Travis Wright and Joel Comm (Bad Crypto Joins Beards & Bitcoins!)

everybody welcome to beards and bitcoins
the crypto podcast for the man’s man and the women who love them today we got a
really special episode for you guys we are coming live with the guys from the
bad crypto podcast I’m your co-host bit boy this is your co-host Jay change what
is going on any day in the life living the dream here we go I’m super excited
about this one man so you excited talk to these guys I know we had a great time
in Orlando and when we saw him at the podcast conference I feel like today’s
gonna be a lot of fun yeah exactly so we’re joined today by Joel and impartial
emoji or at least that’s what it says on his nametag down there Travis what is
going on guys how are you guys doing my name is impartial emoji that is weird I
typed that I finally get it now I see why you guys were saying that I was like
what I don’t see that oh there my name is that now I see great yeah yeah we’re
using a new a new tool platform here but it’s all good we had fun chatting in
Orlando talking about the kryptos and do it some VR huh oh that camera was wild
man no I have not seen it we’re we’re dead oh yeah that thing was actually
phenomenal so we can’t wait to look at that and check it out I try to do it
right now while we’re on camera and it’s very confusing looking at myself looking
at myself so what’s really a trip though dude is like did you put the headset on
and look at yourself in real time but like yes five-second delay it’s yeah
with real time put a five-second delay yeah smoochies – yeah that was funny
they give you that five-second delay because because the FCC doesn’t know
what’s gonna come out of your guys’s mouth so we got to have that five-second
delay that’s family friendly here I know Jay Jaynes he likes to let it rip
sometime so it’s actually me it’s not the FCC it’s actually me that put that
on there so I think Joel just let it rip right there he with his iPhone app
oh he is the creator of the I fart app is that correct that is true what what
was the inspiration for the I fart app yeah well could you explain it first and
then let’s go in the inspiration yeah sometimes I was gonna I don’t know if I
should go here but sometimes I let him build up that long as well so yeah
that’s the farts guys the fourth that’s good you gotta let him you gotta let him
rip yeah you gotta let him rip I mean it just it just works better when you do
that that’s the name of this podcast we’re just letting it rip we’re doing
back-to-back podcast right here folks these you can listen to these Yahoo’s
over on our podcast that grip dough as well we’re doing all the same time that
is actually the app guys that’s not one of us you can hear the app right now
where it goes yeah we know we know which emoji he is I’m the Pooh emoji that’s
right that’s right well yeah to win it’s the Pooh emoji with the puffs of wind
but I’m impartial about it doesn’t know it’s about to say you have to be
impartial I mean the wind kind of implies like it’s strong but you want to
be impartial you know you wanna be in the middle of the cheeks there so yeah
so we talked to you guys I actually ran into Joel at the bitcoin 2019 conference
which was during the the high of the year for Bitcoin right price was up
around 14,000 during that conference it was really fun though we ran into you
guys at the podcasting conference we were the only crypto podcasters that
were down there it was a huge conference what did you guys think about the
conference and and kind of how do you compare it to crypto conferences well I
would say was exactly the same because it was mostly dudes are like 85% dudes
podcasters seem to be about 80% dudes it’s strange
there was nobody dancing on a dance floor cuz it was all dudes but I would
say that 20% that would be female is better-looking
then the crypto female okay that was very offended all the ugly people I’ll take okay who did the DJ the first
night of the conference AJ bad ash that is she was bad ash and I
went up and gave her a sticker bad crypto sticker oh hey we’re both bad let
me know okay so the thing about bad ash was that the crazy thing is she was the
only person on this day she was like a DJ and whenever you would walk by her
she would like lock eyes on you and stare at you like very intensely did
anybody else notice that oh yeah it was very friendly she would smile at
everyone you look at it smile yeah that’s why they make the ugly dudes like
us feel good you could be you could be walking by and if you happen to make eye
contact she would make you feel inferior yeah it was kind of like like a reverse
ironic cat call like that’s what it was it wasn’t it wasn’t a cat call she
wasn’t calling on you she was like intimidating you with her eyes like
please do not look up here at me I will stare you down that’s that’s pretty
that’s pretty bad ash pretty bad ash she wasn’t a bikini so it’s hard not to look
and there’s a lot of nerds there too so everybody’s looking yeah so that was
definitely the beginning of the conference was the little party where
the deejay was and things like that but one thing that I noticed about the the
podcast movement conference compared to cryptic conferences I’ve been to you
which I’ve been to a lot of crypto conferences it seemed like they actually
managed to stay on schedule in the events and the speakers were where they
were supposed to be I found like with crypto conference it seems like so many
times they have to change the speakers or this person doesn’t show up or you
know like this thing was supposed to be at this time but they move it to another
time in another place do you think that just was really due to the fact that
crypto is still just such an emerging industry or do you think there’s some
kind of like bigger problem with cryptocurrency that makes it where all
these conferences they can’t really seem to get it very organized yeah I would
say and you know this is what their fifth or sixth one they’ve had so
they’ve been able to wrinkle out you know any of the problems a lot of these
conferences are their first time they’ve ever done it right like consensus seemed
to me to be pretty locked down where you at consensus yeah I was and I agree with
you consensus definitely has you know coin desk is behind consensus and they
actually spend the entire year planning it where is I feel like a lot of the
other conferences you know I feel like they don’t get started planning early
enough and it kind of shows and they don’t get the commitment that it seems
like coin desk gets better commitments from the more professional speakers I
guess a good way to say it I think I mean we we even noticed like when we
were going through like a little goodie bag I mean even the extent of like the
program for the conference was much better than any program of any crypto
conference that I’ve ever seen I mean know something I remember talking about
with a couple people I did yeah yeah yeah they host me on that so literally
have it it’s actually standing here in one of my how about that I will grab it
right here oh here it is folks you can’t see it because we’re not videoing but
I’m showing all of them oh yeah yeah yeah I got one cool in the mail to you
pretty crazy they had some how you open it up and it had like your tickets and
your badges and everything and there’s like a had your name on it anything like
this thing before was crazy yeah it was good it was definitely good the
presentation of what they gave out but you know the thing about world crypto
clone was even even with that conference they changed the price structure like
nine times kind of on the fly and I do I feel like you’re really right though
when you say that podcast movements had five or six cracks at it I mean there is
no crypto conference to my knowledge that is on its fifth or sixth one I
would think is Bitcoin mm you know they did Bitcoin 2019 conference their name
at whatever year it is each time I think they’ve done that since like 2013 so
that might be the only one I think that has been doing it yeah there certainly
aren’t many that’s for sure right on yeah so but it was good being down there
and getting to hang out and talk with you guys and you know kind of one thing
I feel like we have in common is podcasters is we try to kind of appeal
to you know the average person the normal person not the people that are
you know super super super techy and that or the people that are completely
obsessed with the price just kind of your average person that’s into crypto
and what was kind of your guys is thinking behind getting your
gasps started and trying to kind of reach out to just your everyday crypto
enthusiast that’s that is that we are dudes yeah you did not say hella did you
say hella Wow because I didn’t remember how I ever coming up in the conversation yeah we’re gonna call the apartment
partial crypto podcast and that’s just it’s a joke for us for which is great
yeah well Jay James and I are really big on making inside jokes to each other
during the podcast that literally no one understands and is only for us we just
made that one right there that’s good we did it where we’re keeping on brand so
you know I’ve really found that you know I’ve been doing some videos lately where
I’m going on I’m just talking to people and asking them questions like whether
they would rather have you know maybe $15 in Bitcoin or five dollars in cash
or this weekend we went out and shot a video where we talked to people about
you know what they know about the US dollar compared to Bitcoin and what I’m
finding is you know that the average you know person who’s not into crypto that’s
out there they really know basically nothing about Bitcoin though generally
say it’s a digital currency they’ll say you know falsely unknowingly that it’s
untraceable and the people use it on the black market in the dark web and that
the price is very volatile that’s basically the only thing that people
know about Bitcoin and so I’ve really been taking it upon myself and on the
our podcast here to try to really educate people that don’t know about
Bitcoin about Bitcoin and how do you think that we can reach those people
okay well no all right all right now what was the question harder it’s harder when we’re stare into
each other’s lakes ya know and say how do we engage our fans is that was the
new the opposite like we’re kind of in this you know timing cryptocurrency
where it’s really such an echo chamber like how can we reach the people that
are outside of cryptocurrency that are non crypto Twitter or listen to our
podcast well we’ve had we’ve had this is one of the things that we have chatted
about that you know what is that watershed
moment like whenever Netscape sort of launched Netscape and everybody got on
the internet you know mr. Joe calm he has said that you know he thinks that
Libra could potentially do that if that actually sort of pops out that could be
the Netscape moment that’s gonna be and I think that you know knowing that you
know fidelity and some of these big you know investment firms and stuff are
accepting crypto and when some of the ETF’s and stuff and just Bitcoin is just
slowly you know joining people’s vernacular they’re slowly becoming aware
of it and you know big corporations are building stuff with it and it’s not just
for the criminals anymore right so that’s one of the things is that it’s
disrupting so many so many industries yeah although the creator Satoshi
Nakamoto could be this Paul LaRue guy who was a criminal mastermind and
cryptographer who’s been in jail since 2012 so the imagine if the creator of
Bitcoin is actually like a mastermind dr. evil type guy it’s crazy it was
Craig right Craig writes guys some guy Craig right work with yeah yeah yeah I
think I think that’s definitely not a good look for whoever you know you know
one person who I talked to recently said you know what do you know about Bitcoin
and they said oh well I know they don’t know the guy that created it knows like
wow that’s really interesting that that’s one of the first things that
people say but what you know we recently had that the Satoshi reveal right where
that the guy came out and said he was really Satoshi and of course
unsurprisingly he hasn’t he doesn’t have access to his bitcoins or to his Bitcoin
I’ve recently learned that bitcoins is not a word the pluralist bitcoins our
podcast is a falsely named podcast but that guy but that guy look like mr.
Potato Head yeah it’s like they took the worst
picture they could possibly find of him and put it up so you know that that’s
one option that none of us think is is correct
we recently had Craig right in court claiming he’s Satoshi and the court said
they believe he forged a bunch of documents and his whole story is
fraudulent then of course we have this interesting story about Paul called
earlier what do you think about that story
that’s an interesting one do you think that really is a possibility well yeah I
I would say I’m I would give it at least eighty seven point two five percent
chance I would say that he is actually because it the dude went to prison 2012
Satoshi nakamoto’s you know his Bitcoin is stored on that on this cryptography
protocol that this Paul LaRue guy created and you know there’s all these
conversations and stuff and they they’ve matched up things that he said before
and and and the Satoshi white paper and it’s like it looks like it could be that
dude I don’t know it’s weird to think that a criminal mastermind could
actually be the one who disrupts global banking I personally I personally think
that would be fantastic I mean it’s like a James Bond kind of
thing we’ve never even heard about this dude how’s this dude already a criminal
criminal mastermind has done all this illegal shit and he’s one of the u.s. is
prized freaking you know prisoners at this point and but I’ve never I’d never
even heard about it until his name was leaked as a little footnote on the Craig
Wright lawsuit he’d mentioned Paul LaRue and that just takes you down a rabbit
hole who’s this dude and then you found out he’s done all this crazy shit he’s
like John McAfee wishes he was well even even even went by a nickname
Soula Toshi which is very close to Satoshi according to the guy who
recently revealed himself as Satoshi numerology is all that matters when it
comes to figuring out who Satoshi is so I don’t know if you guys saw that he
loves called Ian numerology so but you know that the thing about it is I’ve
thought about this as well because I you know Travis I really actually agree with
you I to me out of all of the you know fake Satoshi reveals or you know expose
‘he’s we’ve had on this guy could be Satoshi this guy could be so touchy that
is the one that makes the most sense there’s so much in that story that kind
of fills in some gaps you know like some things we wonder about when it comes to
trying to figure out who this who this person is and one thing I thought about
is that you know he could be under he’s
obviously are under arrest I believe in the United States and he could have some
kind of agreement with the United States where they’ll go easier on his sentence
or you know something like that if he maybe never touches a computer again
because that’s what they’ve done with Ross Ulbricht you know Ross is not
allowed to touch computers period so they could do something like that to
kind of keep him quiet and then that would you know keep the the main thing
anybody is concerned about when it comes to who is a toshi is those bitcoins that
he has because that’s one like 18th of the supply basically and that those
could really kind of wreck the market if those just came flooding back in at any
point do you think we’ll ever see those bitcoins again or to say man yeah yeah
if it was that dude right like it’s really not good for PR oh yeah criminal
mastermind creative ha ha ha like that’s not gonna help its image or it’s an
option right anymore anymore anymore right
join the Silk Road today we have a heroin and cocaine and other random
stuff dislike your spouse we got that for you too covered to only point zero
zero nine Bitcoin per month yeah but you know is one of these things it’s very
interesting and you know I want to get your thoughts on it too J chains but you
know it’s one of these things where none of us really I think in our hearts like
we want the answer to it but it’s one these things that we’re almost always
going to try to investigate and at anytime there’s a story about who could
be Satoshi like you want to read it you want to research you want to look into
it but yet you don’t really want to find the answer because it’s better for kind
of the the legendary folk hero status of Satoshi Nakamoto and plus if the person
who created it was still alive then that really does open it up for someone to be
like oh yes I am Satoshi oh this really is not my vision and so
without that I think it’s much better for the space what do you think J James
Oh I mean absolutely I like the Kino kind of wood but everybody’s been saying
you know it’s there’s a mystery that’s you know you don’t really know it’s kind
of nice that way it’s more comforting to know that like you said it could be
horrible for the image if you find out that it’s a criminal mastermind it could
be detrimental you know if it ends up being the wrong person for the whole
movement so I like I like knowing that it’s not known at this particular moment
I’d like to keep that man I bet he probably doesn’t want it to be known
either if whoever it is it’s like it’s like if he has held on to those Bitcoin
now for you know for ten years nine years whatever the number is like he
obviously doesn’t want people to know and he’s not moving he’s not taking
personal you know profit from its yet right it’s just crazy to think that none
of it has been peeled off unless he had an another account that that he had been
working off of or whatever but if the dudes in prison then that would make it
make a whole lot of sense the dudes like it was a badass in cryptography like I
actually whenever I read that story we had interviewed Ben Mezrich Ben Mezrich
was a dude who wrote the book a Bitcoin billionaires he also wrote the book that
was about this that became the movie The Social Network right we we had it really
yeah so which was really cool you guys should have him on your show he talks
about you know how the how the Winklevoss twins were the way they were
and how they were portrayed in the first movie and now how it’s more like a
Redemption deal and their chin you know they’re doing a Bitcoin and blah blah
blah well I sent this story over to him and he read it he goes oh man he goes I
said that’s a great story like it just seems to me like this Paula
rude guy is like a movie waiting to happen like we don’t know it and if he’s
Satoshi Nakamoto like 10 years later we find out or something like that’s just
it just could be madness could you imagine coming out of jail and being a
billionaire a book like almost a trillionaire about okay do you guys want
to know the number what number use a little trivia for you does Bitcoin have
to get to four Satoshi Nakamoto to become the richest man on the planet
dude do but you can do do do close any other
guesses do we have any other guesses is it is it uh relatively speaking
well the richest person in the world’s got what 65 billion is there a hundred
billion area I don’t think don’t think so I don’t think there’s a hundred baby
but I think some seventy five billionaire either I think it’s
somewhere between 65 and 75 billion so whatever it takes for his his to get
bigger than that I don’t know how long that would be how long is it actually
know that we do we do now have a 100 billionaires Jeff Bezos he’s worth 110
billion dollars he’s he’s doing his person in the world his wife’s got about
50 what oh yeah he’s about to get that cut in half sure he’s about to go down
so he’s not 255 s up there with mrs. Bezos the former oh my gosh does he does
he have kids how will they eat this I’m just trying to take care of my family up
in here with my hundred billion but the number the number that I read
Reese is recent is a couple months ago was sixty thousand dollars once Bitcoin
gets to sixty thousand dollars whatever that math adds up to and I guess maybe I
guess maybe that’s based on him getting that divorce and having to split that
money yeah well that number changes every time it’s
like whenever Jeff Bezos has plus $1 divided by whatever Satoshi nakamoto’s
bitcoins plus times the price whenever that equals Jeff Bezos plus $1 then you
know every day that’s not alert on that little math equation there cuz I lost
you that’s good know somebody should make that as a website like you’re
Satoshi the richest calm oh yes oh no he is not
Bezos yeah that would definitely be good I think we should start that start a
gambling site what’s the over-under when it’s gonna happen let’s take let’s make
some money I like it I like money I got you guys
okay yeah so I do think I do think it’s the whole thing is very fascinating it
does definitely seem like a movie but you know I think the other possibility
which i think is a really strong possibility is that Satoshi is dead
I mean that that would probably make the most logical sense I would think like if
we had not seen this story about Paula Ruth at kind of kind of filled in some
gaps and made us think like this code kind of be it like it makes
the most sense for him to be dead because admit how fini then right
because it seemed like how fat he is it could have been how fini but but if him
and how fini were having conversations maybe that was satoshis way of saying
nope not gonna say it’s me I’m gonna say I was talking to me
so somebody won’t think that it was me what’s he you know he probably doesn’t
want well you know like what you said you doesn’t want people to know who he
is because once his identities out there I mean I’m sure there’s a large tax bill
coming right – oh it’s not just that I mean he he suddenly becomes the most
sought out person in the world period bridges it’s been really hard for me
being so famous you know so but yeah I mean you were on them you were on the
movie the Sandlot back of the day right yeah that’s a genuinely funny I was
actually I was the dog yeah killing me smalls ferocious yeah killing the Beast
the Beast yeah I was the Beast that was me that was me but yeah so I I don’t
know if we’ll ever find out who it is I don’t it is one of those things it’s
fun to investigate it’s fun to look at but you know it the thing is is it
really could have a huge impact on the price if all of a sudden those things
were to start moving so I think we all kind of agree like hopefully they’ll
never be on the move and you know Joey you brought up a good point which is
yeah yeah you really did you really did this is actually your first great point
you brought up since you talked about people liking farts oh yeah I actually
gave you a little more credit than that which was actually when you said that
maybe he has another account like we don’t know like maybe one of these big
Bitcoin wallets that has you know a hundred thousand bitcoins in it or
whatever like maybe he has one of those too and we just don’t know it I mean it
could have easily started mining from a different computer you know after all
those Genesis wallets were were formed or whatever so I don’t know if you guys
ever thought about that then maybe who knows maybe he has more Bitcoin and he’s
using it he’s just already rich beyond his wildest dreams it’s an enigma
wrapped around a mystery mapped around an impartial emoji it’s all comes growth
both sark wrapped in bacon thing I do love I do love bacon bacon a lot so
well cool well yeah so you said you had the guy on from Bitcoin millionaires or
was a Bitcoin billionaires was the name of the book been measured yeah so I’ve
definitely seen a lot of people talking about that book I haven’t read it myself
you guys read a lot of books yourselves I don’t I I like to read books I read
you so yeah I got a ton of great books books do a lot of audio books in our
house I love those podcast audio books regular books I got real bad a TD so I
can’t sit down and read a book we you forgot to read you just offended me
right there yeah so books are you calm yes good it just says good yeah the
offend ometer we need to have an offender and you can just go rate how
you are offended at that moment and then it just tells you freaking deal with it so books are books are bad audio books
are worse but podcasts are the very very worst right for anything
I mean podcasts are terrible nobody should listen to them you disagree well
I just tried to offend everyone in the audience and all the shows oh yeah did I
say listen the podcast you guys are stupid you know podcast podcasts are
interesting because it’s a very interesting form of media where like
with YouTube videos I feel like people hardly ever actually finish it like I
hardly ever finish a YouTube video but podcast you know people a lot of times
oh listen to the whole thing through because they’re kind of doing it while
they’re doing something different so it’s definitely a very interesting
medium I think if I could never make it through a whole portal movie really I
think probably been very few that have been watched from start to finish you
probably are correct there well I don’t know I don’t know maybe maybe finish but
no start yeah well I think I think that will about do it for for us for this
episode what do you think Jay James you got any more questions no man I think
that this was fun I look forward to talking with you guys again
I’m sure we can probably arrange something like that I’m nonplussed
I mean I’m impartial yeah one of you had to be or two so you have a beard in it
as well have a goatee so that counts doesn’t little aids he looking got mange or
something it’s like dude homeless he should really shave that atrocity he did
he did say that he did say ad that’s great yeah that’s good I’m sorry if I
fitted any of your listeners if I did you can come over to bag crypto and
listen to us over there and we’ll offend you there too wait so we actually know
that there is far as guidelines go because we interviewed one of the the
gentlemen who won the 2017 world beer championship in the goatee division as
long as there is a two inch separation between your top head and your facial
hair that’s considered a beard anything more than that I think is that’s where
you go into the goatee okay good you ever want to go professional goatee
there you go I don’t I don’t but I appreciate the
offer yeah awesome well okay well Joe and drivers
tell everybody where they can find you at you can find me in Kansas City
nice baby Casey they got some barbecue there and you know we do love barbecue
we love all things women like and barbeque we should do that sometime have
a little barbecue off because I’m in Texas and I know you guys got good
stuffs but you got a brisket yeah we got barb we got great barbecue and we got
Patrick mahomes and the cheese is true how many people you think picked him
number one for fantasy in their in their dress not many because he’s not I mean
he’s raised the number one quarterback take him but everybody Pitt was picking
to take one bark Berkeley and Christian McCaffrey and those guys first so but I
think my home’s my homes is definitely gonna be I think as good as he’s
advertised so well I’ll tell you what we have the I believe I believe it to be
the fastest core wide receivers in the history of the NFL oh yeah because you
got you got a Georgia Bulldog on the team now yeah well we want to drafted
him if we hadn’t had that issue with Tyreke Hill and then yeah it was rid of
all that stuff and then now we either get another fast dude so
like all the great players of last year for the most part in the wide receivers
and the best tight end in the league is Andrew Luck retired so right that’s good
for you to not knocking down those AFC teams you got to get over that’s true
that’s true well we can definitely do a whole separate football episode or so
because I’m gonna do I’m gonna do I’m gonna do a sports cast show I was
thinking about setting up a sports cast like network of having funny people
talking sports would be fun yeah you can count me in on it you do the forecast I
think that’s really good well you can you can certainly count me in on the
sports cast Joe I’d love to come do that so right on I got I got a lot of cool
football stuff going on I also do I sell of signed football helmets we had the
baddest Patrick bones helmet last night you could imagine so was it like a an
auction thing or something yeah so we do this thing called sports I get we’re
pretty much done with the podcast maybe we should just say bye and then we can
edit that at the end okay okay good yeah I’m gonna do right now goodbye all right
guys well it was a blast thank you so much for coming on the podcast this is
bit boy and on behalf of Jay chains and beards and bitcoins podcast we will talk
to you guys level see you

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