31 thoughts on “Trading Crypto Currency LIVE! BITCOIN CASH 100% MOVE!!!!”

  1. Recently I came across on the Internet the project under the name TokenGo. It is the platform built on a blockchain, designed to help with business tokenization. I began to investigate, participate in bounty. Now on presale there are good discounts for investors, itself bought tokens about an inventory therefore that I am confident in their growth. The platform is perspective, developers implement a new functionality and counters, the road card is painted until the end of 2019.

  2. Been relentlessly researching day trading the last few weeks and am saving up $1000 for an account, but after seeing videos like this do you think it would be a wiser move to start out in crypto or dive straight into the stock market?

  3. Have you found a program/site with charting of the coins on exodus that you can easily flip through with a favorites/watchlist? Best way i can find is a ton of browser bookmarks set to coinmarketcap

  4. So you simply used exodus exchange to ride the wave up and then cash out to make a profit? Exchange sounds like it’s the same thing as trading?

  5. Everyone that is sick and tired of all of the forks in Bitcoin have to ask a serious question: What blockchain currently do not have a scaling problem? EOS, Bitshares, and Steem. What blockchains have ZERO FEES: EOS and IOTA. This is what we have been saying all this time. Now you know. Do you want your money to be safe from Roger Ver and Jihan? EOS is probably your answer. Make sure you register your EOS tokens (so your eos tokens can be redeemed when the public chain launch happens in June 2018), there are many tutorials for this. Right now we are in testing phase, and the testnet should be released in December.

    Remember EOS has millions of transactions per second, without the need to fork! ZERO Fees. Smart contract platform that has the scalability to run the Nasdaq, Visa, and Mastercard! Nothing comes close to my knowledge. This is the one we have been dreaming about.

  6. Great video. I can never figure out what strategies you're using to signal your entry and exit points. Here I understood why you exited but what exactly about the price action and the volume signaled you to enter? It held at 1300 for a while but what does that in combination with the volume, prompted you to enter? I made 2k yesterday off BCH but using a different strategy and I'm interested in better understanding your perspective

  7. Although it is nice to make some nice profits , bitcoin cash is literally getting undeserved value under Bitcoin's brand , it's just another altcoin. Bitcoin and Litecoin are the future , whales that pump and dump BTCH in order to buy more Bitcoin it weakens it in order to buy at a lower price, that hurts the community along with malicious hard forks of Bitcoin, but soon enough BTCH will have no value , so make some gains while you can. People don't understand , they are just contributing in the profits of big investors who eventually end up with large amounts of Bitcoin, while people chase altcoins.

  8. This is pretty interesting. Everyone is jumping on the bitcoin craze. Is it almost like trading stocks? How did you get started learning to trade it?

  9. I don't understand.. You are exchanging Bitcoin Cash that is going up for Crypto that is going down??

  10. Dude what a move!
    I️ wanted to jump in bitcoin cash for the ride up
    I️ just count figure out how to get in
    I️ tried also to fund gdax but takes a while vía bank transfer
    I️ did snag a little bitcoin at 5800 area last night from coin base
    I’m actually going to build a small mining rig to mine smaller cryptos for the future and basically build a portfolio some have to hit!

  11. Who can fund me some Bitcoins? I want to get started with bitcoin but I have not enough money.


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