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Hello, dear traders! It’s Petko Aleksandrov and I have exited, as well, the Never losing formula in this account where I am showing example with a little bit bigger volume. You can see the two trades are closed. One negative of 12 000. And another one positive of 12 600. You can see here a little bit more than $200 of swaps or 300 and something total profit. But one more time here we are not profiting with the Never losing formula. What we’re doing is we are protecting the capital by having trades in the opposite direction in order to enter into never losing formula and to exit actually with a profit, even the price went higher and we were selling it. Simply because the price went against the trend. Something that happens and we need to use the formula in order to protect ourselves. OK? So now I will remove this Pending order and what I will do now, is I will drag the Expert Advisor again over the chart. It’s, actually, right over here and I will continue now, let me just make it to go only short again. Click on OK and it is smiling over here. If I go to the daily chart, you will see that we have two very positive days. But anyway we’re still in a downtrend with the Ethereum. OK, guys, so thank you for watching. Let me know, if you have any questions. One more time, don’t take this trading volume as a recommendation. Trade with small amounts, as well, always on a demo account first. I just wanted to show how it is working with bigger volume. OK, thank you very much for watching. Cheers.

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