Touring a Cryptocurrency Startup W/ Prebuilt Mining Rigs – 8x 1070 TI Mining Rig Review

everyone welcome back to the Boskone youtube channel today we are going to be touring a crypto startup we brought back an 8×10 and 70 TI money we're gonna be reviewing and there's a 1066 gigabyte cheap you give away what not 25 and this crypto startup has about ten employees working full-time he's sure i'm older than all of them which is crazy so let me show you a little glimpse inside of what their operation looks like and then we'll get to the mining rig sure welcome to my new store calm happy to have you no problem you come through here we have a bunch of it you know there's a hardware shortage right now so we've got guys full time every morning they just call distributors all day long and there's trying to get parts this is the warehouse we put a lot of time into it local tech company was actually a local tech company was actually Sam the coo head of operations a local tech company was actually upgrading all their furniture and we offered to buy it so we actually got all these tables and Destin yeah so this is a few examples of our machines a lot of gamers are pretty jealous of us you better be yeah well saying that I'm YouTube red cup for you sir is the exciting part we're gonna take home this mining store rig and put it through extensive testing in our own mining farm so we're gonna see what this bad boy can really do and if it holds up to the claim they offer a lot of options as far as cards you can go with the rig's you can go with and I'm fortunate to be able to bring back a plug-and-play solution that they offer with that we can really see what does the quality look like because I know we build a lot of rigs on the channel but what about plug-and-play rigs because there is a very big market of people that want to get into crypto mining but they aren't comfortable they don't have the time or they simply don't want to learn how to build the rig granted if you don't learn that you're gonna get into trouble with it sooner or later so I hope that the company bought it from backs you up or you're gonna have to learn that process anyway regardless there's always gonna be people that want to buy plug and play mining rigs as far as mining store they offer rigs that are plug and play from 1062 1080s rx 570s five ATS and they also say they'll work with you on a custom solution if that's what you want to do as far as I'm concerned any 1070 TI you can get for a good price is a good 1070 TI in this GPU market with that said all these PNY blower cards are pushing about 500 souls with 200 on the core 900 on the memory overclock and about 125 watt consumption this is all through Linux speaking of Linux we switch this rig over to simple mining this rig actually came preloaded with fos however we're so comfortable in used to simple miner and it just goes with what most of our other rigs are on we just plugged in our USB that already had the simple monitor logo on it are you speak doesn't that look as nice as the one they gave us but it was sitting here the night I got home plug and play off to the mining races originally when mining store reached out to me I was like yeah okay I really doubt the legitimacy in your operation box coin gets contacted at least daily with hey look at this look at this look at this and honestly we get overwhelmed with scam ponzi style schemes bs fake stores it's it's really annoying so or initially I was like yeah okay mining story ICO whatever but you know I talked with him some facetime me show me some of their stuff I was like alright let me come down and check out the operation I want to see just how legitimate this operation is because if you're gonna put on a front up for our YouTube channel I mean that's a pretty big that's pretty big endeavor in itself and obviously as you can see from our footage that's not the case so I was excited to see a crypto startup based around mining so local how cool is that mining still reminds me of almost like a younger mining cave and I think mining cave is such a cool operation but they're in Canada so I'm still trying to make my way up there as far as the other components in the rig it has a 1200 watt titanium power supply which I was very impressed to see and then has 850 watt bronze power supply which I was very disappointed to see you guys know I'm a big platinum PSU fanboy if your subscribers boss coin Channel and you know I understand that this is native the stuff with a GPUs but I would have liked to see you know say like a 600 watt Platinum and any anything other than bronze really even gold would have been okay but bronze a little disappointing that would be my biggest criticism of this actual rig I'm very impressed with how quiet it is as you see in this clip the only rig on in the garage right now is this rig and as you can tell from the audio in this video clip it's not very loud especially wet the top panels install the air flows pretty quietly out the back of the rig in addition to that it's using the h1 10 BTC pro motherboard which you know be a little bit of a a project but you could flesh this board out into five more GPUs which is pretty cool the fact that you even have that option on the other hand you've got a motherboard that's gonna poor resale one day because it's pretty mining centric but really when you buy something like this and now really focused on resale other than mining resale the risers it's using on the version 8's ones the white ones like the ones we like from Explo Mo's on Amazon and they are also all powered by molex which is appealing because as everyone knows SATA is just not really ideal if you've got a you say that you know do it that's fine try to stay away from the cheap China a PCIe to say the adapters but molex is I is a better solution than SATA but PCIe power is obviously gonna be the best option for us there if possible so you probably wondered how much of these rigs cost anyway well they're gonna be more than if you built it yourself that's a given so we come down here we can see they have a 1070 rig 1060 rig 1080 rig and it rx 570 or 580 boasting the same price so I'm assuming it would probably just be an Rx 570 rig there and I'd also seen probably a four gigabyte version so let's look at the price point on the 1070 rig that Cindy closest to the one we have again they said they would do custom ones I guess we ended up with the custom one I asked if you know we could review 1070 TI word because that's personally my favorite GPU we got that price point 8250 went over to new egg and I put together the stuff for a rig and this is you know paying a little over six hundred bucks a card for a 1070 TI and there's gonna be a couple miscellaneous parts I grabbed this generic server case right here doesn't have any fans in it so factor in a couple more bucks we could say you know probably about $6,000 there and that would be before tax if you have to pay it with new eggs in comparison with mining store if you'd upgraded to the 1070 TI's I imagine you'd be somewhere around 8,500 bucks I know that they are willing to give some discounts to our subscribers so you know I'll have more details on that in the description but as always a plug and play rig is never gonna have the value of when you build yourself and then their target market isn't necessarily the majority of probably you guys who are subscribers of the channel because we like to build rigs and that's why they have the cool options of offering barebone kits I will say they are a little pricey for the version with the titanium PSU that's pretty that's pretty hefty for a bare-bones kit but in their defense it is nice it is a very nice rig I've had this miner for about two weeks now hasn't had one second of downtime if you've seen our recent videos on mining coins well I didn't want to give it away just yet but the MS Co rig and our SOS dashboard was this one it has been hashing away great I won't note that I'm moving some of my rigs to Windows lately because I want to chase some of these hot new coins that sometimes they only have a Windows client available at that time and even when it is made for Linux takes a little bit to get updated into MMOs but I haven't noticed that s most has been updating miners faster than ever lately which is very cool to see such as the new monera one which is crazy profitable ultimately I think this is so cool to see young people chasing dreams inspired by crypto what would they be doing if crypto wasn't around but they'd just be sitting there bored in the college class like I was in college so JP thanks for having us here today man you tell us a little bit more about mining store just your old journey here sure so yeah we started mining store about two years ago I've been selling miners to consumers gamers large institutional customers and basically have one in between it's been a journey we started off for just me building rigs for some investors back when ours a senior in high school and since then yeah we've been to war again we've been to Washington it's taken taking me all over the world Iceland to find power and right now you guys saw a little bit of our warehouse here in North Carolina and we're looking to expand a new facilities but you know as I can say it's been an adventure just like your channel has and we seen tremendous growth and we're here to have crippled we're here to see Krypto really kill it and win in the big picture yeah I like it go crypto go crip crypto is so much more than just digital cash or you know my hunter is destroying the earth and stealing all the GPUs crypto is making dreams reality it's giving so many people opportunity they may not have ever had including us here at boss corners there you guys have it I hope you enjoyed this video to take a walk through a crypto startup which i think is so cool we brought back this rig we're gonna be doing this extensive testing with it we're giving away this 1066 gigabyte GPU well all the details in the description of the video below on how to join this giveaway I don't have a couple steps and I'll give you a couple more entries into it I'm gonna also be benchmarking this GPU and a video coming up soon to see what it can do with all the algorithms and to see well how are we excited for the giveaway or not is it a bum card oh we got a Samsung in here we're gonna find out soon well we've also need to find out how fast you're gonna click that thumbs up click Subscribe and make sure you're here for the next boss point video thanks for watching it so close to my man core get his walk up this is Corey and we got Corey right here he watches the bots porn YouTube channel and I think you need any other reason to be featured on the boss point YouTube channel than that favorite people for it this guy's boss point or subscribe to mining school you high school yes sir that's crazy indigo senior in high school he knows more about crypto than I did nice go but pretty far it's so exciting man will think thanks for being here

26 thoughts on “Touring a Cryptocurrency Startup W/ Prebuilt Mining Rigs – 8x 1070 TI Mining Rig Review”

  1. That's like a pig business… 1-1= 0 always… additional to be with bad smellings, shit and some other things…

  2. As a guy who's built his own little 400 mh/s farm, I would never pay as much as they are asking. Each rig looks like they want double the cost of if you built it yourself. That's just insane. As the market is now, even your most efficient builds ROI in 250+ days. If you're that impatient to get into crypto, but you can't find the time to build your own rigs, it would be way better to just use that money to buy ETH on Coinbase or the Cash app and wait for it to raise in value.

  3. can't understand why you diss the Chinese Pcie, actually the Chinese manufacturing the 99% of your rig hardware cheap or not, without that you won't even have a channel to run, so show some respect mate , it does matter with price you pay rather the Country that originated, and check label next time when you make some advice.cheers

  4. Those builds will run very hot and will have to be throttled down quite a bit, to put it mildly.
    I can hardly see those cards working at full hashing power.
    For starter there are only fans in front of the exhaust and not any on the back of the cards, also since they have 2 psu there is very little airflow from the back. plus unfortunately there is not space to push all the cables out of the way. Once you close the lid, on those cases you will be able to bake pizzas on it.
    Looking at the open case from the top and starting from the first gpu with the fan next to the case wall, that one is the one that will run cooler, but it will "leak" heat from the back plate to the fans of the nearer gpu, they will blow the hot air to the gpu, which will leak hotter air than the previous one from the back plate to the the next gpu and so on, until the last one that will hardly stay below 80 celsius becoming unusable. You need of putting fana on the back, but there is not room for it. so…
    To make those cases usable, if they are 17 inches wide, you should put only seven gpu (nvidia only since they run cooler than AMD RX), if you want to put AMD gpu better fit only 6.
    Better solution is to use a case ( non of them showed in the video) that is much taller, so you can keep all the cable, PSU and the MB at a lower level than the GPU and can fit fans on the back.
    Take care.

  5. Hey @voskcoin I could use a 1060 🙂 long time follower. check out my Instagram Kuhntheboss_poker Mine on Brotha!

  6. Ok I'm gonna get flamed here by all these computer nerds, but I laugh at all the comments about building it yourself for cheaper, ya da, ya da, ya da. The type of person who would be interested is someone who wants to mine a little more than casually, but has a real job and doesn't want to spend their evening or weekend buying parts, assembling said parts and building such a rig. To them time is more valuable than cost savings of putting time in to it. Also while most techies could put together something in an hour, not everyone can. I work in tech during the day, but don't want to spend my leisure hours in tech. To me my time with family is more valuable than saving a few bucks. Most of you commenting clearly would rather save the few bucks than worry about the time spent. The key is everyone is different and expensive to one, is quite affordable to another. The consumer will decide pricing in the end.

  7. Another super info vid. I'll just keep on checking out your vids without standing a chance of winning that 1060. 1 — I do not do the twitter thing (it got many highly respected people in trouble, lol), 2 — I'm a bit older than 25.

  8. $8k+ for a 1070 rig that cost less than $4k to build… What a joke. These guys are going out of business soon.

  9. Hey Guys! I subbed to your channel a couple of months ago and am really glad I did. I'm starting my own youtube channel called Bare Bones Mining. Finances are very limited for me and I'm building my very first rig. Got all the components except GPU's. I will be buying them one at a time till I have a complete set of about 6 Gpu's. Any help and advice on what coins or software/hardware would appreciated. Thanks!!

  10. Hey Vosk, thanks for the video. Have you ever or could you sometime do a video on converting a standard server case in to a mining case?

  11. Could you please send me a list of your components list on Newegg (@6:30 in your video above)? Or add a link in your description. I'm just about to purchase all the items required and although I've done all my own research, I would really appreciate cross referencing with your list. Thanks so much for your videos. They've really helped me out on my journey to building my first real rig. 🙂

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