Trezor One – The User-Friendly Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

hey everyone what I'd like to do in this video is show you this the Tresor Tresor this is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet it's one of the most popular options out there alongside the legend an OS which have got there and this one's actually called the chaser one there's another one available now called the Model T now when I bought this knowing my luck my bad luck that's one it's just called the Tresor because they released the Model T I swear to god that was like two days later em so that's one it says Tresor but the rebrand either encoded the tracer one so that's as the trace of one you can see a look at it there put on your killings as tiny so we all know how important it is to secure your funds and this is we are hardware wallets command you know two-factor authentication devices like this are super secure and it's much safer to have your friends on less than a step stool on your laptop your computer or an online service so I want to quickly first talk about the features of this and tell you you know what it's all about then I want to do a close up and draw some comparisons to the legend an OS and just kind of very briefly show you what it's like with the display exciter and then finally I want to show you the wallet and I'll just show you how you actually use it and I will send a few coins nothing much like a few cents just to show you how it all works so if I jump ahead to the website you can see a lovely lady here looking very happy with herself because she sent some cryptocurrency with our treasurer one Trez or there's elevation near the Model T I'll show you on a second aim so they talk about customer support the interface and all that and as far as security goes from real verification ultrasound Hardware seal secure update procedure rate protected below the additional passphrase support reliable backup and recovery with your phrase aim so that's the wallet page which will show you in a bit it does as the actual wallet know this area here this is the wallet here when I connect doctor when I connect this that hold up my wallet and then I just have to enter the pen called xhr but that as a preview of one when I show you later okay so there's a comparison so you get a tracer a Model T there and a little baby one I've got no I haven't read too much about the Model T I know it does add a few more features but I don't know I don't I don't know if it's justified for the extra place if you if you want a fill color this a touchscreen instead of the kind of old grey green display with two buttons and also has a micro SD card so that's one instead is encrypted storage on cloud I don't know that's one also has a cloud that seems to be on Mako SD card as well and that's one pen entry pass passphrase entry the very center so via your computer a mobile but that's ones on your tray as well so maybe that's why this one's may be a better option I don't know I don't have that one just now to do a comparison but personally you know I don't mind I've got the older version I really don't mind um yeah for what as so yeah that's the difference between a but obviously do your own research when you're looking into which one is suitable for you yep no this can't be used as a tray a device that you can use us for two-factor authentication for Google Dropbox workplace and pretty much anything and that's a really useful feature for us because F for any reason you don't need to use it as a couple of currency wallet or even if you do you can use this as a Twitter feed device to keep your account secure so that is very useful especially if you've got you know say for example an email account associated with an exchange we do some trading this is where something like the skin comment very very handy no coins we can't talk about a hardware wallet like this without talking about coins now my opinion is that when it comes to coins the ledge on an OS is maybe slightly ahead but at the pins and the reason I'm saying that as that as far as default coins that can be stored then here the trays are done doesn't have that much and comparison to the legend a know which of course and here as you can see here on the supported coins in tokens page the use definite wallet of electron cash my crap tool my ether wallet thus supports hundreds and hundreds you can see up there 689 hundreds and hundreds of aetherium tokens and all these other coins but you have to use my crypto or my ether wallet you have to use one of these other options but then you use em if you can see here right hold on and there's an option here where you can see up using your trades or to do that and maybe it's my crap too like that yeah I think there's this one so these these other applications and you can see they are trays out and ledger these things work with these Hardware wallets and they expand the number of coins that can be used but out of the box as far as the ones that actually on the device itself well I'll show you later but isn't too much it's like Red Bull Bitcoin cash back coin there's a few of those but most of them seem to use external was no there's a similar situation with the ledger a nano waste as well you can see a lot of different wallets here and I remember when I tasted alleged are not always there was a wallet such as Bitcoin private we are essentially the ledger Nana was simply being used as a to a fee the vase it wasn't actually storing your friends anyway and but over the Box the ledger nano does have more coins there's no doubt about that so that could sway your decision while we'll see though and I won't go into this more later on but what we'll see as in my opinion yes the ledger has some cool things that you can see here you can check you know you can go through here and you can navigate through your different coins and all these different things I actually prefer the simplicity of the treasurer and many ways the both the both you know other strengths our weaknesses but as far as ease-of-use I do think that this as a head and so if I jump back over to my browser you can see the places here there's the places in euros or leave links to Amazon as well and okay so I just want to quickly show you the wallet page because one way to do know where's the cable the cable to give you is absolutely terrible it's too short it's just a kind of genetic one and right so I'm gonna plug this in in my USB hub here I mean I do there we go so it brings up this pen display and you see the pen display there now I just want to ensure that you show you that because the same so what happens as you store a pen number when when you set up the device you set up a pen number and you also say up your recovery phrase you need to write it down 12 I think it's a 12 18 or 24 volts and that's for recovery but you know as far as accessing it you have to enter your pen code as 9 up to 9 characters main digits but there's no 0 so it's 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 the the ledger nano does use a zero for all the difference Amex in but yeah you enter your number here and when you do you get logged in so how'd it go Mike right so I'm entering there we go Kate's dress up right so I'm going to show you this later but I just wanted a low again because we'll talk about the coin D and that's the list of all the coins are there by default so there's a lot more coins a lot more other coins that you can add via microp to my wallet and a range of other ones in there you can see electrum lt's 8 electron cash as well those are options but most of them are aetherium tokens and aetherium taper coins but you can see here you know over the box of the back going back win cash back when go – dogecoin like coin that coins ed cash aetherium a feeling classic and nem but after you click on ethereal may well ask you to go to my ether wallet and the same for the theme of classic I believe yes I did some tests with dogecoin and I wrote will show you this and I bet you can see I sent myself a transaction good old doors but before we do that I want to jump over and just you know show you a close-up of what advice is like and older very quick comparison what the legend on that goes on here so here I am with the tracer as a very small device and to illustrate that as a small USB flash drive you can see his play small a first complaint not a major one and first complaint as this USB cable as too small I think it's too small if you look at the size of the Nano cable here this is the one that comes with a ledger Nano and it's a touch to my USB hub here as much bigger much much bigger much longer and I think that's more practical and you know I'm having to use a USB hub because simply this cable doesn't go up there now of course I can just buy another cable here just using a maker be connection it's not a major issue but yeah personally I would have preferred a longer cable because that is quite annoying it's far as packaging goes I'd do an unboxing to please a check value if you want to see more about what was in this box but well I can save you some time this is that a the box as kind of like a throwaway box and I think it's designed like that so that people through what we have towards aim there's not much to it you got a couple of stackers a few you know so in love with your device you wanna push that goes everywhere and you get some you know information to put your your seed there so you can put your 24 what's dunya and store that and I'll see if there's another one more cycles getting started which pay so just sees get to the website and yeah so the packaging it's not the best if I'm honest and I definitely think the presentation and all that is much better with the later Nano and I haven't opened it yet but this is a future view of the Kip key and yeah that looks a little bit better as well just with the box no I'll bring my hub over here and put in this extra long cable and before I do actually just to sure you aim it's quite fun you know a new comparison that's when I've done boxing but um the legend on or ho that the later nano work says there's a button here like button one button two but essential just three buttons because you've got one two and then you hold them down to enter so it's like you move around left and right and then you push one to enter and with an S that's one you've got two buttons and really the the buttons kind of operate as confirm and cancel because everything takes place on the computer itself and believe me that as much easier and I'll show you an example why so here's the device and here's how you would go about actually logging on so you saw what happened when I plugged us and what's the browser the wallet pays just refresh and it showed you the wallet and it showed you the pen code so it showed you those you know it's based like a telephone dialing pad and if I say it's loading up and look at that good old Dodge and so you can change that a lot with image you can pair there's lots of different emojis you can select for your initial screen and when the spend code is entered it disappears and when it does you saw the image of dogecoin you can use you can change any say in Delia and use any kind of image that you want this a large selection of ones you can choose or you can upload your own image kinda pointless but also cool so yeah as far as logging and goes I think that this is much easier to login than the pledge on an OS because what it does is the randomize is these numbers here so it's kinda like Sudoku a look at a number dialing part or something and if you can get it here they offer you and basically what I need to do is go into my computer and enter and I'm going to do that no enter pen that's a bite the dogecoin and and what that does know as actually sure you know on my browser which you'll see in the back going to me here did an overhead shot that's a loaded up no because of that but aim yeah that's all that is you know that's that's a and the only thing you really get back to us know as to confirm that you want to do a transaction like receive or send money or whatever no to draw a comparison with that here's the neural and you've got left and right like that and then you need to enter your could no I'm not seeing this is difficult I'm not seeing it's terrible but you do actually have to you know go in from your number go to the next one you push the two buttons go to the next one pushing the next button and you need to go through that all as it's not huge and convenience but that's as much easier it really has much easier with the tracer so I'm one way to do it I went to my cord with the Nano just now and I can show you that screen so I've just logged into the the Nano know and you know the dozens of the tracer as when you've actually saying done you don't really do anything here apart from confirming your transactions right the ledger Nano well you can go through all the different coins that you've installed and you know there's a few other sins here but to be honest most things are so on most things are stole on the actual computer there's always say as you can change here you can add your coins and you can manage things here but the bonus everything still takes place on the computer just lots of random sins now if data of a review of this I don't want to bore you too much with that but really was just destroy the comparison that no law is actually happening here you're using this simply to control again this is used as a login device and then it's used to see hello to the door G hello and also to confirm and cancel and that's that that's really yeah that is all there is to it so it's a very simple device but you know I like that alloy people might prefer prefer the Nano and that regard I actually prefer the simplicity of this so I was joining some comparisons there between the tracer and the legend unawares I do think it's important to draw some comparisons because these are the two most popular ones in the market if you're looking for a capital currency Hardware wallet you're probably looking at the tracer or the later nano probably there are alternatives which I will be reviewing in other videos but I think it's fair to say these are the two most popular ones now the point I was trying to make via as that that's one the trays are which is attached to my USB hub here that's one as a lot easier to say none with' does our number pad and they jumble the numbers up and then you go to your computer and you just you know you just click the different buttons corresponding to that the the pen code that you've got a m– and just follow the numbers here and into your code very very simple and comparison you need to with the ledger not all you have to go left and right and up and down and then select go to the next one go to the next one again it's not a major inconvenience but it's a hell of a lot quicker with the chairs of one and not idea that that the chairs that is easier to use I believe extends to the wallet system as well no ledger released a new wallet manager recently and the calling it ledger life so that's the wrong window here that's his ledger life when I did my the view of the Nano is actually are a Chrome extension like a browser extension but the Nevada does new application unless he's for Windows Linux and mark a very easy to use very very professional so that this is my balance for dead debate here I've got like 50 cents or something basically just sent money there to show you how it worked and yeah that's very easy to use very very easy to use very professional as well very professional as well that being said that being said I do believe that a treasure despite being more simplistic I believe is bear and not regard because you know when when you're doing a lot of transactions and you're sending in your receiving there's a lot to be said about keeping things simple keep things simple and I truly believe that's what trades I have done here because after you look at the actual application less dedicated application here showing you the graph and all that it looks so much nicer it looks so much more professional just it's clean design and all that but really is that what you care about for me it's more about speed I don't wanna be messing about with the ethic the cryptocurrency hardware well I just want to you know check my balance or you know send money receive money I want to do it quickly so this as the chairs of wall and as you saw earlier I just went to wallet chairs with or I or you can get that from their website and yes feel the simple aim as a show GL there's just a few different wallets here that Bo and the other ones go through my ether-wall and other ones and it's no asking me to log in again so I'll do that no I'm so I need to log in me see now if I go back boom there you go so this is me loaded up my back coin wallet which I have zero one as you can see and shows you their address you can send money sign and verify either new account or the legacy account wallet settings so you can select your currency to display there select the wallet currency you guys can't see that if I jump to this for some reason that doesn't show you drop down menus some things from recording and yeah there's a fairly simple there isn't really a lot to it there really isn't am unable labeling it was not a lot to this there really isn't so here's some basic settings here kids chairs our account public keys home screen so that's it was a screen that I was talking about you can select what you want but of course I went for the main man ym do it with good MT GOx the others behind me you can upload your own one as a home screen editor as well and advanced there's a passphrase disabled pancake recovery seat if you do that you have to enter all 24 words again or 12 or 18 while you set up and there's an option to wait the device as well but really that's all there is to it there really isn't too much to it a as a fairly simple device to use it's a simple that you know the enormousness but I think as one of the best selling points of this device it's you know you could argue that the legend an OS is better made a Salem were presented better in the box hey there's more coins out the box but there's a you know taser it's just it's so easy you list it really as so easy to use a so what I did it just now to demonstrate that as send a couple of dogecoin so I've copying over address I'll send tend or somebody sent to my economy wallet so that you can see it aim and if I bring up that Quanah me wallet just know so you can see the other tasted that day later and I sent to point two to nine dollars and you can see that there so I'm going to send us know when I send two cents back Murray guy is back money I'm signing in and sending transaction right so confirm transaction on your device and this is we are dust comes on so here it says confirm sending 10 doors to an Escada dress and as I was saying before this one is canceled this one is confirmed so if I get my finger over the right band hopefully dear can you see it and we'll push it and then it says confirm action on your treasurer and hopefully you guys can see this but again it's seen canceled confirm and it's seen really seen so it's given you another option tobacco if you want seen do you really want to send that yes I do and that's that and then I load up the transaction and it will send it so that's the saint i've sent ten and a little bit extra for the fee and that will be wedding its way through the internet to my economy wallets but yeah hopefully i'll pop up just no but that's that's all that eyes to it really has a simple wallet to use and and as i was seen I'm not trying to clear so you know I have this trace that I think the ledger nano as a fantastic device I think it's versatile it's got more coins over the books as far as you know you don't have to use a third party wallet like my ether wallet anything like that but I do I really do like how simple the tracer does to work that's going it's going to receive lets not receive oh that has actually right it's not showing in that it's not showing the other you can see it Greedo Sieg laid out ten it just needs more confirmations and then that war life so it works that's nice are you sure but yeah I'm if you're looking for you know I feel if your swing between the legend Arguelles and the tracer it really does depend what you're looking for I think as far as logging and goes I think the tracer as a lot easier I think it's simpler to use this login system and the nests which is left and right and all that as far as features go I think that the default app for the legend are ways and you know what I'm just gonna pull these out here because I'm annoyed I'm having to show that USB hub I'm ready so easy to log n tracer is easier to log on but this does have more features it does have more coins over the box and as you saw there with a this application the application near as very professional very very professional but that being said I do think that the simplicity of the chairs of wallet and your browser from me you know if you're using a DTD put it and you know it's connected with the short USB cable and you know ante up encode and then I think I think it just walks bare it's a lot bit crackle in my opinion and you don't have to use a dedicated app you can just use your browser some people don't want that some people would prefer that dedicated app rather than a poser and rather than a browser so yeah I like both of them I do like both of them I think for these of your store I would probably go for the tracer and but if you want more coins you might want to suite towards the ledger but I'll leave links to both of those pages at this state what coins are because you will be swayed by what coins you need to actually store after you have coins are natively supported by this and you know those coins aren't available on the tracer or face fairs or vice versa so you might you might sweep from one wall to the other because of that um but yeah as far as ease of use the trail runs all the long but I don't think you can go wrong with either of those at the end of the day both of these devices are just to secure your funds to make your investments Aoife and be sure you know when you're saying are both of these be sure to remember your pen code but the pen code is something you can forget in fact I have forgot that before and all you have to do is enter your recovery seed those 24 words after you lose those you are screwed so make sure you have your recovery seed when you when you say up the device that will basically just tell you on the screen 24 was it says if you wrote it down confirm if you wrote it down confirm when you've gone through all the 24 volts that gets through all again and asked you you have to write it down somewhere or encrypter do whatever you want to do you saw the other you get up with them you know their personal recovery seed to get things of that with all hardware wallets write it down make sure you've got that secure that as your ticket that is your key to the kingdom a key to the kingdom so yeah remember your pen code and remember your recovery phase a recovery phase is key it really has key so yeah I hope you've enjoyed the review guys I hope I've covered everything that's relevant I haven't been using the chairs that a long time ago be seen I will be honest about that I've not used the ledger nano for a long time either you know what I've been doing with these as testing them to see how they work but I don't have a huge amount of Bitcoin right now so I haven't been using them to store any money but f I reached the point where I've got a huge number of funds then I will be looking to save them and the base is like this so thanks for watching guys the rodeo appreciate that I hope you've enjoyed this video I hope you found it useful if you get any questions about it please do post them below I am NOT an expert on either of these wallets you know this is just my my first impressions of how these work but generally speaking I do think most people agree that the tracers a little bit easier and I love it cracker to use so yeah hope you enjoyed the video please do post a question if you go any and I'll speak to you and the next one Cheers

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  1. I think one of the big benefits of the ledger (with the new ledger live software) is that you can view balances and receive funds without having the device itself connected. In my opinion that makes it much more convenient for holding currency, as you don't need the device to receive funds from mining etc. The larger screen on the Trezor does seem nice however.

  2. Good comparison. I think you should show some of the features on the new ledger app, it looks like there are some awesome features like buy/sell coins etc.

  3. Don't have one yet as I don't trust the addon you have to have that forces you to trust Google. Yeah, ummmm, no thank you. With one you trust Google and the other you trust a company nobody heard of just a couple of years ago. I trust NOBODY with my private keys but best of luck with everybody else doing it. 🙂 But FIRST!!!! *Peace*

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