Traders: If You Only Trade One Chart Use This…

– As a new or intermediate trader you should be focusing on the
minimal amounts of setups. And today I’m gonna talk
about one of the best that you should always be looking for. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, Lead Trainer with StocksToTrade Tim Bohen here. Be sure to subscribe and
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favorite patten to trade. I’m gonna talk about one of my favorites. I want to know yours. Give me that in the comments below. I would love to see what your
favorite pattern is to trade. So today I’m gonna talk about something that you should always be scanning for. StocksToTrade makes it very easy but you can also do this
with other scanners. And what I want you to be looking for is that low priced, one
to $10 stock, breaking out on the one year, one day chart with news and in a hot sector, okay? As a new or intermediate trader, you can’t trade five times a day. You’re probably under the PDT,
you’ve probably got a job, you’ve probably got other commitments. I want your focusing on the
minimal amounts of setups. That’s the best way to grow
your account over time. And if you’ve got work,
family, school, whatever, you can’t sit there eight hours a day but you can scan for this setup. So start out with
running that 52 week scan in that one to $10 price range, you write all these criteria down so that you can duplicate ’em. 52 week high, one to $10, trading over a million shares a day. That gives you a basket of stocks. Some days it might be zero,
not often but some days. Some days it might be one,
some days it might be 10, some days it might be 50. But that’s gonna take you down from 16,000 publicly traded stocks to most days a handful maybe four or five. You can’t research 16,000 stocks. You can research a handful. So now let’s say you’ve gotten your five that fit those criteria. Next thing you’re gonna start doin’ is looking do they have news? Is there a reason for the movement, okay? Sometimes some stocks
whether it be manipulation, whether it be randomness,
sometimes some stocks just kind of move on no news. I want you to avoid those. I’m not saying they’re not trades, but I would like you to avoid those. Look for that stock that has that contract
win today, yesterday. Maybe that’s earnings. I mean earning season is one
of the best times to be trading as a new trader. If there’s earnings. New product. New product’s a big one. Contract wins, et cetera. These are the things you want to look for. FDA approvals, those are great
for in the biotech space. Now let’s say you’ve taken
your five down to two. Now you got two stocks
you’re lookin’ to trade. The last criteria I mentioned
is is it in a hot sector? Is it a sympathy play we call it. So again, you might not always
check this box at the end but if I can put together
those technical criteria, the news, then it’s we talk about the bitcoin stock run a lot, we talk about the mariajuana
stock run a lot, electric cars. If that stock then is
also in a hot sector, you’ve got a great potential
to find a profitable trade because now you’ve checked
all five of those boxes. So, that is the best setup I think you should be looking for. And is there one every day? No. But as a new trader, you can’t nor should you
be trading every day. If you can whittle it
down to that small list, focus on those, I think
that’s one of the best ways to grow your account. So, comment below. Do you trade this setup? Do you trade these 52
week breakouts with news in a hot sector? Has it worked for you or not? I’d love to know, drop me a comment below. Thanks for watching our video. Be sure to comment below with
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20 thoughts on “Traders: If You Only Trade One Chart Use This…”

  1. Tim this is useful information right here in this channel!!, this is a lot of value!!!, thank you very very much…?????????I’m sticking here for as long as I can. I’m fighting in growing a very small account in Robinhood, hopefully bad executions aren’t part of my journey but I need to try at least…Blessings for the channel and for all the Team!!!????????

  2. Thank you for you help. This was so simplified. Love all of your video lessons. I will definitely check out stocks to trade.

  3. I usually dip buy reisitance on second day big % gainers (with almost the same stocks scanning criterias, that you talking about) 🙂

  4. havent started trading yet, but am i exited and eager to know more and start my journey. thank you for breaking it down to simply.

  5. I love the Dip Buys, and the gap up Break Outs!! No shorting for me, I’m gonna need another year of practice for those set ups.

  6. Mr Bohen, your pattern is my favorite as of now. Great video for me as I am not yet trading and this is what I need to start tieing all the basics together and thinking more about the pre trade analysis. Just getting to making my rules, trading plan, risk analysis, and stock analysis. I will be looking if you or Sykes has material on how to quantify what my risk is before a trade. Thank you so much for putting all the info out there.

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