become a better investor with a place to connect with people for sharing ideas about the
market figure out where the market is really going to learn from concrete
ideas presented on charts and interact directly with their authors you can
comment ask questions and agree or disagree or do your own research and any
company to learn more free online charts and real-time market data show you
what’s happening in the market powerful analysis tools let you make sense of
that information once you have an investment idea discuss
it with friends and other investors publish ideas to the gallery and Twitter
to get public feedback or use direct links to share private research take control of your learning with and start becoming a better investor today

12 thoughts on “TradingView”

  1. Is their a video that shows how you enter the trade?
    What are pips?
    What is 1 for one and two for one
    Anxious to get going and signed up for Trader View bit have no idea how to submit a trade and how you submit a long trade or short trade.

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  3. I am an aspiring forex trader and have noticed from many of the trading charts that i have seen so far, that they are from tradingView. Please can i know how much it will cost to use your platform monthly? Thank you

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