TradingView Tutorial Series Part 5 – Navigating the Paid Version of TradingView

(awe-inspiring music) – Welcome to video five of charting review. At this point you should
know how to open up a chart, enter your symbols,
understand my favorite icons, and left-hand side, towards the top, and on the right-hand side. In this video, we’re gonna
discuss the paid version or creating the profile, accessing ideas, and so on so forth, and the benefits, and the features, and realistically, some
of my favorite aspects of how I look for trading opportunities, and also provide trading opportunities. Let’s get started. Okay, so the first thing
I need you to do is I need you to go to my profile, and I need you to like and follow my page. Let me show you how to do that. Left click on the home
page and go to People, and then you can type my
name in, JoshuaMartinez, and you’ll see my smiling face,
JoshuaMartinez, no spaces. When you do so, it’s gonna bring you
directly to my profile. Now, when my profile pops up, on the right-hand side you’re gonna see a little Follow button. Go ahead and left click and follow, and you’ll be able to
receive my trading ideas when I push them out. Now, let’s go ahead and discuss
the overall profile page, whether you’re gonna utilize
mine, follow someone else, or create your own. If you look towards the bottom, you’re gonna see Ideas,
Scripts, Followers, Following, Settings, and Support. Let’s talk about Ideas first. In TradingView, it gives
you the ability as a trader to find trading opportunities,
apply your analysis, and then share it with the community and also your followers. If we take a look at mine, we can see that we have the euro against the Australian dollar, daily time frame, long term bearish. It’s a 2,448-pip opportunity. If I left click, it gives us the opportunity
to see the overall analysis. You can see, here is the
resistance, here is support, and you can see that’s set to 2014 the mark has been bouncing
up and down, up and down, and if you think about it, 2,400 pips, that’s like 24,000 U.S. dollars
in the standard position. So, simply just going to
my page and liking it, and being provided thousands and thousands of
pips worth of trading ideas could be relatively lucrative
and profitable for your side. Okay, one of the neat things I
really like about TradingView is these are all interactive charts. What that means is you have
the ability to zoom in, and you have the ability to kind of see and dissect the overall
analysis on your own, and you have this little Play button, so this is when I posted the overall idea, and I play it, you can kind of
see where the market is now, so the market’s gone up, and
the market is starting to wave. You also will see my previous ideas too, so I’ve linked some previous
selling opportunities that we’ve been utilizing or pushing out. In this scenario, you can see that we have a
sell that worked out very well. Here’s another sell that
worked out very well, and here is another idea that
we’re in the middle of, okay? And you can always press
the little X button. You have the ability and
opportunity to go through, read the overall notes, you can kind of see the description, and you can like it, thumbs up, you can comment on it and so on so forth. Now, you also have access
to scripts, followers, and you can manage your overall profile. Now, here’s what I wanna do. I wanna go back to the charts and kind of show you on the charting side, the access of what it’s
like to be a paid member. Again, there’s different options you can choose and pick from. You can kind of see and pick and choose what
profile’s best for you, but these are the kind of
things that I really like, so I have my templates. Now, these templates are
gonna give me the ability to have my different
indicators and systems that I already programmed on, so at the click of a button I can apply my favorite
visual guides that I want. On the right-hand side I can now interact with
the overall community. I can say, “Hey everyone, how’s it going?” “Hello everyone,” and then, hopefully
everyone’s in a good mood and they can say something
nice to me. (laughs) If not, it’s live so who
knows what’s gonna happen? Maybe someone’s having a bad day. Maybe someone’s having a good day. Here’s all the private
chats, and so on so forth, and then here’s where you
can manage your ideas, and then of course you get access to managing your overall alerts. Setting alerts is really simple. I can always right click and just left click over alert, add alert, and I can say on
crossing, give it a value, and then select Create, and now I have alert on
the euro/Australian dollar. Here it is, located in
my little Alert section, and then I can remove my alert
by simply selecting Delete. Now, I love TradingView, hands down. You get access to trading ideas. You get access to profiles. You can go follow your favorite traders. Traders can follow you. You can interact with other individuals. Gives you all your tools you have. It’s Web-based, works on tablets, works on Macs, works on PCs,
works on your cellphone. They got a free version and
they got a paid version. It really is all-around
a fantastic experience, whether you’re new,
whether you’re experienced, whether you are just getting started or you are a seasoned pro. So, here’s the deal, okay? Hopefully, you enjoyed
this entire experience, and what we ended up doing
here at Traders Agency is we created and we reached
out of TradingView, and we receive what’s
called an affiliate link. Down below is the affiliate link, which gives you the ability to sign up. If you do sign up through, we do receive a little bit of a commission when providing you the service. Now, it doesn’t mean that
we’re gonna be supporting you. It doesn’t mean that we’re
gonna be following up with you. It doesn’t mean that we’re
gonna be your contact. It just basically means this: If you like
charting software like we like it, and you’re ready to sign up, it is a really nice give-back if you just use our link down below, and we also give you a savings because we created this
how-to video series here at Traders Agency for you. Hey, appreciate the opportunity. Have a wonderful day. My name is Joshua Martinez. Let me know in the comments below. If you want to learn
something very specific, we can get into any detail
that you see on the icons that you wanna learn. So, hey, Joshua Martinez,
have a wonderful day. (awe-inspiring music)

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