Trading Crypto Safer, Faster, & Better: What You Need to Know

Trading Crypto Safer, Faster, & Better: What You Need to Know — with David Moadel — featuring the ECXX Platform hey everybody my name is David Modell
welcome to looking at the markets it is such a great time to be trading crypto
currencies I mean check out the screen look at those beautiful green candles
this is Bitcoin against the US dollar and it is up up and up green candle
after green candle man I’m making money I hope you are too I’m gonna show you
how you can make money in crypto currency trading safely with cold
storage because you got to think safety first when it comes to and security
first when it comes to crypto currency trading because I want you to be
protected at all times but also I also want you to see how much money you can
make I mean check it out JSC coin up 67 almost 68 percent within 24 hours
amazing I mean look at those green candle is just incredible good luck
trying to make 67 percent in 24 hours in the stock market I mean it happens from
time to time but in the world of crypto currencies it’s a much more frequent
occurrence to have these big moves but again don’t just think about making
money also think about how you can store your assets safely again it’s also about
cold storage and if you want to get this platform I’m going to tell you how to do
it they have it at a website called e c XX comm ECX XCOM I’ll put a link in the
description below this video if you want to click on that to get there easily or
you could just type ECX XCOM into your browser on your laptop your phone
wherever your desktop whatever you’re trading from and you can get all these
cool features and all the cool charting and you can trade all these you know
Bitcoin AOS JSC coin up 66 67 percent today my goodness
litecoin neo these are almost all these are up and up significantly
coin up 2% just today not too bad alright and a lot of people have been
talking about ECX the platform where you can trade cryptocurrencies you
can check out that amazing charting software as well and I want to talk
about security first though this is according to some articles I’m going to
put the links in the description of this video for these articles you’re going to
want to read them EC X X this is according to block onami com EC X X
recognized the need for a much higher level of security for cryptocurrency
Holdings they made a move to a cold storage option I recommend that you
check out cold cold storage for your digital assets it’s much safer they’re
using what’s called ledger vault not only is this a quantum leap in terms of
exchange security but it also effectively removes counterparty risk
from the investor exchange equation and according to the global head of ledger
vault he put it this way secure storage of large digital asset funds is complex
and institutions are looking and retail traders too are looking for safe
comprehensive and integrated storage solutions this integration of ledger
vault with EC xx will ensure that investors have total control and peace
of mind that their assets are secured without sacrificing any convenience and
a whole bunch of really well-respected websites like news BTC dot-com that I
use all the time are reporting on the EC xx exchange again they’re reporting how
they recently entered into a partnership with ledger vault this partnership
provides multi authorization wallet wallet management solution for users and
according to Branson Lee the CEO and co-founder of EC xx calm the ledger
vault allows us to grow into a dominant player in the cryptocurrency market
while maintaining the highest standards of security this is so important to me
I hope it’s important to you as well another highly respected website coin
speaker comm new exchanges like singapore-based ECX XCOM offer
additional perks like advanced charts like we saw over here
these charts I mean you could you know easily get the one-minute the
five-minute chart the 15 minute all the different time frames 30 minute one hour
daily chart if you’re a swing trader all that good stuff right there
so yes advanced charting simple platforms making navigation a breeze
these features combined with top-quality cold storage we talked about that and
other security safeguards mean that all those you know the older exchanges the
ones that have yeah you know they’re more familiar to you but are they this
good are they as good as EC xx do they have that powerful robust charting do
they have the cold storage security option that you can get from this EC xx
provides the same level of service provide provided by those those
old-fashioned ones and users can rest easy knowing that they’re contributing
to the new decentralization concept of many exchanges operating collaboratively
to overtake those those old solutions that you probably know about already but
maybe they’re not as safe SEC xx is they’re neutralizing the looming risk of
a complete monopoly from a queue from a few key players okay we’ve got newer and
better choices entering into the space like EC xx calm let’s explore all the
different tokens you can trade Bitcoin cash Bitcoin AOS eth light a light coin
EO ripple I realize I like the JSE coin I mean look at how they’re performing
today up you know around 60% in one day fantastic you can look at the order book
see all the trades that are happening all the market trades right there you
can see it’s moving it’s happening right now pretty cool you can put in your
market orders your limit orders all the basically all the currency data in one
place not too bad at all I like this a lot all right let’s go to the how to the
home page and see what that looks like and if you want to sign it up sign up
you just go to the sign up button right there you can do it easily and quickly
they have an affiliate program invite friends and earn up to 40% of their
transaction fees I like the sound of that alright so if you want to join
their affiliate program as well you can register now right there very easily
just hit that button right there you can trade the JSE coin I just told you up
60% in one day and also some coins that are maybe less familiar to you TOC is
another one H il 80 and so they’re becoming the world’s leading digital
asset exchange professional secure convenient I like all those I like to
secure part the best and they got all the big ones right there man it’s a
great look at that Bitcoin up three percent in 24 hours I like it
eth aetherium up three over three and a half percent alright I’m not saying
they’re all up like this okay but you know with JSC up so much
litecoin up neo up Ripple up Bitcoin cash up almost 2% you could take
advantage of that Fort Knox like security high speed matching engine fast
deposits and withdrawals 100 percent reserves all of your digital assets on
EC xx will be 100% reserved and will not be used anywhere else your withdrawals
are a hundred percent processed on time quickly start trading today trade anyway
look at this great platform on your phone on your laptop on your desktop get
the latest news on the crypto markets trading panel with integrated K line
chart switch among simplified or advanced panels I like that I like the
advanced platform if you like the simplified one they have that as well to
make it easy for you custom indicators and trading signals download it here for
mobile for your desktop right here super simple join the community ECX XCOM is
global join the conversation in any of their worldwide communities how do you
get in touch with them how do you get started you go to EC xx comm type it
into your browser type it into your phone or go into the link in the
description below this video I made it easy for you alright I want to give you
more choices more op not just the old-fashioned exchanges
that you may be used to I want you to check out and sign sign up with ECX
dot-com ECX XCOM find out if you like it for yourself I think you will my name is
David Modell and I’m going to keep bringing you these great trading
platforms great charting platforms and amazing opportunities in cryptocurrency
and the markets in general thank you so much for watching and listening I’ll
talk to you again soon

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