26 thoughts on “Trading Bitcoin – Consolidating at $8k – Bullish or Bearish?”

  1. think about this ppl .. if you could trade you woudnt have to make videos about it. and shill affiliate links and useless courses. he did wat every con man does. first get a lot of followers trough some legit work researching scam coins… and expose them. then you change strategy and start to make money on shilling .; his TA is retarded

  2. Hint: No one cares about plugs, power adapters, what you had for dinner, or how busy you are. Try to arrive at a point within a minute, otherwise you are meandering. We can already see pictures of Istanbul and the Bosphoruson on the Internet FFS. Just get organised before doing a live stream as it is too painful watching you and get the point.

  3. Tone will be crying tears of joy when BTC gets to $100,000, 10% of which will be salty when LTC is $1,000. It will be a good day for everyone.

  4. I agree with him about Ripple XRP. Total Shitcoin / Scamcoin. Obviously this Tone Vays guy is a total Dick head based on what I see. I wish he would come to DETROIT so I can Bitch slap him. P.S. do the opposite of what this prick says about bitcoin. He wants more bitcoin available so he can buy as many and as often as he can afford to.

  5. Tone is bearish bullish bearish bullish. Seems legit. It's called throwing so much information out there that some will stick. Survivorship bias defeated. Full CT nonsense mode activated.

  6. Im up $3,200 today because of you mr Vays, You know your charts!!!!!!!!! I'm thankful for your course and the daily updates……..

  7. TONE really fun place for steak in Amsterdam:

    Lijnbaansgracht-254 252, 1017 RK Amsterdam, Netherlands
    +31 20 622 8606

  8. He’s not a permabear……..he’s a paid pundit to bash it……remember he worked for J.P. Morgan!

  9. Good work Tone, I entered a long when it breaked above $8250 and am up $7k today. I've learnt alot from your TA. Thanks

  10. I dont need to watch this video to know you will be bearish. The eternal bear. Especially after your sub $2000 bottom prediction lol what a banker agent obviously

  11. Here’s another angle to look at: as bitcoin goes above 10k, most ordinary people will no longer afford to buy bitcoin…so yes you have served the whales and bankers…you are not for the average Joe…

  12. Tone: let’s say we give you a break for being wrong – but dude: you caused many people to miss out the bottom at $3200…put aside you ego and come clean so people can at least own a few bitcoins…for a self proclaim “bitcoin maximalist”. You sure have done a lot of damages by preventing people from buying in bitcoin…so what if bitcoin comes down a 5 to 10% ? Bitcoin had come up more than 100% dude…stop your ego and feed the good cause !!

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