Trading Bitcoin – Fell to Under $5k, but now over $5k, next?

hey everyone welcome to another edition of trading bitcoin with your host own face very limited time this morning I gotta leave in 20 minutes to get somewhere so we're gonna go to it real quick I'm already on screen share you really go straight to the calendar and I check out the Meetup so tomorrow morning that will be going to Philly for a Bitcoin meetup check that out the details are here if you click on this link it'll take you to the meetup details so please whoa that's a distorted picture so please go ahead and check it out and hopefully you guys can attend Saturday night 6:00 p.m. tonight should be fun I don't know if I'm gonna stream it or not we will figure it out when I get there the following day I do have a workshop in Philly and here it is click the link takes you to the registration page and you can register for the workshop once again guys if you are interested in the indicator and just the indicator for a one-time fee which has just gone up with the price of Bitcoin going up to 300 USD but the Bitcoin price is the same just a heads up we are changing the wording that you get lifetime access to the telegram group shot that is now gonna be removed it's not guaranteed anymore the wording needs to change because I can't provide my own my own lifetime you know technical support and assistance for three hundred dollars one-time fee that's just ridiculous and I'm realizing the mistake there so that wording will completely change across all of my products either that or I will go to a subscription model one of those which I don't want to do because that's another lifetime commitment that I don't really want to make so I'm just you gotta keep that in mind I don't believe in like lifetime commitments right so it's like it's not a commitment you just get that cold anyway I'll figure that out more when I have time to think about it but a lot of the wording on yours going to change so just ahead don't depend on anything workshops be that in the workshop I already did that let's talk about the price since I only have about 15 minutes now I'm also checkout oh I should plug the group chat about you Haley I see you in here hi Leah okay so I check out the video to run confiscate a bowl we are gonna get the individual videos from from understanding Bitcoin this weekend up on the understanding Bitcoin YouTube channel which will exist this weekend for you guys the VLX the BLX has updated this is the index you can see that the current week of the index is so far a bearish week now we only have a few more days to go I had called this a bull trap before I will admit that I used to have a little arrow here that pointed down to this blue ish line of 2900 I had a red arrow going down that I had a green arrow going into the same area maybe a little bit later you know I really wanted this 5000 to be in line with the moving average the blue one but when we didn't go lower than 3000 I dropped the red arrow and I only drew this green arrow and this is literally the week I expected us to start going down and so far we are and we will see how that goes well my computer restarted so this is in a bit of what's going on okay so yeah the charts are getting cluttered you guys are seeing oh sorry I should probably keep an eye on that everything is working problem okay yeah we're at 600 viewers great okay so the current candle is a pull back handle we have I mean we fell down very quickly and now we're bouncing up a little bit I have not seen any evidence yet that this is going to be sustainable from a weekly perspective this is an this was always going to be a no trade candle no matter what this candle does or did so there's really not much reason to talk about the weekly scale until next week oh man what's going on here my computer we started this morning so the daily chart gave us a red – going below a red one and technically by the rules of the sequential system or at least my rules of trading the sequential system a short trade was supposed to be activated on a red – below red one what I have activated the short trade no of course not because as I said in yesterday's video the fall was too big too fast and I don't like to chase so I would not have activated this short based on my own rules of the daily the mark counts because I am NOT a robot and I and this is why I think mechanical trading fails while normally a red – going below or on one is a short trade you have to understand that we have just fallen from almost 5500 down to 4900 in a matter of 24 hours and that is not the trade I want to make at the bottom of this scale if you did not catch the move at the top to the downside and it wasn't easy to catch the move at the top to the downside not everything is tradable to you you should know you should not be invested in a trade for the entire your entire life I am happy taking on three or four trades a year as long as those trades are perfect trades and this was not going to be a perpetrator a downside even if a single indicator is telling you that it's unassured trade now keep in mind I'm a Bitcoin Hodler so if I am wrong if I am wrong and Bitcoin does not fall below 3000 I will be very happy about being wrong right like it's not gonna if I'm everything in my life would be fine every my life is kind of hedged everything in my life would be fine if Bitcoin falls down to a thousand everything in my life will be fine if Bitcoin goes up you know to a hundred thousand this year now what you have to ask yourself is your life hedge to be able to you know deal with a price of Bitcoin going below a thousand or above a hundred thousand and you not blaming other people for your financial problems right so this is the big question you have to ask yourself can you handle a price of Bitcoin being 1,000 this year and can you handle the price of Bitcoin going on being a hundred thousand this year now you may say that well everybody can handle the price of Bitcoin being a hundred thousand this year well the answer is not really if you have no Bitcoin and you never get into Bitcoin as it goes to one hundred thousand this year you may not be able to live with yourself by not having Bitcoin as it goes to a hundred thousand okay so what you have to understand this Lucent investments and myself have a very different modeling strategy in the fact that I am hollowing Bitcoin and lucid investment is it right so you have to decide what you do with your own money and you are gonna be the sole person responsible and not blame other people for what happens in the market because the market is generally unpredictable as much as we try to guide you with our views on the market the market is unpredictable and it can do whatever it likes same thing with the 12 hour chart by the way the 12 hour chart never even gave you all ready to go below at 1:00 it did give you a red 3 gold below or right – which was actually a bit of a safer trade than on a daily chart because now we have more candles showing you downside when when we were falling yesterday down to four towards 4900 you know I was pretty bearish and anticipating the break of the setup trendline but there is a reason why this set of trendline is a support line and it acted pretty much as support you missed this trendline by about 25 to 35 dollars and you ran back up you are now under this moving average I don't know how important this moving average is and right now I would not I this is still in a bearish posture but I would not want to be in a short trade right now because it can go up it's possible it is very possible that this correction and it's perhaps better seen on a 4-hour chart man this gave you a 9 and this was a perfected 9 for the majority of this for our candle that just flipped over you know 10 minutes ago as I started this video and this was a beautiful nine reversal on the 4-hour and right now it is looking you know somewhat strong ish you're still in a countdown face look you're an 11 count down from one of these nines somewhere from this nine this nine is still in a 13 a countdown phase which could happen somewhere here as the moving averages cross so right now this is a weird like notification I would have gotten a notification so you have this beautiful reversal candle on the 4-hour and the 4-hour is giving you a little bit of life though I think this is gonna go to new yearly highs and the answer is no I do not I don't think this is gonna go to New Year Lehigh's at this time around right so I do think that this top will hold going into the summer so that means in the month of what month of weird in the month of April and I am not expecting us to break this high but just because I am not expecting us to break the high doesn't mean that it's not going to do it right I do think this def cross on the 4:00 hour will be relevant and it's hard for me to say that this is a 1 to 14 or correction and done down because the 9 never really completed I just got a notification that it was a 9 that price flip to a bullish chart now this is not a red to going above a red one so there's no bullish trade on the table so all the charts right now are in complete neutral mode I'm also known as the CM F which is starting to you know accumulate to the upside again which is a good sign for the Bulls now the 4-hour chart is completely neutral the one-hour chart is also neutral the 12-hour chart has a bearish posture but I don't like it after the big up move of a hundred bucks or so so I would treat this as neutral as well leaning bearish the daily chart is bearish but very difficult to trade and the weekly chart is neutral so we are back in neutral category if you did not catch the breakout fake-out reversal if you did not profit from the triangle breakout that was half live and you did not profit on the Smackdown then after I would not chase price to either direction at the moment so I would not be in any trades I don't have time to talk about this I don't have time to talk about that cold I'm pretty much know what I'm gonna say before it loads I am gonna stay away from goal for until it shows me something that is worth paying attention to and we're on a monthly chart here oh man I got five minutes max right now let's go back to the weekly chart oh yeah then we see this is why this is why I didn't like gold like it's just it's on this weird countdown to a nine and it's just flat but it's just meeting the criteria oven of a dying to the downside I just stay away from gold silver is probably way more bearish yes Silver's a little more bearish if silver goes down and closes below this entire moving average cluster Silver's in serious trouble Lea wants me to check out Chevron and I'll see if I have time for that here's the updated chart of oil I think the last time I showed it wasn't updated it's taking me a while to load internet was working better yesterday yeah oil remains bullish right I mean we're on a five of nine and it's rocketing to the upside I mean if you're in the bullish trade you have both set up and countdown you above the moving averages let me just ride the trend to the upside here's palladium here's the S&P left to load there is lift my Palladium was in a very bearish posture if this rent too goes below this red one Wow palladium was in serious trouble from a ta perspective I mean I mean kind of sucks I'm seeing at this late on palladium with all these nines at the top on a daily scale but that looks very bad if it's in line with the weekly chart going below this line could accelerate the selling big-time big-time there's no support at all it's like a hyper wave there's no support I mean it's just we're looking at that's probably support you know so that's a big way down that's a big way down right there okay SNP very curious oh look at that Wow look at today's candle look at this futures candle today holy shit yeah you had a couple of price flips um this is what I said yesterday that's what I said yesterday if today the SNP is strong going into market open and it's a little too strong going into market open I am comfortable with the SNP going into the weekend like guys I could be proven totally wrong I mean I said all here I don't I think the SNP is gonna be bullish but I don't think it'll surpass the all-time high I may be wrong there I mean we may surpass the all-time high and I've been bullish the SNP I've been more bullish S&P than possibly anyone in the world on the in 2019 and even I then think we would break the all-time high and it looks like we are so man especially if the next candle goes above current candle and the weekly still has room to the upside I mean this thing is gonna open at like up here I mean wow wow we're like 2 percent away from the all-time high that's unreal okay this is lift talked about lift yesterday we can take a look at Chevron what's the ticker guys chevron there it is they're buying somebody for 33 million that doesn't seem like a lot 33 billion that sounds more like that sounds more what CB x or CB x is yeah they're buying and a dark hole what's in it gone Anadarko Petroleum let's look at both of you I don't have time to talk about what happens in a merger so CB X is obviously down and the big I was about to say that like man I wish I said it what a couple he spends thirty three billion dollars its shareholders get freaking nervous so I'm not surprised this thing paint like a stone and obviously the company that they're buying is gonna rise big-time because they're buying them for their they're buying them right and this is why there is financial regulation and this is why you can't have a decentralized financial market because in a decentralized financial market like the crypto market all of the Friends of Anadarko and all of the Friends of Chevron and every one of the 10,000 middleman that was involved in this deal would blab to their friends about the deals happening and you won't have something like this so I don't have time to discuss it I do discuss this in my workshop so the reason why your financial regulation is so that somebody doesn't make a billion dollars by buying you know $60 calls on this company that expire in a week for you know three cents on the dollar and then those calls go to two dollars right I mean we're talking you know twenty thirty thousand percent returns in a matter of days and the SEC will arrest people that do that if they can prove that they knew insider information so there's nothing to say I mean you can't buy and a dark hole because it's not gonna trade anymore I mean it looks like there probably I mean the if this is news I haven't read the news there's really not much to say Chevron will recover that gap will probably close or they wouldn't be making this deal and this stock is never gonna trade again because it's being bought out right so you can tell who's buying who and just from now so there's really not much to say on it I wish I would have said it prematurely and you can see Chevron is already recovering it was initial shock how the hell you gonna spend thirty three billion dollars of investor money and but then you know you start doing research and if you realize that the deal is good then the stock fully recovers I I mean if you're in this stock and you're in your liquidated you're okay but the percentage drop here are significantly smaller than the percentage rise of the company that they're buying I mean this is all perfectly normal this is all perfectly standard earnings is coming up so I would just not touch this stock at all now if I go to a ten minute shard on a crash like that the time to buy this thing is that 10 or 11 a.m. off of a reversal candle so if I was sitting in front of my computer and I saw a Chevron on doing this yesterday though why is it moving now am I in pre market is this pre market or business let me see amateur so that was like pre market action I didn't know I had pre market data so that was on pre market action so so that means going into this morning I would be watching Chevron but the thing is so I don't get it anyway I didn't know I had pre market data so I don't know if this is pre market data or not and I'm not and I have to after run I'm already past my time I'm gonna be late for something so this looks like pre market action so if that's pre market action and we already fell to here then we already made the loan pre market so you don't want to touch this stock at all now if this this shadow at the bottom didn't exist and the stock opened and started to crash in the first 15 to 30 minutes of trading I would be looking to time the the rebound at 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. especially if the market is is going strong at 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. and I would try to time the low at the after at the pre afternoon reversal but I would have to wash it live and make my decisions mine and I won't be with you for that all right guys that's it I am over on my time please check out the calendar page we see that I'm gonna be at the meet up in Philly tomorrow that's where I'm gonna be heading to than the workshop in Philly and then I will be in Mexico for the last week of April talk to you all on the next one if you want to support my work please check out the affiliate page and if you want to buy some t-shirts and other cool stuff please check out the store alright guys I gotta run talk to you all on the next one

24 thoughts on “Trading Bitcoin – Fell to Under $5k, but now over $5k, next?”

  1. Interpreting candlesticks is bullshit for crypto. cryptomarket has no daily or weekly openings and closings.
    so the start and the end of a candle is set completely random. set the start 12h later you will get completely other candles.
    Have you ever thought about that?

  2. It is literally mathematically impossible for Bitcoin to go below $1k this year, North Korea owns well over 5k bitcoins and they will never sell because that is how they fund their military, The USA has around 250k bitcoins (from kracken exchange recovery and silk road busts) and Russia is sitting on 400 billion and Putin just warned of a global financial collapse which means he probably will be putting even more money in gold and Bitcoin as reported in the news, not to mention they are starting to put in 10 billion at a time. Also let us not forget that BTC has many whales, that will not "sell" their fortunes for 1k, and also BTC has not been at 1k since over 2 years ago. I even have intelligence from a BTC whale that BTC will be "45k around summer"

  3. Not sure why you are not talking about the huge cryptocurrency industry shift that us only a couple weeks away?

  4. Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ on the horizon……..

    PS Interesting theory from ‘Mr Kristof’ and ‘That Martini Guy’ about the arrest of Julian Assange and yesterday’s Bitcoin dip. Worth checking out their partnership/joint videos

  5. Never seen a video with TONE VAYS without the. Oh i have to go, Oh im late, Oh i dont have time to do this. What a retarded way to treat followers.

  6. Please Grandfather people in who have attended the workshop with lifetime access to the private Telegram/Indicator. If you form anything "New" that is a different story, since it was not paid for at previous time of purchase. Thanks for the Work you do!

  7. I see the crooks at the World Bank are hosting their annual How to RAPE Third World Countries of Their $ and Resources conference. The outside of the building is bannered with "End Poverty" signs. You want to end poverty give them Bitcoin and a way to use it.

  8. Tone, why don't you hire Leah or someone like her to assist you with things to give you more time ? , as it sounds like you are getting a little maxed out. ?

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