TradingView Tutorial Series Part 2 – Getting Familiar with Chart Icons and Drawing Tools

(keyboard holding chord) – Welcome to video two of
our Trading View Review. Okay, let’s go ahead and take
a look at my favorite icons on the left hand side of
the trading view charts which has helped me make
the most amount of profit over the years. So left hand side, first thing we gotta do
is we need to identify trend lines, horizontal lines to mark support and resistance, U turns, buy zones, sell zones. Just left click over the icon. You can see trend lines. Left click. Draw. It’s really simple and easy. Customize. Change your color. Transparency. Lines are thicker, lines are smaller. You can put arrows on, take arrows off and so on so forth. Deleting, super simple. Left click over your trend line and then select the trash can button. Now, horizontal lines, left click over this icon. It gives you a whole list. Again, you can go through
all these if you want. I’m gonna show you my favorite ones. Here is my horizontal line. Left click and then apply right away. Okay, so that’s done. Let’s go ahead and delete this. Another thing I really,
really like is Fibonaccis. If you don’t know your Fibonaccis, go learn them. They are a must-have. Left click where it shows the pitchfork and then find where it
says Fibonacci retracement. Do me, Do yourself a favor, okay. I went ahead and customized the Fibonaccis the right way, the way
you’re supposed to do it. It takes years and years
and years of education and a tremendous amount of investment of time and resources. Do this, pause the screen and just copy this right here. And, three, two, one, pause! Okay, welcome back. Let’s go ahead and continue on. Now, to get rid of the Fibonaccis, go ahead and delete. It’s super simple. I love marking up my charts in regarding leaving myself messages saying “Hey, sell after
lunch,” type of scenario. You can talk about support and resistance. Leave yourself notes so
this way you don’t have to do analysis over and
over and over again. Delete that as well. Now buy zone, sell zones. If you’re looking to buy,
your looking to sell, it’s a little easier
just to kinda mark it. Click on the arrow, and you have a nice, little sale button. If you want to change the button or change the color, you can do so. It’s super simple, right to the point, and of course you can always delete it by clicking on the trash can. This is very convenient. It’s one of my favorite tools. It’s the measurement tool. It’s really, really important because you wanna make sure
you understand the risk and you also want to make sure you understand the opportunities. I’ll just left click and hold, bring it straight up. You can see right away the of what you measured you have labeled in pips, so that’s 89 pips. If you’re looking at futures, they’ll show you the ticks. If you’re looking at the stocks, it’ll show you the percentage move and so on so forth. Now, you can use this magnet tool, and this magnet tool is very important and it can kinda get a pain in the butt if you click it wrong
or use it wrong, but, let’s say you’re drawing a trend line and you want to make it perfect, and you want to put it exactly on the candlestick high. Left click, and you can see it’s right on it, and then I’m gonna left click over this, candlestick, and notice how it’s just hugging the candlesticks. It’s just hugging the candlesticks. Left click and it’s done. So I have exactly on this candlestick high and exactly on this candlestick high because of this magnet tool. Let’s go ahead and remove that add, and once again we can
go ahead and delete it by clicking on the trash can. This is really convenient. It’s gonna be our last thing
that we’re gonna review. It’s going to be the stay in drawing mode. Left click, and you can
continuously draw your tools over, and over, and over and over again, instead of having to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. If you want to delete all
your tools at one time go ahead and left click. One of the last icons is gonna be up here which is your pointer. You can use cross,
dots, arrows or erasers. Hey, my name’s Josh Martinez. When we come back on our next video, we’re gonna talk about indicators, templates, alerts, replays, that back button which is very important, and I’m also gonna show you
how to change your time zones, and if you wanted to use
candlesticks or Heikin-Ashi bars, how to do that as well. See you in the next video. (keyboarding holding chord)

2 thoughts on “TradingView Tutorial Series Part 2 – Getting Familiar with Chart Icons and Drawing Tools”

  1. Hey Josh, love what your doing here, just saw a minor error in cor color scheme if you wanted to keep it accurate to well you know "old school" the .786 line you have as green should be Blue and the .86 is blue and should be Green. on you fib drawing other then that spot on.

  2. Hi, man. What app did you use to make this screencast? I would like to make something like that to explain my trades, in future. For now I´m not trading, just studying. Thanks for the video.

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