11 thoughts on “Trade Tussle Tears On & Altcoins on the Roll”

  1. Prof John Quelch nailed it: "Those who has a surplus in the balance of trade are in the watch list of currency manipulators…".

  2. 5:00 Christy said before there wasn't any evidence. No. US and China hack each other all the time, every day like crazy. There was just no evidence shown from the US about Huawei hacking, but, hhaa, if US wanted to show evidence there would be ALOT of evidence to show

  3. One remark for Christy, utilize pauses when you reading from the teleprompter – you will sound more natural.

  4. Huawei filing a lawsuit against the U.S. is hilarious. If China wants to play that game, then every single U.S. company that had their tech stolen or patents infringed upon by China should collectively file a class action lawsuit against China. Our companies could literally take China for hundred of billions of dollars because there is more than enough evidence. China, if you stop buying their shitty products or stop selling them your goods that they need, they will sue you. LOL LOSERS!

  5. wow haven't watched this how because i haven't seen barts picture anymore now i research and find out he died??????? he seemed healthy on the show that's just so crazy he was a genuinely good person you could just tell by listening and watching him.

  6. Thank you RT for the fair & balanced reporting you do. Most other media outlets could learn a lot from you!!

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