Trading Bitcoin Binary Options Beginners Bitcoin Trading Strategy Part 2

new strategy when it comes to binary options now the reason I'm doing this is because a lot of my clients have come up to me and they've been asking me why has this been happening why am i losing money I'm doing everything you've told me to do what's wrong with me what's wrong with my strategy and the answer is nothing there's really nothing wrong with your strategies as long as you are decent reading the charts and you know how the news affects the pricing of the underlying security the issue becomes the binary options trading house itself simply because all these exchanges are not regulated by the SEC the Federal Trade Commissioner or any other organization out there this means that they can really do whatever they want and they kind of turn it into more of a gambling thing than anything kind of like basically trading a casino whether making it look like it's an underlying security when there really is nothing underneath it so there's two ways to fix this either trade on an options house that is regulated which is very hard to find and they're very very expensive or just learn how to get around them making your trades lose on purpose and throughout this video I want to show you exactly how to do that so basically how they track your behavior and how they track how much you've won is they go in and they see that you've won the last three four five times and the way they do that is there's cookies on your computer and every time you win a cookie is stored well that store cookie allows the binary options trading house to see that you want these trades now you've just taken a lot of their money and they money back how they do that is they go ahead and they start manipulating the price now this doesn't happen at all binary options house but it happens about 99.9% of them that are regulated so how do you fix this well the best way to fix this is to clear your cookies now we have a program that ours offered on our site which is make money online now not org that gives you the ability to clear the cookies because they're just clearing it in your browser isn't gonna clear them enough this will actually scrub your browser clear the cookies and allow you to continue making money because with the new account any binary options trading platform has your cookies on you so they have zero wins is your losses now like any good casino then when you win your very first couple times for that reason they're gonna go ahead and make it so that you are going to win in your first few attempts so my suggestion is what about fifty sixty dollars and then scrub the cookies then we went about 50 60 dollars again then scrub the cookies in didn't win about fifty or sixty dollars and keep doing that consistently until I you were unable to keep training because the days ended though on red with binary options they have options from all over the world so there's really very little if any time that the markets are actually closed which is great for people like me who really just want to trade as all the time as you can see my balance right now is 316 dollars and 80 cents that's because I just scrubbed my cookies and I just want about sixty dollars I started with two hundred fifty dollars flat in the account earlier this morning just because I wanted to make sure double-check and triple-check is my motto at the method was still working because I want to make sure that you and I are both gonna make the most money possible and I hate it when my clients come up to me go it Jason what's going on I haven't made any money I like it when you guys think money and I like it when I make money so with redwood there's a minimum $250 deposit isn't that bad especially when usually when you're getting into real options real trading minimums like five six seven hundred dollars sometimes even up to a thousand so 250 bucks not that bad and you're gonna be able to make a lot more money a lot faster so if you don't know about Airy options are basically you just choose an up or down is gonna be higher than that price point within a set time period as you can see options are expiring in two minutes and 54 seconds right now they do have 60 second option but right now I'm looking at these the issue is a lot of times these will start closing out so I'm gonna go ahead and make a few trades based on kind of intuition I've been doing this for a while so I'm actually and I send this one out – yeah I'm gonna send this one out a little bit all right so before this shuts down I'm gonna go ahead and I want a 52% down so let's go ahead and put $25 to that to prove that trade now basically there's so many pears and I personally like looking for anything that has a higher than 55 percent chance of working just close that out so this is 57% chance I'm gonna go with $30 there I'm sorry double click that and I'm gonna keep doing this until oh look at 70% rate we go ahead and put 50 towards that then and basically I'm gonna do three of the MS three on three trades and I'm gonna wait for them to go ahead and shut down and as you can see they're all winning trades so far or breaking even trades and the most likely I'll end up with winners and then after they end up closing out I'm actually gonna go ahead and clear my cookies I'm gonna go ahead do some trading for the day now look they just went to red they'll come back no I'll come back though I'm gonna clear all my cookies later and I'm gonna come back later at the end of the trading day at four o'clock for the US trading exchange and go ahead and show you any profits that I made on the day see you guys then hey welcome back as you can see the end of the day at 401 it's really weird this clock ended up stopping I don't know why ran when I started recording I could just be that my computer's running a little slow but anyway it's for a – down here bottom line computer and it is also 401 up here as well so they went really well I followed the strategy every 50 60 dollars and when I cleared my cookies and went back to training I made about fourteen hundred dollars in profit on the day I've been trading since earlier this morning this took me maybe five or six hours to do so they see a lot of good profit for very little bit of work and a lot of these options are actually still training because redwood binary actually offers options all around the world which basically means the markets really never closed so I can keep doing this keep repeating this every four or five hours if I wanted to if I could look at the screen for that long and you all can as well and if you trade for an hour hour and a half and you don't know any of a binary out and you are gonna lose this this method doesn't say you're not going to lose but it does say that the object a little bit higher in your favor and they're not gonna manipulate the prices so if you're good at trading if you're good at guessing or analyzing share prices you're gonna do great with the strategy on this platform and you can make a lot of money the least amount of minute you've seen anybody make with this method about $90 in an hour which is still really really good compared to a lot of jobs so thank you guys for watching hope you're doing the method I hope you guys can go ahead and use it and make as much money with it as possible I'll talk to you guys in a bit in my next video going over more shoutings thank you all for watching and good bye

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  1. Detailed strategy can be found in video description. Just click "Show more" above. 
    Also as of January 1, 2015, Redwood Options is no longer accepting USA based traders. For USA based traders I recommend Videforex:

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