TOP CRYPTOS for the next Bull Run? My portfolio revealed!

what is going on Fudd nation and welcome back today we're gonna do an episode I am quite sure that many of you will enjoy and that is that I will be revealing my portfolio by percentages not by exact quantities of the crypto currencies that I'm holding going into this next bull run it really does feel like things have turned bullish as of recent and as much as I was a perma bull back in 2017 in early 18 I kind of bearish towards the end of the year I'm sure you guys know that of course we could just be testing these you know 5 to 6 K highs and go down lower again I don't know I don't have a crystal ball but it certainly feels like there's a resilience in this market that can't be denied and so let's go through my bull run portfolio and how I'm stacking up my portfolio for the coming bull season number one coin in my portfolio has always been and will always be I'm pretty sure Bitcoin now many people don't see why this is the case but you can think of Bitcoin even though it's a little bit slower a little bit older think of it like the gold of the blockchain it's heavily secured it's being protected like Fort Knox and they are building incredible utilities for it second layer solutions now decentralized exchange is all kinds of really cool things are going into Bitcoin some of the biggest names in finance the New York Stock Exchange parent company ice as well as Starbucks many leading retailers are looking to utilize the Bitcoin blockchain we also have Twitter's founder Jack Dorsey looking to implement Bitcoin lightning Network in various ways there's a lot of very interesting and very bullish things happening around the Bitcoin blockchain and for that reason I do believe that Bitcoin has a chance to become the global reserve currency now sitting at about five thousand dollars I believe that Bitcoin has a very easy chance of 800 X that means getting to five hundred thousand dollars when I say easy I mean I'm comparing it to the market cap of gold I'm comparing it to you know the total currency in the world though I do believe that governments will eventually issue their own crypto currencies in the end if you're going crypto why wouldn't you want the most trusted most international you know best most secure form of currency instead of the off-brand thing that any of these governments are gonna do anyway what I can say for sure is that Bitcoin I think has a lot of legs in it to become the most trusted currency in the world and in doing so I believe that the gains could be upwards of a hundred even a thousand x over the long-term you know I'm talking decades here but that's still a possibility in my mind that Bitcoin could reach those levels so for me Bitcoin is always going to be at least thirty to forty percent of my portfolio it's my rock it's my nest egg and it is the one that I have the most faith in Trust is a big deal and the amount of time something's been working is one of the key factors in how much people trust it so even though these new hot alt coins might be cheaper faster better the reality is they're not as trusted and Trust is a huge very important variable in analyzing currencies such as Bitcoin now as we move on down the list I'm not going to be using that variable as much because I don't believe that these other coins are going to serve necessarily as reserve currencies or new types of gold or stuff like that they're gonna have other purposes very different from Bitcoin in my humble opinion and for that reason they have the chance to grow dramatically maybe not as much overall as Bitcoin but potentially very dramatically and produce a lot of gains all the other coins in my portfolio are 10% or under of my portfolio the next coin in my portfolio is stellar lumens now many of you who follow the channel know that I love stellar lumens and that's not only because I'm a big fan of Jed McCaleb who's been one of the most influential thought leaders in this crypto space Jed was the originator of the XRP ledger for the company ripple as well as the infamous Bitcoin exchange mount GOx now Jed's really been on the forefront of a lot of things and when he created stellar lumens he really did it with a holistic vision of how 5 10 20 years down the line this coin would evolve I do believe that Stellar's mission of bringing financial services to the entire world is one that I support I also believe that this coin will continue to grow in a very reliable way and I personally have stocked up a lot of style illuminance in this off season so Stella lumens comes in number two at 10% of my holdings the next coin on my list might surprise you and that is ontology I actually have a ton of ontology and I've been following this coin since its infancy in early 2018 the team behind ontology is an absolutely stellar really elite Chinese team here that has very well-established connections to the Chinese government I actually did an in-depth interview with Jun Li the of ontology just a few weeks ago right as ontology was about you know 60 70 cents I had been stocking up in that 50 to 70 cent range now ontology is well above a dollar 50 so I did very well in that early stage of this trade I believe ontology is gonna sail right up to $10 where it was I honestly believe this coin could end up at $100 one day hopefully in the not too distant future but I could see that happening one of the most important and exciting things about ontology is that ontology is trying to connect real world institutions like insurance medical identity things that really run our everyday lives in the real world to the blockchain and make them useful on the blockchain and also private and trustworthy on the blockchain you can think of ontology as a trust layer on the blockchain that can really interoperate with all these other block chains and applications I see ontology as incredibly innovative and with an incredibly strong team behind it for that reason and for the bonus reason that ontology produces a gas dividend gas is what you use to pay the network fees on the ontology Network and for a short period of time gas was actually being traded at equal in value to ontology gas is producing about a 15 percent dividend so if you have a thousand ontology then you'll get a hundred and fifty gas tokens every year and that's not too shabby considering ontology could go up tremendously in value same with those gas tokens and you're getting paid essentially just to hold it it's one of the ways that they're removing transaction fees from the network but what it means is that if you're holding a lot of ontology my prediction is that you're gonna be a very happy camper when you combine the potential increase in value with the gas dividend that's being paid out so for that reason ontology is number three on my list also at ten percent of my holdings next on my list is the now-infamous BnB token at 8% of my holdings now B and B is the token that was created for the by Nance exchange which is most days of the year the number one exchange in the world finance really pioneered this whole crypto – crypto environment where they started listing every kind of altcoin Under the Sun during the 2017 bull run that's just what people wanted was to trade their Bitcoin for all these exotic altcoins that were pumping like crazy and that's what people did they moved over to buy Nance great user experience great customer support and really they don't bother you too much as user they make things easy on you and so that reason they've been able to retain a ton of liquidity and volume and their token B&B has sailed especially in the wake of their announcement that they're creating their own blockchain and B&B is going to be the key to utilizing that blockchain or launching your own token on that blockchain and they are charging a pretty penny to launch a token on BnB on the blockchain that means that you're gonna have to pay over a hundred thousand dollars and it's probably a lot more now that BMB has gone up over a hundred thousand dollars last time I checked just to mint a coin on the BnB blockchain what that means is that yes it is pay to play but there's a bonus to that in that probably only really good tokens with that kind of liquidity can get on that blockchain that means that if people want to use that blockchain and launch a token they need to go and spend a lot of money getting BnB and there was a lot of buying pressure on the BnB charts in the lead-up to the launch of their chain to me by Nance is expanding rapidly and drastically throughout the blockchain world and that BnB token is only going to go up and up in value I could see it at $100 or maybe even more as time goes on it's really hard to tell it's already at 20 bucks it was the first coin to really D couple and just surged through the bear market into bullish territory rapidly eclipsing its Bitcoin all-time high and very close to eclipsing its US dollar all-time high even with Bitcoin at a fraction of its prior highs so it's a very impressive token and one that should absolutely not be overlooked next on my list we move into the D at platform tokens and leading that charge is none other than iOS now iOS has been one of the most talked about crypto currencies probably over the last three years they ran the biggest IC o—- in the history of IC o—- is raking in a cushy four billion dollars over the course of their one year long IC o—- period those funds are being now funneled back to young innovative developers as they build projects on iOS and to me as a career-long software tech startup entrepreneur I can tell you that users and products are king everything else is just noise so if you're a D app platform the only thing you should be caring about is cool products that attract users and that's exactly what iOS is doing for that reason iOS comes in fifth on my list at 7% tied for fifth place is also another young D app platform out of China that you might know of called Tron let me hear you haters I know you're out there everyone seems to have a problem with Tron and that's because of their marketing tactics and a lot of other factors I get it I get it but in the end Tron is winning in a lot of ways they're bringing in users they're bringing in D apps and they are hitting their goals almost unlike any other platform to me there are only really two D app platforms it's a OS and Tron yes if theorem started this game but it has fallen so far behind that I don't believe it can catch up and right now yes I am a bit partial towards Tron because I'm building my own D app on Tron which I will be showing to you in the next couple of days and I couldn't be more excited to preview to you the work that we've been doing and show you what I know to be the most ambitious blockchain game ever created so hold on to your seats and get ready for that but just know I don't see tron going away anytime soon and all of the haters in the world won't stop this project from absolutely mooning in the next bull run whether that happens in 2019 2020 or 2025 I don't care because it's gonna be happy times for whoever's holding those TRX the one thing that EOS and Tron both have in common is that they have a ton of money they had huge icos and they've done an amazing job at managing their funds and they have great market makers that means that as the market starts to tick upward they will help sort of pour fuel on that fire whether or not you like that price action tends to be the best marketing and I do believe that both of those projects for the fact that they have incredibly sound financials behind them huge teams and a ton of usage products d apps and live activity on the blockchains makes them incredible players for the next bull run next we have another payment rail probably the most famous and popular of them all and that is XRP coming in at 6% of my portfolio now XRP has been incredibly controversial since it was first announced in 2013 as open coin I've done some really deep dives on XRP and Stella lumens you can check those out by searching my videos and you can see essentially how deep the rabbit-hole goes with XRP however I still believe regardless of all the controversy and all the fun that this is a very legitimate project that they will make some amazing partnerships and that when the next bull run comes around they have a chance to regain their you know prior 2017 lustre as one of the higher gaining tokens I just believe that they're gonna do incredibly well they're down at about 35 cents down from $4 so that's a lot of room to run and grow and I personally do believe that they will have another big surge back upward next we have a TA card on o down at 2% of my holdings now I'm just a big fan of Charles Hoskinson I think he's one of the visionaries one of the thought leaders of the cryptocurrency space he was a co-founder of aetherium he worked on bitshares and steam and now he's found in his own 3.0 blockchain which is supposed to be fast scalable and solve a lot of smart contract financial situations on the blockchain honestly I found the progress to be overly academic and a bit slow from Cardno but I still have hopes that this project is going to absolutely explode in the next bull run as they should be releasing more and more versions more and more functionality I just believe in the team here they have a lot of smart people and a lot of things going for them over at Cardno and Charles is very good at keeping that project in the news I have very high hopes for this project and that's why Cardno is in at 2% of my holdings cardano's down to eight and a half cents at one point it was over a dollar and 20 cents this has a lot of room to grow literally like a 15 X just to get back to its prior highs that's certainly a bet that I would take and I think it's a great time to be getting involved with a DA next we have the classic aetherium at 1% of my holdings now I'll be the first to admit I was a huge aetherium fanboy back in the day and that has changed significantly as I've seen aetherium really failed to innovate fail to grow fail to do what I think they should do nonetheless it's still a very significant part of a cryptocurrency ecosystem I think they'll continue to release stuff they definitely have a huge team they have a lot to fall back on but I think the days of aetherium reigning supreme are just simply over but I'm just not willing to give up completely yet I still believe that d apps and tokens and just having functional blocks and infrastructure is just so important that hey I'm pulling for Casper I'm pulling for sharding I'm pulling for the next generation of aetherium to really scale and give us that very vital piece of blocking infrastructure but I do feel like OSINT Ron are further ahead and more room to grow for that reason I have more yo Cintron but I'm still holding on to a little bit of eath next we have light coin coming in also at 1% of my holdings now light coin to me is just one of those Oh G coins they have a very decentralized mining Network it's just it goes so far back the cryptocurrency roots are so deep I just think it's gonna continue to grow with the market it might not always be a top ten but I see it being a top 20 for quite a while to come and for that reason I could just see it continuing to grow I have it here at 1% you know these aren't a lot of new buys on my light coin I just haven't sold at all I think that the recent pump from light coin from 35 up to 95 just shows you that there are still big supporters for light coin across the world and that as the Lightning Network becomes more vital I could see light coin developing more innovative uses as charlie lee has allowed you to sort of repower your bitcoin holdings from the light coin blockchain via the Lightning Network and there's just gonna be a lot of innovation to sort of offload some of the brunt of that load from Bitcoin onto the light coin blockchain as we build up Lightning Network functionality so for that reason I think LTC will continue to have its place I have it here at 1% next we have basic attention token coming in at 1% of my holdings now I don't expect incredible gains from this but I'm just a big fan of the tech the brave browser is a great browser they have millions of active users and they're really pioneering this get rid of the ads and go straight from the advertiser to the viewer to the consumer and that is a relationship that I think blockchain should really cultivate and that's something that I just believe is the future so for that reason I'm a big fan of brave and bat and I have about 1% of my holdings in the basic attention token now the rest of my holdings are all under 1 percent of my total holdings I'm gonna name just a few just so you get a sense of them but I actually have a lot of these tokens I've picked up so many tokens across my time in crypto so to be honest this list could go on and on and on but he was just a few standouts that I think should be on your radar certainly projects that I believe in but they just don't occupy a significant part of my holdings first off we have V chain Thor V chain Thor is a supply chain and logistics focused crypto they also have a lot of different things that they're doing they even have some gaming projects they're expanding their functionality to include more projects but they just have a rockstar team sunny aloo behind them they're always Leasing crazy news partnerships like you wouldn't believe with multibillion-dollar unicorn companies they just announced a partnership with hire one of the biggest manufacturers of refrigerators in the world I just think that they'll continue to go on and do some very interesting things they have partnerships to build smart cities in China so I just have high hopes for what V chain might accomplish but again under 1% of my holdings same can be said of walton chain now walton chain has experienced a lot of FUD of late with some people not even believing that their sister chain or their sub chain friar chain exists trying to call out that they used their office that they did an office chain through friar chain that was faked there's a lot of flood around walton chain but i still believe in this project as i believed in the space of supply chain logistics Kryptos so I'm holding a small amount of Walton chain still hoping that this project turns around and I believe that with its partnerships and its patents and its plans for the future that there is a chance it could totally blast off in the next bull run walton chain is sitting at just two dollars and at one point it was over $40 so i believe that it has a good chance of getting some great gains and at least making a run back to those prior highs I also have iOS token and holo token both very scalable block chains as well as a laundry list of other coins those are my holdings though everything else starts to become very small and significant and nothing I wish to list here but that is really the bulk of my portfolio as I go into the next bull run obviously I have a few crypto businesses and they have their own holdings their own practices and stuff and so those I don't consider my personal holdings obviously these percentages would be thrown off tremendously if I counted the holdings of the businesses that I run I'm not doing that because I want you to get more of an accurate reading of how I would be managing my portfolio if I didn't also run a ton of crypto businesses but nonetheless these are the coins that I'm holding in my personal wallet and this is how they break down now of course I also have my own project in the space Evo now for the purposes of this video I did not include it as I don't actually get to test those coins for several years really but obviously considering I spend all day and night working on the project I'm very very excited about what the future holds for that project as well if you want to know more about what my project is doing we're gonna be doing a huge update very on this channel showing you all the progress we've made in addition to the already existing D apps that we had and believe me you are going to be very very excited just as we are I hope you guys enjoyed this let me know in the comments section below do you guys agree with this list what coins on this list do you love what coins on this list do you absolutely hate and what Quinns did I miss what are you holding that you wish I mentioned maybe I'll cover it in an upcoming video leave me a comment in the comment section below if you enjoyed the video of course like and subscribe if you're not already subscribed to flood TV I'm Ellie oh trades you're watching flood TV and I'll see you very soon on the next episode

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