39 thoughts on “TRON IS A SCAM?! TRON PRICE $5 2018!! | ALTCOIN OF THE WEEK”

  1. What most people fail to realize it that when someone has become really rich and made it to the Forbes list, that person didn't get there by handing out money. The enlistment of an individual that is successful in handling his own financial means doesn't relate to the return of investment of the project at all, only the end product does. And that's not even out yet.

    And I'll bet ya, even if TRON fails entirely, some pockets have already been filled.

  2. Hodl people! "The giant buy and sell walls are from the same whale/ set of whales. They put in a giant sell order ( which they never intend to execute) preventing price from shooting up. This causes the weak willed and those looking to make a quick buck, to sell at prices below that of the sell walls.
    If enough people keep selling at prices below that of the sell wall, then the price slowly drops. As the price drops, the same whale then scoops up all that tronix at the lower price – because he is also the originator of the buy wall."

  3. Bought some at 13 cents… it went down to 10 and I bought more … these shoe laces suck but I’m in for the ride

  4. To me, Tron is a coin I will hold for a long time. It doesn't seem to be a quick profit but long term I definitely believe it will go the distance. I believe in the company and the CEO. I'd take advantage of how low it is. Even if you only throw a small amount of money at it.

  5. Whoever edited and wrote this video is a genius. Not because it was a clear analysis of TRON's viability, but because it was funny.

  6. 1337 Elite coin does more technically than Tron does, yet it's 100x cheaper and more cool in so many ways with 21% APR staking while playing games… -just sayin. check out (1337)

  7. I have to let people know that TRON is not decentralized and that even after their Update will be done they will be semi decentralized and not totally decentralized.
    Became to not lose the power of crypto to the hand of centralization. Please don't take this as a simple occasion to money, we are working on the future of humanity.
    Decentralization and data freedom are really important.

  8. What a stupid video…. so much talk to explain why tron is a scam…. couldn't you do it in two sentences?

  9. TRX has 2 new partnerships:

    1. One more senior developer from #Alibaba just joined the #TRON team. Led by Lucien Chen, we began to have a very strong developer team from great companies. #TRX $TRX

    2. This is all about a very serious partnership with space innovative company. We will announce that soon. #TRX $TRX #TRON


    Pump that coin while you still can! Signed with Baofeng (Chinese Netflix) two days ago as well!!!!!!! HUGE MOVES by TRX, TRON

    All the FUD that was going on a few days ago was all proven to be false!!! If you sold your coins, this might be your last chance to get them at a good price before they skyrocket!!! Quote me on this!

  10. Nice job with the video! Except Suicide Squad was a really good movie. 🙂 Seriously though you make a lot of good points. I disagree that cryptopuppies is a bad idea however. I won't write a paragraph why I think so but I do. I can't believe all the paid trolls that hate on this company. It's bizzare. Reminds me of the 2016 election.

  11. Dude cryptopuppies is what pushed TRON to 30 cents, and gave us a new floor at 10-11 cents.

    Nobody seems to get that.

  12. Could someone explain to me how all(?) the tron coins have been sold already if the coins still don't exist for 8-10 years?

  13. I am just a baby who's tanking too much tron… When i grow to the naughty girl i will cash it maybe 10 years again.

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