Trading Tips: How To Read Cryptocurrency Charts and Find The Next Big Coin or Token

what is up what is up what is up my B roots are me this is B roots and I'm here again with another tutorial about cryptocurrency where I teach it to you like a kindergarten child learning their ABCs and if you're lucky I'll teach it to you like you're learning your one two threes so how's it going everybody um this is my birthday special today is my birthday so happy birthday to be roots but today I decided to do a video for you my birthday present to me is to give you something to learn why not because this is the service that I provide to you for free there are many other youtubers out there that make you pay for this information and I'm giving it to you for free because I am truly for the people and that's why you come to me so what are we gonna learn today every single day I get somebody messaged me on Twitter if you don't have me on Twitter it's some good conversations going on it's at imb roots I have people message me on youtube facebook once again I am B roots on Facebook and they're constantly asking me B roots how do you find these coins I've been following your videos and every coin that you talked about has skyrocketed to the top and I've got big gains but how do i how do i find these coins well I'm gonna teach you what I do once again as usual this is not financial advice I'm just showing you what I do whether you decide to copy off of me whether you decide to tweak it a little bit and find your own way to do things that you want to do you can do however you want to do it but I'm gonna give you this video and show you what I do so first things first let's get to the point I'm just gonna get into it real quick try to keep this under 15 maybe 20 minutes tops it's not hard I mean I learnt this very fast it's not hard I've been in the game for three years but learning it is not hard so first you want to go to coin market Capcom if you go down below you can see I've got the links down below so you just come on coin market captain come and it's going to show you this amazing homepage and it's going to show you everything about the coins the tokens that's out there what I like to do is split this conversation right now into two different types of investors you have day trading investors and you have long term investors so let's start off with the day traders because I'm not a day trader but I know how you guys work if you're a day trader so as a day trader you never ever ever want to buy high you always want to buy low and sell high that's the number one rule of flipping things whether it's money whether it's cars whether it's houses you buy low and you sell high so when you go on his website you can alter you can switch it between coins so I'll go poins top 100 coins you can go tokens top 100 tokens and you can see what's what's on top oh look at that Tron has tooken over yose maybe it's always been taken over I really haven't looked at tokens that much lately but Wow didn't realize that anyways so you go to coins let's say hey beer I want to buy in day trade Bitcoin now keep in mind no matter what you have it doesn't care if you have $100 or you got a thousand dollars or you got $10,000 to work with you want the most volatile coin there's gonna be so you can make the most amount of money that's gonna be Bitcoin a lot of people don't realize that oh but I don't have $15,000 that's okay you don't have to have $15,000 to do that you could have rather a thousand dollars or 1,104 looking at is this change of percentage right here you can see here you know Bitcoin for the 24 hours is down 0.13 but I'm just gonna give you an example so when we go to the graph here let me bring that up this is the graph so as you scroll your your mouse over you can see the volatility of it so this is the lifetime of Bitcoin we want to go let's say one month let's say seven days look at the volatility of that December 30th 14,000 December 31st 12,000 so you probably want to buy in that 12,000 mark like look at that look at this like it's going down down down down down it's gonna hit a low but you need to buy anywhere in here so you see that low you're like okay well it's going over 14 12 13 14 13 sitting at 13 goes up to 15 goes up to down to 14 15 14 15 so you can see that 15 14 that's that's it's been sitting there for a little while that's the that's what we call kind of like the the trading line if it goes down the 13 to 12 you probably want to buy in right around there see how this is low 12 13 12 13 but you get over here it's like 14 15 14 15 then it goes down to 12 13 12 13 and then goes back up to 15 again so anytime Bitcoin goes down to 12 or 13 you probably want to buy whatever you want to do and when it goes up to 15 you can sell and you just made a profit that easy you could do that with any coin but you have to look at the grass and you have to scroll you kind of look at it of a month and went down 11 this is kind of when it shut up but if you scroll all the way over you're looking at 16 17 16 17 like 18 like these are all-time highs for Bitcoin you don't want to buy then oh what's going down alright thirteen fourteen thirty sixteen like that thirteen IFIF I saw that 13 or that 12 right there I'm like I'm in I'm buying so you buy in and he wait – it shoots up Larry the next day it goes up to 15 well so that easy so that's just one you can do it on Bitcoin your day trading you can do that with any coin um if you're risky no it's not gonna risky risky you can go to the next hunter so there's certain hunter coins your next hunter now as a beginner this is how a lot of people take advantage of beginners at the beginning you're always looking for the cheapest coin and you're looking for something that's you know something cheap and you know I want to I want the next Bitcoin so when you scroll down here you're looking at all these positives like I don't know what some of these coins are never even heard of them but everyone that's getting into the market now or buying these coins so would you want to do what you want to do is you find one of them negative like this right here a peer place let's see what that's working with look at this is so up and down Oh point zero zero zero zero seven I think goes all the way up to point zero zero one like that's a big swing right there point zero zero zero zero nine and that goes up to point zero zero one you're gonna make just as much as you would on that Bitcoin it's you're just working with smaller denominations so read these grass and just looks at the look at the ups and downs you want to find a line to where it trades at the most and then you want to go in after the low and you should I don't want to play that game to go after a low that's risky that's risky business I tell people I'm in it for the long term so that's where we get the long term investors so how do I the Wis is the way I do things how do I find good coins to invest in number one I'm gonna look here at the circulating supply and the price I like to compare things so if I scroll down here and I look at Kurt Dano first thing I'm gonna look at is the circulating supply and I'm gonna compare it with another one so cardano's trade name at dollar 12 the circulating supply is 25 billion and I look at well what happens right now the market cap for that is 28 million if this thing makes it big just as big as ripple can I make money off of that well this one's 38 billion which is 13 more billion than Cardno and it's trading at three dollars and fifteen cents so that means this has room to grow at least three times so you can make at least three times on your money just by going that way now you might get some real serious investor saying that's not the way to do it you know but in theory that's how you make money and that's how I pick my coins once again buy low sell high look at this 10% it's down 10% so let's look at the day on this one here go to one day and look at it it was at dollar 24 and it's slowly going down and we went to a dollar 4 so this is a buying opportunity for connector Danna right now I believe it's still at an all-time high but it look how slowly going down when how low will that's what we're looking at if you look at a seven-day it's going up actually but I think cardano's on the move right now so as you're starting to see it creep up creep up creep up creep up creep up creep up creep up you probably want to buy in and buy some more if you're already incurred I know this is the time to buy more because it's went up in this going back down so that's why I recommend looking at these charts and seeing hey when do I get in well if you're following these charts on a consistent basis and you're seeing you're seeing here let's go view all real quick and when I got a view all I can show you my one hour of my 24 hour my seven-day like a stellar 1 hour is down 4 percent 24 hours down 20 percent but in the last seven days it's up 200% look at Ron Tron's up 628 percent if you watched my video you'd be making big money right now by looking at that so that's good things but we're looking for a sleeper so what I like to call is sleeper I like to call it a sleeping giant and actually Tron is trying just woke up so let me let me give you an example of a sleeping giant let's do one month actually let's do three months look at this notice how it's just Dagon people truly believed in this product they were just holding they weren't selling off they weren't increasing the price they were just holding and it was just sitting there this is a pure example of a sleeping giant he's sleeping he's not doing anything crazy he might go up a couple cents he might go down a couple cents but he just keeps sitting at that like point zero zero two and then boom sleep a giant starting awake starting awake and he's getting he's waking up 4 cents 5 cents 4 cents 5 he's starting to wake up and they kind of secluded back asleep a little bit and then boom he just wakes up and just freaking just booms off you can actually do this for a day trading the only thing is most day trading you know they can't be patient from October 6 it's October to December 15th I'm not doing anything but this is how you figure out hey when can I get in somewhere and just like find that next Bitcoin Tron is a sleeping giant and he just woke up for one year look at that from September he was just sitting there and all of a sudden boom he starts waking up going up so when you see it even lying like this this is this is good because it's not volatile it's not going up people are pumping and dumping putting money into it and then dumping their money out of it and putting money into it and dump it in everybody these are people are holding long term and saying we believe in this project and then it's gonna slowly go up so when I see this long there this makes me know what is Tron so I see this all this time and I was like what is Tron that's just sitting here it's not going up but it's not going down which is a good thing next thing I do is I go to a website if it has a main thing is if it has a good website most likely it's professional so look at this I mean I've got moving parts and I mean I can't build this website this is a really good website so as a scroll down and we'll teach you about it you know it looks good as seen on Forbes and consumer technology and I'm like alright that's good and I click into it and see what you know that clicking the Forbes and see the article it has on Forbes oh my god it's legit it's actually WWF Forbes calm it's a secure network it's legit legit article keep scrolling down I read a little bit about it and I see Justin son I'm like sounds familiar just a son graduate from the University of Pennsylvania okay he used to be with riffle okay well ripples going up somewhere right now he's a founder of the pyro app like hey well at mele well okay he's a Forbes Asia 30 under 30 like I'm looking at this I'm like this is the CEO this guy is big stuff not anyone could just graduate from the University of Penn like this that's good stuff so I'm scrolling and I look at the team and I'm like I read about the team and I'm like that's a big team and you got some partners and I'm like alright this this has some potential let me go back to the graph why is it just sitting here most likely there's no major news yet they're probably working on their technology something to buy big intron which is what I did I've got I mean big I mean I've got 15,000 coins and Tron but I mean that's that's that's giving an example of this is something I want to go with so I went with Tron and now the sleeping giant has awoke same thing you should do let's go back to coins another one I like right now electro neom right now this is a sleeping giant to get into let me give you let's see here three months actually like trying to wake up today no not really so you look at this it just goes 8 cents 7 cents 8 cents 8 cents 8 cents it's just sitting there let's go one month ten cents nine cents yeah so had a little big spike in the beginning because this is about when I first started you go to three months you know it was real high and they're kind of sold of and this kind of sat there and I can't show them that the eight cents nine cents 10 cents seven cents eight cents you know seven days just kind of this one goes up and down but it's hovering at eight cents I mean this is this is a sleeping giant one day look at this eight cents it doesn't really leave eight cents much this is a sleeping giant so I'm like okay that's just a bunch of the same eight cents seven cents it's not really doing much but that's a good thing because people are holding electroni 'm they're not selling it off they're not trying to make a bunch of money and going up and down pumping money into it and dumping money out and day trading these are people holding long term so let me get a website once again same thing well you got coins going crazy this is looks good oh look you already got stuff going to the App Store they've already been applied to the App Store and they're already on Android that's good things they've gotten news articles they've got an active Twitter account look 371 likes 183 repos Yahoo they're on Yahoo Bloomberg they're on Bloomberg they've got an own app right now they sold out their token cell these are all different types of things that you would look into and you look at their team they actually have a LinkedIn account looks like a legit company keep scrolling down you read up about so when you do that and you wonder why they're just hovering at 8 cents because they're working on their technology this is a sleeping giant so you're looking for the next sleeping giant I'd probably watch my electron in video and figure out how to get an electro Neum that's how you find them on the next sleeping giant these are how you find your coins you go on coin market cap and you do your research on each and all of these coins and figure out why is you're looking for that sleeping giant whether it's three hundred and ninety eight dollars and it's just sitting at the it's just hovering at sir and a certain amount that's a good thing you know volatility is for day traders now don't get me wrong bitcoin yeah I always say you want to these go up to one Bitcoin and try to try to aim to get one Bitcoin because I do believe Bitcoin will be you know fifty sixty thousand dollars so you can day trade up to yourself to get one Bitcoin or you can just hold long and just except for the best so there it is everybody I just want to give a quick little video on how I find coins coin market coin market cap is the best way to find that you can get the graphs you get the one-day get the 7-day you can see how your coins are doing you can even input to see how you're doing as a whole with all your coins so it's a very very very very very good site you can watch the market cap of all the coins and see how they're doing right now we're at 761 trillion dollars invested in cryptocurrencies so I gotta get out of here it is my birthday so I'm gonna go enjoy my day and my weekend and I'll try to answer questions can't promise you over the weekend because you know it is my birthday weekend so I am celebrating it but go ahead and ask if you do have the questions I will get back to you whether it's in a couple of days or whether there's someone from the B roots community where I answer it for you but I just have one request for my birthday can we try to get 500 happy birthday B roots comments that's all I'm asking at least 500 I'll be really happy if you get to a thousand but I'd be realistic 500 so ask so thank you very much I do have some quick news by Nance is down finances down they're the number one largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world however they are down for new users you can click on a link below and I can show you how to bypass that not rest is a bypass it but I'll get another cryptocurrency always have backups always have backups so click on the link um Koo coin my cuckoo a link down low is accepting new users so if you want to get set up with that you can click on a link below and ladies and gentlemen if you're not even with if you love – just like me and you're already in finance click on the link and sign up for the coin have backups cuz if finance is down how are you gonna get you know you can start still keep trading and buying in so click on the link below get on cooling get that all situated for you and once again like I said please please please please please just give me a happy birthday that's all I ask from the community 500 happy birthdays but once again if you want to add me on Twitter at imb roots instagram at IM b roots and also facebook @ IM b roots you get ab me and get some good pictures and i have some good good photos for my birthday it'll be entertaining cuz im an entertaining person so thank you very much for watching I hope this video was very helpful if it was please the like button once again give me a shout out with a happy birthday beet roots as usual as I ended off B roots is signing out thank you for watching

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