Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs – A New Opportunity For Traders | The Diary of a Trader

In this video I’ll take a look at cryptocurrency
CFD trading and this is just a quick word. This is in a sponsorship of any particular
broker but you are starting to see meditator for brokers but a trader five brokers offer
CFD for bitcoin and some of the other major crypto currencies. Now this can be a very useful and very simple
alternative to getting a wallet getting an exchange that you use that type of thing because
if you are simply looking to profit from up and down movement of the crypto currency you’re
not looking to spend the crypto currency. At the end of the day this is a much simpler
way to trade here at this broker. You can see that there are quite a few offerings
there Neo dash in the EM LIKE coin repo Monaro a theory on Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin certainly
enough to get you at least acclimated to the idea. Now obviously you will still have the type
of volatility that you have in the crypto currency markets. The spread can be a bit higher as opposed
to what you may find in the real world. But then again you have the ability to trade
other currencies forex as well. So a lot of times this is the best solution
unless of course you are worried about fiat currency that type of thing if it’s more of
an investment than yes digital exchange may make more sense. But if you’re looking to profit off the next
30 minutes in the save Monaro then it’s much easier to do it this way. Keep in mind though the volatility is seen
over here just as it is in the real markets. Spreads are a little higher but at the end
of the day the actions are essentially the same and it eliminates a lot of headache. So something to think about. You may want to look into some brokers out
there that offer CFD on your favorite crypto currencies.

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