41 thoughts on “Trading Bitcoin – Triangle Broke out as Expected, Target Not Yet Hit”

  1. Imagine giving your money to this guy for 'conference' / 'expert advice' and than realize that this money is used to get drunk, party and missing bullruns 😛

  2. Dec 2019 bitcoin hits $25,000

    Tone will say – tyat 40% correction is coming guys. ??????????????????????????????

  3. Isn’t it a good thing to have weak currency because it’s cheaper for other countries to buy your stuff? Trump wants to have a trade war, but the most effective way to do that is to weaken the currency. You said that socialism results in weak currency, sounds like a reason to support socialism. https://www.schwab.com/resource-center/insights/content/currency-wars-is-a-weaker-currency-good-or-bad. On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan. Wtf target not hit? Isn’t 99% of 9k=9k?

  4. BTC is dead if it can't control fees. Any other coin with low fees will take over. This is how competition works. $15 min fee to move off Bitmex.

  5. So a professional trader slept through a major breakout with no phone or computer alerts and he lives and breathes BTC, when you know the breakout is immenent ?????????????????????

  6. You are the best! BITCOIN will moon due to US ELECTION 2020.. this will be a bullish topic as well HALVENING

  7. I like Tone as an Internet personality. He has some experience in the traditional market trading. But this time Tone is in it over his head: 1) TA doesn't work, it merely present past reference. 2) Bitcoin is a unique digital asset – which nobody has ever seen anything like it before – So why Tone Vays kept insisting in the data sets of what happened to bitcoin in the past ? If Tone show one more comparison between the charts from 2014, 2017, and now – Completely different market, completely different data distrributions, completely new adaptions….quit it Tone ! quit it Tone or we will beginning to suspect that you are getting paid by your Wall street buddies – spreading the FUDs to suppressing the bitcoin price while the whales and the bankers are accumulating bitcoin, before the price really run up !!

  8. Wow that volume was so low before the breakout yesterday. Tone I enjoy your content! Thank you for the great analysis.

  9. That sequential shit simply doesn't work with BTC – unless it's in hindsight, in which case the successful outcomes are cherry-picked. It's all so tiresome.

  10. To be so educated in classical TA makes it hard to be creative.
    Like a classically trained musician asked to play the blues. Knowing becomes the enemy of learning.

  11. Not smart for still being bearish on Bitcoin. Look at all the profit you’re missing out on… I’ve been in a long since $4000.. Even I am slaying Bitcoin better than you. However, that shouldn’t be surprising considering you’re a Bitcoin maxi. They usually remind me of flat Earthers.

  12. You are so negatively viewed you are positively screwed. I don’t understand it, but I bought BTC at 3200 and 3600 – I’m an idiot I guess.

  13. Tone is a chart storyteller but you cannot profit on that. He never gives clear signals or predictions. He cannot even make a successful trade himself. I can guarantee that he cannot beat the market. Dollar averaging will win with all that pseudo-AT. It's just procrastinating in front of the TradingView. Tone, get a life, get a girlfriend. It's not worth neither your time nor your viewers.

  14. Lmao why does this clown have 87k subscribers still. He’s gonna be bearish all the way up to $200k.

    Also don’t forget his ridiculous ETH $0.2 call.

  15. Tone does a great job teaching. I also watch Trader Cobb & Crypto Sniper for extra analysis.

    Those who bash Tone, need to realise these trading teachers, all have a different style & opinion of they’re own.
    No one should blame Tone for they’re own losses, he twists no arm and it is up to you to make your own decisions and learn from Tone & these other traders, especially about how to set Stop Losses.
    Only fools blame others, no matter being short term bearish / bullish BUT.. Tone, like the rest of us, is long term Bullish.

    Don’t be that stupid commenter throwing blame because it’s just so damn lame. Learn or burn ✌️

    Tone Vays is the best in the Biz though ?

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