29 thoughts on “Top Trades: EOS ($EOS), Ripple ($XRP), Qtum ($QTUM), Tron ($TRX), VeChain ($VEN), & Siacoin ($SC)!”

  1. I feel like I drop knowledge and it gets ignored by youtubers, but maybe this one won't. I work as a data scientist in technology, Ethereum is great and has use cases and thats why its winning, but me, being in technology, I have tons of choices to develop on in the traditional space. Why? Because some do things slightly different than others and are preferred because of that. Use-Cases are important, use-cases will come. There will be 2-4 blockchain development platforms worth an absolute fortune though. My particular choices right now are ETH, NEO, DRGN, LSK in that order, but Im' really only confident in ETH and NEO. Disclaimer: portfolio is 3% ETH, 18% NEO, 8% DRGN (sold a lot for profits), 6% LSK

  2. When I sell out of a coin what can I move into similar to cash that is neutral or safe which will give me time to find a new position to buy into?

  3. I wish I could exchange my Siacoin right now! Unfortunately none of the exchange are accepting SC deposits right now. Once they fix their mining issue in a couple weeks I think its price will fall. You should check out the charts for DeepOnion. It's been finding its floor for the past couple days and I think its found it. For the past couple weeks, Sundays and Mondays have been very good to it. Let me know what you think.

  4. I learned how to analyze graphs through your vids and I was successful in expecting today’s bitcoin gold breakout, so thanks a lot!

  5. 12R9vRYh7EpbgVtXAZerxNjvbmPFmU4tKd thanks for letting us know we should speed it up some lol 12R9vRYh7EpbgVtXAZerxNjvbmPFmU4tKd

  6. Hey I love the show! I think it would be a good idea to sell SniperTube Logo Sticker!!!!! and you should look into BTX/bitcore it has a total supply of sixteen million, seven hundred forty seven thousand, seven hundred seventy five btx ever to be mined and they have airdrops every monday 5% of every btx you hold. it forked from the bitcoin blockchain

  7. Your the best. Thank you, learning so much. Your making the lives of all of us that learn from you better.👏❤your video's

  8. Your channel is my favourite. Still navigating my way around the newly downloaded discord app. But I love all the detail and info each broadcast brings.

  9. Hey Naeem, all love for you but just some constructive criticism here. Please finish your train of thought when analyzing charts. There was plenty of times where you were halfway through explaining something and then didn't finish. It's very confusing. Despite that though I appreciate what you're doing man! Keep doing your thing, you'll only get better 🙂

  10. This sucks not being able to use the TradingView chart like I'd like to. Unbelievable that they want 40 dollars a month to use a fucking graph. Just sickens me to have to pay for the ability to use a graph

  11. Glad I was able to get lucky with Tron and  VeChain. Verge is on a MASSIVE Pennant and can see amazing gains soon, Just as long as the Market stays solid and doesn't dip to much to where 70 Percent of the Alt coins can't recover.

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