20 thoughts on “Travala.com | A Champion For Real-World Crypto Adoption”

  1. Nice video showing how to use Travala. I have been a fan since ico and this project is like no other project out there. The team will not be stopped ?

  2. Yep! Travala, TravelbyBit, Benfica Soccer Club, UFC fighters, Glory kickboxing league, International Soccer Stars, POP Stars, Film Producers, State sanctioned remittances to Venezuala and now Miami Dolphins. ? ?

    Increased ‘Use’ for Bitcoin and Łitecoin means increased demand, mining reward halving leads to reduced supply. Result should be greater use and price?️‍♂️?

  3. hi , thanks for the good content on a daily basis. krown talks about you 😉 https://www.youtube.com/embed/tE5H4K2NhKk?start=343

  4. I used Travala several times and saved more than 15% every Time. Also bought 5000ava tokens to save another 10% extra. Travala rocks

  5. This actually sounds pretty good and i want the token. All those cryptos they accept gives me hope i might be able to travel some day.. if this market takes off, and my trx, and other alts provide me with the means, all I'll need is for TSA to be reformed. I am all set with getting molested by nazis

    This is good for the whole space tho… difficulty finding ways to utilize crypto is one of the naysayers arguments against it

  6. nick i have an acc with travala and they say if pay with dash we get 40% discount but when i checked the usd-dash there was no discount it was same value for a booking.i mailed travala 2 days ago asking about this but no reply as yet which is not good

  7. Check out the month on month increase in bookings and revenue at Travala.com Dashboard on google dashbaords https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/1E04ChP57nTv8PeiOQDkNNCAh3vhGiwNu/page/Dsms

  8. I have a hotel but I don't see how I can use this for the hotel. Do they only copy hotels from other big listing sites like booking.com? It would be nice if they could decentralize the supplier-side as well. Wonderful otherwise!

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