payment from you and you can make it up from duck directly from your phone it could be wherever it is and then you make the payment and there you go it's a great project I like the idea do I think it can 10x 100% I think you reach a two billion dollar market cap in that industry I think it can and is showing a lot of potential in doing that as well obviously guys none o what I'm saying is financial advice make sure you do more research on all of these coins before you decide to put your money in anything this is just my opinion and I'm sure we're sharing with you guys what I am doing what coins I picked up these are two coins at ie yes I put money into today that's why I'm sharing it to you with you guys so if you guys are interested again I'm going to check those out you can go here to their websites and you can obviously pick them up on Finance both of them are on here super easy to work guys let me know what you guys think down below of these coins and what coins you guys are picking up and everything cryptocurrency blame if you have any questions and I'll leave them down below in the comments and I will go through an answer every single comment like I try to always do thank you so much for watching leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video subscribe if you guys are new to the channel and you have no subscribed yet and I'll see you guys later today actually for another IC o—- review


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

  2. I have all my trx in a trezor and no gas left can I keep my TRX in my wallet or I have to send all my trx to binance?

  3. If the overall market cap for crypto hits 1trillion by the end of the year then I can definitely see tron at way more than $1

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  5. Do you buy and sell a coin on the way up or just sit on it. For example last night tron went up almost 20%. I considered selling in hopes it went down again. I decided to hold. Whats your opinion?

  6. Hello Patrick!
    Can you make review of this ICO ?

  7. i read announce about mainnet,
    Before main net any idea about wallet for holders.bcz i am keeping my trx token in my ethereum wallet. if you will use own main net how we will transfer our token from eth main net ?

  8. This coin will end 2018 at $ 98. Although it seems crazy bitcoin was worth $ 1000 last year at this point. An analyst called him crazy when in May he said he would get $ 19600 bitcoin. Ignore the capitalization that would be much blah blah blah. It is not crazy because it is worth billions this market because not trillions ???? I trust this analyst very much, buy all the tron ​​that you can and multiply by 98 $. At the end of 2018 we talk and they will thank me. I pass analysis if you are interested. Donations 0xb2d32739e2c67f7e0f3d2f9edbb0be72c54788f8

  9. The FUD here is laughable. People think market cap means EVERYTHING and don’t remember the prices for some of these coins just 12 short months ago. Some didnt even exist yet, Bitcoin was 900 and Ethereum was 14$….hodl and stfu

  10. I think as the lead up to 3/31 with TRX beta Exodus there will be a run up on Tron. I posted on this on my channel

  11. When you talk about coin burn, does that automatically make the price go up on the coin. Thanks. 18SRSmqdseF1Fqh6Lq7mHiFwmzab6UZFKb

  12. Wasn't bitcoin at $19,783 on dec
    17, 2017? It is now down to under $9,600 and trying to cling on to $10,000!
    Looks like the whole crypto's market is growing stagnant?
    Maybe, the the cryptos mania is starting to lose steam?
    The poor snowflakes and ? people are starting to grow disillusioned by cryptos in general.
    If, I was a cryptos pumper O would be looking to make a career move and look to find a real job?

  13. Tron to the moon for sure, i think trx coin will be over $1 in december!!!

    BTC Address: 1GU88ZfJyNx6VUPcvCJZ5MvQUM8MGcXDBF

  14. People saying that tron will hit $10 don't understand circulating and total supply. I'm bullish on tron but I think it might hit $1.00 by December.


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