Trading Bitcoin – While Watching US Mid-Term Election

hey guys welcome to another edition of trading Bitcoin with your host own face are very interesting stuff going on right now we have Bitcoin that is popping and we also have some Havoc's in the traditional markets because well the elections right so let me set up my live streams make sure everything is working pop out the live chat I'll see what's going on it should be a good time slot I don't know if anyone is going to join me I should probably keep an eye on that sent the link to a few people let me see here yeah in case odd Tyler decides to join or I don't know Jimmy wants to jump on I'll try and keep an eye on things hold on a second here texted the link over the people so we'll see if uh if anyone jumps in on that and I Corey shut out for taking the questions we'll get to some of your Q&A feels like I just did this video I I don't know I don't remember like I'm gonna show you like I'm going to bed up like 5 a.m. I'm waking up at like 10 a.m. normally I'm up at like 7:00 a.m. so it's all everything really is upside down right now alright screenshare let's do it all right will you begin as always the I'm confiscating all conference let's see how many tickets we have left for sale because like this is when I normally check forty five forty five tickets left at the point zero one price we did sell 50 tickets that's why the price went up I will you know talk to my team you know when we sell the addition of forty five more seats and then we will see what we are going to do with the prices VIP seats still available few of those please read what you actually get extra with that yeah still working on more speakers for you guys I really am my focus going forward is to put more developers on stage that's my current focus but if you're interested leave a speaker or being a sponsor let us know we're gonna be we don't have any official sponsors yet couple of companies I'm talking to you and we're gonna be very selective because I'm willing to run this conference with zero sponsors zero sponsors okay that's it that's pretty much it the homepage of the celebrity poker game check that I'll talk about it later my own workshops are what's the status here eight still left for this Saturday in Melbourne bunch of seats left for Sydney Brisbane is almost sold out there's not gonna be a day to Oakland this is not doing too bad thank you for the one person in Aruba and I'll I need to get back to you guys on Tampa still working on that oh wow should see what's going on my balcony right now hold on just got surrounded by crows boy this is cool stop screen share check it out you see that there's like four of them like for those guys showed up the Ravens I've no idea what the hell they are not a bird expert where are they ah can't see him like four of them showed up and it's like kind of cold out I keep wanting to do this from the balcony but uh it's cuz it's huge bigger than a lot of my house and oh yeah now this is really cool anyway let me let me start getting distracted here all right yeah those are the workshops and if you guys like this channel and want to support this channel please use the affiliate code to sign up for these fine products and services or do you amazon shopping all right ID elections the elections gonna this is the best website I have run into I thought the Republicans picked up another Senate seat but it looks like it they still only have one you know data the results have not yet been updated oh yeah now they will show up in the freakin middle oh well doesn't matter you can see it in a little corner it's like eight of them all over the place right back so I thought this what update I thought somebody else won Senate Republicans hold Nebraska oh they picked up one more but they didn't flip so that's the flip inning right so Republicans actually picked up a Senate seat either Democrats or picking up House seats so that's gonna get interesting so you guys can it's a good website takes a lot to kind of keep an eye on it this is that just flip I just get lower by one or race by one okay anyway I didn't I didn't see the previous number now I couldn't have lowered by one so it's uh yeah so it looks like Republicans are gonna be fine in the Senate as long as the Democrats don't get both the House and the Senate I mean we're okay with the economy stuff and the markets because we care from the market perspective so the house is gonna be really really interesting let's see what the Guardian says the son of the demo rats need a net gain of only two seats but with only nine Republican seats up oh yeah so that's the general recap our Democrats hold Michigan Democrats flip Colorado in the house that's unfortunate again I don't know who these candidates are right I just I I just know what's good for the stock market in this current point in time since we have a Republican president Republicans hold Georgia Republicans hold South Carolina Democrats flip New Jersey oh that's interesting Democrats for Pennsylvania Wow yeah it looks like Democrats are gonna take the house so that's not good for the markets again we're talking markets we're not talking my politics here my politics are well they're not that irrelevant but um they're somewhat relevant to me anyway but we're talking from a stock market perspective I mean I want the stock market to go up I don't want the stock market to go down I don't want my friends losing my jobs my jobs I don't want my friends losing their jobs so I like having friends and family happily employed and making money so I'm not really in them in the mood to watch a stock market crash and not to mention I don't I'm not expecting one happen if Trump gets engaged and if trying and Trump can't get impeached if the Republicans have you know the votes so the Democrats flipped ten House seats them damn it's a good number of seats all right we'll keep an eye on this as we go let's go to the Bitcoin markets yeah guys please ban like everyone that is useless in the group chat you so here's the monthly chart and nothing's really changed right I guess we went up a little bit we have to wait to see how this month ends let the selection play out let this month play out we're only 4 days in so nothing to say the triangle the the massive weekly triangle as you can see this is getting very interesting very interesting we are now hitting the top of the triangle now keep in mind that I still have the ability to fudge with this triangle a little bit I don't have a lot of ability to fudge with the triangle but I have a little bit of the ability to fudge with the triangle which means I can probably still fudge it to the point of touching it three times and give me more room I can do that I have the leeway remember it's three touches without going over so without closing over so as long as I do this you budget and give me more room and that's legal actually it's getting kind of difficult here maybe I can't fudge it to give me more room I tried if I lowered this and I increase this I'm cheating a little but the tiniest of tiniest bits I'm trying to give myself the most room possible and still be and still justify to people that it is a triangle I think that said I really don't think I can I can I really don't think I can extend it anymore I think this is the absolute best I can do on bitstamp too I give myself more breathing room within the triangle consolidation now those that are now I'm doing this am I doing this because I'm still bearish sure now if you are bullish you have drawn this triangle so differently that you have broken above this triangle God knows how long ago right so it really does depend on how you draw your triangle and I I don't think it's possible for me to fudge it anymore I think this is as extended as I can make this triangle and that still means that instead of the current candle being at the very top or the triangle I just gave myself an additional $300.00 to work with before it hits the top and this is why my particular trade is so lenient on the stop laws which is not that high which is approximately here above the prior swing high so that I am 100% sure that we are breaking out of this thing right okay and that's it and this is my new triangle this is like I said as Rumi is I can make it in in the current form in time and we will see what happens I'm gonna stick with it until I am convinced we've broken out of it and I would still need a break above the 30 week moving average which is the purple line alright next the daily chart as you can see the channel you we're back in the channel which is not a bad thing and I will continue to the channel at some point in the future I don't really want to extend it right now because like I don't want to mess up the history but at some point I expect the bottom purple line of the channel to be touched on a daily basis I don't know if that's gonna be in six months at current prices or tomorrow at 4800 it can be either I don't know which one is more likely a flat market for six more months or a flash crash like all we need to do is have the opposite of this formal candle of tether and we're at the bottom of the channel and that can happen in a day now the daily chart our bottom one candle off the nine the daily chart has not been very good but for the sequential trade can get to a nine maybe after the next moving average which is the the 128 moving average and see if we can get that nine rejection you do have a set up trend line which may or may not break in the next three days now it's 1026 p.m. so that means that this current daily it's 1026 in New York and it's only it's worth three hours into the new candle so this pop has taken place in the last three hours so let's zoom in and take a look here is the 12 hour chart let's get a sequential indicator up its timing out unfortunately sometimes so the 12 hour chart is also on a 6 of 9 but it's also almost breaking set up trendline and the last set of trendline rejected it beautifully or bounce that beautifully I should say let's see if the current set of trendline is able to reject it or we're gonna break set up trend breaking set up trend set you up for more upside as you can see the 12 hour is not perfectly timed with the daily I honestly thought that Bitcoin would trouble struggle over the breaking that the $6,500 area but it seems to have broken right out of it so we wait and see the 12 hours should top within the next two and a half days on a td9 but if it breaks the dotted line it's more likely to be a nine that lead it's too a countdown continuation or chart wait this is a daily chart so what was that that's weekly that's daily that's for our are you guys 12 hours four hours okay here we go here is the 4-hour chart the 4-hour chart is also on is on a five of nine so that means at the end of today the 4-hour chart should give you you know like here was a nine at the high and I didn't hold us a nine then he had a one to four candle correction and then it turned back up for the countdown phase but this isn't a real countdown face because this isn't the real nine this is my code notifying me that it was a nine at some point in the candle so you don't see the countdown face it never code the code never kicked it off that's why there's no numbers along the bottom so we're on a five of nine so look for a top on a 4-hour chart in four more candles besides current candle a one-hour chart yeah so the one-hour chart is the one that really took off so again I like continuation momentum trading I wasn't looking at this I mean I think I was still sleeping at this time when it broke out because I went to bed at 5:00 a.m. Australian time and three hours ago I think I was still asleep so this is what I mean about momentum trading it's way more profitable and way more secure and safer than buying the buying the bottoms and selling the tops where you have is a consolidation at the high and then you use the combination of TD and the break of look this happened at the same time you had a green to popping above a green one popping above a breakout consolidation line that's a buying opportunity if you are trading this particular time period right when I have where I have taken that trade well technically I'm still in my gbtc trade I kind of disappointed that I had a you know free money from my broker and I you know I only bought a thousand shares please watch our video from a few days ago instead of buying 10,000 shares which I eat easily could have I only bought 1,000 shares the trading volume in the first you know five minutes or market open and there was plenty of liquidity to cover my 10,000 shares so I should have been bigger than gbtc but my gbtc trade was an arbitrage trade that's different than my futures trade that is currently short that serves several purposes one I still think the market is gonna go to five thousand before the end of the year but by trade gives me three additional months and also its hedging the ticket sales of the uncomfortable conference which to you may not seem important but turning the preneur that means to make sure that the conference actually happens and vendors get paid like the venue and you know others and employees that's important so there were several reasons for me to go short Bitcoin but in my retirement account there was a reason to go long Bitcoin because of the premium so completely different independent trades and I expect them both to make me money so the hourly chart is almost at an end it's way too late to go long at the time to law it'll go long is of course hindsight a time when I was sleeping so this was one – the scandal it's almost over a half an hour to go so one to three hours ago three and a half hours ago it is currently 2:30 so three and a half hours ago I was still asleep because I woke up at like 11:30 so that was so I was too late it hadn't been awake an hour earlier than that even that's a clean – going above green one and that is a beautiful cup and handle ish or a beautiful ascending triangle oh it's a gorgeous ascending triangle or am I talking about cupping handles look at this beautiful ascending triangle now ascending triangles break to the upside more often than descending triangles break to the upside so once again we're gonna follow the rule of our ascending triangle okay you know let me get rid of this line because I don't here so here are the rules of the ascending triangle you want to touch the bottom candles three times without a real close lower than that line see here it is you can touch this four times along the upward scaling line one is right here this is the one-hour chart on November 5th there's one on November 6th in fact there's one two three four hours on November 6th there's one on the another one on the lumber sixth at the end of the day and then one more earlier today which also needs to touch three times without a closed above the line so as you can see we touched it on the fourth we came up a smidge short on the fifth we touched it on the sixth in the beginning of the day and then we touched a minus six later in the day and then we touched it on a six just before the breakout five hours ago that this is a perfect ascending triangle this is exactly like the descending triangle on a weekly chart so if you notice this thing and I didn't really notice it when I did this video yesterday I didn't pay attention to it musta missed it must have been tired I don't remember what I did this video last right and I focused on traditional markets so I didn't focus on this triangle but I've taught you triangles those that come to my workshops you guys get taught triangles when you see this triangle you can draw this triangle at this point in time you have your Christ here yeah before that it would have been what what Tyler calls hyper hype on funky hyper waves this could have been a funky triangle because if you use this work and you use these closes and you use this work you have three touches but then you have a close above the triangle in the early stage of the triangle and that's technically a violation so at this point you can say what am I expecting from the hourly chart of Bitcoin well let's make these green what is the upside of the triangle the upside of the triangle is actually only 2.64 percent or $100 that's not that much but you can now extrapolate this and stick it here before it happens before the breakout okay and then you do not buy this thing over here at the bottom trend line that's not how you trade the triangle you buy this thing on either at the end of this one candle at 2200 UTC time or the hour after at 2300 UTC time that's when you buy it not here so now if I flip this upside down this is what I see in the descending triangle on the weekly so the target has already been Matt this is complete long i meant to copy down not shrimp and that's it and that's the anatomy of the ascending triangle which is the opposite of the descending triangle and this is my second favorite thing to trade my second favorite thing to trade in the world besides candlestick reversals are triangles ascending and descending all right let's move on it's a really good one actually beautiful should save it for my class on Sunday Saturday all right beautiful triangle okay love triangle trading love it they're not going to be right all the time the one on the weak we can lose me money and that's okay because I'll trade them all the time and so the shorts are the shorts are down but not as down as they were back in July or August August let me look at a different chart so that's August beginning of Boris right so I I really want this ratio to be a little bit higher but see this was the big dilemma right this was the big dilemma how is Bitcoin gonna fall if too many people are gonna profit from shorting Bitcoin that is not becoming a problem anymore because the shorts are exiting there being short squeezed they didn't set the right stop losses they got over leveraged or they just given up and this does create an environment where what will cause the maximum amount of people to lose the maximum amount of money and that would be a big Bitcoin crash now that shorts are no longer leveraged I kept telling you guys this is very difficult to go short here at you know all-time high short leverage I mentioned that I was aware of it people on Twitter seem to think that I was oblivious to it I wasn't I just chose the price over the number of leverage because I don't know who these numbers can be trusted but now it's a different situation now it's a lot but see now the short from the leveraged trading perspective is a lot cleaner to take on but this is not the time to short because you're in a short-term bull market so only the weekly is still bearish but the daily on a short-term scale is still bullish for a few more days the 12 hour is bullish for two more two and a half days the four hours bullish the rest of the day and the one hour is still bullish for a few more hours so this is so wild uh short leverage picture is telling you that a short is a lot cleaner now the price picture is telling you that this is not the time to short and I go with the price over the amount of leverage out there so trust the price gbtc should pop big-time at the open tomorrow the premium was doing really well this trade is now up in my retirement account probably over 1% away were saying over 1% Jimmy's up over a doll is gonna be up over a dollar soon on on six dollars and ninety cents so this trade is up like 10 to 15% in my retirement account like I said if I was not doing live streams I probably would have gone in big time on gbtc just that I couldn't work my portfolio and do live streaming at the same time and that's the price that I pay the price that I pay for not making money my trading which is why I cut back on trading greatly is because of the time spent on content creation and the time wasted answering questions on social media ah the premium see the premium was going up let's go to the premium chart boom I got in just I got it was a premium trade and as you can see the premium is rising the premium was back to 13% 13 14% and I got in when that premium was like maybe three or four percent so that did this is that this is what we refer to as you know arbitrage trading when this one is a perfect arbitrage I was able to turn this high probability trade into perfect arbitrage because I was able to buy it on the exchange below market value and I jumped out the chance I just I don't know why I didn't buy more other etherium was breaking out of his descending triangle as you can see descending triangles do not always break down they only break down 70% of the time so 30% of the time they go up I cannot fudge this anymore so that means we can flip this arrow and there is a high probability that a theory up can go back to the breakdown levels of our $400 and then it'll probably turn back down that was the dollar version of material this is the bitcoin version of aetherium not giving you anything I'd be trash should top soon Oh somebody gave me this website where is it already with it oh it's coins that dance it's not really new website oh here it is that count always have to put it in here the countdown to be trash hard for I have no idea who's on whose side it's a weird triangle between Jehan who fake Satoshi and Roger Vere I have no idea if Roger and Jihan are gaining together against what's-his-name fake Satoshi I'm not sure if Roger is would take Satoshi against Jihan like I have no idea which I have no idea about the politics on that side I really hope they just split three ways Jehan goes his way fake Satoshi goes his way and Roger goes the other way you can then separate your incompetent developers and economists between deaded Linux and Peter are and Ryan X Charles and whoever else you have and and we'll see what happens so I have no idea why anybody would be buying this thing thinking that they will get to clone and print more money and I have no idea for as more hash power I'm hearing that fake Satoshi has more hash power than Jihan which I find very weird to believe because Jehan has a lot of hash power so I have absolutely no idea and let's see what happens let's see what happens we're gonna try to bring you an episode in eight days covering this a quarry takes any questions grab the tip ones even if there are comments I'm curious what they are and just throw them over in the question area I just to be trash thing right just are two of them no I have one of them I really want this oh you know what someone showed me um here is da see here's the that's gbtc where's my long short ratio so let's smile warmth or ratio and somebody said that I can throw TD on this well I know I can talk to the others but somebody showed me a graphic of it because I've never I was I know actually put TD on this and if you put TD on this thing you you oh man it almost made it to a nine here I totally did make it to a nine here somebody tweeted this out and they have a nine there so I'm not sure if they're using a different you know the close of day or something all right cuz I visible so the last time the short versus long stopped at a nine it bottomed at a nine it in bottom that a nine here as well and then it uh it just popped on a nine so I think it was in my Twitter I don't want to look for like I don't know check my Twitter tags somebody pointed this out I'm not sure why I don't have a nine here because that person did so I'm not sure what they were using me we do were using a different ratio so that could be something right while I like TV works on on on spreads like it it works on things you don't expected to work on so it could be a day or two early but the the the short alone ratio could flip here and let's see if the price flips first or the ratio flips first but the ratio is getting a bit exhausted yeah somebody else had a nine day I'm curious how alright that's all I wanted to do there actually let me do this I don't need none eight numbers there we go this way we just see the arrows that's the current are short let's see if we can swing above that see look what happen yeah right so the shorts are picked up leverage before the price crashed so it looks like people knew something somebody knew if something right usually this happens after the price crash but the price crash happened after the shorts picked up yeah right here and here the shorts kept rising after the price popped so interesting interesting okay we went through this we went through this we went through this what is this oh the S&P 500 so you can see that the futures market is currently open let's go back to the election stats and let's see what's going on so Wow Democrats are picking up way more seeds Democrats flip Philly Republicans Democrats hold Arizona whole new easy Ana so yeah Republicans picked up two seats in the Senate so that's important so as long as the Democrats don't have both the Senate and the house things might be able to get done but the house is gonna be a pain in the ass now let's see what happens many Republicans will have a end-of-day rally yes oh the house is interesting although they've shocked up a couple of early flips the Democrats have yet to score wins and there are more ambitious targets I wonder if this needs to be updated because they seem to have scored a lot more wins this evening yeah that's the Senate also all of California is kind of still up grabs huh Jesus Christ not a single Republican can win in New York Wow Wow you I like this map actually let's see what happens what happens attendees are governors yes the governor's race all right Democrats picked up – all right let's see what happens we'll keep an eye on it I'm gonna go to your Q&A in a minute so the markets are still happy about this so far let's see what happens the SNP is currently closed but the futures are up so the market as it stands now the market should open up I'll be awake the rest of the time or you guys in US or asleep so I'll keep an eye on that and oh yeah so I tweeted this out earlier I'm doing lots of research I'm working on a presentation and I'm doing all this research on hyperinflations it's what I spend all day doing yesterday and like like charts like this of all of the world's hyperinflations since the seventeen hundreds and lots of interesting articles so I'm gonna close these actually I don't think I need these anymore and I don't need this anymore either so I can have a room that's the presentation that I'm working on and I was researching the Swiss franc when a the PEG broke and it was beautiful how the TV sequential was right there here's the daily chart that predicted it by two days or one day ahead with a sequential nine now I know there was a sequential nine I started the setup nine here as well but you also exit here thinking that the peg might break and then you can go back in with momentum and then you get out again on the nine or a stoploss so if you go to the weekly chart that same day in September and the weekly chart is also good like here and perfect perfect nine pop on a doji on a weekly chart and perfect 9 top on a weekly chart away time in 2009 now and beautiful bottom calls with sequential and the 9 I was supposed to go to 2015 I don't know how I ended up in 2009 cheese there is the peg breaking and this sequential 13 on a Bloomberg terminal would be at the top of the candle I just can't put it at the top because I do my setups at the top but you're bullish countdowns are also supposed to be able to pop along with their bullish setups but anyway I just do it differently now for villa code base so the sequential predicted the weekly peg perfectly breaking with a nine a few candles earlier and combo and aggressive right before that we can also check the British Pound right I don't know if I can go back to 1990 gbp/usd we can try the monthly charts we're gonna have to scroll too much and we can see if we have the data going back to 1990 and and we don't unfortunately I would have loved to see what it looks like from the TD perspective in 1990 or 91 whenever the British Pound broke oh maybe I can find a different ticker gbp/usd Forex I'm not sure which one I was using let me try I see E and see if that gives me more data it does actually so one day held of the pound break see who knows beautiful 9:00 at the low in in 85 beautiful 9 upbeat chard by the way I'm gonna go to the weekly chart I'm gonna try and find we are the wait this is 99 now 96 it's gotta be this in 92 that seems like the right time that's the whole source event right Saros breaks Bank of England which i think is a silly thing I don't think store oft had anything to do with it he just placed the right back 92 92 okay I just forgot what year was it would have to do with like the whole thing with Russia and long-term capital management they just forgot the year so let's go and take a look at that right so I'm gonna make this fullscreen um no actually I cannot make it fullscreen I have to change the time period let's look at the weekly and then make it fullscreen and let's go to 1990 to 1992 so let's just pick me or something okay so here it is on a weekly chart that's probably it the week of September 7th so there was a combo an aggressive 13 in those weeks so but would have been nice to have us either a sequential 13 or a TD 9 now the mark himself appoints to the combo thirteen calling the the breath break of the British Pound back in 92 I think he was talking about the daily chart so we're gonna go and take a look at the daily chart next I'm also actually what I want to do is change the ticker of the British Pound to the current ticker that I'm using so gbp/usd from I see because as a longer history that's the one that I want okay okay good so the combo called it the aggressive called it but I prefer the sequential and nine setup so the weekly chart while gave you warnings wasn't as perfect as a Swiss franc peg break someone saying it was the 16th of September so was that second week yeah this is a 14th so it happened at the end of this week so this week started on a 7 and it broke on like Friday so the back end of this candle and all of the following candle but then it kept going and look where it's stabilized on a 9 weekly and then it broke below meandering a bit again a 9 at the high a 9 at the low I mean if you zoom in on this there was definitely currency volatility and currencies are very very leveraged so we see the weekly snapshot on it doesn't look great but it did give you a warning sign let's look at the daily let's see if the how good the daily was using TV sequential on the saw Rose break of the British Pound let's go to the same date I show up probably show just on September accelerating calculating yeah one day it was now or 16:12 what did the person say September well anyway was in September so 1992 September well what happened there 1992 September 12 that's the day interesting oh yeah that's the gap the gap but people new people new people restarted shorting it yes so the weekly one did it the daily one was not very helpful what do you want me to say there was a short trade but not so the sequential did not predict on a daily the top of the I mean there was a sequential 13 near the top but that was like a few weeks earlier or like a week and a half earlier there was a short trade entry with a red two below the red one just before the tech broke but obviously it's not as clean as the sequential did on the other one well we took a look in real time we tried and you know if they didn't call it but it doesn't have to call every high-end high and low okay let's go back to the election let's refresh this Steve there's anything good Jesus the Democrats are just crushing it in the house Wow plus 15 Republicans still hold more seats so the Democrats still need a lot of seeds to flip the house so Republicans are still new lead actually so the Democrats actually needed a lot of so how so that's not over yet actually and the moment one more Republican gets a Senate seat that's it Republicans are holding the Senate oh yeah so the Democrats are still like eight seats behind in the house they were must have been really down in the house um interesting interesting okay questions Cory where you got gold bugs never talk about palladium even though performing even even though performing I mean Amin outperforming for years it seems to have a correlation with stocks would it be hard set diversification option for a portfolio instead of stocks oh no no no I would not palladium is still a commodity so this is my one of my lists this the watchlist no it's the SMP weekly this is the FX watchlist we have the pound let me open another watchlist I don't think I went through the metals last time load chart layout will do metals watch list I'm losing annotations on these which is unfortunate but I get to go through the charts quickly and now we can switch the watch list to be metals and we can add palladium – Scalia yes there's two L's and palladium palladium futures PA the nearest contract is PA one explanation point and not natural gas too you the nearest contract silver I already have oil I already have what else have I traded in the past in commodity space I mean platinum is another one that people I haven't looked at these charts in ever like in forever trying to think of more commodities we can look at Oh cobalt and nickel think I know who's asking that yeah I don't know if they have charts of Cobalt yeah I'm not really sure how to look at Cobalt one nickel for that matter you Londyn nickel mini futures in Hong Kong interesting mmm that's in Russia how definitely so I'll have a that's also in Russia so I don't have a see any future too interesting may 20 19 for nickel or we can go with a Russian version or the Europe version oh here we go newest contract out of Europe so wonder what currency it's in is it in the euros or in the USD not that it matters so this one trades monthly I don't know which is better guys I just don't I don't wanna spend time underneath it alright let's add the US nearest contract available nickel let's also add that one I don't want of Russia let's also add the continuous contract out of Europe the front contract and let's also add the London continues contract as well and I'll see what the prices look like but cobalt I don't know no I don't know what Cobham is copper I have I already have copper listed copper is up here you know we have copper so copper is in a standstill right now B so there's nothing to talk about when it comes to copper let's look in gold futures nothing to talk about in gold either it's leaning bullish but on a dead cat bounce this is the gold futures daily the gold futures weekly is also bullish on a dead cat bounce off the sequential 9 and aggressive 13 silver is flipping from its dead cat bounce on a lower open and lower low tomorrow could be trouble for silver oil is in a horrendous shape oil could be totally screwed and I mentioned this last time as the price of oil goes back to about $52 I believe the ultimate price of oil is going to be below $20 a barrel the the gloom and doom of Stephen Leeb and I Michael raw report yes I know the gloom and doom Goldbergs guys I'm aware of all of them I have seen their work I have seen that case she's worked from the 1980s I have seen most of it and thank God I grew out of it so please do the same I believe that oil is not going to $200 a barrel the way Stephen Leeb oil books right like images the coming economic collapse the oil factor like go back to these boats from one was the I have this book I live read well by read I mean listen to I think you all know me by now and the oil fact that was his first book or second book what's the date on this thing I don't remember which one came first I think the oil factor came first this one came second I guess we can probably look them up on Amazon but I don't want to Doc's myself oh here we go Wikipedia always useful except when you're trying to figure out the time zones in Australia and then even they're useless here getting in a ground-floor market timing yeah yeah the angel investor the oil factor was his first book in 2004 and then the economic collapse when oil hits $200 a barrel was written in 2006 it has now been 12 additional years with 2% per year inflation so that should add another what 2% inflation a year for 12 years that's a good you know probably 27 28 percent inflation but we have one growing at 2% inflation a year right so maybe 1% inflation and oil is still nowhere near $200 a barrel we can't even crack $100 a barrel we went to 150 dollars a barrel on oil back in 2009 after the financial collapse and that was just a speculative traded or spiked and not any kind of actual demand and you know this because look at the collapse then after that ironically bottomed on 13's all the way down so this was trading this was hype this was FOMO this was not natural demand for oil this was fear in the market so now where are we well now we're sitting at under $100 a barrel and probably going to below $20 a barrel so what happens I were at $60 a barrel right so stop reading the gloom and doom books guys they will get you into insane financial trouble and you can also watch or go back and watch Michael you report Rupert Rupert on a movie called collapse there it is michael rupert the moving from the movie collapse right also talking about how the economy is gonna collapse because of oil will will run out of oil and one barrel of oil will be a billion dollars and no one can afford it when i've been already saying for years that a long time now that renewable energy will replace oil and oil isn't going very high and anyway enough enough enough enough time waste sorry i don't know how i even got to that um oh thank god i didn't talk to myself now oh wait you guys don't see anything or what do you see right now should see my desktop you back to this so back to here so oil is in trouble and I think it's going lower probably all the way down to the trendline or prior swing high you know but either way I think it's going to 50 bucks they're gonna get there tomorrow know you know have a day and consent CEO is not gonna look good in a minute okay next finally we get to palladium Oh looking good palladium is looking good I don't really know that that I forgot what the real use case of palladium is if I have to guess a good use case for palladium and I could be shooting in a dark here correct me if I'm wrong I think China is gonna get very serious about cleaning up its pollution problem and I believe palladium is very instrumental in cleaning up air pollution so I've always said that China is gonna clean up its pollution problem the way New York did the way the way LA did the way Europe did like the pollution problem is a problem it needs to be cleaned up now China is rich enough now to care about the health of their citizens so they need to clean up the pollution problem so that could be great for Kapolei diem look at this beautiful weekly hammer on a nine candle so right now I would be bullish palladium this nine would have gotten me out of palladium let me do something I know these videos are long it's been going on an hour again think of it as free education okay so obviously I would be long off the nine hammer that's two of my three things in my top three arsenal of trading candles and and sequential mice that's the best combo of three things the second best combo of three things is triangles and sequential z' but they're not reversals are continuations so here I would be out on this nine mostly of my position but then the following candle is a one that closed above the nine so somewhere in this vicinity I would be comfortable somewhere at the current level I would be comfortable going back into palladium with a stoploss but remember I would have made a lot of money shrink the sequential from August so I have room to work with here on the current trade and still come out profitable like the EZ trade was that one this isn't more this is a harder trade this is a less rewarding more risky trade to go long here on caladium the time to go long palladium was right above the hammer candle on the week of August 20th and then right above that candle the week of August 27th that was the time to go along below palladium and then probably a double down on top of those two above setup trend and above the moving averages as consent Co was ready to cross so lots of good stuff there what I have been able to time oh they mean to draw okay so I would be long like around this level back long in to palladium now you can say tone how the hell would you have gotten out at the top because you don't have any sequential numbers there and my answer is you are correct there is no way in hell I would have gotten out at the top because on this red candle I am 100% bullish and committed to these asset chances are I am exiting on this candle the week of the 29th of January on a stop-loss hit there is no way I have any evidence that this is a top now I guarantee you there is a divergence here but in order to actually have divergence the price needs to first correct because if the price continues to go up to 1200 you will not have divergence anymore so while there is war on divergence watch we can't call this divergence yet that's ever play we can go to daily palladium I never carry over the last time I looked at palladium um so here's a better view of when you would go back into the long trade of palladium when this big breakout happens right I can turn on the candle so I can see what numbers they were hearing here let me see maybe I'm spending too much time on palladium but it's a good educational example let me see the I hope that's a 2 above a 1 damn it's a 1 above a 1 so this is a rough area you are either long here when you're when you're on a price flip but that's dangerous so you're kind of long as of here and it's a little bit terrible for scoreboard perspective but you're still in a you're on a slight losing trade if you'd use the daily but the better time to trade this bad boy oh man look at this I remember Wall Street things that are traded by Wall Street love the countdown phase more than they love the setup phase so this combo an aggressive on a crash are very important now look at this look at this zone yeah it's a lot of these zones right like you want to buy these consolidations after a nine of a breakout and you want to exit in this vicinity here with your nines and Thirteen's beautiful nine here at the low this is the daily chart I think yeah this one just consolidated nice 9:00 at the high beautiful 9:00 at the low beautiful 9:00 at the high decent 9:00 at the low probably would have gotten me into a short trade and then you lose a little bit of money and then you go along a little bit later nice 9:00 at the high you're not gonna make money on every trade guys you crazy if you expect that you just have to a have more winning trades they're losing trades and B make more money on those winning trades than losing trades and then you find alright that's enough of palladium also get platinum you plot moment looking good as well oh I take that back platinum is in the same boat as gold this is the Bailey platinum look at this triple oh I was gonna say look at the shrimp old table but it's not a triple top it's a single top I think I need to go to a weekly chart this is not very useful oh wow look at the Platinum crashing the nine in the late 90s oh sorry late 2000s with the yeah so platinum is the hat looks really bad how far back can I go on a platinum futures can I go to 1980 I can't okay so here's platinum should go to a monthly chart that's what we're going folks statistically that's where we're going if I flip it to monthly probably cleaner these nines just show up at the Hyde's right beautiful nine at the monthly in 2008 no.9 at the law unfortunately nice 9:13 on a secondary high in 2011 see remember 2011 is when gold made its all-time high gold and silver made its all-time high in 2011 our platinum made its all-time high in 2008 and that makes sense that makes so much sense and that's because platinum and I'll let you guys think about it from it platinum is this is one all the rappers were like we're not doing gold we're doing diamonds and platinum because we're rich in at the height of the financial crisis everyone was rich and they were upping each other in their stature of how rich they are so platinum was on the rise as people were really rich and then the 2008 crisis comes and people are no longer rich and you have to sell the that you don't need which is platinum jewelry and there goes your platinum now that is my general assessment there could have been a more mining and geologically related reason but this makes sense to me as to why platinum popped here and gold actually topped in 2011 because gold also crashed but golden crash from at all-time high and then gold went up later because those are you know the same hype of your rich based on how much gold you have and the entertainment industry rebounded fairly nicely in the early 2010's and it was all back to gold and not platinum because they weren't as rich as they were earlier but that kind of helped drive the price of gold or the hype for gold a beautiful r9 13 there and down we go and down we go another one here I'm sure this one got you out of your short trade early you can go back in and I read to above all right below red one you get out on the nine and then this area kind of sucked for you so at the moment we are on a sequential 13 by and and on a nine that didn't hold us on I know this is the weekly chart no sir it's the monthly chart so I mean we can go all the way up into the declining moving averages but as Tyler would say consent to you know got you fully out of this you were never fully in this asset since the over ten years ago consent Co could have had you partially long or I'm sorry you would have been fully invested in that asset at the bull trap here on the nine and then you could have been partially invested here but according to consent Co and I for those that took the webinar somewhere in this vicinity somewhere in the vicinity of September 2013 you should have been fully out of palladium platinum at Nam sorry and have not even considered buying back him however that's as an investor as a trader you could have bought back in of this nine hammer as a trader you could have also bought back in off of this sequential 13 not the current one this equation of the steamer from September 2018 not the sequential 13 of October 2017 why why is there a big difference between the sequential 13 of October 2017 and September 2018 the big there's two monster differences one of them is this the October 2017 sequential did not give you a new swing low because the lows of 2015 were lower than that the second reason is when the October 2017 sequential showed up there was another sequential in the background so the bearish momentum from the nine that happened at the wall back in 2016 was still with the trend so there were two reasons as to why the prior sequential 13 was nowhere near as useful as the current one we could rebound here but the investor side and consent CEO tells you not to touch this asset may be dabble in it for 5% because you were breaking about the short-term trend line sorry short term moving average mg natural gas monthly chart natural gas looks terrible once again the monthly chart gave you a beautiful 9 in 2008 high and an OK 9 in November 2005 high beautiful 9 not perfectly at the low but good enough and a beautiful 9 and combo 13 that was preceded by a sequential 13 on the same candle and that marked the I want to say the ultimate low but we went slightly lower which was also in the vicinity of the sequential 13 and a 9 reversal we are now looking bullish for natural gas on a monthly scale weekly scale weekly scale is getting ready to top this is a beautiful tiny top we've topped out of 94 the nine is coming tomorrow no matter how you slice it you just had a sequential an aggressive from that nine and there'll be a nine coming tomorrow so I would not be a natural gas right now the monthly is still bullish are the weekly is about the top and the daily is about the top in two days if we can get above the five so let's see if you get a pop tomorrow on well not tomorrow this is already tomorrow scandal I believe so if you get a pop into the end of the week that could be a beautiful nine daily with a nine weekly on natural gas now we get to nickel oh boy oh boy hey we got one the London mini futures is actually given us candles but it looks the complete opposite of this price chart so I don't know this is Nikhil I yeah no comment but let me I'll take my time all right an unreasonably long discussion of palladium and I don't even think I answered your question but no you do not use metals and commodities instead of equities they are completely separate asset classes I should have just said the app and save myself 30 minutes next good question though well maybe not but like that I like the fact what chan got me doing for the next 20 minutes but the question itself no no do not did not do that next and that was a 10 euro question tip so thank you for getting me on the commodity side from Chippendales nice name i Cho asks a question huh for someone go to university for finance would you get a map or a CS minor if you're interested in client side of Finance excellent question if you are interested in Cohen side of Finance you don't want to be a finance major you want to be a math or a CS major with a minor in finance so you really want to flip that one you really want to flip that one we what you really want to do is you want to be you really want to be I'm debating if you want to be a CS major or math major like it's almost useless being a it's almost useless being a CS major right because you can learn that on your own it's very difficult to learn the math on your own so I here's my advice good question gel because this this was me I have a quantitative finance master's degree right so I have degrees in math geology quantitative finance or financial engineering or mathematical finance it's it's all the same field I have a master's degree in math and I have a I didn't do my computer science minor but I did the equivalent of a computer science minor I just didn't care to like because I didn't want to you know I didn't want to look too nerdy with a degree in math a degree in geology and a minor in computer science and I had a and I almost completed the education track right like we're not gonna get into my stupidity of being a college student I graduated undergraduate with 172 credits and that's easily provable by me so think about that right I left undergrad with a hundred and seventy two credits and you only need a hundred and twenty credits for a degree so think about it and so because I was an education major originally and then I quit and I was like two classes shy of a degree in education I was a math major and the geology major I have two separate bachelor's degrees for those though I was doing them at the same time and I took like four out of five computer science classes that you needed to be a CS minor and the fifth one I I just kind of ordered it I just didn't they are getting care it didn't matter to me right so my advice to you is be a math major with minors in CS and finance and if you feel that you were deficient in a specific area of finance just take or audit that class if you feel you're deficient in a specific CS aspect learn it on YouTube or go audit the class just go sit there and if you would and the the programming languages that will help you a lot in quantitative finance are like Python is absolute key so python very important excel vba is probably still very important that was my number one coding language at the time but that was probably gonna be basic for you C++ and C sharp are heavily utilized and database database database database SQL stored procedures not not the admin side so SQL so you have to know SQL whether it's sequel whether it's my sequel whether it's Oracle whether it's Sybase if anyone still uses that insanity learn databases and but not there's two sides to databases there's the administrative side and then there is the there's the database admin and then there's the database programmer you want to be the database programmer you don't want to be the guy giving access to you know this guy is allowed to edit a table edit add to a table and this one is allowed to view the table you don't want to be that guy you want to be the guy writing the code inside the database one of my CTOs was a database guy and he used to yell at the C++ guys saying that he can do this more efficiently within the database with the math code which is any C++ can tell you that it's grossly inefficient but if you're a good database guy you can make that argument so absolute must learn to program a database that's my advice to be in quantitative finance you right okay fine it's not someone just commented don't learn databases for quant finance you don't really have to but if but here's the thing you're not a quant you want to get the job and if you want to get the job you better know how to query a database and spot a bug in a store procedure because when you are a quant and your programming math models you may have to test those models and you have to pull data out of the database that's internal and if there is a problem with the data in the database you need to have the ability to figure that out so you do need to if you want to get that job if you want to start out in that job like that was my job for the job that I did in quantitative finance with my degree I wasn't good enough to write the mathematical quantise but I knew store procedures I knew databases I knew C++ code and I knew the finance because C++ was the code base that I learned in my math degree so my number one priority was making sure that the data is accurate because that's how the quants don't maybe screwin up the model and it depends on how good you are as a quantitative programmer but most people out of a master's degree or out of a bachelor's degree you ain't never touching you ain't never going to be a quant anyway but you can be a quant assistant in which case are being able to program a store procedure is absolute key you check the election tone good let's check the election damn the Democrats are picking up seats like wildfire in the house 154 to 155 plus 18 Wow 309 out of that is that is something that is really something leti honey futures are doing I really wish someone could cut out my spiel about I should have the election on I really wish someone could cut out my feel about being a quantitative finance major because I think that's useful and we can put her as a standalone video you I was a quantitative engineer not an electrical engineer someone that is somehow relating my ability to do quantitative finance but setting up a Bitcoin miner because one is transferable skill to the other so the Democrats are up 18 seats in the house god damn and the Democrats hold Oregon Wow Wow interesting interesting you you yeah it's a little chilly today in Melbourne I wanted to do this from outdoors but I that wasn't gonna happen okay our next question wow these questions really got me going it's really bad for me too the videos at this time because it's the middle of the day and I I do need to get back to research three four pm but considering a little cup of like knew enough to go to bed at five I am yeah I'm gonna end this soon let me see the rest of your questions I'll try to answer those quicker from math tone when do you see the housing market going down and how much in percentage do you see the market dropping throughout the housing bear market um I don't know that's a very interesting question ooh honestly I think the housing bubble is gonna grow because I think that like again ask me again after the election because if the Democrats don't impeach Trump I think the economy is gonna rise and people will have more money to buy an irrationally priced house so I think the housing market might have another bubble which is very very weird because bubbles don't usually repeat so that would be a monster anomaly like like they just bubbles just don't repeat they need a full generation to repeat so it has to be like ten years away for the next housing bubble let let's revisit this in about a month or a few weeks or in a week sushi shifter nice name let's see what you got for me Oh Democrats flip Iowa Republicans hold Texas oh my god we are tied we are tied it oh wait i refreshed it and then I lost the update here we go okay I keep doing it there it is there it is so Republicans hold another study so Republicans hold North Carolina Republicans are still ahead by one but the Democrats have gained 19 seats god damn they flipped 19 House members Wow Wow I wonder how Ted Cruz did in Texas Republican hole Texas bottlenose which to the Texas has like 200 House members so I have no idea which one Ted Cruz was maybe not 200 but they have how many do they have doesn't really say I don't feel like counting all right okay sushi shifter let's see what you got for me why interest rates don't really affect the stock market oh my god I good question yeah and these are good questions because I'm trying to think of a way to answer it that's not gonna take me 30 minutes these are complicated questions guys because you don't want me to just answer you want to me an answer with an explanation so the reason why it doesn't matter is because whether the interest rate is 2% or 5% it's about the economy of the private sector in the equity markets I'm giving you the simplest explanation the lane expansion right so you will not care about a 5% bond return if you think that the SMP 500 is going to return you eight percent or ten percent or in 2015 or its or in 2016 that the S&P returned 26 percent so if the SNP is returning you 20% ah the interest rate of bonds going from 3% to 6% or 7% is totally irrelevant you're not gonna care you're gonna sell bonds take that not buy the bonds you're gonna sell the bonds give the buyer of that bond 8% take the money from the bond put it in a stock market and earn double the interest rate right like it doesn't matter it totally it's irrelevant right on the flip side if the stock market if people are scared of the stock market or the stock market enter stagnation like it did in the 70s right as it enter stagnation like it did in the 70s or you're feeling like you're gonna have a bear market then the you can't then you want to put your money in the safety of the bonds and you're willing to take on a small interest rate in the bonds because you're scared that the stock market will lose you a bunch of money and this is why the actual like it's all talking heads oh the Fed just raises interest rates the Fed just lowered interest rates and everyone follows or panics into the stock more but these are temporary and a multi-year basis you you have Republicans hold Arkansas on a multi-year basis on the actual bond rate is irrelevant because it depends on what your our confidence is in the economy and where will you make more money bonds or stocks that's the simplest a clinician like God but we can go into the weeds of all of that but that is why in general the interest rate of the Fed that they announce is irrelevant when it comes to stocks next high tone I'm new can you please quickly explain the difference between the blue line and the candle in that us these short graph sure that is very very simple so the blue line is the amount of Bitcoin that people are leveraging to the long side divided by the amount of Bitcoin that people are leveraging to the short side this is my Bitcoin representation of the put/call ratio or the well in this case it's the cold put ratio but this is what you will call the the put/call ratio in in the stock market so this is the ratio of leverage longs to leverage shorts so when this ratio grossly Rises like at this peak here that means the amount of people that are leveraging to the upside are significantly outnumbered the amount of people leveraging to the downside and as you can see the mod the N and the candles is the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin like crashed when the majority of the people were long Bitcoin leveraged and they got rekt now what's happening right now is the amount of people that are short is becoming small and the amount of people are becoming long as they're coming huge now I would love for this ratio to get back to this peak because the last time it got to this peak you know people got rekt for leveraging warms as the market crashed now I don't want Bitcoin to crash I would love for Bitcoin price to go up so I can be so I can buy my lambo however reality is reality and you can see the same thing this so this is weird this usually happens afterwards usually it Peaks after the pain has already begun but as you can see here in September the there were so many Long's and the Long's flipped to the short side or the law just deleveraged see you have to look at this chart to see whether the number of lawns or shorts is increasing or are they increasing in tandem or is one increasing and the other one holding flat but you can look these up with their tickers you know BTC USD shorts and DTC USD warms they're coming from this connection there's lots of questions about the numbers all right next mr. Smith if oil prices drop will product prices and shipping industry boom um not necessarily it's not going to boom because it'll be cheaper for people to make products and it'll be cheaper for people to ship those products and if it's cheaper for companies to make products and ship products they usually provide those savings on to the consumer because it's their competitive advantage right if if you have a for example let's look at plane tickets for example if oil prices drop significantly the price of plane tickets goes down because the airline because some airlines will find the hey if we lower ticket prices we can sell more tickets and so it becomes a competitive advantage between Airlines unless they want to collude within themselves which is technically illegal so that's the thing it's always the exact question again let me see here right so that so the shipping industry so again like like well more people yeah I guess more people will go on flights because those flights will be cheaper so the airline industry could boom from the perspective of more people are flying but they could also be flying more because they've dropped ticket prices because it's cheap of them to fly the airplane and the same applies to consumer goods as well so it's not necessarily a boom it's but it is more how do you say money velocity so more people are turning over their money so and money velocity in an economy is not a bad thing of course don't blame your being contradictory to the be cash crap that's different like money velocity is is pretty good as long as it doesn't come at the expense of saving so there you go so that's the that's my answer all right blender mania blender mania nice name have you tried out what sabi wallet yet no unfortunately I haven't because I've been too busy but I really really need to thank you for reminding me that I should try out Masada all right guys I think that's good let's look at the election one more time that McCloud told Maryland Democrats held Oregon Democrats hold New York Republicans flip Missouri but Democrats must have flipped something Democrats flip Oklahoma oh and Republicans have their 51 and Republicans are now up three in the Senate so the Republicans are crushing the Senate can the Republicans get a supermajority in the Senate I wonder if that's possible no it's not because they would need 60 and Democrats already have 42 so they can't hit a supermajority okay interesting so oh the Democrats are now up to buy flippin 21 damn how many did the Democrats have to flip to take the house I really want to sit here and finish the show with the election let's see how the markets doing now that the Democrats are technically in the lead but remember a lot of the es future people they're kind of smart and they know these intricacies that I don't like like at this point in time I still have no idea who is projected to win in the House Democrats or Republicans because I haven't done any fundamental analysis on the election not on the markets but on the election but I'm sure that people invested in the SNP right now in your flowers have and therefore the market is yes the es is trading right now oh no it's not training actually so the futures take a five minute break from trading right now until midnight if my memory serves me correctly it's been a while since I traded es futures he asks many trading hours so for next five minutes I don't think they're gonna be trading they take an hour break in the afternoon so trading hours of ES mini futures so Sunday to Friday 6 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. so they do not trade Eastern Time with trading halt at 4:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. so they take a 15-minute break at 4:30 and then an hour break between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily and then they're closed on the weekends oh they eliminated the midnight thing yeah I mean I was a day trader of this particular contract and there was a 5-minute breakage of trading if my memory serves me right from 11:55 to midnight but then not that it was an irrelevant no one is really trading at that time anyway all right is when changing anything our Bitcoin is pulling back the coin is pulling back here let's see if Bitcoin will pull back after the breakout of the triangle and then go to the upside because that is common ascending triangles and you can see in the pictures that very often the triangle breakouts lead to pull box like this so the triangle breaks out pulls back and then reaches target but we reach target immediately so I'm not sure if it counts exactly the same way but here's an exam alright you break out of a triangle and and then pull back a bunch of times to it and then break out some more okay all right guys I usually let's go back to my website please support through affiliate codes sign up for workshops if you're interested in learning trading especially the sequential system and of course the uncomfortable conference happening in January in Las Vegas with a professionally organized celebrity poker tournament there's thirty four seats left and I'm saving like 3040 seats for celebrities I'll probably open up those seats closer to the tournament of the celebrities don't sign up because I want this to be you know I want you guys to be sitting would Jimmy song with myself with Pilar with Lea I just got word that Johnny Billy and Julia Terry on ski are gonna play in the tournament we're gonna get their celebrity pictures up up they're trying to get you more people and the conference itself has 45 seats at this price then the price will probably rise I will get with my committee and discuss it that's about it I'll register for the poker tournament by clicking this link probably next week I will have more information on the payout this is a non-profit conference for both myself and the company that is organizing this event the uncomfortable LLC so though the expenses will get taken out and I want to donate one Bitcoin to a Bitcoin developer project haven't decided which one yet so there you go this is the registration for the poker game this is the registration at the bottom here for the conference they are separate there will be an after-party details coming soon your entry covers that the carnivorous dinner will also be separate sometime next week there will be another shrimp here for the car every dinner as we decide which restaurant we're gonna do it in we have an idea and that information will probably be sent or posted here we'll see alright guys that's it that's it for me two hours Jesus I gotta get back to doing more research on hyperinflation for my for my presentations enough screen share thank you so much for sticking around closing out with 600 viewers lots going on in the Senate oh man that Democrats just picked up another one now that's a bad thing again I'm from a market perspective I'm not here to convince you whether to be a Democrat or a Republican it's just a huge flip and I just don't want to see Wow I don't want to see this president getting peached I'm not saying I don't want to see a president getting peached that would be incorrect there was certainly there was a reason why a president is allowed to be impeached by the law but I don't want to see this president getting peached because I like people to have jobs and that would be really bad for the economy if this president gets impeached I really I mean the whole impeachment thing is silly even the Clinton impeachment like I thought the impeachment of Clinton was ridiculous and he's a Democrat and and well the impeachment of george w bush could have been justified because he started two wars that were i felt both unnecessary and bad so that is that would have had a reasonable impeachment because that was just killing no that was just you know killing people all over the world are people in the u.s. foreign people cause bad relations but hey it created the rise of WikiLeaks because of those wars and WikiLeaks is one of the instrumental factors that made Bitcoin popular I talked about that in my presentations so you know hindsight's 2020 if I if Bitcoin would be ah as you know popular and is useful today if it wasn't for those Wars so you never know right like it's like I always say you don't know if we would have had internet today if it wasn't for the Fed in 1913 and easy money printing because you don't have a time machine to see what would have happened with the future of Technology if if the Fed was never created back in 1913 so we don't know that's all I'm saying Democrats are up for Republicans hold what Washington Republicans hold Illinois so now the Democrats are up three this is really fascinating I'm gonna continue to watch it I'm sure Tyler is glued to his TV screen oh wait I had a question I had a question from Sasha is the B trash Fork pumping the market I don't know I don't know if this is B cash-related I have absolutely no idea I don't III don't if anything the B trash is rising against Bitcoin so if anything stupid people are selling their Bitcoin or shift coins to buy B trash so what it could be happening is people that think they're gonna get free money on the B cash for it they're selling their shift coins up to more Republicans flip Pennsylvania and the Democrats flip Minnesota so that's a wash so Democrats are still up by four and Democrats hold California yeah California results are coming in because there are three hours behind us that's the Senate race yep oh yeah California is all Democrat so yeah Republicans bye-bye bye-bye to Republicans also I wonder so does this mean flipped how do we know which flipped what's the dark border I would love to know which districts flipped oh here is Texas the warehouse Ted Cruz I don't go to all of them I don't know anyway it doesn't matter so anyway that's it yeah California is gonna come in mostly Democrat I think and uh yeah Democrats should take over duh now they're up by six yeah yeah yeah Democrats are gonna crush it crush it hey but hey Republicans held at the Senate so probably a lot of uh yeah not much is gonna get done not ideal for the market but we'll see we'll see yeah so back to the beat trash thing probably people selling their coins or selling some big qualms and bitcoins going up to I don't think it's be trash pumping the market I really don't i i I've no really like you need a reason like I'm not gonna be a talking head on TV price goes up and I gotta make up a reason as to why why not price went down and I got to make up a reason as to why it went down sometimes it just goes up and sometimes it just goes down there's no reason there's no news there's just the market on this note I will talk to you all on the next one

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    It seems that there is another Death Cross approaching, check it out, your thoughts.

    I’m on Coinigy, go to BITS or BITS either will do. Go to USD/BTC, 3D.

    In 2014 the 50 Day crossed the 200 on December 21, from crossing points to the lowest candle was -50.59%

    We are approaching the same thing this November 09-15

    Does anyone think this will bring the market down too. That would be around $3,244 BTC

    Your Thoughts Please

  4. Sometimes there is no news. sometimes there is nothing. Just the market… A beautiful quote for those who say technical analysis is no good. lol Amazing how some people think…

  5. Initiative
    Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of
    their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have
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  6. Dear Tone, did you see the video they made of you and Mr Novogratz? It is rather funny, look: Cheers!

  7. Tone actually is the only one out there trying to rally bitcoin. We need someone to come out and short/have a face behind hind it. This guy is our savior, if he gets rekt on a short we all thrive! All hail Tone

  8. when Tone says "i can confirm it broken upwards"… many people will fomo into buy.. it will be a massive bull days 🙂

  9. Personally I think Trump getting impeached would probably be good for the markets. Hes very impetuous and unpredictable. I think wallstreet would be a lot more comfortable with Pence at the helm.

  10. it will go up to 7200-600 before drops (if) to 5100-5500.mark my words.theres just to many bears out there ..

  11. Swiss Frank CHF: Tone with all respeckt, love your shows! Thanks for them! But pointing out that TD showed a Rise of CHF/EUR on the 9 is somehow.. Well call it how ever you want. No one really knew that the SNB will give up the support of EURO. So it had to be a miracle for this 9. Best regards and enjoy Australia. Rob

  12. hi tone, you should switch you btc charts over form bifinex to bitstamp as bitstamp reflects the average price of bitcoin better.

  13. Bcash already pumped 50 percent, today was First dump, which took BTC Up to 6500. The forks are really Wörth this, and what If they f. Up?! Big dumps, even Higher BTC?

  14. Our Swiss gbtc Bitcoin etn by vontobel scam bank Always Trades 200 or 300 above spotprice BTC. They Spreader 1,5 percent, Always gaining AS Marketmakers.

  15. Did you get midterm erections? Democrats May Care more for health Care and financial 401k Problems of Future voters… Hate in immagrants Alone IS Not enough to win… Tromp is only easy Money for CEO shares.

  16. hey Tone. Your short was a high probability trade, I agree with you and its ok if this is a loss. It would make money most of the time. But when you are modifying the BTCUSD triangle to make the trade more sound, what does it mean, what does it serve? You are not objective anymore, you are changing the chart to fit your trade not changing your trade to fit the chart, it is only a mental play. You are changing the environment to make the plebs and random people to think that your trade is more valid than it is. This is a losing mentality in my opinion, you dont change the facts after the trade. You made this trade more personal than it should be. Just my two cents.

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