Toy Unboxing: “Just Like Home” Cash Register Set

Hi everyone! Welcome back. Today, we’re gonna be opening. This JUST LIKE HOME Cashier. We’re gonna open it right now. So, let’s start. Take your scissors. But first, we have the money and the credit card of this. Here we have the money. Here we have the credit card. We have these two. And now we are going to get the cashier out. Sorry guys. We have the stuff. So, this is how the cashier looks like after its box… and you have the scanner. This is how the cashier looks outside of its box. You can already see the money here. Here we have our cashier. We got some tape. It doesn’t come with money. Cool. Oh, yes, it does come with money. So, now we’re gonna be opening the basket with the things we are going to buy. Let’s get started. It’s taped. Why does it have to be taped. Tape. Tape. Tape. Tape. Tape. Tape. Tape everywhere. Why can’t I open. Oh, there you go. It hurts. So, here is the basket. And inside the basket we have this JUST LIKE HOME soup. We have this sardines. JUST LIKE HOME sardines. We have this JUST LIKE HOME milk. And JUST LIKE HOME lemonade. Isn’t it? Yeah, probably. Hello. That’s not part of the set. It’s okay the coin, we’ll put it in the cashier. Let’s start… by… putting all our money. So, we have 1-peso. We have 5-peso. We have 10-peso. We have 20 pesos. We’re going to put this here. We’re gonna put the 5 pesos here. 10 pesos here. 25 pesos here. I’m gonna close the register. And, boom, there you have it. Home register with the…. scanner. Look, guys. So we go shopping…. la la la la la I’m gonna need sardines, milk, breakfast soup, and lemonade. So, you go to the counter and then you… That is… 35 plus… 4 plus… moving on… 2 plus… 8 equals… Give me 46, guys. You give us 50. I say: “I received 50 pesos, po!” You gonna pay with this? Good. Now, here’s your money and here’s your credit card. Here are your stuff. Thank you for shopping! Bye!

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